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Jacksonville, AR

#77589 Aug 12, 2014
In light of bizarre KKK controversy, Fallin distances herself from Garvin County GOP bean feed

OK Democrats
OKLAHOMA CITY – Is the Ku Klux Klan on the rise in Garvin County and why would it be a topic of discussion at the Garvin County Republicans’ August 23rd “Bean Feed.”

Sure enough, Red Dirt Report received a tip this morning featuring a flyer advertising that in addition to the usual beans, cornbread and chatting about the NRA and Planned Parenthood (?), the folks down in the Pauls Valley area were going to offer “things that you may not know” about the Ku Klux Klan!!!

We weren’t sure if the flyer was real.

After getting a press release from the Oklahoma Democrats and their executive director Trav Robertson this afternoon, we called him up and asked him what he knew about this Republican-sanctioned primer on Garvin County’s friendly, neighborhood KKK.

“I have no idea,” said Robertson with a chuckle.“It is absolutely the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen. And if you go to their (GOP) Facebook page, it appears to be real.”

Robertson offered some ideas as to why Fallin might be willing to attend an event addressing this notoriously violent and racist group. Could it be due to “one-party rule” in Oklahoma and “she doesn’t have to pay attention” to these sorts of things? Or is she simply in trouble with her base and realizes “she has to do this”?

By the end of Wednesday afternoon, however, Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz (is he the governor’s spokesman or the campaign spokesman – it’s never clear) told Business Insider that Fallin would not attend the event while not admitting that the controversy about the flyer was the real reason why she would not attend.

As for the Ku Klux Klan mention in the flyer, Garvin County Republican Chairman Allie Burgin told the news website that today’s “firestorm” missed the point and that they were “misunderstood” because they were going to point out that the KKK (an odious organization praised in The Daily Oklahoman in 1924 as “courageous knights who thrilled the city”– in the same year 1,600 cases of mob violence took place) was founded by southern Democrats.

Burgin assured Business Insider and the GOP that any reference to the Kluxers would be omitted on all future flyers. Still, it wasn’t clear if they would refrain from talking about the group, which the Garvin County Republicans clearly think are worthy of discussion.


Jacksonville, AR

#77590 Aug 12, 2014
If you paid attention in history class you'd know that back when the KKK was founded the typical political platforms for the Democrats and Republicans were switched, meaning back then Democrats were Republicans and Republicans were Democrats.

Jacksonville, AR

#77591 Aug 12, 2014
Dorman plans to "get the politicians out of the classroom" with new initiative

Dorman announces his Classrooms First plan for education at Tulsa’s Democratic Party headquarters on Thursday.

TULSA, Okla.- Gubernatorial candidate Joe Dorman spoke Thursday at Tulsa County Democratic Headquarters, addressing the hot-button issue of education in his Classrooms First initiative, a plan Dorman has said will continue to be unveiled over the course of his race to the Capitol.

The initiative hinges upon Oklahoma’s once disputed Franchise Tax. Dorman is proposing the money garnered from corporate taxation be used in support of classroom instruction and materials.

The Franchise Tax previously suffered a moratorium beginning July 1, 2010. Remaining effective until July 1, 2013, corporations in the state were taxed via the Oklahoma Business Activity Tax during this time. Then, in November of 2012, Oklahomans voted to repeal the Oklahoma Business Activity tax and lift the moratorium on the Franchise Tax.

Shortly after the Franchise Tax returned to force in 2013, Dorman sought support in rerouting the money taken from the tax into a fund that would support a bond issue dedicated to the construction of storm shelters in schools across the state.

A year later and actively pursuing the state’s governorship, Dorman reaffirmed this commitment, addressing the question of whether Classrooms First would include fiscal provisions for storm shelter construction.

“That was the original plan under the first storm shelter proposal,” said Dorman.“The new petition drive does not dedicate a specific revenue stream. This proposal on education will dedicate those funds”.

The first portion of Dorman’s Classrooms First outlines an increase in classroom resources achieved by funneling the Franchise Tax funds into material gains for schools, distributed on a per-pupil basis.

“That was one of the concerns that we’ve heard from educators about that plan. They felt that the funding should go to other areas of education, and as you can see from this proposal we agree with them. We want to make sure that this is a dedicated revenue stream,” said Dorman.

Dorman further detailed in the second phase of his Classrooms First initiative how money invested in education will receive protection against future funding cuts.

Dorman’s initiative explicitly states that the per-pupil spending outlined in the first section may be reduced only in the event that the overall state budget be reduced during a loss or shortfall, and in that instance Classrooms First funding may only see reduction by the same percentage as the state budget is reduced.

United States

#77592 Aug 12, 2014
Still posting lies and spreading hate Sasquatch breath? That's it folks Karen Janbaz's life work spreading crap or making up crap and trying to get low information voters to buy the b.s. she sells each and every day.

Jacksonville, AR

#77593 Aug 12, 2014
Per-pupil spending is a key point, with Oklahoma recently ranking 44th nationwide in per pupil state spending.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education, currently chaired by State Superintendant Janet Barresi, is responsible for overseeing grants, school activity funds, and the state funding formula that Dorman cites in phase two of his initiative to ensure proper distribution of funds.

Should Dorman attain his goal of becoming governor, he plans to overhaul not just the sources of school funding, but also the measures of educational success, with an eye to replace those who measure them as well.

Speaking in regards to the recent repeal of Common Core Curriculum, Dorman expressed dissatisfaction with state testing methods.

“We’re going to have to wait and see how the lawsuit goes. Mary Fallin’s board of education along with others filed suit to block that piece of legislation from going into effect, so we will have to wait to see what the courts determine. If common core truly is repealed and we go back to the past standards it will only be for two years. The next governor will determine the standards through their board of education,” said Dorman.

Elaborating, Dorman spoke further on the issue of educational standards:

“The governor has the ability to hire and fire the state board of education through legislation that was passed about three years ago at the capitol. So, the next governor will determine which standards are used, and we have to have input from education professionals, parents, and other parties that truly are invested in education to make sure that we truly are using the appropriate standards, correct standards, age appropriate standards, that will benefit our students,” said Dorman.

“And we certainly need to get rid of these ridiculous third grade tests that we are subjecting these students to. We can do a better job on that.”

Oklahoma currently tests students in grades 3-8 using the Oklahoma School Testing Program, which is divided into the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test and the Oklahoma Modified Alternate Assessment Program used to test students with cognitive disabilities.

This year as many as 7,970 students, 15.7% of third graders tested, scored at an unsatisfactory level on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test.

Dorman believes his plan differs because of his stance on standardized testing.

“We have to reduce the number of mandates, we have to get rid of the number of high-stakes tests we’re currently facing, we certainly have to develop standards that are better suited for Oklahoma, and these will be other portions of the Classrooms First proposal as we go forward, as we unveil them through the remainder of the campaign,” said Dorman.

“We want to make sure that we have a comprehensive plan dedicated to the betterment of the educational opportunities for students, and providing better opportunities for those teachers. We need to allow more flexibility for the teachers to do their job. Essentially, we have to get the politicians out of the classroom and allow the teachers do the jobs that they’ve been trained to do,” said Dorman.

The third phase of Dorman’s plan focuses on the way in which corporations will have a direct hand in shaping a more educated future workforce, in the long term reaping the benefits of their taxation.

“Business leaders will know that their contribution is guaranteed to go to promoting education, therefore turning out a better workforce for them. It’s an investment in the future where these businesses will contribute and we’ve heard that time and again,” said Dorman.


Jacksonville, AR

#77594 Aug 12, 2014
Year in and year out we ask; exactly where are the casino dollars going and just how much is it annually? why can't we reduce the number of district? Please answer these questions for all Oklahomans. I am supporting you because our state needs fresh new direction NOT politics as usual. I pray that you walk your talk and not follow your plan because of political and public pressure.

Jacksonville, AR

#77595 Aug 12, 2014
I'd like to know where all the gambling money is going - and make sure that we do not add any single sided religion classes to our public schools

Jacksonville, AR

#77596 Aug 12, 2014
I noticed that the out of work legislator never said anything about decreasing the number of school districts we have in Oklahoma. Until someone takes the the steps to reduce the number of districts, we will never have enough money to fund this archaic system. The big money drain is the maintenance of school where twenty students attend.
Packing Heat

Jacksonville, AR

#77597 Aug 12, 2014
Right Wing Extremist Sets Fire, Shoots At Police And Firefighters

As right wing violence escalates across the country, we have have to start asking ourselves: How long before the next Oklahoma City Bombing and what are we prepared to do to stop it?

Major Jeff Cotner of the Crimes Against Persons Division said Dallas Fire-Rescue personnel responding to a trash-bin fire at Frankford and North 40th Place were fired on when a man armed with a rifle lured them into an open area. The truck was shot at least twice before they were able to drive to a wooded area and call for back up, he said.

When police arrived, the man shot at them. Officers retreated, and when they tried to tactfully approach the man, he shot at them again, Cotner said.


Police also learned that the gunman had threatened a babysitter, who retreated into a nearby home and hid in a safe place with an 8-year-old girl.

After the suspect surrendered to SWAT, they had to clear the scene of suspicious devices like propane tanks and jars filled with water that had been placed outside the home before rescuing the woman and child, Cotner said. Some of the devices had been exploded.

The as yet unidentified man reportedly called 911 and claimed to be part of the Sovereign Citizens movement, a radicalized far right group that does not recognize the United States government as a legitimate organization. The movement considers the standoff at the Bundy Ranch to be an enormous victory over the federal government and a rallying cry for violent insurrection.

This is the precise kind of threat detailed in a report that the Dept. of Homeland Security released in 2009. The right, instead of distancing itself from its radical element, threw a fit and demanded the report be retracted and apologized for. 5 years and dozens of right wing domestic attacks, murders and foiled plots later, the right has yet to apologize or lift a single finger to rein in its crazies. In fact, they’ve done the exact opposite and encouraged the anger, fear and paranoia that led to the Oklahoma City Bombing in the first place. 168 people, including 19 children, died that day because of right wing extremism run amok.
Packing Heat

Jacksonville, AR

#77598 Aug 12, 2014
After 9/11, the Bush Department of Justice terminated the Domestic Terrorism Task Force that had been created in the wake of Oklahoma City in favor of only pursuing less politically damaging foreign terrorism. It’s important to keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of domestic terrorism is explicitly right wing in nature. White Supremacy, abortion clinic protests, militias and, of course, Sovereign Citizens are, indisputably creatures of the far right.

This is the singular fact behind the right’s desperate need to pretend that there is no rapidly increasing wave of anti-government violence. The party of “personal responsibility” refuses to take any responsibility for the direct result of their constant fearmongering about the “tyrannical” government that is getting ready to take everyone’s guns and throw everyone into FEMA concentration camps at any moment!

Despite the right’s hysterical denial of reality, a study conducted by START (Study of Terrorism And Response to Terrorism) including law enforcement officials and agencies from all over the country found that:

Radical right-wing groups who refuse to recognize the authority of the federal government, like those who flocked to Bundy Ranch and now parade around the U.S.-Mexico border, represent the clearest threat to their communities, even more so than Islamic terrorists or white supremacist groups.

Obviously, law enforcement knows where the real threats to the nation are coming from and it’s not Muslims, immigrants, Commies, Obama or any of the other boogeymen the right wing have invented to scare people.

It’s the right wing itself.

It’s time to start profiling white, male, gun owning, anti-government conservative ‘Christians’ as the threat they are to the safety of the public. They consider themselves “patriots” but all they really are violent narcissistic animals. If that offends you, too bad. You should have thought of that before you allowed fear and hate to radicalize your demographic.

Jacksonville, AR

#77599 Aug 12, 2014
It’s time to start profiling white, male, gun owning, anti-government conservative ‘Christians’ as the threat they are to the safety of the public. They consider themselves “patriots” but all they really are violent narcissistic animals. If that offends you, too bad. You should have thought of that before you allowed fear and hate to radicalize your demographic.

Jacksonville, AR

#77600 Aug 12, 2014
"When police arrived, the man shot at them. Officers retreated, and when they tried to tactfully approach the man, he shot at them again, Cotner said."

Does anyone - ANYONE - think that if the shooter had been anything but white that they wouldn't have tried to "tactfully approach" him, but would have just shot him outright?

Jacksonville, AR

#77601 Aug 12, 2014
Do we know if he was white or are we just assuming he was white? If white, then yes, I agree with you :)
I think the fact they didn't shoot him tells he was white...

Jacksonville, AR

#77602 Aug 12, 2014
just like that "White" boy/teenager running around Colorado with his AR-15 on his shoulder... if he was "Black" he would already be dead... he said it's his "Right" to walk around carrying it...

Jacksonville, AR

#77603 Aug 12, 2014
Considering the two unarmed black males that have been gunned down for no reason just the past week, I would have to say this shooter was lucky to be white.

Jacksonville, AR

#77604 Aug 12, 2014
So... if this guy was a minority he wouldnt have had the option to surrender i would bet. The swat team would undoubtedly have shot him dead. Oh wait police only shoot unarmed minorities.. my mistake.

Jacksonville, AR

#77605 Aug 12, 2014
I heard on Fox News, this did not happen.

Jacksonville, AR

#77606 Aug 12, 2014
This is the face of the terror within;angry,white,paranoid,xe nophobic,christian zealots killing for jesus and"liberty",calling themselves patriots.They really took a shit on the meaning of patriot since 2008 haven't they?This sister lover gets pampered by the SWAT when they gun down a black man in walmart for handling an airsoft gun,a toy!Yet all of the open carry white trash can walk around with ar's and ak's,'Merica is fucked up.Keep voting in tealiban,teabillie,teaturds and wait for the fun to start, more hate speech and hate filled rhetoric to inflame their insane base.

Jacksonville, AR

#77607 Aug 12, 2014
“Sovereign citizen” = tea-chugging, gun-toting, conspiracy-addicted, anarchy-promoting sociopath.

Jacksonville, AR

#77608 Aug 12, 2014
Jesse wrote:
Still posting lies and spreading hate Sasquatch breath? That's it folks Karen Janbaz's life work spreading crap or making up crap and trying to get low information voters to buy the b.s. she sells each and every day.
Stupid sh!t---This is Obama BS

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