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Crypto Outlaw

Evansville, IL

#62 Aug 6, 2012
Here is a full report on the Beast of LBL I submitted to Phantoms and Monsters website concerning the beast of LBL.
#63 Aug 17, 2012
Cryptid Hunter wrote:
Yep.Panther sightings are getting more and more common in our areas. Once, about 4 years ago I heard one in the brewers area of Marshall County. I asked a Fish and Wildlife officer he said "their are no panthers in this county anymore" Well sorry mr officer you can deny it ,but the fact remains I know what I heard. I asked some local farmers about it and they confirmed it because they saw the animal. I also asked some federal fish and wildlife guys and tva officers about panthers in LBL. They said officially they couldn't say one way or the other, but did tell me that they themselves had seen them and heard them.
That's crazy about brewers I had not heard that before but I was living 5 minutes or so down the rd back on farm and around February or March a black panther was spotted a couple times back n the woods in a couple weeks time and neighbors animals were coming up missing or dead. And a couple months prior to that my husband and myself heard some sort of larger cat making and awful noise and it wasn't a bobcat. And I also know around 2006-2007 I believe it was a black panther was caught on a trail camera on the rd that goes back behind Pepsi place goin into draffenville.... also I'm very interested on Bigfoot wish I could find evidence or encounter I think it would be interesting
dishwasher supreme
#64 Aug 17, 2012
I heard a panther was spotted out around crop productions on 402 back in the winter as well. I know a guy who had a cow attacked a few years back in the same area. The cow had claws mark down its back where a panther had jumped out of a tree on it. There were multiple sightings on 641 in the fields just south of Hardin. If one of them messes up too bad, I will have the proof laying in the bed of my truck

United States

#65 Aug 17, 2012
Yea it was across rd back in the woods across from crop production where I lived and heard it. The sound of it "hollering" "screeching" or whatever made hair on my neck and arms stand up. It was not long after Christmas. About 5 winters ago back in the same woods we were on the fourwheeler and saw a huge cat paw print about as big as the palm of my hand it was leading towards this big huge thick pile of brush it creeped me out even seeing the size of its paw.
my whit end

Naperville, IL

#66 Aug 17, 2012
one evening back in the 80's, I was near the canton area swimming. It was getting dark and we made our way back to the highway to our car. I had to pee and we headed into the woods. As i squatted behind a tree, I heard my boyfriend scream. I got up while I was still peeing, it going all over me. I saw my boyfriend getting his pants pulled down by a larger hairy ape man. This Bigfoot began raping him anally. He was stroking my boyfriends beaqrd as he raped him. I watched in horror as my boyfriend did not fiht back but became Bigfoots love slave. I really got turned on and came around the tree and tried to join it. Bigfoot had nothing to do with me and slapped me nearly back into the lake. I screamed more as i realized that bigfoot was a big gay hair ape raper. I have been in therapy for years. Maybe it is my old boyfriend you all are seeing in the lbl. He never returned home after that incident opting to be bigfoots love slave.
Jesco White

Indianapolis, IN

#67 Aug 18, 2012
I saw that same Bigfoot. He had your boyfriend under his arm. They came up to the highway where they evidently had robbed some campers. They had beer and pot. They were partying. Me and my buds followed them into the woods. The next thing we know we hear grunting. We come into a clearing and sasquatch has turned your boyfriend into a snatchquatch. Your boyfriend was getting raped in the rumpus and he was liking it. His beard was really long and big foot was stroking it.

Pontiac, IL

#68 Aug 18, 2012
if they have found dinosaur bones and they were carnivores....why cant they find bigfoot bones....cant make me believe it whatsoever...someone please prove it, tird of all the hooplah!
Jesco White

United States

#69 Aug 18, 2012
Cryptid Hunter wrote:
<quoted text>
Well I don't know about all that. However, one of the legends says the beast was an Indian Shaman that practiced in the dark arts. Another says the legend was fabricated by moonshiners to keep people out of the woods. I find the whole topic interesting and would love to hear any and all stories.
ain't nobody living over there. I spend a lot of time in the woods and have never seen nor heard of anyone living there. my cousin works on the lbl mowing crew and they have maps that are up to date. we flew over it a year ago too. there is no such thing as bigfoot, yeti or sasquatch or snatchquatch or swamp things or aliens or any of that crap. Put your comic books up and get a job. Lose some weight and get a girlfriend
big daddy

United States

#70 Aug 18, 2012
Jesco White wrote:
<quoted text>ain't nobody living over there. I spend a lot of time in the woods and have never seen nor heard of anyone living there. my cousin works on the lbl mowing crew and they have maps that are up to date. we flew over it a year ago too. there is no such thing as bigfoot, yeti or sasquatch or snatchquatch or swamp things or aliens or any of that crap. Put your comic books up and get a job. Lose some weight and get a girlfriend
... Who's your cousin
Crypto Outlaw

Carterville, IL

#71 Aug 20, 2012
There was a murder of a family of 4 in the Grand Rivers area of Land Between the Lakes in the mid 80s. All you have to do is Google, Beast of LBL Kentucky. There is even a documentary film out about it called, "Hunt the Dogman". How do I know all of this? My friend filmed the documentary and has written about it in a couple of his books. He was the guy who originally interviewed Jan Thompsen who related the story to him. I have done a radio talk show with him about all of this also. And all of you people who want proof of Bigfoot, don't worry it's coming. I have done this for years, I don't even research Bigfoot anymore, they are old news in the crypto community. And the Dogman is a whole different creature entirely. Do we know they exist, yes we do, beyond any shadow of a doubt. Will that ever come out in public knowledge like the Bigfoot DNA is going to? I very seriously doubt it.

Pontiac, IL

#72 Aug 20, 2012
if you are referring to the story from a woman named Jan.I think thats her name.its not true, that story was made up.looked into it. the rangers in LBL laughed about it and said she made that story up to get attention and recognized. im not saying he doesnt exist but that story is as fake as the woman that told it.ive seen this woman and you can tell she doesnt have all her oars in the water.this story doesnt even check out with the local papers or police

Whiting, IN

#73 Aug 29, 2012
I saw Bigfoot in a clearing near the TN state line on the N/S hiking trail. He had a jar of cream and was stroking himself. I became aroused and approached him and he stuck that 19 inch steaming sausage into my rotten may jane hole and as a result I screamed. It was great. Now I can say I am going to have a baby bigfoot

Philadelphia, PA

#74 Oct 19, 2013
R there any active cryptid groups or ppl in KY? Ive found a couple of websites but they dont appear active. We have ky bigfoot and ky mufon and a ton of ky ghost hunters. Would b nice to know someone out there is active in checking out cryptid reports.
No black panthers

Paducah, KY

#75 Oct 21, 2013
john wrote:
i know people who have seen black panthers and my dad worked at usec in the 50's as a guard and said he heard their screams.
There is no such thing as a black panther. No one has ever captured one, killed one, or found a dead one. Google it. Just like the unicorn, it doesn't exist. It never has existed.

Quitman, AR

#76 Dec 27, 2014
Try the Kentucky center for Bigfoot research they are a group of scientist that do research

Quitman, AR

#77 Dec 27, 2014
Beliver where can i find them at

Quitman, AR

#78 Dec 27, 2014
That was fast try Facebook

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