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Houston, TX

#78618 Aug 21, 2014
Oklahoma will eventually make it out of the 50's, it's just being delayed by numb skulls.

Houston, TX

#78619 Aug 21, 2014
Okay .... she keeps using the "It was voted by Oklahomans" .... Okay then why not just for grins and giggles put it on the ballot in plan text not hidden behind some other issue like "common law marriage" like it was last time. Place on the Ballot "SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN OKLAHOMA" vote yes or no!! SIMPLE!!! In truth??? they don't want to do that because then we will see how Oklahoma Truly feels about their Conservative Values. Fools Paradise!!

Houston, TX

#78620 Aug 21, 2014
Mary Failin is not concerned about Oklahomans or the economy. She is concerned with her own right-wing agenda. Oli and gas causes fracking, which causes earthquakes, she loves that. Gay marriage causes economic growth in the huge wedding industry, she hates that, when she has made a mockery of her own marriages.

Edmond, OK

#78621 Aug 21, 2014
While Terrorists Threaten to Behead Another Journalist, John Kerry Talks Trash to ISIS on Twitter

By Kevin Boyd 10 hours ago

Secretary of State John Kerry had harsh words for ISIS (or ISIL) in a statement to the media and on Twitter.
The tough talk comes in reaction to the beheading of American journalist James Foley. ISIS has threatened to kill another journalist, Steven Sotloff, unless the U.S. gives in to its demands.
Business Insider has more:
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the extremist Islamic group that brutally murdered an American journalist by execution would be “crushed,” echoing strong words from President Barack Obama earlier in the day.
In a heavily personal statement, Kerry mourned the death of James Foley, the journalist. He called the group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS or ISIL), the “face” of a new “evil in this world,” saying the U.S. would continue to confront ISIS “wherever it tries to spread its despicable hatred.” And he said the group must be “destroyed.”

http://www.ijreview.com/2014/08/170031-john-k... #


After President Barack Obama talked tough against ISIS on Wednesday, he immediately headed back to the golf course. As for Secretary Kerry, he just got back from the Solomon Islands where he was fighting global warming.
The White House is considering the option of wielding military action against ISIS. However, according to the Associated Press, the Obama administration may send fewer than 300 U.S. troops to Iraq to serve as military advisers.
While rhetoric is important, ISIS doesn’t care about Twitter tough talk and only understands overwhelming force. The U.S. is at war, whether the Obama administration recognizes it or not.

Houston, TX

#78622 Aug 21, 2014
Oklahoma City policeman arrested for raping at least six women while on patrol
By Reuters
Thursday, August 21, 2014 19:43 EDT

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters)– An Oklahoma City police officer was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of sexually assaulting at least six women while on patrol, police said.

Daniel Holtzclaw, a three-year veteran, was booked on charges that included rape, oral sodomy and sexual battery, Chief Bill Citty told reporters.

A lawyer for Holtzclaw was not immediately available for comment. He is being held on $5 million bond.

Police expect there may be more victims who have not yet come forward. They added that some of the suspected assaults took place as a result of traffic stops.

Houston, TX

#78623 Aug 21, 2014
The only impressive thing about this guy is how he could have possibly passed the psych evaluation and lie detector test. That's an amazing feat for an azzhole serial rapist. You KNOW he must have had problems before he was hired onto the force.

Houston, TX

#78624 Aug 21, 2014
I am beginning to think cops commit more crimes than the so-called criminals.

We just had four traffic enforcement cops in Houston who discovered to be fixing tickets, but not in the usual manner They got overtime pay for appearing in traffic court. The four cops would put down one another as "witnessing" traffic infractions so both could get paid for appearing in court. One of the investigative reporters here in town got a tip and spent hours and hours researching things and discovered a cop would be writing a ticket on a different freeway with the same exact time stamp but be listed by the another of the four involved as a "witness" on another ticket. The reporter found hundreds of those tickets. One of the guys had made $158,000 in less than three years based upon the bogus days in traffic court. The oldest of the four killed himself in the parking garage after being confronted and having his badge taken away while the investigation continued.

Then, yesterday they arrested a female city cop north of the city who was helping her boyfriend who has a rap sheet several week long, for having purchased two kilos of cocaine from an undercover and then driving a couple of blocks and passing it off to the low-life boyfriend. She had her six year old child in the car with her.

I wonder if cops commit more crimes than the general public?

Edmond, OK

#78625 Aug 21, 2014
Top Hamas Official Admits The Terrorist Group Kidnapped And Murdered Three Israeli Teenagers

By Kevin Boyd 3 hours ago

Israel and Hamas have been locked in a war in the Gaza Strip since June. One of the causes of the war has been the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens.
Israel blamed Hamas for the abductions, and a new report from Reuters appears to confirm that belief. A top Hamas official, Saleh al-Arouri, claimed responsibility for the attack, in a meeting of the International Union of Islamic Scholars in Istanbul, Turkey.
From Reuters:
“There was much speculation about this operation, some said it was a conspiracy,” Saleh al-Arouri told delegates at the International Union of Islamic Scholars in Istanbul on Wednesday, according to a recording of the meeting posted online by organizers.
“The popular will was exercised throughout our occupied land, and culminated in the heroic operation by the Qassam Brigades in imprisoning the three settlers in Hebron,” he said, referring to Hamas’s armed wing.
“This was an operation from your brothers in Qassam undertaken to aid their brothers on hunger strike in (Israeli) prisons,” he added.
This statement confirms that Hamas is responsible for the suffering that the people of Gaza have endured for the past two months.
As long as Hamas remains in power in Gaza, it will continue to launch attacks against Israel – and Israel will continue to retaliate in a vicious cycle that will result in more needless deaths.

Houston, TX

#78626 Aug 21, 2014
Another fine upstanding member of the police force and the community. He deserves all those benefits they demand as well as the right to kill, maim, rape, plant drugs on, write phoney reports about, drive recklessly with impunity and do almost anything but protect and serve for that little pension and little salary. What exactly is on that job application they fill out and what requirements? It seems you have to be a sociopath these days.

United States

#78627 Aug 21, 2014
FAKE Maddy wrote:
Study: Same Sex Marriage Ban Costing Oklahoma Millions
Posted: Aug 20, 2014 6:18 PM CDT
Updated: Aug 20, 2014 6:18 PM CDT
OKLAHOMA CITY - While the ban on same-sex marriage in Oklahoma has been ruled unconstitutional, marriage ceremonies still cannot be performed. One study by a think-tank on LGBT issues has found that could be costing the state over $20 Million.
The Williams Institute out of UCLA has conducted studies across the nation on the economic impact of same-sex marriages. Now it's conducted one for Oklahoma, and it has the owner of this bridal shop asking, what if?
"Money's not everything, but you need it to survive," said Jane Kelly, Owner of JJ Kelly Bridal.
Kelly has turned the page on the state's ban of same-sex marriage, and it's paid off.
"Often times we'll sell two dresses. We don't do that with one bride," said Kelly.
Still, Kelly can't help but wonder just how much Oklahoma is missing out on by not actually performing same-sex nuptials.
"If you get married in Bora Bora, you're going to use their florists and their caterers," said Kelly.
So at the request of equality group Freedom Oklahoma, The Williams Institute found that over 3,000 same sex couples would marry in state within the first three years of legalization, creating over 200 jobs and generating nearly $20.5 million.
"This isn't just an issue of social justice, that's an important part, but it's also an issue of what's best for the state, what's best for business," said Troy Stevenson with Freedom Oklahoma.
News 9 sent a copy of the study to Governor Fallin's office and in response her office said, "Gay marriage is illegal in Oklahoma because Oklahoma voters chose to make it so through a Constitutional amendment."
"The fact the governor wouldn't even address the ‘bad for business' argument means that she's out of touch with what's going on in this country right now and she's out of touch with Oklahomans," said Stevenson.
For Jane, it's business as usual.
"I think if they want to get married they will get married. Unfortunately they are getting married elsewhere," said Kelly.
The Oklahoma ban on same sex marriage that was ruled unconstitutional, remains in a stay until an appeal is heard at the US Supreme Court.
This thread still has the nimrod posting in other people's name used to be "justaminute" game or you guys call her Karen, lol.

Houston, TX

#78628 Aug 21, 2014
The Heartland is Gawd's country.

Houston, TX

#78629 Aug 21, 2014
Holtzclaw is on a fine career trajectory- to become a youth minister. Find Jeebus in stir, act all contrite-like and in just a few short weeks after his release, he'll be living the Xtian predator's dream.

And then run for GOP office preaching family values.

Houston, TX

#78630 Aug 21, 2014
Can we start asking the question:

"WHY do you want to be a cop?"

They answered it and still got the job.
If they flunk the IQ, flunk the metal health, and can put up with being bullied for 6 weeks, they get the job.

Then these stupid, violent, steroid abusing, assholes get to do everything they were taught to do.
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God so loves Oklahoma, a true bastion of God fearing principles.

Houston, TX

#78631 Aug 21, 2014
FakeJessup wrote:
<quoted text>
This thread still has the nimrod posting in other people's name used to be "justaminute" game or you guys call her Karen, lol.
This he/she/it is a complete fake and is a happy as a pig in SH!T.


Houston, TX

#78632 Aug 21, 2014
Can't we all get along and kiss and make up?

I loves Packing Heat who is me.........

United States

#78633 Aug 21, 2014
Yep all the fake posts sure read like a 'justaliar' post. So Karen how's it hanging?

Houston, TX

#78634 Aug 21, 2014
I loves me!!!!!!

And I commit self love!!!!!

Houston, TX

#78635 Aug 21, 2014
I has a college degree--- In baiting fish hooks----

I is a masterbaitor!!!!!

Houston, TX

#78636 Aug 21, 2014
Ace wrote:
The Heartland is Gawd's country.
Gawd dam country!!

Houston, TX

#78637 Aug 21, 2014
Ohio cop involved in fatal Walmart shooting of John Crawford allowed to return to work

Thursday, August 21, 2014 17:40 EDT

One of the officers involved in a fatal shooting of a man holding a toy rifle inside a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio earlier this month was cleared to return to work, the Dayton Daily News reported on Wednesday.

City Attorney Stephen McHugh told the Daily News that Sgt. David Darkow was allowed to resume his duties. Sean Williams, the other officer involved in the shooting of 21-year-old John Crawford. Authorities have not confirmed whether Williams fired the shot that killed Crawford on Aug. 5.

Crawford was killed when the two officers confronted him while he was holding a MK-177 (.177 caliber) BB/Pellet rifle. Another shopper reportedly phoned 911 saying Crawford was trying to load the air rifle and ignoring officers’ orders to drop it.

His girlfriend, LeeCee Johnson, said at the time that she was speaking with him on the phone when the officers approached him.

“The next thing I know, he said,‘It’s not real,’ and the police start shooting, and they said ‘Get on the ground,’ but he was already on the ground because they had shot him,” she was quoted as saying.“I could hear him just crying and screaming. I feel like they shot him down like he was not even human.”

Think Progress reported that attorney Michael Wright, who was hired by Crawford’s family, has seen the store’s surveillance camera footage of the shooting and said it proves Crawford was only holding the gun.

“The BB gun was in a down position,” Wright was quoted as saying.“He was kinda using the BB gun as what it looked like was a crutch. He was just leaning on it. And at some point, he raised it up and he was shot and killed. At no point in time was he facing the officers. At no point in time was there any type of suggestive movements or anything like that.”

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine showed the video to Wright and Crawford’s family following a demonstration by more than 100 people outside his office, but has not released it to the public, citing the ongoing investigation into the fatal encounter. DeWine said a special grand jury will convene on Sept. 3 to see if the officers will be charged.

A grand jury determined in August 2010 that Williams was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed 45-year-old Scott A. Brogli when Brogli charged at him and another officer with a “large kitchen knife.” The two officers were responding to a report that Brogli was abusing his wife. The woman fled the scene before police arrived, but Brogli’s 17-year-old son witnessed the shooting. A toxicology report determined that Brogli’s blood-alcohol level at the time was 0.163, more than twice the state legal limit.

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