Little Lakers Football to scared to p...

Little Lakers Football to scared to play Little Chiefs? Whats this all about?

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Since: Oct 10

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#1 Oct 26, 2010
Please Comment!!! No Cussing...please...
Chiefs Fan

Morgan Hill, CA

#2 Oct 26, 2010
They might as well play them now and get used to it... They will be playing each other for at least 6 more years.

But LC played WL in the playoffs ?
Be live

Morristown, TN

#3 Oct 26, 2010
The Lake did the right thing. At the meeting the LC started running their mouths, lake already beat them once, no matter what the score was, or what the refs did or didn't do. LC PARENTS are just cry baby's who are mad that they got beat and are blaming it on everything else besides they simply lost.
LC parents are the worst this isn't about them, it's about the kids, every team they have played this year they have made a scene at. The lake doesn't have to prove a thing. LC already stated they were out for blood, why would someone that is mature and an adult want there children involved in something like that.
If the lake had went ahead and played it would have been worse then the last time. LC parents need to get a grip and realize they are not the ones that are playing it is the kids, a loss is a loss get over it.
LC can call it what they want, but ultimately everyone who is involved or been around the LC parents know how they are, they THINK they are better then everyone else, the lake simply didn't want their kids involved in the adult cry baby fest, that seems to be a Bellefontaine thing.
Simple as that....

Since: Oct 10

Litchfield, OH

#4 Oct 27, 2010
I can honestly say that in all my years of being a sports fan I have NEVER heard of a team that has a "choice" if they are going to play in any type of play-off, tornament, etc. The Indian Lake coaching staff should be ashamed at the example that they are setting for these young football players. What happened to "play it out on the field?" Little Chiefs was entitled to another shot at Indian Lake. INDIAN LAKE ONLY BEAT LITTLE CHIEFS BECAUSE THE REFS WERE CLEARLY INDIAN LAKE FANS!!!! I am the first person to be annoyed by people blaming a loss of the refs, but I was at that game and it was so apparent that was the situation. It didn't have anything to do with it being a cry baby fest...Indian lake did not want whooped up on. That is what would of happened if the game was played. In my opinion that IS what happened because last time I checked refusal of playing a game is called a forfeit and a forfeit is equal to a loss! So no matter what Indian Lake thinks Little Chiefs are the league champs!!! GO BLC!!!!

Since: Oct 10

United States

#5 Oct 27, 2010 are 100% correct.....whatever happen to competition in sports...Indian Lake beat Bellefontaine the first game...congrats, good for why not play them in championship game, its called a happens in about , o every sport there is in the world...Indian Lake people are so ignorant its unreal....what im basically trying to say is that Indian Lake aka lake rats are scared of playing Bellefontaine AGAIN!!!!! scared so scared so scared.....

Morristown, TN

#6 Oct 27, 2010
the game was not for a championship, or play off, or tournament..that's why they turned it down. and it is about the KIDS playing it on the need to tell your bellefontaine parents that.

Columbus, OH

#7 Oct 27, 2010
I have no knowledge of the situation so please fill me in on the need for the second game. Was it a playoff game or their super bowl? If so, there's no choice but to play it. If its for someone (parents) wanting redemption, get over it and move on>

Cleveland, TN

#8 Oct 27, 2010
I noticed during the game that the laker parents weren't even really cheering like they already knew they had the game. Bellefontaine coaches did have some bad play calls but the refs were absolutely horrible. No, I am not the 1 that followed 1 to his car to yell @ him. I didn't even know that til now. The B-town coaches started running their mouths because we want a FAIR shot to play who we are supposed to play for the championship. It is absolutely, ridiculously insane that the laker coaches won't step up with some balls in fear of getting beat. REALLY? They shouldn't have a choice to not have to play. I was told they are not even in B-town's league & that they are playing Graham which is in their league. If they are not in our league then our loss against them shouldn't count either which means WE ARE UNDEFEATED!!!!!!!!!
Cut n Paste

Johnstown, OH

#9 Oct 27, 2010
A Message to Mom and Dad: Chill Out! It's Just a Game!

Youth sports are supposed to be a fun-filled learning experience that not only teaches children the basic fundamentals of the sport, but lessons on teamwork and good sportsmanship. I’ve spoken to many coaches who volunteer their time in the afternoons and weekends, working with young kids to develop the necessary skills they will need as they become older. They always speak of how fun it is to coach kids throughout an entire season. The biggest problem they must deal with week after week, are some of the parents who take a little league game way too seriously.

When I was a kid, playing little league sports, there was always one kid on my team who would quit, just avoiding being embarrassed by their fantasy-minded mom or dad. It’s truly amazing to see adults fighting each other in the stands because of what’s going on in a game or yelling at the coach because their child isn’t getting the playing time he or she deserves. CNN reported that a poll of close to 3000 participants, conducted by the Center for Sports Parenting, 85 percent of the polls participants witnessed parents or coaches becoming verbally abusive during games and forty percent of the poll participants witnessed a parent become physically abusive. Where is the anger and rage coming from? People actually get way out of control over what’s supposed to be fun.

Zanesville, OH

#10 Oct 27, 2010
Little Lakers vs Little Chiefs.
That's todays hot button topic?
Wow. Some of you guys need to get a life.

Cleveland, TN

#11 Oct 27, 2010
Our kids are our lives, STUPID!I do agree about the playing time part, I've experienced that myself & now we are not playing those sports. I don't like to sit there & watch my kid sit the bench the whole game. Also, with those same sports I haven't really cared for the coaches either. I believe there is some bad sportsmanship involved. I don't always get on here but somebody told me there was a conversation about it.
From the inside

Bucyrus, OH

#12 Oct 27, 2010
Be live wrote:
The Lake did the right thing. At the meeting the LC started running their mouths, lake already beat them once, no matter what the score was, or what the refs did or didn't do. LC PARENTS are just cry baby's who are mad that they got beat and are blaming it on everything else besides they simply lost.
LC parents are the worst this isn't about them, it's about the kids, every team they have played this year they have made a scene at. The lake doesn't have to prove a thing. LC already stated they .
I'm not sure that sheltering your kids from adversity is the best way to help them grow.

This happens far too often. Parents step in and think they are protecting their children, but they're really delaying their maturity.

You need to put your kids in tough situations now, and teach them how to deal with it. If you shelter them, they'll find themselves in situations they aren't prepared to deal with.

"Without struggle, there is no progress." -Frederick Douglas

Marysville, OH

#13 Oct 28, 2010
It's not that Lakers doesn't want to play the chiefs it was because of the chiefs coaches that were yelling at the lakers coaches and some and I say some of the little chiefs players were yelling and cussing at the lakes second string players while on the sidelines. Both teams played their hearts out in that game. Both teams are not ranked 1 and 2. I feel they both have the best offense and defense in this county when it comes to pee wee football!! So in my eyes they both are champs!! But due to some immature adults and yes it is the adults fault, the game will not be played. Kids learn from us adults so it is only natural for the kids to start acting and saying things like the coaches were.

Too bad I was really hoping to see these teams play with heart and dedication again!!

Marysville, OH

#14 Oct 28, 2010
I will be the first to tell you that this is pee-wee football, not middle school or high school and the kids and coaches for the little chiefs are embarrassing the way they act and the things they say. if my kids said and did things that the LC players do and did they wouldn't play but the problem is the LC coaches feel this is ok and this is what happens. The LC had a great year and they have some great talent but the way these kids act on and i have to say off the field should be delt with but it won't be as long as LINK is there. The lakers are no better at this point. The lake cried when there was a playoff and didn't think there should be one because Marysville always was in it. Then last year they make it to the big game (not the championship game because we didn't call it that) and they went out bought thits and made a big deal of it and both the jv and varsity got beat. now they dont want any part of it.
Everyone knows in the league that there is a final game and it is my opinion that any team that refuses to play or OPS out should forfeit that game and it goes on their record. These games are not an option as that is what they agree to at the beginning of the year.I think the Lakers and the LC need to look at the people in charge and take a hard look and what they are producing and teaching these kids. Play and do whatever at all costs!!! These are little kids not young men YET and what you are teaching them is a joke.
There is already talk of 3 to 4 teams that may leave the league because of this crap and if that happens all these teams will have to join another league and we all lose if that happens.
At what point do YOU stop complaining and do something about it. THe people who aill be hurt in all of this are the KIDS. PUT your pride aside LC and LAKER parents and look at what you are teaching these kids. these are kids!!!!!!!!!!

Morristown, TN

#15 Oct 28, 2010
what gets me is the LC parents talking the way they do . they are going down, we are out for blood . we are going to cream them. we should have won. The lake is to afraid to take us on, we are going to beat them down, you all are lake rats. mind you that the adults just called the little kids names, because this is ultimately about the kids football right?. These are just a few of the things that have been said I can go on, and they get worse. They say they got beat and it was the refs fault because of bad calls. then why are you attacking the kids? Because the parents are mad their perfect season went bye bye.
That's right because in LC parents eyes it's not about the kids, it's about them and their revenge against the lake, or a person that went to the lake, or they hate the lake, or whatever they dream up.
That's what's wrong with this world today people like the LC parents can freely say what they want about anyone and anything and they get away with it. now it's poor them they don't get the revenge the parents so desperately needed. As a parent I wouldn't want my kids involved in anything like that.
so think about this LC parents if maybe your comments were about the refs if they were truly the ones that blew it for your kids, maybe right now the game would still be going on.
Just sayin
Proud LC Parent

West Mansfield, OH

#16 Oct 28, 2010
I was at this particular game that everyone is talking about. It was awesome to watch. Two great teams, each up against great competition. What gets me is everyone is on here slamming the LC parents for how horrible we are. Then how is it when my boys, one a JV LC and one a Varsity, were exiting the field it was the Lakers coaches who were running their mouths at us? One of them stepping to my husband as if he wanted to swing. All because my husband said "good game, you have a great team"....wth? And no i'm not slamming the "lake rats" because i'm one of them....or at least I used to be a proud least until that day. My whole point is, it cuts both ways. No one is perfect in this. It's just a shame grown adults have to act this way, because i'm sure all those boys would have loved to play each other again, because it's the best competition either team had all year.

Marysville, OH

#17 Oct 28, 2010
You people are simple i swear to goodness. Neither the Lakers and the LC have room to talk. Neither teams shows good sportsmanship and then they point fingers at each other. LC have a good team but their sportsmanship is horrible and it's intensified by their coaching staff. The lake may not be as bad but guess what, i have heard the same type things come from those kids as well. Both of these teams have little to be proud of when it comes to their mouths on or off the field because if they are will to cuss and say stuff on the field then it happens off that comes back on you as parents. Listen to me, 4 teams are looking at leaving or have already said they are gone, without enough teams then there is not league. wake the heck up people. LC needs to have a code of conduct as do all the teams and when they break it they are penalized. The lakes as do all the teams know how the final games are played and they know that ahead of time. you should not have opted out of the game or it's a forfeit. Again, what are you teaching your kids!!!stop pointing fingers and fix the problems

Since: Oct 08

West Liberty, Ohio

#18 Oct 28, 2010
I was not at the IL/LC game. I can only go off of what happened in our game against LC, and I don't blame IL, if we were told we had to play them again, I would opt my son out of the game. I hope he never has to be treated the way he was treated on that field ever again. I love the hard hits and competitive play. My son is one of ...the most competitive kids around, and loves to hit hard, and getting hit hard doesn't bother him at all, actually he loves good hard hitting games !!! but him only being 11 he can understand the rough parts of the game, but it was really hard getting him to understand why he was getting called a "white boy" on the field, or getting punched in the kidneys after every tackle, or kids blowing kisses at him and saying "luv ya lil boy", or getting tapped on the helmet and kids say " it will be okay, nice try though lil one" and then there was the " your ass is mine" right before every hike of the ball. He has been taught that this kind of play is unsportman like and will not be tolerated, so he found it hard to believe that they were allowed to act that way. He actually overheard the LC coach say " good job at hurting that boy now go out and hurt the rest of them" I know they will run into this kind of behavior eventually on the football field, but wasn't expecting it in Pee Wee. Bottom line is our league does not recognize a champion any more, regular, or post season. So Indian Lake did not opt out of anything except an extra game that doesn't count towards the regular season record anyway. However IL did say they would play in a heartbeat if the league would call it a Championship game, and they would not do that, so they felt there was no need to play it. This game is for the kids and we want to win as much as any body, but being good sports is obviously what the cheifs are missing and it is what lakes biggest hang up was at playing the week 8 game that doesn't count anyway. One last thing, our league has a rule not to post scores of a point spread more than 40 points, I heard the monumental scores from the cheifs all year, on the radio, and in the newspaper. Coaches and parents, your players are a direct reflection of the sportsmanship you convey, and you have failed. You do have a talented group of young men just teach good sportsmanship and you would have the complete package.... including your self proclaimed "championship game"
2 cents

United States

#19 Oct 28, 2010
People are always putting down the bad, but i seen with my own 2 eyes friendly interaction with WL/LC players after the game was over. Some of them are even personal friends. So if what your saying is true sorry, but that does not stand for every little chief player.

Since: Oct 08

West Liberty, Ohio

#20 Oct 29, 2010
Yes we have a few kids that use to play for bellefontaine, so yea they have friends on the team. The sad thing is those kids and their parents warned us ahead of time as to how it would be when we played them. I guess I was wrong to blame all the lil chiefs because no not all of them were acting badly, but the reality is because of all the other players, coaches, parents, and fans acting they way they do it makes the whole team look bad !

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