New sheriff in Raleigh County, WV??

New sheriff in Raleigh County, WV??

Created by CityGirlGoneCountry on Oct 11, 2007

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Chief Deputy Steve Tanner

Bob McComas

J.P. Stevens

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Is it just me

Lindale, TX

#21 Dec 21, 2007
I have read with much interest, the comments that have been made on this site and I must tell you, it seems to me that instead of trying to muddy the waters of this election with childish banter, someone should point out the real issues, the issues pertinent to this campaign. I have always felt that in most situations of true importance, if you arenít part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Letís take J.P. Stevens for example. Hundreds of men and women get up every day, put on a uniform and a badge and head out into the world, putting their very lives at risk to rid our streets and homes of thieves, rapists, child molesters and such. People like J.P Stevens make their living by putting them back on the streets. Is it just me or does this seem like about the most unlikely character imaginable for this particular position?
Big Sarge

Clear Spring, MD

#22 Dec 22, 2007
Looks like someone is changing thier name and slinging mud at McComas. If your going to get on here and try to make someone look bad at least change writting habits, because anyone can read these comments and tell the same person is writting them.The comments made by I Know, Voter, Corious, and Time for a change was written by the same person!!!!!!!!!!
Nice try but not everyone is as dumb as you think!
Time for a change

Findlay, OH

#23 Dec 22, 2007
To Big Sarge above: That statement is not true as I am the one who wrote my message and not the other TWO!!!!! So maybe someone else thinks alike or similar!!! I think that people should have the right to say what they feel and shouldn't be critized for what or who they believe in!!!! Everyone in this world is different and if we all thought alike or were the same we would have a very BORING world!! Each person should be able to say or support whom ever they choose to!!! I personally don't have anything negative to say that can be proven but I do know there are things out there that can be proven if people would just take the time to look into!!!! As for the comments another person wrote about Stevens' job......... Every person is SUPPOSED to be " innocent until proven guilty!!!" Someone has to do the job and it seems like he isn't the only person that runs a bonding agency!!!! So.......... everyone needs to voice their opinions and quit saying things if they don't know em to be true!!!!! Stevens' goals have been the same since December of 2005 and not for a year!!!! Look into the robbery details at Ghent and you all can see why his goals are like they are!!!! He started them then and not just recently!!!!! Take the time and research that and maybe then you will know where HIS goals came from!!!!! They are heart felt and not taken by ANOTHER CANDIDATE!!!!!
I know

Montgomery, TX

#24 Dec 22, 2007
I just want to clarify that I do not know any of the canidates except for Bob Mccomas. I am not campaigning for any of these guys. I just don't want to see Mccomas get in. My comments are not slanderous, but true. I wish that others could see the the side of Mccomas that I have seen. Then maybe you would understand. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He has the gift of gab full of lies. The reason I don't give my name because I know how vendictive Mccomas is. Mccomas has a lot of people fooled into thinking he is such a good person and has a good head on his shoulders, but I know better. Mccomas is in it for him self not the people of Raleigh County. Mccomas is not always mentally stable. I have seen the other side of this man, I wish I could go around and tell everyone who I am and let people know, but like I said I know how Mccomas is and would not like him coming down on me. I just pray that he does not get in office.
Time for a change

Findlay, OH

#25 Dec 22, 2007
FYI.......... In the very near future citizens of Raleigh County will be able to see SOME of the proof!!!! It is a proven fact that Mr. Mccomas is very good at going to the site of certain traffic stops that involve family and soon to be family and trying to use HIS pull to "Get em outta charges!!" How bout that one guys??!!!! We really need to make sure our family members are ALLOWED to go out , get drunk and THEN DRIVE!!!!!! Proven police reports CAN and DO prove this!!! This is just one instance of some things about him!!!! Another example is that family members friends get in trouble and "it's Okay not to show for court!!!" Then Mr. Mcomas again uses his weight pulling to get them out of trouble with court personnel. This is also another PROVEN fact!!!! Its also on Mccomas web site ( unless its down now!!!!) that he has a zero tolerance policy for the deputies but then HE goes and does things like this!!!! Sounds like to me THAT IS DEFINATELY A DOUBLE STANDARD!!!! Public records will be coming out to the news media on these issues and the county residents can see for themselves!!!! Steven's web site has been up for longer than 3 months but it was also in the making with an individual for awhile before that!!!! Like I said earlier...... research his reasonings for goals!!!! Maybe someone stole his!!!!! Never know do we!!!!!????? It also seems like the person writing the " FOR MCCOMAS" comments is the same person!!!!! Nobody has said anything bad about Tanner so quit accusing mud slinging to be going on!!!!!!
Bob McComas

Clovis, NM

#26 Dec 22, 2007
I would like to wish all that has commented on here a very warm and Merry Christmas,I hope and pray that all those that have voted on here the best holiday, and remember Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. thank you

Charleston, WV

#27 Dec 22, 2007
It's great to have a site to post one's comments on, but when small people with small minds and personal dislikes want you to believe something that isn't true, that only hurts the good people of this county. I know a couple of people who have posted some really stupid things on here and I know the reasons why. They're not scared of physical retaliation, but the legal problems of putting in their names. I've known both Steve Tanner and Bob McComas for many years and worked with both. Both have the education, knowledge and experience to put criminals in jail, and do, and did so on meager salaries, not get paid to put them right back on the street to continue their activities. I worked drug cases for over ten years and really got tired of dealers getting bonded out, even before I could finish the paperwork. Yep, Bob McComas is unstable, I have a couch full of Christmas gifts for some children who would not have a Christmas if it weren't for this "unstable Santa". Caring more about others than these stupid accusations makes him real unstable!! If you have sling mud and tell lies to win an election, that just tells me that's what you will do if elected, and I know that there are way too many good people in this county that agree. I also know that Bob and Steve would welcome a public debate where the people can ask their own questions and receive answers in order to make up their own minds, and would hope Mr. Stevens would want to be a part of such a debate. "Just read the paper amd watch the news and you will know all", what a joke!! Since when is either of these the Gospel!? Everyone has someone who doesn't like them and talks about them, so why should an election bid be any different. I want what is best for my county, not for some lying, mean, small minded person. IN GOD WE TRUST, in the rest we just do the best we can.
dirty red

Charleston, WV

#28 Dec 22, 2007
lets have a change in raleigh co ,j p stevens is our chance to get politics out of the sheriffs dept think before you vote
raleigh county voter

Charleston, WV

#29 Dec 23, 2007
It shows what a good person Mr McComas is to care enough about children to help out like that. Merry Christmas to you Mr McComas.

Lubbock, TX

#30 Dec 23, 2007
Why has no one brought up the question of what would happen if J.P Stevens were to get elected? Is he expected to arrest criminals only to have them pay to get bonded out by his own company? I would hope that J.P Stevens would give up his position as a bondsman and all affiliation with the industry as an honorable elected official should do.
As far as bringing forth police documents to the media implicating Mr. McComas in any wrong doing,those individuals were arrested and bonded out by J.P Stevens. Those individuals WERE in the wrong and the arresting officers did exactly what Mr. McComas would expect from any of his deputies.
The fact J.P Stevens would dishonor his clients by bringing forth those documents would only serve to disgrace the clients and further enhance his own political aspirations places J.P Stevens in the worst kind of political category.
How can a man who makes his living putting criminals back on the street only then to use his own client's records for his own gain earn the trust and respect of the citizens of Raleigh County?
On MY mind

Findlay, OH

#31 Dec 23, 2007
And how do you know they were bonded out by Mr. Stevens and not another company. This individual that was out on bond showed their butt at the magistrate court and that was where Mr. McComas TRIED to pull his weight! I think he would definately do the right thing if elected. I also think he would be up for any kind of debate or shall we say A question and answer session with the other candidates and the citizens!

Charleston, WV

#32 Dec 23, 2007
I would have to say that Bob McComas is the next Sheriff. Also, for the Stevens guy.....from the background he comes from why did he leave like a thief in the nite from the rainelle police dept. He is the one that that claims to be a process server. ok, lets get this straight.....he files more law suits then he serves......also if he was sheriff he would be putting the bad person in jail and his bonding company would be getting the bad guy out.....sound like a little conflict dont it??????? better think before you vote........stevens can claim to not be involved in the bonding company and claims to have turned over to his do you think he isnt going to be involved in the bonding company???? also if he was so qualified then why did he drive over fifty miles from flat top to rainelle to be a police officer???? maybe because he couldnt get hired any where else.......also why would he file an injunction on darryl green....what does he have to he afraid of the truth....if you vote.....Vote with confidence.......and for steve tanner.....the dirt has yet to come....he treats his own deputies like dirt. are they afraid of retaliation if they voice there opinion.....we will see
time for a change

Findlay, OH

#33 Dec 24, 2007
As for the things being said about Tanner I really haven't heard bad about him but as for McComas I guess there IS Proof on him. I know Stevens DID file an injunction against Greene cause he was passing around a BOGUS report with his Social Security # and Date of birth on it. The report WAS for John Stevens but not THE John Stevens running for sheriff. That is not fair for people like the means of Greene to pass around to people and make them believe it was him. They thank fully were smart enough to look at ALL the report and called it to the attention of people so it could get stopped. His personal information should never be given out but it is the citizens right to know if there is bad out there on him. Anyone can do a back ground check and see that he has nothing to hide!!! I don't think ANY candidate running would like there SS # or DOB out there being passed around door to door!!! That is not a very safe thing to do in todays time.How about you above.... would you like to give us YOUR NAME so we can pull some personal info on YOU like SS#, etc and pass it around for people to be able to use. I really think that the common person with sense wouldn't want that to happen to them. If the info in the report was true then the community does have a right to know but such is not the case!! I know Stevens has said he supports Tanner if he isn't the man the county votes in for Sheriff. The bonding company issue WILL resolve itself in due time. He took the Rainelle position cause it was a good offer for him and there are many reasons he left. There is NO PROOF of anything against him so the thief comment isn't necessary!!!! I pretty much have you figured out but whatever you want to say is okay. It is just showing YOUR ignorance that you are saying things with NO PROOF to back it. Would you maybe care to comment on the issue with the goals also?! Mr. Stevens has been accused of TAKING McComas' goals that McComas has said he's had for a year BUT in fact Stevens has been saying his for 2 years now??? Well I think maybe this site is being used only for as people say " MUD SLINGING!!!!" but only to Mr. Stevens. It's a shame people can't just say what's actually facts and quit saying things that can't be proven. I have to sleep at night and am glad I can say that I can do that without any guilt of what I have done or said every day. I would ask that if you are an actual REGISTERED VOTER in the county get out there and look at all candidates with an open mind and forget what's being said by people. Consider the source they are coming from and do your research!!!!! Ask questions and get with the candidates and find out who they really are before you make your decision.I know I am not influenced by the negative comments I have heard.I hope all have a "Merry Christmas" and a " Wonderful New Year!"
I know

Montgomery, TX

#34 Dec 24, 2007
I know that the things that I have said, can not be proved because I can't reveal myself. I do hope that people do their homework and find out about each and every person that is running to get the best person for sheriff. I will continue to pray and hope Mccomas does not get in for Sheriff. If you dig in records and talk to other people. I am sure that you will find the truth about him. Mccomas, posted on here saying he wished Everyone a warm and Merry Christmas, but actually he is biting at the bit to find out who wrote, what I wrote. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lubbock, TX

#35 Dec 24, 2007
To "I Know"....

This is very petty that you have to use this site as a sounding board for whatever personal issues you have with Mr. McComas.

This site should be used for intelligent debate about actual issues and not personal vendettas.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Debbie
Darel D Greene

United States

#36 Dec 24, 2007
A Fomer writer Nathan, would have you believe that J.P Stevens is a Registered Bail Enforcement Agent. That Statement is not true. A Bondmsman appoints a Bail Enforcer for a period not to exceed 2 years. West Virginia Code 1966 Chapter 51 Article 10A The West Virginia State Police is charged with enforcing this section. I have made Capt VanMeter of the West Virginia State Police aware of this Code many times that he is required to enforce but keeps avoiding to do so. I need Citzens of Raleigh County to call Capt VanMeter and demand that he enforce this code. J.P. Stevens has been arresting People illegally for the past four years. I have made all evidence of many violatins of this Code to Larry Frail, Prosecuting Attorney of Raleigh County, I need your help by calling Larry Frail.
Darel D Greene

United States

#37 Dec 24, 2007
I am also a Canidate for Sheriff of Raleigh County, I am a retired Raleigh County Deputy Sheriff. I spent 8 years as a Road Deputy and 8 years as Chief Jailor of Raleigh County. I worked 1 1/2 years for Sheriff Mangum and resigned after we could not agree on how honest a Sheriff should be..He always told me, its not what you do but what people believe you do.. Six and a half years later as a Private Investigator, I forced Mr Magnum to resign his position as County Comissioner and to leave the State never to return to avoid Criminal Prosecution. Eight years ago I ran for Sheriff because the Citizens of Raleigh County needed to know about the Criminal Activities of the Sheriff's Dept. Chief Deputy C.B Lilly and another Deputy had given False Evidence before a Grand Jury that resulted in a man's death. Funds were being embezzeled from the Crime Stoppers Fund. These complaints were given to Capt Van Meter of the West Virginia State Police. In my opinion they were never Investigated.. Now the Citizens of Raleigh County Need to know the Activities of Sheriff Canidate John P. Stevens..Mr Stevens has worked outside the Law most of his eight years in Raleigh County. If campaign signs could vote Mr. Stevens would be the next Sheriff. But I know there are going to be a lot of embarassed people who have placed or posted his signs on their property. Beware J.P. Stevens, The Lone Ranger has arrived in Raleigh County to bring you to Justice. Your next 8 years will be served in prison not as Raleigh County Sheriff.
Darel D Greene

United States

#38 Dec 24, 2007
To All those People that have been arrested by J.P. Stevens posing as a Bail Bond Enforcer in the past four years, You have been ILLEGALLY arrested and may be entitled to a Civil Penatly of S10,000.00 filed by civil action in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County or the Circuit Court of any County in which the unauthorized action as a Bail Bond Enforcer has occurred. The Superintendent of the West Virginia State Police is authorized to enforce payment of civil penatalties through the courts of this State. Talk to your atorney and make J.P. Stevens pay for his illegal acts. West Virginia Code 1966 Chapter 51 Article 10A This is my Christmas Present to those people who have been denied their Legal Rights by J.P. Stevens posing as a Bail Bond Enforcer authorized by AAA Acme Bonding Companny.. Merry Christmas and a much richer New Year.. The Lone Ranger

Greenville, NC

#39 Dec 24, 2007
daryl green is on the money!the truth hurts!!!!!!!!!
you know that the comments comin from ohio is stevens parents........sure they are going to uphold is his so. stevens for sure has traded sexual favors to get females out of dont lie...what about don stevens.....stevens brother that worked at the bonding company for his brother....boy oh boy.......he was a good one....he is the one that went into the magistrates office drunk to bail a person from my point of view......stevens know from his campaign signs, " solutions, not politics " my right foot........he needs to go back from where he come from......he is not welcome here........we dont like him, nor do alot of other people.....look where his signsare....look who claims to be voting for him.....guys that he got out of jail.....i can hear stevens vote for me and i wont make you pay me to get you out.........the truth will be out soon.....if laura stevens was honest she would tell the truth.....lord knows she was raised better than the life she is living

“Truth, Justice & Equal Rights”

Since: Dec 07

Flat Top WV

#40 Dec 24, 2007
Dear Dilligaf of Mt Hope,, Thanks for your encouragement, I have been investigating J.P. for over 3 years. I have learned a lot of things and have accumulated tons of videos, photos, court records, criminal records, statements, voice recordings from some of his former neighbors in other states, his children's conduct in various schools, his fromer businesses such as 3J's Investigations, employment records, marriage & divorce records, photos & statements of his extra martial affairs, earning records from Dun & Bradstreet, West Virginia Tax Records and many more. I have left no stone unturned. I planned to confront him with all this in a public debate, after giving some thought to all this, I plan to appear and present what I have to the next Grand Jury. I would rather see him in prison, than just ran out of town. Hang in there buddy, you are on the right track..

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