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Florence, SC

#126 Jan 4, 2012
To True wrote:
By far the worst black people I have come across are the ones from marlboro county. Pure ignorance in the city of bville. If it wasnt for the lakeside bville would be all the way ghetto. On that side are the white people and look how they live. Down the road to up-east or milfarm or down west or shady rest look how those people live. Its not bs its just a fact in this county. Drive on 401 coming from society hill to bville and as soon as you enter it I bet it looks like a bomb was dropped there, horrible, stank and just plain ghetto. You can tell the people that try and take care of there stuff. Not all blacks are the same but the ones in this city are. Majority rules so in black people cases in bville the truth dont lie. I also read the news paper and watch the news and blacks are just horrible. Majority rules and the majority of blacks in this county are sorry, ghetto, lazy and yes crackheads or a drug dealer.
amen ,,,lol ,,,they aint gonna like u for saying this but it's the truth any way ,,,,,,

Florence, SC

#127 Jan 4, 2012
kira f BAY wrote:
[mhann yhewew tellin a liie ndd yheew know it so stopp playinn so freaknn muchh ppl nn b-villie rr nice asszs dheyy kannnn bee so stop dhatt frontinng!!!!*+*]<quoted text>
if they put up a memorial of blacks it would have to be of them selling and doing crack ,, or a drive by shooting ,,, maybe people want to get rid of the memory of blacks instead of memorializing them ,,, dah!!!!!!!!!

Baltimore, MD

#128 Jan 8, 2012
(reenforced) Matt how are you gonna correct someone when you can't spell your dam self!!!!! Reinforced!!!!

Baltimore, MD

#129 Jan 8, 2012
The Downfall of whites is closer than you think my friend!!!!! hahahahahaha

Baltimore, MD

#130 Jan 8, 2012
Wasn't it a white man that Killed the little trailer trash white girl with a brick and cut her up, I forget, help me out.. You christian piece of sh!+....

Florence, SC

#131 Jan 9, 2012
than god it was a black who killed martin luther king ,,,, lol ,,,,imagine if it had been s white man , it would have been ww2 all over again ,, but because he was black they didnt make a big blowing horn out of it ,,,, leave um alone and they'll kill each other ,,,lol ,,,, u want have to worry about shipping um back to africa ,,,i get sick on my stomach hearing how they were treated soooooo bad ,,, they aint one of um alive now that lived in the day when they were slaves ... and if they were kept as slaves , the white men kept um up ,, fed um and clothed um ,, and sometimes even made love to um ,, so i don't see their point on the subject ,,
Always Thinking

Warrensburg, MO

#132 Jan 10, 2012
What If "They" Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul?

The video below proves Ron Paul leads by action, not words.

How many candidates can show us by their actions, not with just words or today's poll.

Veterans for Ron Paul


CNN Feed "Drops" as War Hero Praises Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

Why the Military Loves Ron Paul

"Banned" Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 (Unofficial)

Chesapeake, OH

#134 Mar 9, 2012
Diane wrote:
I grew up in Bennettsville, we are not a racist town. I do not like such comments from people who were not born in Bennettsville. Please find somewhere else to live if you feel that way.
my name is stewart i was born in 1958 when to b.ville high school in 1976 and still today 36 years later it still the same thing. when we let one color of race have there way and other cant we have a problem with the laws and the peoples who force the law. i still remmeber when black wasnt allow in white peoples for only to work for them and still today some peoles still want to carry that same way tody that isnt right at all sorry to say if i can remmeber 42 years of it and still going on then our city and state officals are not fit for the jobs they have vote them out stewart of kenucky
virginia girl

Lebanon, VA

#136 Sep 12, 2012
Matt wrote:
I am from Bennettsville and there are very good answers to most of your questoions and statements. 1 Many men of Bennettsville and Marlboro County fought and died during the Civil War and weas a tremendous blow to the town and county. An old memorial was on the side of a building in the downtown area right in front of the courthouse depicting Bennettsville in the 1880s but was removed due to the lack of black people in the image.( Also Marian Wright Edleman the founder of the Childrens Defense Fund is from Bennettsville, and the office in Bennettsville makes that fact known.) 2 Most kids have their own de facto hang out spots. The Family Dollar is not one. That is an area that is usually devoid of people during the evening hours when most kids would hang out so I do not know when you went and saw this but it is not like that usually. 3 The road blocks are held on the main roads within the city. Most black people within Bennettsville live in and around the city limits along these main roads,(only a few areas downtown are majority white neighborhoods, while many whites live on Lakeside or out away from the city limits. So putting the blame on the fact that it is in the Black Community is an unfair statement to make. They are not dragnets for drug trafficing but for alcohol use, seat belt usage and license checks. 4 The fourth on i have not heard about so I can not personally comment on that one.
An added note. I am a young white male and was robbed by two black males, one armed with a 9mm pistol, while working for the local Pizza Hut. When I left the area I was able to flag a deputy sheriff down and report the incident just a few hundred yards from the area. The officecr radioed the city and they arrived and took their time in taking my report and checking the area in which this occured. The police have yet to turn up anything in this case. This was over a year and a half ago. The racial issue in Bennettsville is a two way street, whites and blacks are mistreated not just blacks, so before any allegations are made about an openly racist town, do some research about the issues you are bringing in as evidence in a forum. Bob in Burbank, I do not know if you have ever been to Marlboro County or know anyone from there, but please do not base California police tactics with those of South Carolina, yes we do have drug issues as everyone else but we dont use road blocks for that as much as say in Burbank or other larger cities. We are a town of only 9,000+ people. The Civil War is one of the very few significant events in th county that has occured. We are a typical rural town that has been able to retain Souther Charm with a downtown square area and still keep pace with the times we live in. So please both of you take more time in investigating a race issue before throwing the term racist out there.
I used to live there and I loved the place I hope it hasn't changed it was a nice quiet little town

Since: May 12

Bennettsville, SC

#137 Sep 19, 2012
Lets concentrate on today:
Report: Cost of regs $1.8 trillion, 20-times Obama's estimate
September 19, 2012 | 2:30 pm
Paul Bedard
Washington Secrets
The Washington Examiner
CRS report: number of able-bodied adults on food stamps doubled after Obama suspended work requirement
New ad raps Obama's diplomacy, Muslim Brotherhood support
On Letterman, Obama says he canít remember the national debt
Inspector General: DOJ misled Congress about Fast and Furious
CBO: Obamacare mandate will cost 6 million taxpayers $7 billion in 2016
Current federal regulations plus those coming under Obamacare will cost American taxpayers and businesses $1.8 trillion annually, more than twenty times the $88 billion the administration estimates
Obama administration, Fed, have missed 60% of Dodd-Frank deadlines
September 19, 2012 | 4:15 pm
Timothy P. Carney
Senior political columnist
The Washington Examiner
Federal regulators have missed the statutory deadlines on 145 of the 237 rule-making requirements in the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill, according to a top financial-regulation analyst.
After a bill becomes law, itís up to executive agencies to write rules implementing the legislation. Dodd-Frank was more than 2000 pages, and the legislative language was a wonderful mix of complex, vague, and open-ended. The result is a huge burden on the SEC, the Fed, and other federal agencies. And theyíre not meeting those burden.
It's worse than Romney said: 49% on federal aid, 49% pay no tax
Paul Bedard
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney underplayed the percentage of Americans receiving some federal aid in that new clandestine fundraising video that is giving liberals, the media and.
Feds were clueless about 9/11 anniversary attack
September 13, 2012 | 11:37 am
Paul Bedard
Washington Secrets
Five days before Muslim militants killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans on Tuesday, Sept.11, the State Department's security team told diplomats around the world that there was "no credible information" of any attack planned to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America, the clearest sign federal officials were clueless about this week's assaults on embassies in Libya, Egypt and Yemen.
Ringleader behind al Qaeda attack that killed US amb was Gitmo Detainee handed over to Libya by USA
Daily Mail ^| 091912 | Daily Mail
Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 9:18:30 PM by Fred
Sufyan Ben Qumu was classified as a 'medium to high' national security risk before his release from American custody Qumu reportedly was Osama bin Laden's driver and worked for the al-Qaeda founder's company in Sudan Libyans promised to keep him behind bars, but he was released in 2010 Qumu was a former Libyan army tank driver and became a leader of the rebels during the uprising
A former al-Qaeda terrorist released from Guantanamo Bay is believed to be the leader of the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, including the US Ambassador, it was revealed on Wednesday.
Sufyan Ben Qumu, who was reportedly once Osama bin Laden's driver, was let out of the US military detention center in Cuba in 2007 and turned over to the government of Muammar Gaddafi on the condition he be kept behind bars.

Since: May 12

Bennettsville, SC

#138 Sep 19, 2012
Marlboro County is majority made up of African Americans. The city of Bennettsville is 65% African America with an African American Police Chief. The majority of his frrce is black. Now I challenge them to turn over the records of the traffic tickets they write and compare the ratio of races. My money says a lot of people will be surprised!
Black Hebrew-Israelite -

Walla Walla, WA

#141 Oct 31, 2013
DaRedNeckKing wrote:
(reenforced) Matt how are you gonna correct someone when you can't spell your dam self!!!!! Reinforced!!!!
Just to inform you dam is actually spelled "Damn" for the context in which you are using. Also, you white trash are the scum of the earth! Claiming to be Christian when your people murdered blacks for hundreds of years and killed woman and children of the Native Americans and took their land! Also, I know my peoples true history in which your people tried to take from us! We are not Africans(Hamites) Blacks in America are Israelites! The chosen people of the MOST HIGH! We are of "Shem" decedents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! Your whites are gentiles and heathens! We are awaking and will rise again when our king Yashiya returns!
Black Hebrew-Israelite -

Walla Walla, WA

#142 Oct 31, 2013
growup wrote:
Please... get on the lazy Blacks that still living off the State and Gov..they want to life that way and people like you keep making reason why they do..
Wel far as distroy the Black culture..even the hard working blacks will tell you that...blacks are self destructing..
<quoted text>
First off learn how to spell and use correct grammar! I am a black man(Israelite) I am not of African descent and no lack person in America is! that's a lie among countless more! We are the true children of GOD, the people that's spoken of in the bible are us we are the true Hebrews! Anyway, youíre not ready to comprehend that knowledge. back to the subject matter, there are countless more white trash gentiles on welfare!

Raleigh, NC

#143 Jan 25, 2014
We were in Bennettsville today checking it out as possible relocation for our family through my husband's employer. I found the people I spoke with to be open and friendly, and I am a white woman with a service dog < german shepherd> around the town! I did not have any whites talk to me while there.... I was born in Africa and have lived in many places since. I see people, not color. I have heard mixed views about how rough the schools are. This is a huge concern for me. My other concern is how good the medical care is. I am sad to see race rears ugly head in this search for more information about the area. Our history of the south should be preserved and shared from all view points. I have found many of the civil war stories and not exactly told in full. Heritage should never be used to enrage people in this day and age, we should move forward. I am tired of misconceptions as well that only whites owned and mistreated blacks during slavery in the us. Blacks also owned slaves and a couple plantations. Please visit Williamsburg and Jamestown for history lessons. If you doubt that only opposite color hurts others, visit Africa. I am open to suggestions of good places to settle in the area. I look forward to seeing if the company moves into that area, and hopefully creates some needed jobs there as well.
Trollinatitsfine st

Pageland, SC

#144 Feb 2, 2014
lol wrote:
than god it was a black who killed martin luther king ,,,, lol ,,,,imagine if it had been s white man , it would have been ww2 all over again ,, but because he was black they didnt make a big blowing horn out of it ,,,, leave um alone and they'll kill each other ,,,lol ,,,, u want have to worry about shipping um back to africa ,,,i get sick on my stomach hearing how they were treated soooooo bad ,,, they aint one of um alive now that lived in the day when they were slaves ... and if they were kept as slaves , the white men kept um up ,, fed um and clothed um ,, and sometimes even made love to um ,, so i don't see their point on the subject ,,

Nah. Wouldn't be ww2. That involves work. And gathering food without food stamps. War would be over in a day.

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