What Trump will tell Davos — Leadersh...

What Trump will tell Davos — Leadership in a nutshell

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Clown Car

Jamestown, TN

#1 Jan 10, 2018
What Trump will tell Davos — Scoop: Jared's new push — Leadership in a nutshell


Axios AM
By Mike Allen ·Jan 10, 2018

Good Wednesday morning. Situational awareness: "Judge William Alsup of Federal District Court in San Francisco [ruled] that the administration must 'maintain the DACA program on a nationwide basis' as the legal challenge to the president’s decision goes forward." (N.Y. Times)

1 big thing: The other Trump

President Trump talks with House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) during on-camera immigration negotiating session.(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

President Trump enjoyed yesterday's episode of "The Trump Show": He played the president he sometimes fantasizes being — The lead Clown.. a post-partisan leader, bigger than Republican or Democrat, a celebrity dealmaker with no firm attachments, who’d overwhelm Washington through the sheer strength of statecraft and deal-cutting genius.

A real Davos man. P.T. Barnum with a pulpit. as he Brags about himself and himself only..

His presidency hasn’t lived up to that vision. Trump’s victories have been partisan victories — being Limited at it best. Because he doesn't read or listen ,because as he claims, "he is the smartest man alive in the world."

unwinding regulations, appointing conservative judges, withdrawing from the Paris climate deal, passing a Republican tax bill and repealing the cornerstone of Obamacare.

But Axios' Jonathan Swan points out that Trump yesterday showed the side we often hear about from behind closed doors:

He opened an immigration negotiation session to reporters for 54 minutes. During the meeting, he floated that he wanted a comprehensive immigration deal — something that scares the living daylights out of the right wing of his party.

(N.Y. Times lead story: "Trump Receptive to Working Out Citizenship Path ...'I’ll Take the Heat,’ He Says, Seeming to Back a Broader Deal."

He lamented about how the two parties don’t get along, and can’t cut deals like they did in the good old days.

He said that maybe Congress should bring back earmarks — a.k.a.“pork”— another Republican apostasy.

We learned that he'll attend Davos — the clubby globalist conference in Switzerland (60 heads of state or government, plus top CEOs and over 1,000 leaders from civil society, academia and media).

Why this matters: When Trump is in these moods, he’s at his most unpredictable (and therefore most dangerous, in the eyes of Republican leaders.) because he is so dumb and being a moron.)

Trump is in the middle of high stakes negotiations to avoid a government shutdown, and his lack of attachment to any ideology or principles means he could easily veer into Chuck and Nancy’s arms.
The juice: What Trump will tell the World Economic Form in Davos later this month ... A senior administration official tells me Trump will have "a very carrot-and-stick message," like on his Asia swing, and won't back off anything:

Trump will reaffirm alliances — talking about growth, economic success and innovation — and is keen to tout his tax cut on a global stage.

But he'll also say America has been mistreated, and is going to stand up for itself.
The official noted: "A lot of people in these venues aren't used to that."
Trump will say that in a rules-based global order, everyone should follow the rules.
The administration says no one in the room should be surprised the U.S. is taking a harder line.
Trump's shorter message: I'm serious about what I've been saying.
Know ur audience

Oak Hill, WV

#2 Jan 10, 2018
OK, heres the thing. I think it is pretty safe to say that regardless if you are for or against Trump, this is a discussion forum and coming here daily to repost what others have wrote somewhere else online with a little attached quip added really is not discussion and is why these threads get no traction.

You really are not accomplishing much by doing this. About the same that Uncle Al used to back when he did basically the same thing for his own pet issues. Most people will see an obvious Copypasta news report that creates a wall of text and once they identify what the jist of the article is, either by the thread title or within the first two or last two lines, they are either going to read it because in all likelihood it reaffirms what they already believe, Or they are going to ignore it, OR they will skim a few bits and peices, scream about how they DIDN'T read it and rant about how you are an idiot.

If you want to change the way people think, You are not going to be successful by throwing walls of text at them. You will need to actively engage them and then maybe, bit by bit, you might be able to nudge them into incorporate SOME of your point into their existing outlook, and realistically, you are looking at maybe a 1 in 100 chance.

The problem with that is that there are not 100 people who look at Beckley Topix with even the slightest bit of regularity nowadays. Uncle Al delivered the death blow to the community resulting in more than half giving up on being able to have a conversation, Some like Lesson Learned and her greyboxes passed away, They same may be true of our village idiot "Charlotte Wytheville" (Although I personally have not bothered with checking any of his other haunts across WV and beyond)The number of people who would be reading anything posted to this forum could be counted on two hands, if not just the one. Including myself, there may be as few as 4 active posters creating dozens of posts across multiple devices, and proxies in order to increase the number of "IPs" that post here, and personally I am not all that active out of the 5-25 posts a day popping up here that are not mod wrathed out of existence within hours of being posted. Do not kid yourself. There are next to no "random" readers of this forum. The only ones who do are obvious because they came across the topic as a general search engine result, and certainly are not responding to a post within hours of it being posted to Beckley Topix.

The real question is, What is the point? There is next to no one visiting, and those that do at least half can't be bothered to read anything longer than a tweet, and basically all of them are so opinionated and immovable on how "right" that opinion is that it would take a miracle for any to even consider reevaluating their sanctimoniously infallible opinion to entertain the notion that they MIGHT be in any way wrong.

So what is the purpose here of returning daily to repost another news article of the day when you know at best it is going to be ignored and more likely is just going to be a subject of ridicule (regardless if the reposted article is factually correct or not) This is like banging your head on a brick wall and having even the thud fall on deaf ears. Especially when you are showing so little effort automatically telling people you cant be bothered to discuss an issue, or at least utilize the info in what you are reposting, then should not bother either.?

Not telling you to stop. You can do what you want. At least its something resembling conversation here, But I would make the suggestion that if you are going to repost someone else s an article that reinforces the subject you are attempting to broach, then at the very, VERY least properly [ QUOTE ] Your copy pasta here [/QUOTE ](minus the spaces at the beginning of QUOTE) so the reader can at least identify where the reposted article ends and your contribution to the thread begins.

May help, Cant hurt.

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