Racist Benton Township Police
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gloria fuse

Fort Worth, TX

#22 Dec 30, 2010
john wrote:
its funny what parts of the story dont come out!!
just another black family that is mad at white police officers who tried to do their job!! something that they wouldnt know about!! They only used the amount of force when the subject attempted to hit one of the officers!! They saved the idiots life by not letting him go in after his stuff or else he would have been burned alive.. Dont worry they kept him alive to arrest him another day
Race has nothing to do with officers using excessive force. But guess what,you can now Google the internet and find whites who have been tasered as well, hundreds probably complaining about excessive force. The idiot (my precious brother was tasered twice after he was already unconscious) and the man served this country as a marine and was buried with a veteran ceremony in augusta, mi. He died exactly 3 years after his ordeal with these officers. He was arrested but lived at home 3 years until his death and had several lawyers wanting to take his case.
gloria fuse

Fort Worth, TX

#23 Dec 30, 2010
blond wrote:
I am sick of hearing all the negativity about our Police Departments. With a lot of my friends on different police departments throughout Berrien County, I have never seen so much animosity toward police as I see with Benton Township. Do you have any idea what they go through on a day to day basis? It is really hard day in and day out to do your job, but to have people disrespect you when trying to get things done in the process and criticize every little thing that you do. For things that you can't control!
You ALWAYS get one side of the story, there is always logic to why they wouldn't let him back in. They are trying to do their job, which is keeping everyone safe!!! How is it safe - letting him go back into a burning home? Even if it is for 1 thing? If they would of let him back in, the police - whether Benton Township, St Joseph City, Benton Harbor City, Lincoln Township, whatever the Department and he would of died by smoke inhalation or whatever. They would of never heard the end of it! Just like now, and he is ALIVE and fine! You can't win! No matter what they say or do, they are always messing up - in your eyes! What about all the GOOD they do for our COMMUNITY? What about that? Where are those articles? If you don't like what they do, you try dealing with people like you, and putting them through hell to get their jobs done, day in and day out. It was a fire for crise sake, nothing else needed to be done, but he acted like a fool, so he got what needed to be done, to keep everyone safe! Don't blame Benton Township Police for your brother's stupidity!
I have and am a Registered Nurse born in B.H. and live in Dallas. I have worked at highly technical and well known hospitals. I have worked along side of officers as well in clinics, training facilities and know that their are good cops, prob.60% and bad ones prob 40%. You can day dream all you want. One just wanted to play with his toy and the others covered up for him and the dept. My mother said he never tried to walk into the house but the one bad cop wanted him to step back. As he step back he tasered him. You can only speculate as you weren't there. If hell and heaven are real, may each go to where they belong according to their deeds becasuse nothing is hid from God.
gloria fuse

Fort Worth, TX

#24 Dec 30, 2010
Cooley Reese wrote:
dON'T no nuffin bout no dam racisissisissists, but what I gots to no is whare all them WHITE WIMMENS be staying at?
Gots to git me one of them.
Hooks a brother ups.
Call 1-800-whit-men
gloria fuse

Fort Worth, TX

#25 Dec 30, 2010
frustrated wrote:
So why are they racist? Your title says that the Police are racist but your little blog doesn't explain why you think that. A guy tried to go into a burning house, which would hinder the efforts of the fire department so he got arrested. He fought with Police to a point where he got tased. Where does racism show up? The thing about the internet is that ignorant people can post whatever they want, then more ignorant people take it as fact. I think it's obvious that the racist is YOU. when something bad happens you blame it on color of skin. How about next time let the fire department do their job??????
OFFTOPIC! Fire dept. had it under control and were leaving about 4 of them. Tiny house still stands. ONE bad cop among 3-4 cops acted a fool with his taser toy. Ask his little son what he did to him? He is one of the guys that appear on "forensic files cop gone looney". Sicko and evil.

Benton Harbor, MI

#26 May 1, 2011
He was an ex Marine who was shot 27 years ago and never really recovered...bullet went thru lung and had severe asthma..so afer he was tased while looking at fire it later killed him causing his asthma to really act up. ...people who was there said he was just looking at fire. He told the Judge that he was only looking at the fire..It turns out that those 2 PO had arrested him earlier on a domestic charge but was dimissed because it was dropped by the person who filed charges in the first place,,,,Those cop saw an oportunity to get him and hey did.

Benton Harbor, MI

#27 May 1, 2011
Yes Benton Harbor is a Racist town and anybody who says it isnt is a liar and a Racist. When I was a teenager they told me to finish school and go to college and I did, I also went to the Navy during the Vietnam War ,went to Devry Int of technology got a Degree but guess what ..every where I worked I was put under a microscope...they found all kinds of excuses to lay me off or fire me. They even hid parts i needed to repair machines so they could write me up. I was attacked by a supervisor at one place and did not fight back. called police but was later fired..took it to Fed Court but Judge threw out most of the charges. got job back(refused job) with 1 year back pay. They are not happy unless u r a janitor...I could go on an ON about the million of times I have seen Racism. NAACP what a joke... even if u have it on video with 100 witness u r in for losing fight...God is my only hope in this racist country...Its hard dealing with this being a Black single parent with 2 kids so until u walk in my SHOES........

Benton Harbor, MI

#28 May 1, 2011
I am a Black Man in case u r wondering......They need to have a special class in High School for everyone about the Racist Problems on these Jobs in USA..Many kids dont know what they are in for when they get on these Jobs...There needs to be a lot of changes made in this USA..They pretend to want these Kids to stay out of jails but they do very little to make Work place a safe and equal enviroment for ALL.. GOD is our only hope .Just like Moses times. Now look at the Jobs in this USA Now. This is what happens when God get TIRED of Unrightness.

Tucson, AZ

#29 Jul 17, 2011
I don't believe you.

Since: Oct 12

Benton Harbor, MI

#30 Oct 10, 2012
Benton Harbor is racist. Against white people.
concerned for Mandy

Grand Rapids, MI

#31 Nov 19, 2014
Unfortunately in benton harbor some cant get help when they need it. Look at this.https://picasaweb.google. com/m/viewer#album/10617704542 0382186955/6077205744577841425

United States

#33 Jan 25, 2015
Clancydog wrote:
Do not judge a police officer until you walk a day in his shoes.
excuses are running out for the law the videos don't lie

United States

#34 Jan 26, 2015
Know this and pay close attention. Most all ethnics has adopted my culture every ethnic love urban music the way we dress and we all don't sagg it's so out dated they love everything about us but our skin however while America keeps watch on us the middle east sneaking in the back door

Niles, MI

#35 Feb 14, 2015
Why is everything color? Why not these were just bad cops? Or bad people?? These things happen to people of all color! A cop could beat 50 people with his club..if one is black its racism...please people stop the craziness with all this racist stuff...this country is bad enough! This story could have been told..no racism mentioned, and had sympathy for elderly people being mistreated...I don't get it!

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