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Bellefontaine, OH

#1 Oct 3, 2008
I wanna know what everyone thinks of the organazation? This year the varsity is 3-0 and the jv is 0-3 but getting better every week. So post some comments.

Lima, OH

#2 Oct 3, 2008
OK, I'll bite.

The Blaze started out as the idea (of an ex-Bellefontaine cop who had to resign due to engaging in sex with an underage girl ON DUTY) to let all kids who could not make the Little Chiefs have a place to play football.

Park board agrees and allows the team. First year, the jv team goes to the Super Bowl with players who are now 9th graders at B-Town.

Next year, they don't want players to have to try out for the Little Chiefs, but be able to play for the Blaze if they want. Park board doesn't agree, but a compromise is reached where if a player has not been accepted by the LC once, then they don't have to try out again.

The next year, they say again they don't want players to have to try out for LC and this time it happens. Not only that, but Blaze joins the same league as the LC without Park Board approval.

This year, now is it not only ok to not tryout for the LC, but the Blaze requested that any "extra" players who are available be drafted and split between the two teams. This happens also.

Park Board does nothing about it, even though the Blaze charter says they are to play in a small school league (with Riverside, Waynesfield, Ridgemont, etc) but requests that the two teams don't play each other. They don't.

Next year, they do play each other. LC wins both games barely.

This year, they play again. Blaze wins varsity game, LC the jv game, barely.

Every change that has been made by the Blaze has been to the detriment of the Little Chiefs, and made with or without the approval of the Parks Board. In the cases where the change has been made without approval, the Parks Board has done nothing.

Up until this year, the only real consequence of the changes that have been made is that Bellefontaine had two mediocre peewee teams instead of one good one.

Now the Blaze is having a good season on varsity and congrats to them. It is just a shame that it had to come at the expense of the LC program when this community put its resources into building that program way back in 1990.
Clearly Confused

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#3 Oct 3, 2008
I think that any organization that supports kids and athletics is great, it is good when they win, to bad when they lose. It is teaching the young children to work as a team, just so the coaches teach them that they win and lose as a team. Let all kids play equal amounts of time, no matter what their abilities are.

When my kids were younger they had to pay $25.00 to play soccer in Zanesfield. They only played about 25% of the game, coaches kids played 100% of the time. Maybe I should have asked for 75% of my money back. I know that my kids may not have been as good as the coaches kids, but they were all equal when I wrote the check. After 2 years of that, neither of my kids showed any interest in team sports. Thanks to those coaches.
Its Me

Sevierville, TN

#4 Oct 3, 2008
Let me guess all the coaches kids are on varsity

Lima, OH

#5 Oct 3, 2008
exactly, the Blaze started with a PURPOSE, a noble purpose. Now they have moved away from their original ideals, the ones they chartered with the Parks Board, and are trying to be something they said they wouldn't be to start in the first place.

And no one has held them accountable.

And check who the players are playing most of the time and the important positions. ALL coaches kids.

They all do the same thing with baseball too. A couple of years ago they held a tryout for travel teams and only told the kids who they wanted to show up, and told the parks director they had told everyone.

Fine upstanding folks. Just ask them.
Mr Brightside

Lima, OH

#6 Oct 3, 2008
Before the Blaze was started, how come the LC didn't have an A team and a B team instead of cutting kids. How were they supposed to learn the game so that when they get to HS they could worry about winning games then. Arent' sports for the little kids about having fun and learning?

Lima, OH

#7 Oct 3, 2008
Not sure why. They started in 1990 and at that time they raised the money to start a varsity and jv team. It is very expensive for an organization to buy helmets etc. for 60+ kids.

I don't have a problem with two teams, just with the fact that the Blaze has morphed from something to provide another outlet for kids to play into competing with the original team for players, parents, and sponsors.
The Flip Side

Cleveland, TN

#8 Oct 3, 2008
All I know is that LC gets stomped by Marysville every year. They are a much bigger town yet field only ONE team in this league. All the best kids in town are on it, and they have a larger pool to draw from. Bellefontaine is smaller & must split it's smaller talent pool among two teams in the same league. IMO, that is insane.

I wasn't here when all this got started, but from what I read above, I think the original intent was a good one & should be brought back. Have a "tryout" team that takes the best kids in town & everyone else who wants to play can have a home in a team that plays in a less competitive league. Every other team sport in this town has travel teams & rec teams & nobody complains. I'm afraid until that happens, it's going to be long seasons for a lot of us...

Frankly, I think a lot of this came about because of conflicts some parents had with the LC coaching staff or the philosophy that some kids "aren't good enough for LC" and some parents of good players started opting out of the tryout.

Sidebar: what was in the water in this town 10-12 years ago? At least on LC, there are soooooo many really small kids, it's hard to be competitive just on a physical level.

Since: Jul 08

Celina, OH

#9 Oct 3, 2008
LC got just what they deserved. They wanted to cut players. Parents revolt and take the kids to the Blaze and now LC is whinning about it. Marysville is not what they used to be, parent revolt again.
I think that all kids should have a legitimate shot at making a team, any team. Some kids are just not capable of football so whiney parents, find another arena for your kids to preform in beside football, soccer, volleyball etc. Try music, chess anything, get them involved. Don't try to live your life through your kids.
Some children are not going to be starters or get as much play time as others. If you don't think it's right, volunteer to coach a team, get off your arse and do something about it. Do something besides whine , "It's not fair".
There are some good "Little" teams out there, Pirates, Lakers, Chiefs, Blaze, Climbers whoever. Let them learn both the good and the bad. It will prepare them for situations through out there life. Keep one major thing in mind, when they are out on the field, court or floor, stick up for the kids. They are at the will of coaches and referee's/umpires. Most are good at dealing with young ones and try to teach the young players about their mistakes, but other coaches, refs or umpires are egotistic asses, some parents too.

Since: Oct 08

Key West

#10 Oct 3, 2008
The varsity coach is very demeaning ! I have never seen a guy yell at kids and tell them how bad they are. He takes the game way too serious, you would think he has his own personal trophy case at home. The parents complain behind the scenes, but no-one has the nads to face this guy. My nephew plays on the team, my sister has fits! We have heard he is even worse at baseball. Good "coaches" must be hard to find !

Harpster, OH

#11 Oct 3, 2008
My son was cut from LC, played flag football on team sponsored by the Parks Dept. Played 7th, 8th, grade football, by the time he was in High school he was on the Vasity team as a Sophomore, and made the All CBC team as a Senior, so much for LC, and their coaches. Blaze was founded so kids like my son could still play. Maybe they lost the orginal ideas, but Blaze was needed, because some of the LC coaches, made decisions that hurt many young boys. Young boys just want to play football, baseball, and all of the other sports, they want to have fun.

Since: Oct 08

Key West

#12 Oct 3, 2008
Bellefontaine really screwed up !
5th & 6th graders only. The Little Chiefs and the Blaze have what, 25 players each ? Approx 50 total?
How many are playing soccer ? Bunches !

In the old days 90 to 100 boys would try out for the Little Chiefs.... they would keep less than 30. The Blaze was needed.

The fellows running the Chiefs thought they were doing a good thing. Take off the blinders & What The Heck is going on here?

A good thing could have happened but the adults made everything difficult.
You put 20 boys on a field with a football. Let the boys make the teams up. Now you have a pretty good ball game.
Let the adults get involved, then everyone gets pissy ! 1 team is good, the other usually struggles.

Coach Brown needs to step in and set direction.
B-Twn could very easily have their own league.
(6-8 teams) All the boys/teams running a watered down high school system from youth on up.
Again you'd have to go back to my previous post ... get good coaches with the right priorities !

Centerburg, OH

#13 Oct 3, 2008
I think if Dave Haw weren't involved with the Little Chiefs then they'd be more popular.

Since: Oct 08

Key West

#14 Oct 3, 2008
Not mentioning any names, but it goes much deeper than that !
There has to be a missing "link" there somewhere !
Cuttin Edge

United States

#15 Oct 3, 2008
Elmer wrote:
My son was cut from LC, played flag football on team sponsored by the Parks Dept. Played 7th, 8th, grade football, by the time he was in High school he was on the Vasity team as a Sophomore, and made the All CBC team as a Senior, so much for LC, and their coaches. Blaze was founded so kids like my son could still play. Maybe they lost the orginal ideas, but Blaze was needed, because some of the LC coaches, made decisions that hurt many young boys. Young boys just want to play football, baseball, and all of the other sports, they want to have fun.
Great post! My son would never try out for LC because of the fear of being cut. When Blaze came around they asked him to come try out. Even tho we never won a game he was still out there learning football. By the time he got to middle school these kids were winning the CBC. Blaze was definitely needed in Bellefontaine. It's just too bad there wasn't 2 teams for LC. From what I heard LC always said they couldn't afford 2 teams and didn't have the time. Doesn't make sense to me since they have sponsors, kids have to pay fees and I'm sure they could of done fund raisers to pay for extra equipment. I can understand when they first started up LC not having 2 teams but after a few years there really is no excuse. It came back to bite them in the butt since Blaze is now beating LC in varsity football.

Cookeville, TN

#16 Oct 4, 2008
Clicked on this thread to see how the Blaze is doing. Turns out is mostly a LC dogging site.
More football drama!!!!!
Have friends and family that coach or on boards of
Pee Wee football teams throughout the county.
Have heard from many of them that they have a really hard time getting parents to work concession stands or sell 50-50 and other things.
Please support the people volunteering their time to provide a team for you sons to play on and your daughters to cheer for.
Thank you to all of you that already do.

Cookeville, TN

#17 Oct 4, 2008
I knew my last post would be a thread stopper.
Everyone wants to Bitch and complain yet, nobody
wants to help.
Typical...Sad, very sad.

Since: Aug 08

Bellefontaine, Ohio

#18 Oct 5, 2008
I think we should look at this in another way....there are approximately 160 kids (boys & girls) playing football in Bellefontaine. These kids are 1st-4th grade for Flag Football (50 kids) and 3rd-6th grade for Contact Football. Why do we care what team they are on or if they are winning? Is it a status symbol to play for one team over another? If personal status is based on which team a child participates, one might want to take a look inside oneself and see what really is going on? If you believe winning is the only thing important in this, you are not looking at this from the kids perspective. Hell yes! the kids want to win, but they also just want to play. We all, including me sometimes, need to remember this isn't about us, IT IS ABOUT AND FOR THE KIDS!!!

on a side note: 90% of the people orginally involved with Blaze are gone, some went to LC, some went to Flag, and others just are not involved anymore but do not push the current happenings on the charter board, coaches, or park director.
Personally, I don't want my son to play for either set of coaches but its a good lesson for me to let him make choices and also for both he and I to learn to work with people we may not like too much. That's life.

Utica, OH

#19 Oct 5, 2008
A lot of good points, Stones.

A question that popped in my head is that if 90% of the original Blaze folks are gone, why? The program is only in its 6th year.

Many of the original LC staff is still in place 18 years later.(some maybe not a good thing, some that are good). Seems to be a lot more cohesiveness in the LC program for whatever reason.

It will be interesting to see the level of commitment from the Blaze side when the current coaches sons can no longer benefit from their dads coaching.

Since: Aug 08

Bellefontaine, Ohio

#20 Oct 5, 2008
I think those people are gone because their children have gotten older and the next group of boys' parents have taken over. That cycle will continue just as it does with baseball, soccer, and softball. The LC staff is dedicated with their time but in mho some of them should find a new hobby. I am at the LC games each week and some (NOT all) of the coaches act like their playing in the Super Bowl. If you take it that seriously, is it really about the kids. Maybe it is, but maybe it isn't.

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