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Portland, OR

#21 Dec 3, 2007
If anything Portland isn't racist enough. There hasn't been a lynching here since the 1950's. The savages are loose on our transit system and nobody has the nads to shoot them when they act up. I don't know what you liberal retards are whining about. In Portland you can be gay, get abortions, buy drugs and have sex with anything or anyone you want! Then you can get the government to tell everyone what a effin hero you are when you catch a terminal disease.
Ever considered moving to San Franfreako?

Fairfax, VA

#22 Dec 5, 2007
Elizabeth wrote:
Ok, I feel silly saying this....but I am a college student attending Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I was raised in Beaverton, Oregon and spent much of my time in Portland. I am writing my term paper on racism in Portland and google.com directed me to this site. I love the conversation but I need approved sources. Can anyone that posted something with scientific background help me out and direct my search to some credible sources, please? Thanks for the help.
I'm not the original poster but dozens of legitimate organizations such as The U.S. Census Bureau, Human Rights Watch Organization, Anti-Defamation League, NAACP, and the Coalition Against Hate Crimes publish studies and statistics on US racism and arrest/imprisonment rates that will help you.

The original post says an article exists stating Oregon is the most racist state in the union. That post is baseless and blather without attribution. Some facts from the Human Rights Watch: Oregon has a population of blacks that is 1.6 percent of the US population. 78% of Oregon's population is white. Portland has the highest percentage of whites in cities with populations of 500,000 and over. One could twist these facts and "conclude" Oregon is racist because of its low African American population.

A more valid statistic would answer this question:-of those African Americans living in Oregon, are the statistics of hate crimes higher for them compared to other places?
It would be interesting to find out if someone has done a study on why African Americans aren't attracted to moving to/living in Oregon.

Oregon makes news when a white officer kills a black person without cause or when a neo-nazi group targets Jewish groups in Oregon. It's common knowledge that these hate crimes occur all over America. The question is: do these crimes occur more frequently and in higher proportion than other places in America? I've never seen any evidence to support such an assertion.

University of Oregon, Portland State University, Lewis and Clark, and Oregon State U offer ethnic studies programs. If I were a betting woman, I would wager these colleges have published dissertations on this topic.

Wishing you fruitful researching--

Clackamas, OR

#23 Dec 5, 2007
I grew up in San Diego and have lived here a few years. I have to say the racism here is very strong to the hispanic culture compared to Southern California.
In Oregon it feels like most people see the "Mexicans" as a lesser people and are only useful for picking berries and doing hard construction labor. One of my neighbors yelled to me the other day when I was laying my own sod and doing new landscaping, "Why are you doing that, its Mexican work!"

The HS graduation and dropout rates of men in Oregon is very low on a national average and on the East side (I live in Gresham Sandy area) there is little focus on education and most teenagers I know have zero aspiration of going to college and being educated. They are happily living at home into their 20's and settling for blue collar work.(I have no issue with work, in fact I love to work, but there are better/smarter ways to make a living and provide for your family).
I don't know if OR is the most racist place in the country but it is the most racist place I have lived.(Southern CA and Utah).

Educate the youth and the ignorance of racism goes away!

Since: Dec 06


#24 Dec 5, 2007
god help ya if you live in parkrose and arent white
camera noises

Portland, OR

#25 Dec 5, 2007
I have had a very bad time in Portland being mistaken for something I am not. My genetic make-up is half english/quarter japanese/french, my mother coming from abroad. I am six foot two and one half and have dark hair and brown eyes, with a slight olive complexion. I have been mistaken as a mexican! I don't look mexican, yet, I have had people in their cars stop while I was waiting at a crosswalk, yell out, andelie( i don't know how to spell it). Coming from back east I would have italians come up to me in bars speaking in their own language or someone could see the bit of asian in me. I had never been compared to such a race. I am not neccesarily upset because they think I am "mexican" but it's the fact that they are so rude and aggressive while completely wrong. It's frustrating because I have to look at the ugly faces of racism while not feeling hurt but just exhausted. Or, perhaps I am an arab. I don't look arabic, I have had arabic friends, yet, people have looked violently at me. It's bizarre, as my features are clearly northern hemispherian. So, the lack of worldly understanding that someone with dark hair and brown eyes doesn't neccesarily mean, mexican or the enemy, the arab. If you were to blindfold people and parachute them into Rome, I would bet that they would think that they were in Mexico City. Not a very bright city.

Florence, MS

#26 Dec 8, 2007
Maybe they're right after all, does sound like a lot of anger and hatred be brewing up mighty big right here in this forum.

Eugene, OR

#27 Dec 9, 2007
I can see why people would say that Portland is racist.
BUT, come on.
Portland isn't even like a red neck unaccepting small town or anything.
really, Portland has soo many different kinds of people.
And, I love how accepting it is.
Anyways, YOU live in New York.
horrible truth

Portland, OR

#28 Dec 10, 2007
Portland is filled with pieces of garbage like Nikki here. Look at the stupidity of her post.
Here's a history. Oregon has the most sexual predators of any state. The most sex shops per capita. Why is this? Well, before the settlers were raping this land for five generations, the first settler men who came were lonely. The local bosses were upset that the settler men were sleeping with the native population. So, the cure was to send out whores. Yes, whores. This city is founded on whores and laborers. The types of people who make up this population are immigrant european peasants. dumb as rocks for fifteen generations under the thumb of intelligent higher classes. THey couldn't take it so they ran here. Once in the united states they were forced by gunpoint west. eastern seaboard america didn't want the trash that was coming in. The earlier settlers that came here in the 1600's came with a noble idea. They fought for this country and developed a strong libertarian culture. Oregon cesspool genetic trash swam here and suck off the legacy. Their inferiority is evident by their racism. Only a scoundrel hides behind his/her skin color. This city is full of them. Again, a place to look at when studying what peasants do when left to their own devices. Rape and a shitty economy with horrible growth. If you want a face full of dark comedy, come visit this place.

Gresham, OR

#29 Dec 11, 2007
Portland is not diverse. I have a friend from the University of Colorado who gives tours of the university to incoming students. When potential students are asked why they chose CU, they state the diversity. CU is 98% White. This friend who is also white stated that to some white people, going to a university with other white people from different parts of the country is diversity. This is basically the same for Portland. There was an African-American community, it is currently gentrified. Leaving blacks and the working poor whites in that area to move to culture depraved Gresham; leaving their churches and sense of community. There is always that liberal argument that NE Portland was once a white area, but white flight is not the same as pushing the working poor into the boonies where the schools are overcrowded and jobs are few and far between; children are left in cultureless surroundings with very little to engage them. The young artsy type rung in gentrification and now they are being pushed out by yuppies and the more upward mobile. Many that opened businesses in the area can no longer afford the rent. Liberal does not equate to anti-racist. Portland is a Racist Town, very white, and too comfortable in its denial.
Oregon Racist

Hope Valley, RI

#30 Dec 11, 2007
It's amazing how everyone seems to have all the answers without any real statistics.

Some of the folks prattle on and on about how trashy and stupid the european peasants were that founded this area, and, in the same breath, states how racist and dumb those people are! Isn't that racism? Seriously, isn't that racism?

Is racism about whites hating blacks, Asians, and Mexicans, or is it about looking down on a group of people? I'm confused here.

Gresham, OR

#31 Dec 12, 2007
You seem to have have a strange definition of Racism. It is my understanding that anyone can practice it. Racism is not merely looking down on people, it is an act. The trail of tears, slavery, the holocaust, Jena Six, and so much more. If only these were examples of people being looked down upon...

I would never call myself a racist as your so do. Racism had black bodies swinging in trees all over this country.

Fayetteville, GA

#32 Dec 13, 2007
I am a 35 year old man who has encountered racism in many places accross this "great country" of ours. I have to be fair it has been awhile since I have been put in this precarious position. However I have been verbally attacked as well as made to feel very unwelcome in this metropolitian area. I moved my family here because I believed what I read. Portlansd is a great place to live if you are white. If you happen to be of another race this metro area is not very friendly, I was called "boy" the other day at work not by some elderly person who never knew better, but by someone who looked to be in my age group. For a metro area who boasts to be the mecca of liberalism and equality you as a community have no clue what diversity is or means. I am tring to figure a way to get my children out of this place ASAP! I don't want my children growing up around such hatred. For every one nice Portlander there are at least five mean and nasty people who pass their hate on like a virus. WAKE from your "blind slumber" STOP the hatred!

I can not wait to leave, and never come back. I can only hope that Portland learns from the mistakes and truly becomes diverse. Practice what you preach to the rest of the world. Portland does not deserve to be listed as one of the best places to live in America.

God bless the sinners.

Learn Portland, Learn
Ciara Hughes

Clackamas, OR

#33 Dec 15, 2007
Supa wrote:
Im just irritated with Portland right now. I didnt know I was moving to another soon to be Lost Angeles.
Well, if Portland doesn't suit you, please move back to where ever it was you came from.


#34 Dec 16, 2007
i had an uncle about a year ago who came to visit me in san diego california from italy with his two hal german half mediterrenian beutiful doughters and his german wife.americans noticed theyr european differences right away and i tell ya IT WAS UGLY. so basically its towawards every race in the world. it embarrased me. and soon i will be moving away to europe. it made me so a ngry . i felt betrayed by my own suppostly american race.


#35 Dec 16, 2007
why cant everybody be like little children, when it comes to race or color of the skin.

Portland, OR

#36 Dec 16, 2007
:B Oregon phails

Glendale, CA

#37 Dec 21, 2007
Thanks for all the comments. I was thinking about moving to Portland. Based on research and your helpful comments, I've avoided a big mistake. Coming from a mixed background I'm often attracted to "white" neighborhoods, businesses, schools, art, etc. My grandma is white shouldn't all white people love me, ha! I have to remember that my skin is brown and not all places in the US are friendly or at least tolerant or my race. I've lived in Ohio (A great place to raise a family) New York City (wonderful college years) Austin Texas (Loved it, but poor timing on my part) Orlando (Learned that people still use the N word. You can actually travel back in time 20 years just by entering the state of Florida) and finally Los Angeles (I'm making a run back North before I'm swinging from a tree) A little dramatic, but you get the idea.

Thanks again

San Diego, CA

#40 Jan 2, 2008
Americana wrote:
Sorry that title belongs to Virginia
and we will fight for it Thems a fighting words
all of our scum people come from inbred familes
Actually Virginia's one of the more sophisticated dixie states, they even had a black governor for a while. You must be thinking of Alabama, home of the one branched family tree!
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#41 Jan 6, 2008
Oregon is easily the most racist state in the union although there are other deep south states that will give it a run for its money. Just because Oregon is on the West Coast does not mean it is a civilized state. Oregon is stuck in the past and will never succumb to civilizing influences. Oregonians are overtly racist, they complain about 'Mexicans' all the time and make equally overt racial remarks about blacks.

Never trust any Oregonian even if they do not live in Oregon. Oregonians are steeped in a culture of lies, thuggery, deceit and general incivility.

No decent human being should live in Oregon, it is an indecent state.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#42 Jan 6, 2008
Ciara Hughes wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, if Portland doesn't suit you, please move back to where ever it was you came from.
What did I tell you? This is the kind of nastiness that is typical of Oregonians.

Oregon is a cesspool and it rains 11 months out of the year to boot. At least the deep, racist south has sunshine. Oregon can't even muster that.

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