Lawsuit against Know Pain Clinic

Lawsuit against Know Pain Clinic

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Warriormine, WV

#1 Oct 31, 2009
Does anyone plan to file a lawsuit against the Clinic? No other Dr. Will see me, Not even the emergency room will help me, is anyone getting help out there??
capitalist pig

Beckley, WV

#2 Oct 31, 2009
yes, let all the pill heads file a big lawsuit and make some lawyers rich.

Warriormine, WV

#3 Oct 31, 2009
capitalist pig wrote:
yes, let all the pill heads file a big lawsuit and make some lawyers rich.
why do ya have 2 be so mean on here. Is that how ppl treat you in ur life? So u have to be mean 2 others? Have a Blessed day..
capitalist pig

Beckley, WV

#4 Oct 31, 2009
yes, i have to eat slop and roll around in mud and crap.

Warriormine, WV

#5 Oct 31, 2009
capitalist pig wrote:
yes, i have to eat slop and roll around in mud and crap.
well poor pittiful you, well only you allow urself to get that low.. Take Pride in urself..If u dont how will others..???

United States

#6 Feb 20, 2010
capitalist pig wrote:
yes, let all the pill heads file a big lawsuit and make some lawyers rich.
Well u got one thing right...ur a pig! For ur information, not everyone on medication is a pillhead. Just like all drinkers are not alcoholics,not all whores get paid for it,& like u, not every know-it-all.....knows it all! Ppl like u make me sick! Judgemental, sarcastic, holier than thou....dumbasses! Listen jerk-off, if ur were working for a company, & all of a sudden that company shut down....leaving u with no payday, no notice, no nothing, I bet ur ass would be looking for some type of restitution! Well that's kinda what happened to the patients at the Know Pain Clinic. Pay attention to that name, ok,***KNOW PAIN***Clinic. Evidently u have NO idea of what it's like to be in chronic pain everyday of ur life, so consider urself lucky. This clinic HAD to have a phone # for it's patients, so the doctors could CALL U IN for pill counts, remind u of apps, have u to come in for urine test. If u did not have a phone # where u could be reached, u got DISCHARGED! convenient was our phones when they decided to shut down for an entire month before notifying their patients? No phone calls were made, no letters were sent out....nothing. UNTIL it got broadcasted on the news channels, like I said before 1 month later! Look, no one is blaming the doctor for walking out. I would'nt work for free either. BUT it was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL for this establishment to NOT notify their patients until the very last minute. It was told that if u were a patient there to go to ur family doctor or the ER. Evidently, the doctors at both places are related to u! Or at least they had the same attitude,towards the patients from the Know Pain Clinic,that u have. We,(YES I WAS A PATIENT FROM THERE), were all treated like common druggie trash.Ya know, I think it's complete & total bs that a whole society has to be trashed & put down, just because THERE IS a well known drug addiction in this state, as well as every other state! I guess the cancer patients that are fighting for their lives are pill-heads, the ppl who are dying from MS are pill-heads, the ppl that have been physically beaten almost to death by their NON_ALCOHOLIC husbands are pill-heads, ppl dying with Aids are pill-heads, ppl who have been seriously injured in car wrecks, who have broken backs,ppl who are struggling everyday because of IDIOTS LIKE U....are just plain ole pill-heads. U need a good dose of reality, & I'm here to say,I hope I'm a fly on the wall WHEN IT BITES U IN THE ASS!If there is a lawsuit against the Know Pain Clinic, u damn right I want in on it,someone plz let me know who to contact! I think someone needs to pay for being sooooo damned negligent!

Tarboro, NC

#7 Feb 21, 2010
K P CLINIC Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Means Liqidation) Assests / Liabilities UNKNOWN
Filed between 2/13 - 2/19/10
Chapter 11 means Reorginazaton continues in business.

Beckley, WV

#8 Feb 22, 2010
for the people who went to the pain clinis.i think there is one in blufeild and dr deer in charleston.but if your looking for oxy dont know what to tell you .dr deer is a wonderful dr it is called the center for pain relief but i dont think they give out heavy drugs
informed citizen

Oak Hill, WV

#9 Mar 3, 2010
Huge raid on Williamson Pain clinic --

FBI, State Police and DEA -- way to go!!

you know something is wrong when the place opens with people waiting and:(from the story)

"The waiting room will be full," he says. "They'll be standing on the streets and they'll be people in cars. It's ridiculous. Down there they'll call you back five or six at a time. They'll list five or six names, and you'll see five or six people go in."

I'm not saying there are no cases of folks with injuries or illness that need pain medication, BUT -- let's not kid ourselves - this situation is totally out of control and people are just getting a daily fix or pills to sell.

And I have no problem with drug testing for welfare. Folks aren't going to automatically lose their handouts.

(from Register-Herald online story)

"If a test is positive, the recipient would be sent to rehabilitation. If a second checkup shows drugs, the assistance would be cut off immediately."

If you're not abusing, you shouldn't be afraid of testing - but if you are - maybe you can get some help. I'm sure some children might appreciate the help getting their parents off drugs.
happy gilmore

Oakland, MD

#10 Mar 3, 2010
I crashed a 4wheeler a few years ago,broke my back and suffer daily with pain,but I take NO pain meds! don't want them,don't need them I keep going on with life and deal with it the best I can! Just because u have back pain don't mean u need a handfull of pills to keep the pain away! when u get started on pain meds. 9 out of 10 people get hooked on them,snort them and end up dead of an OD or kill other people to get it! All u are doing is making it harder for people with cancer and other disease's to get pain meds. when they really need it! I have so many friends that are snorting pills and destroying there live's and there familys! If you are a pillhead or a pill seller they should take u to an island and give u all the pills you want free of charge then we can sleep a little better knowing that some pillhead is going to kill me for pills or money to get them! sooner or later it will catch up with u! u will OD and die,u will be in jail or prison when you should be on a work farm in a tent plum out of the public eye! as for the pain clinic's I hope all of them get raided the sooner the better! as for the welfare drug testing that is the best thing they can do but they need the drug rehab to be that work farm I just mentioned, a tent,a handfull of seeds to grow ur food,only water to drink,police on horseback u run u die! and about 4 years of that and I garantee u will be glad to be home and u will not touch the shit again! think about what u are doing to your family and children, personaly I think all the pillheads and sellers should be put in front of a firing squad and shot or send all of them to the front lines of the war

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