What the hell are these little black ...

Mount Gilead, OH

#84 Sep 9, 2011
de powder you can get it at tsc seems to work to get rid of the varmints on animals and in the house u will have to ask for it.

Holly Springs, NC

#85 Sep 15, 2011
I have these little black bugs no matter where I go. If im outside, I can be the only one to attract these nasty biting creatures but no one else gets bit. Talked with my Dr., and there are some medications that attract these beady eyed fools. I use Solarcaine "cool aloe" for my bites and they are always gone the next day and it stops that nagging itch. Sometimes I feel like getting the steel brush we clean the grill with. It is not fleas or anything dirty around your environment. Its the South and these bugs are attracted to different skin types, another thing is mixing some vanilla extract with water will help repel or just plug a fan and sit in front of that while you are outside. Godd Luck and Pray for cooler weather.

Lucas, OH

#86 Sep 15, 2011
So are they ticks or are they fleas? The two don't look or act anything like each other. Does anybody really know?

United States

#87 Sep 19, 2011
So i just move n dis house i go to tha attached part of tha house and i come back up it feel like something crawl n on me i look down and see a lot of lil bugs on my sock i even tried to kill one and it wouldn't die and it was jump n do anyone know what tha fu** it is

Baxter, TN

#88 Sep 26, 2011
No see-ums or dog pecker nats, very small itch for a couple days like chiggers. got nailed while up in my tree stand hands have been itching for two days. I'd swear they were chiggers, but I watched them bite, hard to believe something so small can inflict that bite.LOL or COL(cry out loud)

Baxter, TN

#89 Sep 26, 2011
Mee from Baltimore Those are fleas. Go to store and get a bomb asap

Catonsville, MD

#90 Sep 27, 2011
I was in Sims, NC this weekend and got bit by a little tiny dot like bug,walking through the grass back into the house. It bit so hard that I dropped what was in my hands to slap my foot tring to kill it. I'm now trying to find out what it was,the bump it left does not itch at all, IT HURTS! So I will look up "no see em"

Catonsville, MD

#91 Sep 27, 2011
No, that wasn't it. Oh well!

Catonsville, MD

#92 Sep 27, 2011
No that wasn't it...Oh well.

Raleigh, NC

#93 Sep 28, 2011
I live in N.C and the little black bugs are horrible...I cant even go outside for a minute and they are all over me..The bite hurts like hell!!! And it seems like they are almost trying to borrow in your skin but they dont, they just bite and fly but i just smash them..Wish i could find something to repel them!!! help feel like i'm being invaded..

Brevard, NC

#94 Sep 28, 2011
Here in NC and just wanted to know do anyone know this bugs name. It is bad it wasnt this bad back North has any body taken a picture. We hang clothes on the line here and one night I went into my Grandmothers room to say good night and they looked like they where making a web and hanging off the side of her sheet. I had to change it all that night for fear what may happen to her so please not just your animals but you elderly to.
bitten in iowa

Dunkerton, IA

#95 Oct 6, 2011
Ceratopogonidae, or biting midges (including what are called, in the United States and Canada, no-see-ums, midgies, sand flies, punkies, and others), are a family of small flies (14 mm long) in the order Diptera. They are closely related to the Chironomidae, Simuliidae (or black flies), and Thaumaleidae.

They are found in almost any aquatic or semiaquatic habitat throughout the world. Females of most species are adapted to suck blood from some kind of host animal. Culicoides, Forcipomyia (Lasiohelea), and Leptoconops suck vertebrate blood. Some Atrichopogon and Forcipomyia are ectoparasites on larger insects. Dasyhelea feed exclusively on nectar. Species in other genera are predatory on other small insects. Larvae are always found in some damp location, such as under bark, in rotten wood, compost, mud, stream margins, tree holes, or water-holding plants (i.e., phytotelmata).

Biting midge or "Punky" on a flower
Many of the hematophagic (blood-eating) species are pests in beach or mountain habitats. Some other species are important pollinators of tropical crops such as cacao. The blood-sucking species may be vectors of disease-causing viruses, protozoa, and filarial worms. The bite of midges in the genus Culicoides causes an allergic response in equines known as sweet itch. In humans, their bite can cause intensely itchy, red welts that can persist for more than a week. The discomfort arises from a localized allergic reaction to the proteins in their saliva, which can be somewhat alleviated by topical antihistamines.

The smaller members of the family are tiny enough to pass through the apertures in typical window screens. Camping tents are often equipped with extra-fine mesh netting, called no-see-um nets, to keep the pests out.

Zanesville, OH

#96 Oct 6, 2011
No see-ums are usually in Ohio around the first part of May for about a month. Then they are gone.
They itch like crazy for 3 or 4 days.

Bellefontaine, OH

#97 Oct 6, 2011
They are called OAT bugs dont ask why but thts what my folks called them n they BITE hard

United States

#98 Oct 6, 2011
I have small black bugs in my bedroom they jump and bite. Their so fast you cant kill them they are prob the size of a grain of rice. Plez help

Centerburg, OH

#99 Oct 6, 2011
What would really help is if some of you people would post a few clear photos of these insects. You would need to use a macro or ultra-closeup lens. Include top, side and frontal views. From the descriptions given here I am sure the bugs are not ticks (ticks have been gone since the end of June; they have eight, not six, distinct legs that strongly grasp onto hair. They have no wings and can't fly; they crawl slowly). I favor the "no-see-ums" or midges explanation. Those insects possess two distinct wings and are actually small flies. Some large, clear photos would be very helpful.

Shannon,#98, most likely has fleas in her bedroom. Does your dog sleep with you? Get him or her on Frontline Plus, Advantage or Comfortis ASAP. Don't bother with flea collars, shampoos, powders or OTC treatments. You may have to release several aerosol sprays ("bombs") throughout the house. First evacuate the house of all living beings. Cover any fruit, cookies or other foods. Start the aerosols and immediately leave the house for a couple of hours. When you return, air the house out thoroughly and vacuum up the dead fleas. Burn the bag.

Repeat the Comfortis, Frontline Plus or Advantage monthly at least into January. Resume monthly in April or May.

Chinle, AZ

#100 Oct 8, 2011
Its time to Bite wrote:
I heard about them. Nasty critters!
YES they are eating me alive what the hell gets rid of them. they can go through the screens. Their driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!

Mount Vernon, OH

#101 Oct 8, 2011
Hope wrote:
<quoted text> YES they are eating me alive what the hell gets rid of them. they can go through the screens. Their driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!
Try dousing yourself with a half gallon of Off! Deep Woods for Sportsmen DEET repellent and turning out the lights as it gets dark out. Cold weather will be here soon. Then you can turn your mind to other pressing things.
indiana usa

Bremen, IN

#102 Oct 9, 2011
we have the little black bugs every where, and they bite like crazy. i have looked them up on internet, and i think i found the bug. i think it is the minute pirate bugs, you should look it up. it looks just the same and the bugs that bite us, and there is also a pic of the bite welt that they leave on your skin that make u itch.

Wauseon, OH

#103 Oct 9, 2011
What are they called? Does anyone have the Entomology name? Just Curious. Thanks

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