Pain Clinic @ Belfry

Chapmanville, WV

#1 Aug 5, 2011
What is your opinion about this mess.As citizens living in or driving by this joint what are we to do?
tell me

United States

#2 Aug 5, 2011
I did not know this. I did not want to hear anything like this. Where would it be? What we need to do is call the state police everyday and have them seating in there parking lot, that might run them off or at least it will cut there business.

Chapmanville, WV

#3 Aug 5, 2011
It opened it's door Aug 1st! It is located at the mouth of Hunt Rd. right off the four lane below BVFD and the middle school. Something should be done before things get out of hand!!!
ha ha

United States

#4 Aug 5, 2011
This is Dr Gutti pain management clinic. He just moved into the Belfry location. He has been at So williamson for years. I go yo him and he not a pill pusher. His patients are mostly comp cases approved by the stat. He s only open one monday a month. Just because you need pain meds dosent mean you are a bad person.
Get outta here

Charleston, WV

#5 Aug 19, 2011
This is the LAST thing we needed in Belfry!!! Geeze the drug heads were already bad enough!!!
Here We Go Again

Chapmanville, WV

#6 Aug 19, 2011
There are a lot of legitimate Dr's out there and a lot of people on pain medication are not druggies. Please don't judge because one day you may have to walk a mile in their shoes. As far as I know Dr. Gutti has been practicing and has a good reputation. And before you say it .... no , he is not my Dr. nor do I take narcotic pain pills. I also agree some clinics need put out but let's leave it to the feds to do that.

Logan, WV

#7 Aug 22, 2011
Seems like everyone on topix is a fucking judgmental holy roller ass hole. Grow up, pull your nose out of everyone else's business and pull your bible thumping head out of your own ass. This is a legitimate doctor and people like you are the ones who make a big stink out of nothing. Just because a doctor prescribes pain medicine doesn't make them a bad doctor. There are people out there who legitimately need this medicine in order to get out of bed and walk around when they normally couldn't due to chronic pain. Go preach your judgmental "HATE-LOVE" somewhere else...if you were a true "Christian" you wouldn't be judging everyone else, supposedly that is God's job, NOT YOURS! I have an idea, judge yourself and see who you really are. Thank you.

Virgie, KY

#10 Aug 24, 2011
This is just a big bunch of nosey azzholes that have nothing better to do. You see most of them already have doctors somewhere away from here so no one knows. This way they can run others in the ground and still have theirs to sell or do with as they please. I wouldn't care to bet that the ones harping the loudest are the biggest dopeys of all. Some people can't live without trouble around them and they want right in the middle of any and all of it. It's a shame there isn't a cure for their ignorance. If a dopehead wants drugs they'll get them one way or the other.

Ransom, KY

#13 Oct 7, 2011
She was the 1 who worked at Dr. Willis office at Pikeville and act like she owned the place!

Chesterfield, MO

#14 Oct 7, 2011
She's a neurologist. I've never known her to work with anyone except her husband, but I don't know who Dr. Willis is so maybe she did.
Gods Speed

Pikeville, KY

#17 Oct 24, 2011
I know there are a lot of drug abuse In this area. but on the other hand there are people that honestly need pain medication. If you spend 40 plus years doing physical labor you will need some type of medication. This man Is no drug pusher.
Speed of light

Macon, GA

#18 Oct 27, 2011
thank u GOD Speed...Well said.
u are correct, Just because someone seeks pain management does not mean they are an addict.. Chances are the very people posting these comments has someone in their family that is abusing or has abused drugs of some kind.. They should be ashamed of themselves for being so judgmental and should consider prayer for those that they feel are weaker than themselves instead of calling the police..
Dr. Gutti is a fine reputable doctor and does not deserve this type of slander.. He is a conservative pain management doctor, which means ...minimal medications with injections and physical therapy... anyone that has ever been to him can vouch for this..he is not a BIG writer and will not write those types of medications..
Therefore, people need to get their facts straight before slandering a good mans name...
Speed of light

Macon, GA

#19 Oct 27, 2011
WaterDog wrote:
What is your opinion about this mess.As citizens living in or driving by this joint what are we to do?
Look the other way instead of poking your nose in other ppls bout that??

Monroe, GA

#20 Feb 28, 2013
WaterDog wrote:
What is your opinion about this mess.As citizens living in or driving by this joint what are we to do?
Trust me this doctor dooesnt write anything even if you need it.thats my experience anyway.

Thelma, KY

#21 Feb 28, 2013
wow here we go again someone eles going to bitch about a pain clinic do not worry who is getting pain med. did you ever sit on your big a$$ and think these people may need to take med daily for pain. so big deal if you dont take pain med or if you do., leave your nose out of everyone eles life. everyones body is differnt you may not need a pain pill but you dont know these other peoples body they may have no other choice but to take it just to make it from day to day without having severe pain. grow up people and leave others along
Old Coal miner

Pikeville, KY

#22 Mar 9, 2013
I have seen both of Gutti Doctors. the woman is a very good Doctor. The man Gutti I went to several for several years if you are in bad pain you need to find you another Doctor. The Politicians have him scared so bad you can get stronger medication over the counter. he will put the steroid shots to you if that will help you. personally if someone is going to put a steroid shot in me it will be a surgeon. It makes no difference if you have proof your back is broke in 9 different places you won't get anything from that will help you from him.

Nitro, WV

#23 Mar 10, 2013
didit she work in wv as a pa cass i think/then moved to ky

Oxford, GA

#25 May 5, 2013
I live with pain everyday. The problems with my spinal column would qualify me for any pain medicine on the market. I choose to live with it. It is my personal choice to live without pain medicine. There are many who cannot do as I do. Each one of us is different. Many people who are addicts, were made so by the doctors they entrusted to take care of them. Get them hooked on whatever substance, and they will keep coming back for it. Supply and demand. People who think they cannot live without pain pills have my deepest respect and sympathy. They are suffering in a terrible way, physically and mentally. I choose to live with pain vrs. pain pills. For whatever reason, many cannot. It could happen to us ALL. JUDGE NOT.

Oxford, GA

#26 May 11, 2013
i know this doctor,i have been busted up in my back and was referred to him..he is a joke id bet he wont be there long.And if you care anything for yourself and health you would be better off to NOT let him touch you.his wife also works with and is just as bad.....

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