WZZM13 - Fuel tax proposed; Would hel...

WZZM13 - Fuel tax proposed; Would help repair roads

There are 22 comments on the WZZM Grand Rapids story from Apr 4, 2007, titled WZZM13 - Fuel tax proposed; Would help repair roads. In it, WZZM Grand Rapids reports that:

Two Michigan lawmakers are proposing increasing fuel taxes to help improve the state's roads.

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Bill McKenna

Big Rapids, MI

#1 Apr 4, 2007
I think the US Government should help Michigan. Out of each dollar we send to Washington DC in gas tax we only get .90 cents back. What are the US Senators and members of the US house deligation doing for us NOTHING.Perhaps Michigan should susceed from the Union.We can do better by ourselfs
juan murillo

United States

#2 Apr 4, 2007
any tax increase is bad, right now the people lucky enough to be working are hurting, but with this bs, the big joke has all ways been you have 3"supervisors"standi ng watching one worker, these people have to understand the dollar amount they have to work with (for government employees its called a budget) and get the most out of those dollars, maximize an 8 hour work day and quit with milking the overtime.....
Ron B Jenison Mi


#3 Apr 4, 2007
Raise the gas tax ??? Can you please tell me where does our gas tax go now?
( to our roads or does it get lost in Lansing)
I would be in favor of an increase in this tax if it went only our roads and nothing else. Mainley because it would put people to work and start to stop them from moving OUT of this state.
Dan Van Beek

Westbrook, ME

#4 Apr 4, 2007
How come the names of the law makers were not listed in the article? This will not sit well with the tax payers in Michigan who drive to work every day. Are we not taxed enough? Do we need more revenue? Absolutely! That's why we need more jobs! Create a larger tax base. We need more people paying taxes not the same people paying more taxes. Come on people!!!!!! Lets get to the root of the real problem in lansing.
Tom H

Rockford, MI

#5 Apr 4, 2007
The question for me is why are these leaders so determined to totally destroy what remains of the Michigan economy? Or, are they actually so ignorant that they don't know any better?

Baldwinsville, NY

#6 Apr 4, 2007
They need to find a better way than more tax on the workers. Maybe cut goverment and some of the welfare programs. Maybe kick Jennifer out of the mansion and let her live like the rest of us.

Granbury, TX

#7 Apr 4, 2007
I think the Government is trying to suck the life out of poor people. Along with the money that us poor people who do have a job because, of Gov. Granholm. Even the money that the poor do have is not eough to even buy toilet paper with anymore. All this due to Governor Granholm. We need a new governor that is willing to put jobs back into Michigan, and into our towns. If the govrenment didn't get paid thousands a week in pay doing nothing then we would have money for our state and our country.

Granbury, TX

#8 Apr 4, 2007
I have three children, I am trying to raise them and have no choice but to ask for help from people that dont have enough money to help them selfs. I have been looking for a job im Montcalm county and even "Michigan Works" states that there is no jobs in Montcalm county. How are we going to survive if there is nothing, or anywhere to live. Heck Michigan is going to become a ghost state. TV 13 has already told us that 66% of Michigan has moved to another state. What are we to do? How do we give money that we dont have? If we are to give money for fixing roads then when are they going to fix roads like "Lake Montcalm" out around Riverdale. They are only seeming to fix roads that dont need fixed. Why waste money like that? Why is the county buying new road trucks if they are not being used? All these questions and so many more. When are we going to get the anwsers we deserve? When is the Michigan Govrenment going to actually listen to the Michigan people. The people that really see what is going on. The people that are living the life that a senator would commite suicide for. No one wnats to be this way so why wont the senate trade us spots and see what we do and how we try to survive. The government in Washington needs to get off there buts and give up some of there thounsads they get a week. They dont need that a week. Us "blue coller" are lucky to see that when we do taxes. What makes them so special to get it. Cause the set and make laws. So what I set and make rules at home I dont get paid.

Granbury, TX

#9 Apr 4, 2007
I think that Granhmold should step down from office and leave her "fantasy" life for a poor mans life. The government in whole needs to take a paycut so the state can starte getting out of dept.The state and government is just going to get deeper in debt with Michigan losing jobs the state is trying to help with Financial aid that just red lines us more.What are we to do sit and wait to be "blowen away" to another state. Why I love this state and dont wanna leave I just want her to leave.
Jim H Cadillac Michigan

Cadillac, MI

#10 Apr 4, 2007
Lets see the people pushing the tax increase are the folks who fix the roads.....
50% increase on registration, sounds like a tax increase to me.
Why don't we try to get more for our money than always asking for more?
chris schut

Salt Lake City, UT

#11 Apr 4, 2007
hi welcome to michigan high taxes no jobs stupid government ..........they have been taxing fuel for road projects since before i started driving(20+)years ago ..........this is some new groundbreaking idea? give me a break
to bad we cant tax stupid our state govt would pay for itself

once stated by a comedian
"you cant fix stupid"
find this comedian and make him our governor
"git-r-dun"......... .lmao

United States

#12 Apr 4, 2007
Tax and spend, That's all they know how to do. I have lots of family thinking about leaving Michigan for some place with work(like 48 other states) . I guess this will help push them a little more. I guess they think they can suck blood from a turnip.

Granbury, TX

#13 Apr 4, 2007
I think if the these 2 lawmakers what to tax the gas to fix michigan roads take it out of there pockets. They will not get money out of my pockets. I do not have a JOB????
Ken Cobb Muskegon


#14 Apr 4, 2007
The roads are terrible, state government is terrible, politicians are terrible & useless, Gov. is terrible, she & her husband are double dipping the state payroll, she should be home taking care of her children like most decent mothers do that don't need to work instead of running around shooting off her big mouth around the world. When the state cuts the cost of government in half meaning wage, benefits and just plain waste, I believe the taxpayers will come through with taxes the Gov. wants but until this is done she is not going to get any cooperation. She has got to gonow. All her lies & B.S. she spread while running for re-election is coming back to haunt her & she is trying to get the taxpayers to pay the freight. Impeach Jenny NOW!! Merge with Ind.
Carl H

Cadillac, MI

#15 Apr 4, 2007
I believe the majority of voters would love to find out the names of the lawmakers proposing a tax that makes 'just getting by' even more difficult for the low, and middle class.

An additional gas tax is stealing the crutch from a crippled racer who has no choice but to run the race. Lansing should focus on real solutions instead of taking the low hanging fruit...

---Still the LAST state in the Union. It's not a federal issue. It's Granholm's leadship.
Aprised and Abashed

Washington, DC

#16 Apr 4, 2007
Unbelievable. Our state is tied for last place in employment. People all around are losing their homes, jobs, cars, and other things of value. And now the state wants us to pay more? Why don't we cut our spending? I think our state should lower taxes and allow local governments levy local taxes to pay for their own upkeep.
John Kelley

Hampton, VA

#17 Apr 5, 2007
What are they thinking?? The people of this state do not need to pay more money in taxes. It's getting to the point of stupidity. It's time to get rid of all the "pet projects" that get funded. If I want to buy something I can't afford at the moment I either have to save money for it,(buy cutting spending somewhere else) or just forget about it. I sure can't go to my boss and demand a raise!!! That is what these politicians are doing. Demanding that we (their Boss!!) give them a raise.
As their Boss I'd like to tell them to fix the roads on the budget they have or I'll find someone that can!!

Secaucus, NJ

#18 Apr 5, 2007
the gas tax is ok to help the roads. It is the registration fees that is the hardest part. We have several cars and there are many businesses that this will effect the most. To increase the fees by that much seems unfair. This year we are forced to pay 15 dollars more for new plates if we have the old blue ones when some of those plates are only 2 years old and look good. How much more money must we pay. This will just leave more poeple to driving without proper registration. The example is a low one for the registration, that means for some newer trucks or cars it could be 200 per year to registar the vehicle.

United States

#19 Apr 5, 2007
The gas tax increase isn't really bad when one option would be to make our major highways toll roads like in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio etc. Stop the think, from .25 up to 2.50 per toll. It could add up on top of purchasing gasoline.

Riverside, CA

#20 Apr 5, 2007
I think with all the school budget cuts and closings, road repairs, etc., we should demand a detailed list of where all the money for the lottery goes. Agree?

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