should portland ban pitbulls

should portland ban pitbulls

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Nashville, TN

#3 Apr 24, 2010
NOOOOOO !!!!!!!

Nashville, TN

#5 Apr 26, 2010
Yes and No. Ban em in NW,@ SW .
Good to go, in SE,@ NE, any questions ??
lil bully

Gorham, ME

#6 May 10, 2010
NO Pitbulls should not be banned. All of you people are just ignorant. It's not the breed of dog that is a problem it's the owner. I own a pitbull and it is the friendliest dog ever, and no not look at me imma thug cause you don't need a dog to be tough or a gansta. So look at you you'r an ignorant fag. It's not the breed that it the problem but ignorant people like you that want to think they are all powerful. It's hard enough being a pitbull owner and trying our best to let people see the breed for what it is and not how you want to say. Get some real fact before you start running your mouths try to get the facts. So no don't ban pitbulls.
luv my pits

Turners Station, KY

#8 May 13, 2010
animal girl wrote:
Only people who fight, or are drug dealers own them. Pitbulls are a bloodthirsty breed most of the dogs we seize during dogfighting complaints are pitbulls,and we have to put them to sleep because they can't be rehabilitated.
Are you Oregon's most famous animal murderer for the vigilante group known as peta?

United States

#9 May 13, 2010

White House, TN

#10 Jun 8, 2010

United States

#11 Jun 8, 2010
animal girl wrote:
Only people who fight, or are drug dealers own them. Pitbulls are a bloodthirsty breed most of the dogs we seize during dogfighting complaints are pitbulls,and we have to put them to sleep because they can't be rehabilitated.
You know nothing about dogs do you? Pit Bulls are not born with bad attitudes or anymore of an aggressive nature than any other dog. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS - IT'S THE FREAKING OWNERS NOT THE DOGS!!!!

Also, if you ban Pit Bulls, these same bad owners will then move on to other dogs to fill the void like American Bull Dogs (who are twice the size and even stronger) or Rottweilers or Mastiffs. Get a freaking clue!
I love my pit bull

United States

#13 Jun 10, 2010
No, pit bulls are one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. there are so loyal. its the owners that make then mean and aggressive dogs. Pit bulls aren't more aggressive then any other dog, they have the ability to cause more damage because they are stronger but the don't choose to do so. there are many other kinds of dogs that are meaner and bite more often. i have a wonderful pitbull that has never been aggressive to people or other dogs. he rarely ever barks.
and i am not some crackhead hang banger either.
The Standard


#14 Jul 4, 2010
I say set them free in the lobby of the Standard Insurance Co and let them eat hardy. There is enough fat there to feed all the wolves, pitbulls, and cats in the state. But beware, the meat is a collection from the worthless gutless spineless pieces of sht that work there.

Paducah, KY

#15 May 12, 2011
in england pit bulls were breed to b nanny dogs they were the first dog to get awarded a medal in any war so find something else to complain about pit bulls are a different race of dog so what ur saying its alright to ban a race haven't ppl done tried that once already so all u stupid ppl get over it
spirit_of_victim s

Falls Church, VA

#16 May 12, 2011
It is not uncommon to read about these dogs mauling or killing humans and pets.

Take a look at the following is not for the squeamish. +|+maul&ie=utf-8&oe=ut f-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozil la:en-US:official&client=f irefox-a

Since: May 11

Corvallis, OR

#17 May 27, 2011
No I don't think they should be banned, they are nice creatures and they do have a purpose in this world. A lot of owners unfortunately aren't responsible and train them to attack random people. I have had one unleashed on me because I was riding my bike on a hiking trail. I barely got away but next time one charges at me i'm going to shoot it in the face that's for damn sure.

Detroit, MI

#18 May 27, 2011
spirit_of_victim s

Falls Church, VA

#19 May 27, 2011
Pit Bulls are the sweetest dogs ever. They wouldn't hurt a flee.

Just ignore the evidence such as in the link below.

The poor little brutes of killers; I'm rapt with compassion. Who cares about the kids who get eaten alive.

Criminal charges the for owners when the attacks happen. As a community service the owners should service maul victims in hospitals. ... ...+|+maul&ie=utf-8&oe =ut f-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozil la:en-US:official&client=f irefox-a

Portland, OR

#20 Jul 24, 2011
Douchey McPit Bull Owner wrote:
Oooh, look at me...I have a pit bull. I'm a thug, I'm a "gangsta". Oooooh I'm so baaaaad.
I am such a social bottom feeder in life that I need a pit bull to complete the package that I call me.
That's right, you better get out of the way when I'm coming down the sidewalk or my dog will make you get out of the way. Oh but don't worry, my pit bull is a family dog and only ripped the face off my toddler once so far. It must have been something my toddler had done...
..... u obviously didn't get any significant education in life. For someone to stereotype a breed by some actions they do is retarded on sooo many levels. Golden Retrievers bite people all the time, so do poodles, so do bull mastiffs, so do Labs, why don't we just kill every dog and it will keep you from bitching. You are a low life and really need to stop. For you to say Gangster this, move out of my way when walking down the street, goes to show how pathetic you are as a person. Don't take it out on the breed and the owners just for the simple fact that your not enough of a man to deal with your own problems. Did mommy not love you as a kid? i'm sorry, did she not let you have a little puppy when your were growing up. Your Pathetic and make me sick.

“If You Beleive it, Your Right”

Since: Jul 11

Portland, Oregon

#21 Jul 24, 2011
Ban Bad Dog Owners!!

Wattsville, AL

#22 Jul 25, 2011
Owners who have a vicious dog on their premises should be required to have a million dollar policy rider attached to their homeowners policy to handle death or mauling by one of the little babies. Even the best pit can snap for no reason and attack so it would keep the sheriff from taking away all your toys in a lawsuit and judgement which are running in high six and seven figures. It's not a matter of if but when.

Since: Aug 11

Lake Oswego, OR

#23 Aug 23, 2011
Ban them! They are born with a provclivity to attack. The big problem is the very way they are built, their larger than usual jaw size, amazing upper body dtrength, combined with owners who do not always understand the importance of training, or leash laws that often are broken. So many stories of children being attacked, disfiqured for life! Or worse, they die. I dont recall hearing a story about a jack russel, or lab, or many other dogs behaving so unpredictably. Yes some responsibility is on the owners. But stupid people are not going to go away. At the very least these owners should be force to take out ins. In case of tragidy, or worse death. If their animal doesnt bite , then they have no worries. Why should innocent children have 2 class citizenship over dogs! Protect our children!

Since: Aug 11

Portland, OR

#24 Aug 24, 2011
Helen Keller's family actually had pitbulls---as a blind and deaf woman, she was probably stepping on or tripping over them all the time, and they never mauled her. Every single person I've ever talked to who has has a pitbull seems to say the same thing, that it is lazy or abusive owners who ruin the dogs, so I am inclined to believe them.

Gadsden, AL

#25 Aug 24, 2011
If owners say they won't bite, then instead of banning them, require muzzles 24/7 when outside the house. Make the fines around a thousand per violation to get people's attention.Also add Rottweilers,Dobermans,Chows,Ge rman Shepherds,Alaskan Malmutes,Akitas,Siberian Huskies, and any wolf hybrid. Those are the main list of "vicious" dogs. Also note that if you own rental properties, YOU can be held responsible for allowing a vicious animal to be kept on the property. Many renters don't carry the type of insurance to cover major damage and reconstructive surgeries, so it comes back to the landlord. Know what your tenants are up to before the sheriff delivers your papers.

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