Senor Pedopants wrote:
So when I see some jack wagon barreling down the highway switching off lanes back and forth in his 25 foot tall wanna be monster truck clearly speeding and being a general reckless nuisance on the road, its not appropriate for me to match velocity of the car in the other lane in order to road block the dumbass for 5 miles so as to calm his ass down and keep him from getting someone killed?
Remember the best defense is a good offense.
Im with you. I think when you see someone driving like a speeding maniac or jackass you should block them and FORCE them to drive the speed limit, even if it means that while your driving 5mph over the limit and they pass you like your standing still, you start to speed and get in front of them, and use the next car to roadblock them into following the limit.

Remember respect is not given, it is earned, and if people are not forced to behave right on the road, they will just do whatever they want until someone ends up dead.

As for left lane drivers, So long as you are not an aggressive speeding maniac, dont care what MOST LLDrivers do.

However one thing that sticks in my crawl. You dont see it locally cause there are not a large abundance of 4 lane highways in RC. But I really cannot stand morons who are in the left lane, and get pulled over by cops, who stop in the left lane or as much as they could get in the median without getting stuck. Yanno, the retarded way of doing it rather than pulling over by moving to the right lane and pulling off to the side of the road like someone with a few brain cells might do. Because you know, nothing a cop loves more than seeing you have already broke the law to pull you over, but get the message of "Im am self centered idiotic nuisance to everyone" before theve had a chance to even get out of the cruiser.

While not quite as bad as the rate on computers, most people who drive, have absolutely no right, reason or ability to drive.