Ear Congestion?

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#1 Jul 31, 2008
I know this isn't exactly a "Bellefontaine Topix" but, I've been suffering with a bad case of ear congestion. My ears are stuffed up, and when I DO hear noises it's accompanied with a weird ringing noise. It just randomly started Wednesday! I don't THINK it's wax build-up because I'm always cleaning out my ears.
Have any of you ever had this? Called the ENT doc, but he is booked for a while. Any suggestions??
the night owl

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#2 Jul 31, 2008
You can go to the heath food store and they have ear candles.You will be amazed at the the wax you will end up with .Just my opinion.
Lori Legge

Cardington, OH

#3 Aug 1, 2008
You know it's funny, I just bought those and used them on my husband. He swears that stuff didn't come out of his ears and that it's just residue from the inside of the candles. We tried burning just one without putting it in his ear to see if the same stuff was in it but, the smoke filled up the whole house. So at this point, his hypothesis is yet to be corrected.


There's a little place down on the end of 68 that gives free audio test. Did you have a jar of any sort that could of messed up your equilibrium? I hope it gets better for you.

Gatlinburg, TN

#4 Aug 1, 2008
I'm not a doctor, but have experience with this sort of thing.

First, when you say clean your ears all the time, do you use q-tips? If so, cease this forever. Q-tips only clean the outer canal while slowly driving wax back into the ear canal until it finally reaches the ear drum.

Also, ear congestion can just be a secondary symptom, and not the cause. Do you also have sinus congestion? Sinuses drain down the back of your throat which can hit your tonsils which are connected to your ears from the back side. Even if they have been removed, there are slits at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock on either side of your uvula. If you do have sinus congestion, try to treat that first. Also, with sinus congestion, stay away from sugary products and dairy products. They only create more mucus.

Going to take awaile to get into the ENT? Just imagine how hard it will be to in if we get Universal Health Care.
Bucks Fan

Millersburg, OH

#5 Aug 1, 2008
I used to use ear candles and thought they were great. Unfortunately, I wound up going to the doctor because I thought I had an ear infection. By visual inspection, he thought I had a cyst on my eardrum and it was a very alarming discovery. I was referred to an ENT specialist and they discovered the "cyst" was actually residue from the ear candle that had dripped back down into the ear canal while using it and had wedged against my ear drum. Both the doctor and ENT warned me against ear candles and excessive use of Q-tips.
Jenny Craig

Wooster, OH

#6 Aug 1, 2008
Until you can get in to see the ENT doctor, you should go see your family doctor. He will look into your ear canal with a light. He can determine swelling or inflammation. He can probably make a referral for you with quicker results. There is a good clinic on Franz Road in Dublin. Dr. Arick Forrest (good eye candy, too)

Sevierville, TN

#7 Aug 1, 2008
You can also "irrigate your ear" by using a mixture of 1 part warm water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide. Use a syringe bulb and gently flush the ear with the solution. It will "bubble" but it won't cause any harm. Make sure to tip your head to the opposite side to drain the excess fluid out. There is probably impacted wax and this will loosen it. Again as NI stated. NO Q-Tips in the ear canal. They are like miniture ramrods. Rule of thumb has always been if it is smaller then your elbow it doesnt go in your ear, thats why your finger tips are larger then the ear canal. Just for laughs here is something my mother use to tell us, and who knows where it came from but it is probably an "old folk remedy". Pee in your ear. I don't recommend that, but I assume the theory behind it was that the urine coming from your body is warm and would be soothing and technically urine is sterile, that is until it departs your body and comes in contact with the non sterile opening. Also your family doctor should be able to take a looksee until you can get into an ENT as I am sure they are back logged with the "pre-school T&A's". Also avoid swimming. If you have been swimming recently and that might be the cause, you can put a couple drops of "sweet oil" in the ear and then place a cotton ball just inside the ear.
I can tell you that I have had an unexplained 'ear congestion' for 10 years. And I do all of the above save for the urine bit. The inner ear structure is normal, and there is no apparent narrowing, it is just a sensation and the peroxide and water bit seems to help the best and it takes away the "scratchy" feeling I get. I also have TMJ and the sensation seems to go hand in hand with that. I would be more concerned with the ringing. That can actually be caused by medications you are taking with aspirin and aspirin derivatives being some of the biggest culprits. Good Luck.
Poster 101

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#8 Aug 1, 2008
Walmart sells a product that is a "kit" to remove earwax. I had the same problem a few years back. These drops will make a weird fizzing noise if you do have wax down in there. I used those, tried flushing it at home with the little bulb that came with the drops. Ended up at the Dr. to have it irrigated. He did say the drops helped break it up. Gross, hope I never have that issue again.

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#9 Aug 1, 2008
Thanks all! At this point I'm about willing to try anything.

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#10 Aug 1, 2008
All you need is to put some thriple antibiotic ointment on a Q-tip and insert it into The BASE of your ear, and it will heal whatever ails you! No Joke!

Very simple, very inexpensive.

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#11 Aug 1, 2008
triple antibiotic ointment (spelling) sorry!
My Two Cents

Mansfield, OH

#12 Aug 1, 2008
Pollen and allergens are heavy right now. Could be caused by something as simple as allergies or an oncoming summer cold. Try a Benadryl before you go sand-blasting your ears.

Sevierville, TN

#13 Aug 1, 2008
Im gonna tell ya right now, unless a Dr. tells you to put triple antibiotic ointment in your ear, you don't do it. Otic solutions(meaning they are liquid) in the form of drops, go in the ear. And again, you gotta keep the Q-tips out. The literally are little ramrods and will pack stuff in your ear, and you risk damage to your tympanic membrane (the ear drum). As far as the triple antibiotic ointment goes, it is a topical ointment used to treat or actually prevent superficial infections on the skin.

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#14 Aug 1, 2008
the night owl wrote:
You can go to the heath food store and they have ear candles.You will be amazed at the the wax you will end up with .Just my opinion.
How do you keep from burning your ear, when you light it?
Lori Legge

Cardington, OH

#15 Aug 1, 2008
I just read some very interesting information on this subject.


I don't think I'll buy anymore of the candles.

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#16 Aug 1, 2008
i'm having the same problem, but i wouldnt put anything down inside your ear its a enter ear infection and its not going to help! non-indigent is right as to what the problem is....dry up the sinus problem first! and good luck if it gets any wrost you are going to be in alot of pain(like a tooth ache)

Since: Oct 07


#17 Aug 1, 2008
Floyd wrote:
<quoted text> How do you keep from burning your ear, when you light it?
cut an X in the middle of a paper plate and slide the tip of the candle through it...you can also find the candles at the amish store out on 68 north

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