Trendy puggles lose their appeal all ...

Trendy puggles lose their appeal all too soon -

There are 125 comments on the Newsday story from Oct 15, 2007, titled Trendy puggles lose their appeal all too soon -. In it, Newsday reports that:

Remember that old "Star Trek" episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles"? Let's tune into "The Problem With Puggles." Just as Capt.

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Brooklyn, NY

#1 Oct 15, 2007
Wow, what an interesting article. I have a Puggle named Molly and she is the best dog! The only thing I can agree on is that she was hyper when she was a little puppy. She is now 2 years old and is the most lovable, disciplined, smartest dog! I think the problem with Puggle owners are that they let the dog rule the house, you HAVE to be the alpha dog in the house. Lots of training and lots of love. Another problem must be that the people who buy this dog lock the dog in a crate all day, every day and then expect them to be lazy dogs when they are let out. Could you imagine being caged up all day and then not allowed to play when you were a kid?? I personally think it is all in the training. If you can't commit the time it takes for training, then maybe you shouldn't have one. No dog should have to be locked in a crate 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. But that is only my opinion.

My Puggle ROCKS!!
Just visit an online Puggle meet-up group and you will read about how well behaved all of our dogs are!

Beacon, NY

#2 Oct 15, 2007
I love my puggle! I've run across articles similiar to this one numerous times and all I can say is this: All animals come with responsibilities, my dog is also friendly and great with kids; you take the good with the bad.

Brooklyn, NY

#3 Oct 15, 2007
A puggle is nothing more than a mutt. I have nothing against mutts-I love all dogs but puggles and other"designer" dogs are just another way for breeders to make a buck off a dog-and people fall for it. By the way, when you buy from a pet store, you are buying a puppy from a puppy mill. Most of these places crank out puppies with NO reguard of the puppies health and well being. Some puppy mills even have gas chambers there to destroy puppies that can't be sold or to destroy dogs that can't produce puppies anymore. If you don't believe me-do some research on the web and see what I am talking about. Many so called "breeders" are just in the puppy business to make a buck and don't give a damn about the pups.These people truly are the scum of the earth.

Brooklyn, NY

#4 Oct 15, 2007
Mutt is the word I used for puggles.

Brewster, MA

#5 Oct 15, 2007
I have to laugh at these ridiculous dog breeders.

Sure, the puggles and the rest are coming out of the puppy mills.

But, Ms. AKC breeder, the so-called "purebreds" are also a mess, displaying horrific genetic problems and issues that cause problems.

Meanwhile, the AKC makes most of its income from registering puppy mill "purebreds," and does everything it can to fight against anti-cruelty and licensing laws on behalf of those puppy millers.

And yes, that includes the "reputable" breeders! They don't care. Anything for those puppy mill bucks that pay for the breed clubs and dog shows!

The only reason that the AKC and "reputable" breeders are against the "designer" mixed breeds is because they don't make money on them!

"Purebred" puppy mills are fine, and genetically flawed purebreds are fine, to them.

The dog breeding world is very backwards and very corrupt.

Meanwhile, dogs die and suffer in alarming numbers while the breeders make money.

Brewster, MA

#6 Oct 15, 2007
And by the way, mee and mosey. Your puggles came from puppy mills.

Some of the worst in this country.

You can see some of these kennels at

Designer dogs are puppy mill products.

(and why on earth would anyone buy a puppy mill mixed breed when they can ADOPT and save a dog's life?)

Brewster, MA

#7 Oct 15, 2007
ALL the pet store puppies, ALL the website-sold puppies, most of the classified ad puppies, ALL the flea market and roadside sale puppies come from these puppy mills.

The puppy mills continue to abuse and torture because ignorant people don't care and don't get educated (or let themselves get lied to), and keep buying these puppies.

The suffering is huge. Thanks to people who claim they "love" dogs.

Brentwood, NY

#8 Oct 15, 2007
Puggles are like all dogs... they need to be fed, exercised, loved and TRAINED!

Sewell, NJ

#9 Oct 15, 2007
Puppy Mill that created Puggles Puppy Haven Kennel

The REAL story behind Puppy Haven Kennel. Warning graphic and very sad.

Puppy Haven Puppy Mill

Puppy Heartbrerak

Shame on Wallace Havens!

Brighton, MA

#10 Oct 15, 2007
You clearly have never owned a puggle, or even met one!! They are so much better than a pug, because they are simply more fun...if i wanted a pet that would lay around all day being lazy I would have gotten a cat...or a gerbil. But I did not, I wanted a dog that would entertain me, and my puggle does. As do all of the puggles that my friends own! Generally, the puggle is indeed the best of both worlds. I will give you that there are some puggles who aren't so bright, or ideal, but you don't seem very bright or ideal either. Next time you decide to write something, make sure you research it first....because you made yourself seem really ignorant and prejudiced.

Brighton, MA

#11 Oct 15, 2007
And to all of your royal ignoramouses, I have to say, when was the last time you worked for an animal rescue to see what breeds were coming through their doors? FYI, myself and several other puggle owners do work as rescue moderators, and I can say for sure that the puggle is actually LESS likely to end up abandoned than many breeds. Grow Up! You need something to complain about, and though you think you may have found it, your claims are entirely unfounded. Puggles are not the cause of puppy mills...uninformed people like yourselves are!

Brooklyn, NY

#12 Oct 15, 2007
Tee wrote:
And by the way, mee and mosey. Your puggles came from puppy mills.
Some of the worst in this country.
You can see some of these kennels at
Designer dogs are puppy mill products.
(and why on earth would anyone buy a puppy mill mixed breed when they can ADOPT and save a dog's life?)
Hey Tee.........why is it that you assume that I got my dog from a puppy store and paid major money for her?? Maybe I rescued her from a shelter, which is more than I probably can say for you! You should know what the facts are before you go shooting your stupid mouth off! I was not looking for a purebred or designer dog, just a nice dog to join our family, and I sure got one.

Conneaut, OH

#13 Oct 15, 2007
Puggles aren't the problem, breeders aren't the problem. It's those people who impulse buy or adopt. You can't be a lazy puggle owner. Knowledge is key, Proper Training is the key. It's a shame actually puggle owners weren't interviewed for this story. Puggles are The Best!

Clifton, NJ

#14 Oct 16, 2007
Puggle. The other white meat.
Puggles rule

Brentwood, NY

#15 Oct 16, 2007
I agree with Mosey. Our puggle is the BEST dog. And yes, she was hyper the first 18 months. At 3 years old, she is calmer. She is also very smart, lovable, & well disciplined. Anybody who owns ANY dog should spend time training their dog properly to make sure it is welcome whereever they may go.
Letting any dog rule their home causes plenty of problems & with a hyper dog it must be even worse. As Mosey says, YOU have to be the alpha dog - lots of training & lots of love. Loving a puggle is very easy because of their personality.

I am not against crate training. I think it is a good thing to do. But do expect to spend time exercising your puggle because he has to get rid of that pent up energy after a few hours in a cage. Once potty trained, just expand the area the dog is allowed to live in while you are out. A crate is not necessary for the rest of their life!

I know several people who now have a puggle because of me. they see how lovable my puggle is. How well trained also.

Brooklyn, NY

#16 Oct 16, 2007
Your posts are right on the money! But as you can see from the later posts-people dont care. They go on about how great their dog is and dont give a shit where the dog came from. they dont care that their dog came from a puppy mill and that their dogs litter mates probably didnt fair as well. Many of the puppy mill pups are killed if they are not healthy. I bought my first dog from a pet store not knowing any better, but my last 3 dogs were all adopted because no one wanted them. These ass$*#les who go on and on about their dogs and who claim they"love" dogs are full of it. I am hoping at least 1 person who reads this goes to a shelter and adopts a dog and doesn't give into the greed of breeders or pet stores. My sister has a petition going on the web-it's called Chalemagne's law and it explains all about the scumbags who call themselves"breeders" . I hope everyone who reads this realizes that when your playing with your designer dog-you think about the one's suffering in mills or shelters all because YOU had to have the latest craze-a puggle or whatever. The dog is a mutt and you could have went to a shelter and adopted a great dog.
The Filipps - Hoboken NJ

New York, NY

#17 Oct 16, 2007
You can’t be serious, can you?!? Didn’t you think that attacking our loved ones would raise the hair on the back of our necks? Do you know anything about dogs? Or dog owners?
Hmmm…where should I start?
“Shelters are being inundated”? Where are your facts? Your figures? Where are the numbers? Your little research jaunt on the internet uncovered 6,600 beagles, almost 1,000 pugs and plenty of puggles.“Plenty”?!? That’s not exactly a hard, cold number to base an entire article around, is it? That’s like me reading an online article and coming to the decision that Newsday has plenty of bad journalists, right?
And then you conclude that Puggles aren’t popular anymore because celebrities aren’t being photographed with them. Does that mean recent photos of Britney signal the end of panties? Hey! There’s an idea! Why not write an article about that next?
And then there’s the standard and often rehashed quote from a Pug breeder about a Puggle not being the “best of both worlds”. Seriously? Except for the celebs mentioned above, when does male + female ever produce the best of both worlds in one generation?
For those of us with Puggles and for those of us considering Puggles, please let me respond to a few of the remaining generalities. Are Puggles energetic? Well, puppies usually are.“Hyper”? Nope. Like most puppies, ours will play vigorously for about 15 minutes and sleep the next 45 minutes or more. Do they “laugh at obedience class”? Our Puggle finished first. Ahead of some mutts, designer and pure breeds.
Are they wanderers? I know 3 Puggles. They don’t wander. Are Puggle excursions “one-way trips”? When we take off-the-leash hikes ours stays pretty close. If she picks up a scent, she “comes” when called.
Our Puggle, Ellie, will be 11 months next week and her puppy exuberance is waning as she matures. Yes, she loves to play, but she also enjoy loves to sleep. Weekdays or weekends, she doesn't get up until we do.
Do they bark? Our Puggle barks at a knock on the door or in response to other dogs barking, but she never initiates it.
She was also housebroken in a day. And about that…seriously, Denise, what does “dyslexia about housebreaking” even mean? What does a reading disorder that affects 10-15% of Americans have to do with dogs peeing outside?
Our Puggle gets three good walks a day and fed twice. And we reinforce her training as often as we can. Anyone who doesn't give the same attention to their dog doesn't deserve a Puggle!
In the end, Denise, you try to predict the Puggles’ fate. But since you didn’t do enough research for this article, why would anyone give your opinion any merit.
In fact, this article and your own fate, may be similar to what you ascribe to the Puggle…“overproduced, over-hyped and, in the end, overlooked”.

Addison, TX

#18 Oct 16, 2007
People who shop for a dog over adopting are useless smucks.
Paul Mauler

Bergenfield, NJ

#20 Oct 16, 2007
What makes you an expert ? Have you owned one or just researched?. There are alot of mixed reviews and you have the freedom of speech with the press. I have owned them for many years and sometimes thinking out of the box (trying to develop )new breeds is how society changes for the best or we can

Adelaide, Australia

#21 Oct 16, 2007
Show me a "puggle" breeder who tests their dogs for the breed specific genetic disorders that effect their parent breeds, pugs and beagles? Such as OFA, CERF in order to prevent any genetic disorders being passed onto their puppies?
The answer would be none - only AKC registered breeders bother with health testing their breeding dogs.
To those pug x beagle owners (no, they aren't "puggles" - that implies they are a breed, they are nothing more than a cross, a mutt, like most dogs you find in the pound) who say these designers dogs are the best of both breeds, you have a very limited knowledge of genetics and how dog breeding works! There is no way to determine, when crossbreeding, the traits that puppies will end up with. If the puppies can inherit the best of both breeds, they can also inherit the worst.
There is no way to predict the traits that a cross breed puppy will inherit. They are not a breed. They are a not a dog that you can recommend, because no two "puggles" are the same. If you are not suited to a pug or a beagle, on its own, then why would you own a puggle? There is a 50% chance it will turn out just like its purebred parent!

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