California Proposition 19: the Mariju...

California Proposition 19: the Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 7, 2010

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San Dimas, CA

#11384 Aug 5, 2012
What part of NO don't you loser posters understand?

Perris, CA

#11385 Aug 6, 2012
Time to end this, thus people will never understand the powers of herbs. Ignorance is bliss, sit back and relax. Indulge yourself with whats truly a wonder and explore its many avenues. Don't limit yourself to everyday nonsense, enhance your train of thought and look deep within your persona.
Realize the potential and strive to reach it for the many wonders of herbs will be there to guide you.
Never underestimated it just relate to it, open your mind and stimulate your soul.

La Puente, CA

#11386 Aug 6, 2012
Just do what you want to do, anyway.

Denver, CO

#11387 Aug 6, 2012
Don't live on your knees - smoke as you please.

Modesto, CA

#11388 Aug 6, 2012
Provocateur wrote:
Don't live on your knees - smoke as you please.
What if You don't have legs, or knees?

La Puente, CA

#11389 Aug 6, 2012
Intelligent cops would have handled the situation.

Unfortunately, low I.Q. seems to be a prerequisite for many police forces.

Even if the cops thought she was acting a little aggressive (Why I don't know since they were told she was deaf), why not just restrain her? What ever happened to the regular police who could handle situations without using the potentially fatal Taser? More and more they are being used on women, children and homeless people.
Best marijuana

San Jose, CA

#11390 Aug 6, 2012
Legalize and tax it.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#11391 Aug 7, 2012
Legalize all drugs and tax them proportionally to their statistically genuine damage.
This and only this will provide the relevant information on their dangers, and allow a real competition between medications.

You can be sure that after a while alcohol and smoked tobacco will be expensive, and the life insurance will give bonus to the pot consumer, as the effect brings health benefices in the average.

It is also the only way to regulate the drugs, which is the only way to really protect the kids.
It will also stop the creation of the new hazardous drugs copying original one.

It is a not a coincidence that pot is over-used in the countries which repress it the most.

Drugs can be dangerous, but that danger is multiplied in the extreme by the prohibition laws.

We have to separate health from the government and states, like we have to separate religion from state.

Monrovia, CA

#11392 Aug 7, 2012
There is no limit to the stupity thats' being poster here on this topic.

Spike it instead.


Since: May 12

Strawberry Fields of Dreams

#11393 Aug 7, 2012
Marijuana has been shown to cure some cancers and inhibit growth in others, actually marijuana (THC) can cure many many ailments but big pharmaceutical companies don't want us to know that so they lobby our lawmakers and reap the rewards from their side effect laden, man made drugs. Marijuana is not a drug, it is an herb given to us by the creator.

Marijuana has been used medically for 10,000 years so why are we as a modern society denied its use?

Below is an excerpt from a PBS documentary.

"DR. DONALD ABRAMS, University of California, San Francisco: Marijuana contains anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and probably anti-cancer compounds in it.DR. DONALD ABRAMS: I'm a cancer doctor, and I often suggest to my patients that they consider marijuana for their loss of appetite, nausea, pain, depression and insomnia. It's one medicine they could use, instead of five.

ANNA RAU: Critics like Dr. Voth are especially skeptical of these kinds of claims. How is it possible that one plant has the potential to impact so many different ailments?

Intriguing answers started appearing in the early '90s, when researchers pinpointed receptors in the brain and the body that bind with cannabis. Receptors can be described as locks on the surface of a cell, and when the correct key binds with the correct lock, or receptor, it opens the door and delivers messages. Sometimes, the messages are urgent, for example, that the body is feeling pain, or that there's an invader and the immune system must attack.

Researchers believe cannabinoids can turn down those messages, helping to temper chronic pain and autoimmune disorders. These special receptors are extremely abundant in the brain, but they are also found all over the body and in the major organs, the heart, the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

After finding all these locks that accepted the cannabis key, researchers made the next big discovery: The human body makes its own cannabinoids.

DR. DONALD ABRAMS: We have these circulating chemicals that we produce ourselves that really are very, very similar to the chemicals in the marijuana plant.

DR. PRAKASH NAGARKATTI, University of South Carolina: The only difference is that the cannabinoids that we produce are in such small quantities, and they're also rapidly degraded, so that, therefore, we are not high all the time.

ANNA RAU: Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti is a professor of pathology and microbiology at the University of South Carolina. He's one of many scientists in a race to unlock the mysteries of the receptors by using newly created synthetic drugs, instead of tightly restricted whole cannabis.

These synthetics have made research much easier and potentially lucrative. The U.S. patent database shows numerous large pharmaceutical companies have filed recent patents, claiming their cannabinoid receptor drug has the potential to treat almost everything: multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, Tourette's, epilepsy, heart disease, obesity, various mental illnesses and the Holy Grail of medicine, a cancer cure.

Dr. Nagarkatti and his team of researchers were one of the first labs to prove a cannabinoid key can seek out a cancerous cell in the immune system, unlock the receptor, and direct the cancer cell to self-destruct.

DR. PRAKASH NAGARKATTI: So, basically, telling the cells basically to commit suicide.

ANNA RAU: Dr. Nagarkatti's experimental drug was able to eradicate almost 100 percent of the cancer in test tubes. And when they moved on to live mice:

DR. PRAKASH NAGARKATTI: To our surprise, we found that almost 25 to 30 percent of the mice completely rejected the tumor. They were completely cured.

ANNA RAU: Tumors in the rest of the mice shrank significantly. The results have been so promising that Dr. Nagarkatti is already beginning clinical trials with leukemia patients."
NoBlamer 2012

United States

#11394 Aug 7, 2012
the federal government does not have the power to prohibit anything.

if you think they do,
point out exactly where the constitution gives the feds the power.

why... did it require an amendment to the constitution to prohibit alcohol ?

what changed ?

answer NOTHING

go ahead, point out where the constitution gives the fed that power

until then STFU

its a "states rights" issue

Covina, CA

#11395 Aug 7, 2012
Mr. Good Wrench could fix your problem?

Denver, CO

#11397 Aug 7, 2012
Hop-along wrote:
<quoted text>What if You don't have legs, or knees?
Just Hop-along.

Covina, CA

#11398 Aug 7, 2012
Not enough huffing has been going on tonight, there still able to pester people on the topic.

Covina, CA

#11400 Aug 7, 2012
Meow, that sounded strange.

Since: Feb 09

Location hidden

#11401 Aug 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
Scientists invent 'cannabis without the high'
...Proof that there is no medical reason for marijuana.
Medical marijuana is a bigtime scam.
All you have proved is how stupid and uneducated you are.

La Puente, CA

#11402 Aug 8, 2012
I guess there's not much happening today August 08, 2012, just the normal low brow posters posting again.


#11403 Aug 9, 2012
NoBlamer 2012 wrote:
the federal government does not have the power to prohibit anything.
if you think they do,
point out exactly where the constitution gives the feds the power.
why... did it require an amendment to the constitution to prohibit alcohol ?
what changed ?
answer NOTHING
go ahead, point out where the constitution gives the fed that power
until then STFU
its a "states rights" issue
I would say that it is an individual right issue. I don't think a government or a state has any authority to issue what I can ingest, drink or smoke. Prohibition is only a mafia strategy to prevent real competitions between products, and to sell nasty substances to the kids without control or regulation. Prohibitionists should be judged in court.
Ender-s Game

San Diego, CA

#11404 Aug 9, 2012
I don't smoke the stuff, but I know it's everywhere. Although I would say, yes, to legalize it in order to place some sanitary restrictions on the plant, I would also add taxes, like cigarettes, to the distribution of it. Cigarettes and marijuana users should then be placed on a higher risk health insurance category and pay a premium from their own pocket, since they smoke on their own accord. problem fixed. But this will never fly in politics because you have to bribe politicians to show up to work and bribe them again to do their job. Sad times....

Maybe They'll cut the school budget to cover for some other state expenses. That always seem to work.

La Puente, CA

#11405 Aug 9, 2012
It's only adds up to, a dull tool play off.

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