Where is Kara Kopetsky?

Where is Kara Kopetsky?

There are 168 comments on the Kansas City Star story from May 14, 2007, titled Where is Kara Kopetsky?. In it, Kansas City Star reports that:

Belton police are looking for Kara Kopetsky, 17, a Belton High student who went missing late last week. via Kansas City Star

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West Palm Beach, FL

#149 Aug 9, 2011
Yea dont stop looking do all the reaserch you can.

Houston, TX

#150 Aug 10, 2011
someone in that school knew something. she trusted someone she should never had.. has the police checked this area in this pic of kylr yust?? he calls it the creek of doom.... coincidence??


Whittier, CA

#151 Aug 15, 2011
Kara's episode of Disappeared aired again today (8/15/11) on I.D.. I came home today and checked my recordings and I was happy to have the episode in HD now. But it makes me mad because a good 20 minutes or something like that is about the Kelsey Smith case.

But it's alright. It's Kara's episode.
Johnny Boy

Lexington, KY

#152 Aug 19, 2011
I too like so many others seen Kara's story on the ID channel, great channel, we came along way since posting pictures on milk cartons since the late 70's. For some reason I find myself feeling bad for what has happened here, I check almost everyday online hoping that their is an update about what/where happened to Kara. With todays technology and people all over the place, I find it hard to believe that no one has seen anything after she left school. I also feel that Kara would of contacted her mother by now if she was ok, as Kara was always in contact with her parents on a daily basis stated on the TV show, I can't see her just packing up and leaving, not taking anything important with her, not using the $150 dollars in her bank account to survive on and now after 4 years later, you would think she would of contacted her parents, even if it was to say: Hey, it's Kara, I'm alive and ok? Can a person go from daily contact with their parents to no contact at all, just like that? Personally, I don't think so. It amazes me the stuff that is shown on the ID channel and what people do, especially to the ones they LOVE. GOD HELP US! Deep Down Inside, I Really Do Hope Kara is Ok and We Hear Something from Her.
end it

Ainslie, Australia

#153 Sep 2, 2011
you people in belton need to form a huge group go to this yulrs place protest day and night till he cracks. and this place keeps popping up about her being buried under a cement porch again form a group and go do something about it. as a community take charge and follow any lead possible. question any and anyone that she came in contact with on that day and make then crack any way possible. was there no street cameras anywhere near the school?? check footage of all cameras in belton on the day she went missing. just find her.

Kansas City, MO

#154 Sep 6, 2011
Kara's ex-boyfriend Kylr Yust was charged with trying to kill his new girlfriend, today. He killed her three cats, I won't get into how they died, too gruesome... But KMBC got information about what the victim said, and Kylr apparently said, "I've killed people before, even ex-girlfriends out of sheer jealousy. I will kill you". And when he was beating her, he would beat her on the legs to prevent her from going unconcious, so she should feel and be aware of everything.
I have no doubt in my mind, now, that this thug killed Kara. He obviously has deep seated psychotic issues to kill three defenseless cats, AND attempt to beat his PREGNANT girlfriend, to death.
See what's become of this, Belton PD? By letting this 'man' go, you almost let the life of another young woman be taken away. See what happens when you hire incompetent people? This happens. He almost killed again because you didn't arrest him the first time, like you should have!
Praying4Karas Family

Lees Summit, MO

#155 Sep 9, 2011
I saw that story too South-KC. He is quite a scary individual, and yet, he only gets probation??!! He definitely needs to be re-questioned & looked at. I hope his girlfriend stays far away from him & when the twins are born, petitions the court for supervised visitations with him only!
I lived in Belton in the military housing on the old AFB. Every other day it was a search in the woods for Kara it seemed. A friend that worked for the Belton PD said they truly did look for her, but it always seemed like the same spots were being searched.
I agree the BPD needs to step up their game, but don't see it happening any time soon. It is sad that Kara's case did not receive the same attention Kelsey's did. I was living in an apartment about a mile away from the mall at the time of Kelsey's disappearance & remember an officer knocking on my door to see if anyone had information about her disappearance. Yet, until I saw the massive search party near the woods as you drove onto the old base, I had never heard anything about Kara.
To all the people out there claiming they have sources & information, get off your @$$ & report what you "think" you know. If your sources were confirmed, or even reliable, this wouldn't still be going on years later. To the others criticizing the family & step-father, grow up. People act in grief different ways, and I know I personally would be upset if I knew my child wasn't considered missing, and I knew she was.
Kara & her family are human beings, and should be treated with respect. You don't have to agree with them, but you don't have to seek out to attack them. They are already in enough pain, and again, if your thoughts, "gut feelings", or "sources" held any credibility, this would be a solved case, not a tragic heartache. Follow the rule that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
I hope one day we will all know the truth, but until that day, please know: Kara & family, you are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope that you will be found soon so that your family can put this behind them and move forward one way or another. Your case has finally gained notoriety, so, perhaps those with actual evidence & concern will come forward.

Oceana, WV

#156 Sep 13, 2011
Wishing you all the best.

Mahopac, NY

#157 Oct 17, 2011
I am so sick of people killing cats and not doing ANY time for it. If I said what I'd like to do this Kylr Yust, the police would probably come and arrest me. I'd say it's pretty obvious that he killed Kara and it's PATHETIC that the Belton PD hasn't done a DAMN thing about it!

Charlottesville, VA

#158 Nov 4, 2011
What is this about a "waffle" man I hear? A drug dealer that a LOT of people are saying she went to his house....maybe had OD'd and they panicked and buried her body around that house, or some sort of cement? Don't the Belton PD READ some of these sites?? People talk.....
find her

Duffy, Australia

#159 Nov 11, 2011

Whittier, CA

#160 Nov 15, 2011

Santa Maria, CA

#161 Feb 12, 2012
i feel the pain for her parents and can do nothing but wish them the best. I saw Kara's episode on Disappeared on the ID channel and was touched by her story- as much and I'd like to remain positive and think good thoughts, the reality of it is she is probably dead. it is now 2012, five years later- i believe the ex-boyfriends has something to do with her disappearance and will keep checking in on her case for updates. Keep going, you'll find something eventually.

Marietta, OH

#162 Feb 14, 2012
They should investigate the boyfriend more. Maybe search his house etc. Get the government to see if they have a recording of her last few phone calls. she has to be somewhere.

Grayson, KY

#163 Feb 15, 2012
Im just curious if the ex cop Moreland that was charged with the Cara Roberts murder in 08 and the murder of the elderly woman close to where Kara lived in 2010 has been questioned, if he was on duty Kara would have at least walked up to his car and who knows he could've been praying on kids outside the school, Kara was ditching school he could have seen her "placed" her in his car to "return" her back to school and instead kidnapped her, just some thoughts, but I pray she is alive and returns home!

Libby, MT

#164 Feb 18, 2012
FEB 2012 UPDATE: A small group of unidentified people, civilians and ex-cops alike, have apparently banded together and started looking for Kara themselves with the help of a cadaver dog. They have followed word of mouth clues to an abandoned house somewhere in the Belton area where Kara's body is rumored to have been taken and possibly hidden away.

Unbelievably the dog has picked up the scent of human remains from somewhere in the house and they think they may actually be close to finding her if they can just stay on the trail, keep asking questions and keep searching.

Now, you'd think the Belton police would be happy about this and maybe offer their help... right? Wrong. They're actually threatening legal action if these people don't STOP looking for her, accusing them of "interfering with their investigation". Um, what investigation? The one that was basically shelved in 2007 and has turned up absolutely no leads whatsoever?

So this crack team has turned up more hope in a few months than a whole police department has in five years, and now they're trying to intimidate them into stopping for the sole reason of what appears to be "they make us look bad"? Sickening. Five years is long enough for them to find her if they had any idea what they were doing.

These mysterious investigators are angels. I sincerely hope they ignore the threats, keep looking and can hopefully bring an end to this whole mess.

Article: http://www.examiner.com/missing-persons-in-na...

Video: http://www.pitch.com/plog/archives/2012/02/14...
G Angel

Kansas City, KS

#165 Feb 18, 2012
Here's what we know so far from Russ Ptacek-

"For the past six months, I've been embedeed in a secret group of Kara Kopetsky sleuths trying to find clues Belton Police have missed in the search for the missing teen. The group includes retired law enforcement, a research expert, social networking monitors, and two cadaver dog trainers. The dogs have made a hit."

If 2 different CADAVER DOGS HIT on the same location & according to Rhonda Beckford's interview, there have been many rumors about this SAME property & internet blogs about this property, then what's the hold up.
SO...WHAT'S BELTON HIDING??? I think there needs to be a GRAND JURY alright...and the Belton officers involved (and you know who you are) should be held accountable for their actions.
I hope someone comes in and takes OVER this CASE. I agree with the last post "These mysterious investigators are angels. I sincerely hope they ignore the threats, keep looking and can hopefully bring an end to this whole mess".
Edward Hughes

Zurrieq, Malta

#166 Apr 27, 2012
To The Kopetsky Family,

I don't know where to start in writing this email to you. I saw a tv
program on the Investigation Discovery Channel where i saw the case of
Kara's disappearance. Although I've seen others on the TV in the past,but
for some reason yours just hit me and i felt compelled to write you.

I just wanted you to know that there are people who care even in other
countries that are praying for you and your family that hopefully the truth
will come out some day and that you manage to find closure in your life's.
with out a doubt, i know that writing to you probably wont help you feel
any better so i hope that me doing so does not open closed wounds. You have
my self and my family's deepest sympathies and i truly hope that someday
they will catch who ever did that to Kara.


Edward Hughes

Frankfort, KY

#167 Sep 11, 2012
How is the ex b/f still running rampant? What was his alibi in the disappearance of Kara? The police won't say. What a bunch of idiots.

He kidnapped Kara one week before her disappearance. He almost kills another g/f and admits to her that he has killed others. He kills her 3 cats. But no, he's not a prime suspect in the disappearance of Kara. Right.

Libby, MT

#168 Mar 10, 2013

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