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Since: Sep 13

Beaver, OK

#217 Oct 8, 2013
JWP... all sites of this type are littered with foul language spam attacks. You just have to read past the spam, and glean what you can.

As I said before, I've listened to some of the tapes, and read the transcripts put in the paper, and I wasn't a fan of the personal attacks launched at the board meetings that had nothing to do with the truth or benefiting the city of Beaver.





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Since: Sep 13

Beaver, OK

#218 Oct 8, 2013
MelStewart wrote:
While I'm at it.... I do consider "Just want Peace" to be another false-flag, and causing lots of laughs in the backroom... I'll be courteous as long as you are, and answer your questions...
I'd further like to say that we only need to replace TWO board members with experienced management candidates.
I've listened to a few tapes of meetings, and before the last election, Billy Cates was really the only one that seemed to be honest enough to question obvious agendas going on amongst a couple of board members, and seemed to be a voice of reason.
So, if we can get a couple of men to go with him and the other two board members, who have a long history of utility-type management skills, who have worked their way up the ladder, and know the ropes from the ground up... I think that would be the ticket to getting Beaver back on its feet again.
I agree completely on needing only to replace two. When I first went to work for the City, Billy was on the crew. He was THE one that I could call and request something of and knew with complete confidence that it was being taken care of. An example would be to turn on or off service or check out a leak and he would without hesitation. Didn't have time in my other duties to allow me to babysit and follow up and I didn't have to with him.

That type of work ethic is so important for the girls that work in the office, as they are the contact person whether face to face or over the phone. When a customer calls, the girls are the ones that take the chewing when the crew doesn't do their job. Didn't experience that with Billy or one in particular that still works there. Good loyal hand, just under appreciated.

I've always found Billy to be honest when I've had conversations with him one on one in the past and the huge bonus is that he is at least familiar with some of the inner workings of the infrastructure and remembers events. He's also approachable.

Yes, it is true that he is showing that he has his own mind more and more and I appreciate that tremendously.

Two more, preferably mature working men and or businessmen that know something about numbers. That's definitely going to be a need. You're absolutely right. Would be a great team to turn this around.
Laurie Anderson

Beaver, OK

#219 Oct 9, 2013
To Many of Us Agree, Cobra aka Chiefy Boy?
Check out comments by Cobra in Bonanza Topix "The Mayor in Bonanza......good grief!"

Cobra wrote:
"LOL. Here you go again.....

I hope you are not referring to me as the CHIEF!! LMAO!! You are so funny! I love it! WHEEE! You are welcome to call me President Obama, too!! Now wait, Sweet-ums, let’s not resort to making false claims… But wait, you have already perfected the art of making false claims. Oh yes I forgot…. You have that down to an art! Now, now, Sweet-ums, don’t get upset…….Just take it easy….

Now that I am the Commander in Chief, you may refer to me as “Mr. President” and I shall refer to you as “Sweet-ums.” Which I feel is appropriate!


I have disproved your statements and claims and yet you go on....YAWN………..

You stated in your last post:
“Cheif: You say Council has to make decisions, but that Mayor made him Cheif. Make up your mind. Cheif cries he's being let go, boo hoo, But the Part Time Guy never had to go.. Doesnt sound logical to me.. Someone is not quite honest, CheifMan”

But, Sweet-ums, in your post from June 17th you stated,
“….he was also told that the part-time officer would be laid off as well.”

My response: Sorry Sweet-ums, you just contradicted yourself. But that’s ok, I promise I won’t hold it against you. And, in my earlier post I stated the truth. I never said anything about the council’s decision making. Sweet-ums, are you reading the same posts as I am??

Listen, Sweet-ums..... I am only gonna say this once more. The chief showed me figures pertaining to the PD when I talked to him about your previous post earlier in the week. Now about this $11,000 dollar figure that you keep throwing's not accurate is it? NOPE! Just because it's prepared by the mayor, doesn't mean that it's accurate. Just because the mayor gave the city council a set of numbers that HE has prepared doesn't mean that they are right. The chief showed different numbers that were evident, not manipulated. These are the figures that he showed me a few days ago and I believe it is safe to assume that he provided these numbers to the council. He stated that anyone is welcome to see the numbers. Go talk to the chief. Obviously, you have only listened to one side of the story. But instead of getting “ALL” the facts you have resorted to name calling and calling folks “weasels” and making up lies. Oh well… that’s what we have all come to expect from you…..more garbage. Instead of spreading your biased crap on here, that obviously you have pulled out of your butt, maybe you should get both sides. Or, perhaps, Sweet-ums, you are being fed the wrong information by someone……hmmmmmmmmmm……I wonder who that could be?! ;) Your secret is safe with me….. I won’t say a word! Wink, wink!

Training, uniforms, laptops, balances, blah, blah, blah!!! Here you go again! LMAO!! You are such a mess! LOL! Have you been given specific information about the city of Bonanza’s financials and pertinent information? Why pray tell, would you have such access to such specific information? And,“how” was that information provided to you? Left under your pillow perhaps?? ;)

And, yes there are tons of training out there for police officers and firemen to attend that is at no charge to the agency. Have you not ever heard of grants and sponsorships, training sponsored by so and so, etc? As for the expense for uniforms……you are just hilarious!! You must be going off of your secret informant’s numbers. I love it!

Oh and the laptops….check out Hackett PD, Greenwood PD, Bonanza PD, etc. All from a grant that was accomplished by the Fort Smith PD and at no cost to the agency. Maybe you should quit making false accusations and stop lying about things. Just because your “man” didn’t get his way, doesn’t mean you should get on here and lie.

Certainly similar writing style dripping with sarcasm! Could it be the same person??? Remember, Bonanza IS where he came from!!!
Laurie Anderson

Beaver, OK

#220 Oct 9, 2013

My name is Laurie Anderson, not Apple Dumpling or any of those other hateful, mean and nasty things I've been called on here. Trouble follows him from town to town and it's time for him to leave OURS. OUR Sheriff and his deputies always have been and always will be perfectly capable of handing OUR town's police presence.

Hooker, OK

#221 Oct 9, 2013
stoppit laurie our ill go tell hampster huff on you stoppit that hurts!!!!

Hooker, OK

#222 Oct 9, 2013
please return hampster huff to wal-mart where he came from!!!hes trouble!

Since: Sep 13

Beaver, OK

#223 Oct 9, 2013
Little Webbles sure likes the "sweet-ums" word.

Yes, Mel said that. LOL

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