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Rocky Mount, NC

#42 Feb 1, 2011
I heard that Jan Care just bought out General Ambulance. Is this true? If so, I feel sorry for those that work at General. I know it has to be hard for you to have to switch over to a company that you may have not liked.

Sophia, WV

#43 Feb 1, 2011
Someone who cares - "Wonder how he can afford all of his new ambulances???????"

He affords ambulances because Jan-Care is the busiest, largest ambulance company in the entire state of West Virginia. Last year, we ran almost 112,000 calls. THAT is how the Cornett's buy new ambulances, supply us with top of the line supplies and uniforms, provide continuing education, etc. They know what they're doing when it comes to running their business. They stay in business because they're GOOD. I continue to work here because I'm proud of who I'm working for and I enjoy working here.

I hope when you, your friends or one of your family members has a medical/trauma emergency a Jan-Care Ambulance shows up. That way, you'll see that we're amazing people who truely care about our patients.
Proud to be in EMS

Beckley, WV

#44 Feb 1, 2011
This post does in fact sound like angry former employees. If you was a real leader in this line of work, this post would not have been started. Start posting real names and we will sit down and talk. Or find a new career.
no one cares

Rocky Mount, NC

#45 Feb 1, 2011
well i know that the two ems who came to my house when my i call for them did nothing when my dad when unconscious they just stand there and acted dumb finally after 3 or more minute one guy said let us get him the ambulances and than they stay in my yard for over 20 minutes getting they paper work done and i only live less than 3 min from the hospital but paper work was more important than my dad, to those two guys my dad was a nobody he was worthless to them, he we was someone special they would have done cpr and everything else they could and not have worry about the paper work .
local gal

Fayetteville, WV

#46 Feb 2, 2011
They are not just doing paperwork in the ambulance. They are doing their assessment of the patient, establishing an IV line. All this information gathering can only help them direct the patient to the right facility and is the proper procedure.
EMS chick

Lubbock, TX

#47 Feb 2, 2011
I have to agree with "local gal". After loading our patients into the ambulance we perform interventions. Since your father was "unconscious" we would have hooked up on the heart monitor, placed him on oxygen, started an IV and possibly given fluids. Depending on what was wrong with him we could have given him medications or performed other interventions. We aren't sitting out there "wasting time" and 9/10 we do not complete our paperwork until we arrive at the hopsital. No time is wasted. I do apologize for the crew that arrived to help your father. I'm not stating that every EMS crew does the appropriate interventions and acts "professional" or quick. There are bad apples, there are bad apples with EVERY business. However, the majority of us are not like that and I hope, for your fathers' sake and your families, that next time you call EMS you get a crew who's quick and effecient in their patient care.
Country Boy

Chesterfield, MO

#48 Feb 3, 2011
Worked for them for a week,I am a person who is not afraid to speak my mind and when a supervisor puts a patient in danger and you call them on it they find a way to get rid of you.In there case it was because both of my arms are totally sleeved with
Country Boy

Chesterfield, MO

#49 Feb 3, 2011
Tattoos and they said they had to let me go,Because the elderly would be up set to see some one with all those tattoos takeing them to the ER.Tryed lawyers better business bureau but they couldnt do anything.If you use them please be careful their not
Country Boy

Chesterfield, MO

#50 Feb 3, 2011
Called Jan Carless for nothing. Just please if your family member has to go to the hospital ride with them.I was hurt really bad a couple years ago and I refused to let them transport me.Would rather walked to the hospital if I could have.
Former JC employee

Hansford, WV

#51 Feb 3, 2011
JanCare would be deserted by 99% of it's employees if they stopped getting paid. Last time I checked no one there was volunteering. Greed is everywhere, from the Guy who cleans the bathrooms all the way up the ladder. Let he who works for JanCare for free cast the first stone.
no one cares

Rocky Mount, NC

#52 Feb 3, 2011
to everyone that reply to my comment on here, the idea the two man ems do not tired to get a response to him when they lay him down on the stretcher and keep it down and did not put it back up to see if he would come back, and stand in our living room and act like they did not know what do to, it was my sister who was trying to get Our dad to wake up and talk to us
To Local Gal., well if i lived far from the hospital that would be okay but i lived only 5 min or less from the hospital, and my mother was a RN until she died and my sister is PCA and i have family and friends that are nurse, doctors and other than.
To.EMS Chick, well the damage has been done and i just need to express how i feel about that day, when i feel like the two guys that came here did not care and did not know what do to, First when they put my dad on the stretcher and layed it down and my dad came "unconscious" they should have raised up his head but they did not, and when they was putting my dad on the stretcher my dad was scared he was going to fall off the stretcher because he could not see but the tho Ems did not care, and i am not saiding that all EMS are like the two that came here, but i do not that before that day our house was a home but now it is not , it is a house that when i am living room and can see my dad scared to death getting on the stretcher and everything happen and two ems not caring or trying to do anything, and i hope that when i do have to call EMS again for my family that will get someone who care and know what they are doing , but i will never get the chance to call EMS for my dad,
EMS chick

Lubbock, TX

#53 Feb 4, 2011
Country boy, I don't understand why Jan-Care would fire you over tattoos. I can't count how many people who work here that have tattoos. I myself have over 10 and four of them are on my arms. They DO have a policy that if you have full sleeves you must cover them with a long sleeved shirt but that's almost EVERY job. Some elderly people do frown upon someone who has tattoos but you knew that when you got your tattoos as well as I did. People, of all races and ages, veiw people with many tattoos as "riff raff" or "bad". I know that I've had people tell me that my tattoos weren't "acceptable" in society simply because they're stuck in an old time in their heads because, when they were young, a female did not have tattoos unless she was a known whore or a biker chick. Same for men. Everyone with tattoos knows that they don't look "professional". Doctors, lawyers, police officers.. hell, even people who work at McDonalds (used to work there so I know) are required to cover their tattoos. I honestly don't think that they fired you because of your tattoos.

I too have commented on things that I have seen that were wrong and they were appropriately handled. There is a chain of command that is in place, it starts with your supervisor. If your supervisor is the one in question then you go higher up. I don't know exactly what happened with you but I know that from my own personal experience Jan-Care handles all complaints in an appropriate, timely manner and the needed interventions are performed... as with any other successful business.
Country Boy

Chesterfield, MO

#54 Feb 5, 2011
As they put it I wasnt fired I was let go.They never asked me to cover up my tattoos. I know many people who work there with them.But I guess whan you call the chiefs buddy a captaian on a mistake and he gets embararesed he has to save face some how.
Country Boy

Chesterfield, MO

#55 Feb 5, 2011
I passed basckground check drug test everything they through at me.when I was given the uniform they were short sleeve nothing was said about tattoos.my truck was even requested for transports never a write up.Guess if your not in their click your screwed
To the complainers

Oak Hill, WV

#56 Feb 7, 2011
I've had to be picked up by Jan-Care two times in the past few years and every time I've had nothing but outstanding service, sometimes better than what I received after I got into the ER. If it weren't for the dumb people in this area calling an ambulance over bullcrap such as an OD on drugs or alcohol, or something as dumb as hemoroid pain maybe the ambulances would be where they need to be when someone with a real emergency needs one. So think your friends and family for making your life so much harder when you need an ambulance because one of them is out there making a bullcrap call. And people keep saying stuff about them taking someone to a doctors appointment being a reason for less coverage. If they are taking an elderly person to a dialysis because their families can't take them what's the harm in Jan-Care doing it. That is how they make their money. Not everything revolves around you people. I don't see you complaining because the other ambulance companies don't come after you. Where are they at? So think about this, you have people working 24 hour shifts to save your life, and most enjoy doing it. But look at how many crap calls they get that tie up there time from real emergencies. So instead of talking sh*t on Topix how about some of the people on welfare go out and get a job with them. So they can have more coverage. That's my two cents for what it's worth.

United States

#57 Jan 11, 2012
Terrible place to work. So many empty promises. The man who made their reputation has let his children have his business as a play toy.

Warrenville, SC

#58 Jan 13, 2012
I Know wrote:
I had a relative who had epilepsy. She had a seizure while shopping in Kroger on Harper Road. Kroger employees called for an ambulance, which was the right thing to do. Jan-Care charged her insurance $700 to haul her to Raleigh General. What is that? A distance of 150 yards to the ER door? They administered no first-aid or medication! That is just wrong!
Don't believe this considering there is drugs they push for seizures and I am sure they had oxygen on and u should be thankful ur family member was ok. One of my family members was in a wreck and health net to Charleston because of a broken leg and that bill was over 10,000.00 and it wasn't even that serious but I didn't complain because they did what they thought was best and he ended up being ok. So all I am saying is be thankful everything was ok n stop complaining.

Mount Hope, WV

#59 Jan 13, 2012
Jan-Scare more like it. And there Dyke Dispatcher plays favorites if you bring her fat ass breakfast then you dont get ran so hard. The dispatchers do things by texting so the office can't record that. They play favorites like crazy.
chasing a mirage

United States

#60 Jan 13, 2012
Positive wrote:
It seems to me that usually when people start topix like this they are usually disgruntled workers who didnt do there jobs and make up lots of stories about there employer to make themselves feel better, Sheeeesh folks get a life!
Exactly! Disgruntled workers.

Hurricane, WV

#61 Jan 16, 2012
Jan care sucks.. you get your butt ran off. you dont get payed much. and you get cussed at and treated like crap by your supervisors. Instead of buying new trucks they should give there field employees a raise. we work hard for what we do and they dont care.. i was working a 72 hr shift and had less yhen 4 hrs sleep in 3 days and got fired for refusing to take a ift to virginia. i told them ive been on for 72 hrs with little sleep and the dispatchet gets huffy hangs up then jeannie harper cuses and screams and fires me.. them 15 min later cj hires me back tells me to go home.. They dont care about there employess or pts just money

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