The Facts on Mt .Tabor Church of God
DeliveredFromThe cog

Pana, IL

#1746 Sep 26, 2012
The cog group was full of secrets till forums like this came along....Now, they can't hardly keep their "secret stuff" a secret!...No wonder cog members are forbidden on forums like this....They would find out wayyyy to much info....and might REALIZE that they are indeed in a CULT...
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1747 Oct 5, 2012
If the members of these cog groups KNEW and would only believe the facts of what they are truely in, many would immediately break free from it and cut all ties!(It's that bad!)cog members are not allowed on forums like this.Victims who share their stories are labled "enemies of the cross" and "troublemakers"....j ust for telling the facts...This is so sad and unjust. Because word has leaked out about this group, many members have left. As the FACTS concerning the group continue to spread, more will realize..."it's time to get out of this very dangerous and sick cult!"
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1748 Oct 5, 2012
It's time to get out of this cult and ANY cult like it..for sure!
IfItHappenedToYo u

Charleston, IL

#1749 Oct 8, 2012
loc wrote:
I honesty think you all either have to much time on your hands or your all crazy as well. This is America right, they can believe how they choose to. I dont agree with their ways either, but its their lives not mine or yours.
Would you still be saying this if it was one of your family memebers or children that cut all ties with you and the rest of your family to join a cult that you knew were abusing them sexually, mentally or otherwise...... I don't thinks so!

Bucyrus, OH

#1750 Oct 9, 2012
DeliveredFromThecog wrote:
How is it that some of the members of the cog won't pay their bills, but feels it is ok to spend their money to go to the cog camp(cult)meetings instead???? This has been an ongoing problem in the group...How can that be "just" can that be "Christian"????..... Just sayin'....
You mean the parasite that has asked several people for money and he never pays us back.

Sidney, OH

#1751 Oct 9, 2012
uknowwho wrote:
<quoted text>You mean the parasite that has asked several people for money and he never pays us back.
Heaven forbid if you miss a meeting because you are condemned by the minister and if when, I
couldn't make it to the meeting because I didn't have money for gas, they opened that big old purse and gave me enough for gas. Most of the skirters are too proud to say, hey I don't have enough to go around. The minister doesn't want to hear that!. You are suppose to deny yourself and take up that cross, to follow him!(minister)

Heck those old camp meetings are what caused my marriage to break up. She wouldn't miss a meeting, cause she was afraid of going to hell. Heck, I could make this a long story, but I better not.
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1752 Oct 9, 2012
When you are a member of the cog (cult)..You WILL obey the cog ministry...or you will wish you had obeyed their commands when you go to the next church meeting!....The cog ministers have quite the reputation of getting behind the pulpit and naming people out publicly before all of the congregation (or campmeeting), those that don't obey them or their doctrine. They put a FEAR within the other members by naming people out, so other members will be too afraid to NOT obey them. cog ministers feel they are at liberty and have the right to try and tear down and tarnish the good name and reputation of other individuals who do not agree or see eye to eye with them...
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1753 Oct 9, 2012
I do know some cog members who must think it's OK NOT to pay their bills and what they owe.....But,now, they WILL be PAYING their tithes or else......
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1754 Oct 10, 2012
Another known fact about the cog is how the system is so capable of turning family members and good friends against each other, to where they won't associate or have much to do with each other, and the reasons always boil down to "church" related "problems" or "situations". I have known fathers and sons who would rarely speak to each other or visit each other because of cog doctrinal differences. A cog grandmother who refused to send a card, give a gift or attend the wedding of her own grandchild who left the cog. The cog has missed the mark. The system's ways are far, far from the ways of "Christianity" and the ways that Christ really taught. I'm not sure God likes having them put His name above their doors, with all of the ugliness that goes on "within" the cog system.....

Loveland, OH

#1755 Oct 10, 2012
We all make choices in life and these people choose to go there. When their children get older they can choose to leave the church is they feel the need. It is all about choices, the church must fill a need in their lives. Who are we to judge if it works for them? It may not be what you or I would choose, and we many not know the reason for their choices, but that is what they want to d and I respect it.
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1756 Oct 10, 2012
A person may indeed choose to become a part of this group,or any cultish group like it, but then, trying to leave such a group and break free from it is not all that easy with the brain-washing techniques that are used. Once one gets in the group, the fear of "going to Hell" if you leave it, is implanted within the minds of the members,by the cog ministry(which is a cult characteristic)making it difficult for many members to leave if they desire to.Fear keeps many from leaving. Cults are not ok....Cults are not safe...and the public needs to be aware of them so sombody won't make the wrong CHOICE and get involved in one.......which is a very DANGEROUS thing to do....

Loveland, OH

#1757 Oct 10, 2012
I know several people who have left the church and they are doing fine. It was there choice to leave, and they did. No one tried to stop them, from my understanding. They may not be buddies with the people still there, but that is there lost, not the people's who left. JMO
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1758 Oct 11, 2012
cog ministers preacher do say when they are preaching, "If you don't like what's being preached,or the cog doctrine, there's the door...." The sad and frightening thing is, is that the cog's cultish doctrine has already been pounded into the minds (brain-washig) of the members ("if you ever leave the cog you will go to Hell"...and, "If you leave,you can NEVER get right with God again, unless you return to the cog group"). So, because of such brain-washing, it can be quite difficult for some members to leave, even if they desire to. Getting into a cult is easier than getting out of one....Just the facts....

Loveland, OH

#1759 Oct 11, 2012
I am sure it is hard to get out of the cult and it is one, I agree. But it is a free country, and people can make choices to have whatever relegion they want. Apparently, some people like it there. This thread has done a good job of warning people about the COG, but it ends there. People in the end are going to do what they want all the threads in the world won't change that. There will always be people willing to go there...just the facts.
deliveredfromthe cog

Greenville, OH

#1760 Oct 18, 2012
By the way, who are you? that keeps running your mouth on this sight?!?! deliveredfromthecult. hahahhahahahahahhahhahahahhahh ahahahahahaha
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1761 Nov 6, 2012
One thing is for certain with the cog....Regardless of how many victims lives and hearts have been wounded and scarred by the cog system,(so many victims have courageously spoken out on here) you won't hear of or find the cog apologizing to ANY of the victims. It would be far below them to even consider asking forgiveness from those whose lives were damaged and hurt by the cog. The cog HEART and SPIRIT is a far cry from the heart and spirit of the TRUE Christ of the Bible

United States

#1762 Nov 6, 2012
Yes mount tabor has some problems but the real cult is Chris our King Church.

I think the christ our king cult is spreading the rumors about mt tabor because they want to redirect the controversy.

Those people are nuts and brainwashed.
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1763 Nov 6, 2012
Mt Tabor has many, many cult characteristics. Maybe they should get together with Christ our king church and start worshipping together.....Oh, wait!..... Mt Tabor would say that THAT church doesn't have the right name above their door! Forget it...won't work!!
DeliveredFromThe cog

Mattoon, IL

#1764 Nov 22, 2012
The cog strongly teaches that if you are "in" the group and EVER leave it,you can never find "peace with God" outside of the cog. God has proven them wrong so many times in the lives of so many who have escaped the cog cult. Many of us have found peace with God like we have never known before, and are living productive and awesome lives. According the cog's deceptive teachings, this is NOT supposed to happen!! Freedom from the bondage of the "cog cult" = An AWESOME Life!!
Tom WIngate

United States

#1765 Nov 22, 2012
You guys need to get a guys are so so bitter. Sad really...I expect some hate email or post from so of you anonymous posters....scared to put your name out there. Scared? Not sure why...sure I don't agree with everything that people do in the name of God, still does not make most of it wrong. Sorry....its just that way :)

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