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United States

#75143 Jul 27, 2014
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Pamela • 13 hours ago

This is where the GOP needs to stand up for the American people, and Big Business has to stand down. The GOP needs to inform the American people what giving DACA to ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS does to them, the American worker. It will allow the ILLEGAL ALIEN ADULTS to have "legal temporary access" to 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 American jobs. It will in effect, STEAL 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 AMERICAN JOBS away from AMERICANS, that are already struggling to make it in their America.

Big Business does not want to lose their ILLEGAL ALIEN ADULT workers, so they probably won't mind this, but we the American U.S. CITIZENS do.

ILLEGAL ALIENS, their IMMORAL LAWLESS CULTURE, and them increasing poverty, by having babies they cannot afford is DESTROYING OUR AMERICA. They must me forced to leave, and Big Business must HIRE AMERICANS. No more DISCRIMINATING, against AMERICAN U.S. CITIZENS.
go now

Orange, CA

#75144 Jul 27, 2014
The only reason to tag your car in so you can drive it on public roads. Don't drive your car on public roads you don't need insurance. It doesn't matter hows fault it is as long as everyone that uses public carries insurance.
How are the people that currently do not have insurance, going to pay when it is required? They won't. We will have to pick up their cost. Heck why stop there, lets pay for their car insurance also or how about their house insurance or their kids collage. Where do you stop? this page welovenike.com and www.cavaliers-store.com

United States

#75145 Jul 28, 2014
TAMARA wrote:
Melissa Harris Perry says not allowing illegals in is like worst racism of civil rights struggle
MSNBC: You’re Like 1960s Racists Who Hate Black Schoolkids If You Think Illegals Should Be Deported
By Soopermexican 1 day ago
One of the more celebrated MSNBC hosts says that those who want to deport immigrants in America illegally are just as bad as the racists in the 1960s who tried to keep their schools segregated from black children.
Now there are all sorts of problems with this analogy, but at the very least, even an MSNBC host who goes on air with tampons as earrings should know the difference between an illegal immigrant and a legal citizen. Those who discriminated purely on the basis of race can’t be compared to many of us who object to our country becoming the dumping grounds for the consequences of bad governance in other nations.
She probably does know the difference, but there’s too much politically at stake to be intellectually honest on this point.
The woman is a educated idiot.

United States

#75146 Jul 28, 2014
July 27, 2014 | 06:58PM PT

NY Digital Editor

Todd Spangler

NY Digital Editor


Sarah Palin – former governor of Alaska, erstwhile candidate for VP of the U.S. and polarizing public figure – has unveiled a new subscription-based Internet TV network that promises direct access to her and her supporters.

The Sarah Palin Channel, which costs $9.95 per month or $99.95 for a one-year subscription, will feature her commentary on “important issues facing the nation,” as well as behind-the-scenes looks into her personal life as “mother, grandmother, wife and neighbor.” Palin serves as executive editor, overseeing all content posted to the channel.

“I want to talk directly to you on our channel, on my terms — and no need to please the powers that be,” Palin, who is also a Fox News contributor, said in a video announcing the channel.“Together, we’ll go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”

Palin is producing the channel in partnership with Tapp, the online-video venture formed by Jeff Gaspin, former chairman of NBCUniversal Television, and Jon Klein, former president of CNN U.S.

The conservative pol’s online network is modeled on TheBlaze, the online-video network and website that ex-Fox News host Glenn Beck launched in 2011. TheBlaze TV is now also carried on Dish Network and regional cable systems.

Subscribers to the Sarah Palin Channel will have the ability to post their own videos to the website, submit questions to her, and participate in online video chats with her and other subscribers. Active U.S. military members can subscribe free of charge, according to Tapp. The site includes a national debt ticker, and a countdown clock showing the number of days left in President Obama’s second term.

Gaspin, Klein and co-founder Michael Greer, former CTO of The Onion, announced Tapp in March 2014. The company’s first channel is Steve Arterburn’s New Life TV, hosted by the relationship counselor and radio host. According to Tapp, the Arterburn channel became profitable less than four months after launching.

Tapp investors include Discovery Communications and individuals including investment bankers Ken Moelis and Peter Ezersky. They were recently joined by Luminari Capital, a venture fund founded by Daniel Leff focused on digital video investments.

Other TV personalities that have jumped to the Internet include ex-CNN host Larry King, who now has an online talk show produced with Ora.tv, and Katie Couric, who joined Yahoo as global news anchor. Paula Deen, who lost her show on Food Network after racial comments that she made came to light, is planning to launch her own cooking channel online this fall.

I found it interesting Palin is working with former CEO of CNN and former CEO of NBC Universal Television. I know no one would have ever understood the connection of George Soros to the New Demo-cratic Party (socialists) and S.E.I.U. if Glenn Beck hadn't told the American People.

Cushing, OK

#75148 Jul 28, 2014
The Obama administration on Tuesday will publish a proposed rule that would give thousands of temporary and seasonal government workers access to the government’s health care program, even though Obamacare explicitly prohibits them from using that program.

The rule from the Office of Personnel Management would let these federal workers sign up for coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and also allow some of them to enjoy a government contribution to their insurance premiums. Both steps would be done through OPM’s proposed regulation, and not through an act of Congress.

United States

#75149 Jul 28, 2014
BuzzFeed fires Benny Johnson for plagiarism


BuzzFeed has fired Viral Politics Editor Benny Johnson after finding more than 40 instances of plagiarism, BuzzFeed's editor Ben Smith announced on Friday evening.

In an apology to BuzzFeed readers, Smith said the plagiarism is “a breach of our fundamental responsibility" and that editors were in the process of attaching an editor's note to every instance of plagiarism.

"Plagiarism, much less copying unchecked facts from Wikipedia or other sources, is an act of disrespect to the reader. We are deeply embarrassed and sorry to have misled you," Smith said.

In an internal memo to staff titled "What we're doing about plagiarism at BuzzFeed," Smith said Johnson's plagiarism was "not a minor slip" and that the decision to let Johnson go was not taken lightly.

"We should have caught what are now obvious differences in tone and style, and caught this very early on. We will be more vigilant in the future. We will also change our onboarding procedures to make sure that the high standards of training that come with our fellowship program extend to everyone who arrives at BuzzFeed — and particularly to those without a background in traditional journalism," Smith said in the memo.

The accusations of plagiarism started on Thursday when Gawker's J.K. Trotter reported that Johnson has "periodically lifted text from a variety of sources" — including Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, U.S. News & World Report — "all without credit." The instances were brought to Trotter's attention by Twitter users @blippoblappo and @crushingbort.

On Thursday, Smith said BuzzFeed had corrected the instances and defended Johnson, calling him "one of the web’s deeply original writers, as is clear from his body of work."

But soon after the same two Twitter users publicized six more instances in which Johnson lifted passages from sites like The New York Times, Wikipedia, The Heritage Foundation and National Review Online without attribution. BuzzFeed then launched an internal review.

In the memo to staff, Smith said the decision was not "a knee-jerk reaction." And in a nod to the type of new-media organization BuzzFeed is, Smith said that his firing is not a sign staff will be fired for a "small mistake or isolated error."

"We will always have a more forgiving attitude toward bold failures, innocent errors, and misfired jokes than more skittish old media organizations," Smith said.

Update (July 26, 11:15 a.m.)

Johnson apologized on Twitter Saturday morning:

"To the writers who were not properly attributed and anyone who ever read my byline, I am sincerely sorry," he wrote, linking to the editor's note about his termination.


FYI: so one mention Buzzfeed as a source regarding Israeli/Palestinian conflict I thought this might be of interest to everyone.

Edmond, OK

#75150 Jul 28, 2014
Joyce wrote:
<quoted text>
The woman is a educated idiot.
That's a given. A people vote them into office.

Edmond, OK

#75151 Jul 28, 2014
David Gregory States One of the GOP’s Toughest Problems Before Paul Ryan Gives a Fantastic Response

By Michael Hausam 19 hours ago
An extremely common criticism of the GOP’s approach to poverty is that they don’t care about the poor. David Gregory, on today’s Meet The Press, echoed this when he grilled former GOP vice presidential nominee and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan about Ryan’s recent poverty plan.
Gregory said:
It doesn’t sound there’s like a lot of sympathy for people who need the government’s help.
What you seem to be saying is that people have a problem with their own dependency here, that the government is only furthering.

The huge obstacle that conservatives have to overcome is that pointing out the problems of creating yet another government program and handing out benefits doesn’t mean there’s a lack of sympathy or care. Making a case for an alternative, one that isn’t merely symbolic, is very difficult to do.
Considering those challenges, Ryan did very well. His key points:
We don’t just want to just have a management system that perpetuates poverty.
We want to actually reduce poverty.
Existing programs sometimes encourage a disincentive to work.
Benefits and programs must be tailored to individual circumstances to really help them.
The GOP has a very difficult road trying to counter the left’s domination of social programs; not only do they need to undo the morass of existing programs, they need to also establish a narrative that counters the you-don’t-really-care criticism that Gregory – and most Democrats – will continue to bring up.

Edmond, OK

#75152 Jul 28, 2014
Obama Tries a New Leadership Tactic to Divide Americans: Guilt-Tripping and Shaming

By Michael Hausam 3 days ago

At one of his fundraising speeches yesterday, the President voiced a novel approach to leadership and the tax code:
I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong.

(U.S. companies) are essentially renouncing their American citizenship so that they can ship their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes, even as they benefit from all the advantages of being here in America.
In other words, he is trying to manipulate corporate behavior by making a distinction between the morality of an action and the legality of it with regard to the tax code. This is a new approach and not only is it absurd, it’s a clear-cut example of how the leftist administration is knee-capping business growth in the country.
To be sure, just because something is legal doesn’t make it moral. One can think of many examples, the biggest one in our history being be slavery. But applying it to the tax code has myriad problems.
The tax code by its nature is values-free. Applying an amorphous sense of morality to particular financial activities based upon how the President wants a company to behave is a completely subjective standard that makes no sense.
If paying more taxes is the correct moral choice, then any deduction or exemption is by definition immoral. For example, writing off mortgage interest is in effect stealing from the country.
There’s no standard of how much more puts a company or individual on moral ground. Is paying 10% extra tax correct? 20%? How can one possibly know?
Compliance to the massive tax code is already expensive and complicated, subjecting business to an additional layer of requirements, without any specificity and based upon value judgements, creates uncertainty which will only hurt commerce and job growth.
Scolding companies for following the law and playing the game per current rules is tyrannical behavior. An alternative approach, one that would actually benefit all Americans — and their pocketbooks — is to reduce restrictions on commerce to unleash the powers of the marketplace.

Furthermore, federal tax receipts are at all time highs so this clearly isn’t just about the money. It’s about criticizing those he doesn’t like.

Edmond, OK

#75153 Jul 28, 2014
Mexico is “Upset” About Rick Perry Sending the National Guard to Border? Good.

Mexico plays a significant role in our current border crisis, whether they want to admit it or not.

They have relaxed some of their stringent immigration laws, allowing Central Americans to transit their country on the way to our border, something they didn’t use to allow.

Their corrupt government has allowed the cartels free reign along the border region, and equally corrupt Mexican military units are even helping the cartels, providing covering fire from Mexico’s side of the border to keep the Border Patrol from interdicting the cartel’s smuggling operations.

Neither Mexico, or our own federal government, are doing anything to stem the flood of illegal immigrants and criminals invading our southern border, and Texas Governor Rick Perry has decided not to wait for President Obama and the feds to secure the border anymore. Perry is deploying up to 1,000 National Guard troops to help defend vital areas along the Texas border.

Apparently Mexico isn’t particularly thrilled with Governor Perry’s moves to secure the border though, as they have released a statement highly critical of the Governor’s plan to deploy the National Guard to the border region, according to Western Journalism.

Some members of the Mexican government have been publicly ridiculing Perry, saying his proposal for securing the border shows just how uncaring he is to the illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexico.

“Attention to the immigration phenomenon must be paid from a long-term regional perspective and based on the principles of good neighborliness and shared responsibility,” read a statement from the Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat.

The statement went on to declare that the US should keep in mind the “necessary shared responsibility among the countries of origin, transit and destination of migration flows.” The statement continued by bashing the US for supposed mistreatment of illegal immigrants, ignoring the vast amounts of taxpayer funding that is going towards caring for them, or the fact that the most danger these illegals faced was during their journey through Mexico under the “care” of cartel criminals and corrupt government officials.

Mexico should be careful making inflammatory statements, especially about perceived mistreatment of detainees or prisoners, while they are still holding Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi on trumped up gun charges.

There is a growing resentment in America towards Mexico, for still holding our Marine, and for allowing these tens, if not hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants to traverse through their country on the way to ours. This resentment is evidenced by the rapidly growing movement of people supporting a boycott against Mexico.

Mexico may want to make sure that they have all of their own ducks in a row, before they go pointing fingers and calling the US out for anything that they themselves are guilty of.

Edmond, OK

#75154 Jul 28, 2014
BREAKING: Border Patrol Agents Quit to Protest Obama’s Insane Policies

Our US Border Patrol agents are literally serving on the front lines in the ongoing border crisis invasion, and morale is suffering because they aren’t getting the support they need.

Agents are finding their hours are getting cut and their ammo is being limited. This is happening while they are constantly getting shot at by cartel criminals and corrupt Mexican military units, while being ordered to retreat if they come under attack.

Their time is spent dealing with unaccompanied children and families of illegal immigrants, sometimes catching their infectious diseases, instead of interdicting and preventing the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and terrorists across the border.

Now some Customs and Border Patrol agents are quitting, partly due to their mistreatment, but mostly in protest of the insane policies being pursued by the Obama administration, policies that run counter to the Border Patrol’s core mission.(H/T Red Flag News)

The biggest issue that Border Patrol agents are complaining about is the administration’s “catch and release” policy. It has resulted in known gang members being released into the United States, provided they have no US criminal record.

“They are confirmed either by tattoos or by self admission,” said Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the Rio Grande Valley.“But since they have no criminal record in the United States, and they happen to be minors, they’re reunited with their family in the U.S.”

Cabrera says that this catch and release policy, along with being overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children, is leading many agents to begin searching for other jobs.

“We all know that if you arrest and release, then the arrest is meaningless,” said an ICE agent who wished to remain anonymous.“We can put as many people as we want on the border, but if we’re gonna catch them, hook them up and then release them, then what good is it gonna do?”

Border Patrol agents are increasingly speaking out about the ridiculous policies that have led to the current border crisis, and they place the blame squarely upon the Obama administration.

“This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes,” read an official statement from the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

We can’t necessarily blame the Border Patrol agents for having low morale or for looking into other career options. They are being put into an increasingly untenable position, taking on an increased workload, while facing more dangers, all while having their hands figuratively tied behind their backs.

It is pretty hard for them to do their job when Obama doesn’t want them to. He doesn’t even want a Border Patrol at all. Why have agents patrolling the border when the unofficial policy is an open border, one that anyone and everyone can cross at will?

Americans need to encourage the Border Patrol agents to keep at it. They are doing a great job where they can, and if given the opportunity, could actually make great strides toward securing the border.

Jacksonville, AR

#75155 Jul 28, 2014
And the repug okie insanity goes on and on and on...

Jacksonville, AR

#75157 Jul 28, 2014
Here are Ted Nugent's and repugs pervs favorite lyrics, if you can stomach reading them.

Well, I don’t care if you’re just 13
You look too good to be true
I just know that you’re probably clean
Theres one lil’ thing I got do to you

Jailbait you look so good to me
Jailbait wont you set me free
Jailbait you look fine fine fine
I know Ive got to have you in a matter of time

It’s quite alright, I asked your mama
Wait a minute, officer
Don’t put those handcuffs on me
Put them on her, and I’ll share her with you

Jacksonville, AR

#75158 Jul 28, 2014
If you think fertilized eggs are people, but refugee kids aren't,

you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious.

Jacksonville, AR

#75159 Jul 28, 2014
Life is all about AZZ

Either covering it

Laughing it off

Kissing it

Busting it

Trying to get a piece of it

Behaving like one

Living with one.

Or voting for the Seditious Adulterous Ho Tramp AZZ who hates the okie teenager and Indians.

Jacksonville, AR

#75160 Jul 28, 2014
Oklahoma Owl Death Prompts Oil Field Investigation

Posted: Jul 28, 2014 8:39 AM CDT
Updated: Jul 28, 2014 8:39 AM CDT

One of the two barn owls rescued from an uncovered oil field tank on the Garfield-Major county line.[Photo Courtesy: Enid News & Eagle.]
One of the two barn owls rescued from an uncovered oil field tank on the Garfield-Major county line.[Photo Courtesy: Enid News & Eagle.]
FAIRVIEW, Oklahoma - Oklahoma Wildlife and Corporation Commission officials are investigating a neglected oil field where two owls were found coated in the liquid and others were found dead in an uncovered tank.
The Enid News & Eagle reports that one of the two rescue owls has died. A couple in Fairview had been rehabilitating the owls since they were discovered Tuesday.

A caregiver says the surviving owl is eating and they're watching it for signs of decline.

A commission game warden says the birds were found in a field located on the Major and Garfield County line. He says the birds got into an uncovered saltwater tank topped with oil scum.

He says it's unclear who is responsible for the tank. State and federal rules require such tanks to be covered.

Jacksonville, AR

#75161 Jul 28, 2014
Big oil and Failin will not be satisfied until all the birds and animals are dead or dying.

Jacksonville, AR

#75162 Jul 28, 2014
Big oil and Failin will not be satisfied until all the of Oklahoma are dead or dying.

Jacksonville, AR

#75163 Jul 28, 2014
Small Earthquake Rumbles In Payne County

Posted: Jul 27, 2014 7:30 PM CDT
Updated: Jul 27, 2014 7:30 PM CDT

A small earthquake rumbled near the town of Yale, Okla., Sunday evening.

The 3.2 magnitude quake struck around 5:20 p.m. The epicenter of the earthquake was located seven miles west, northwest of Yale, or about 59 miles northeast of the Oklahoma City metro, at a depth of less than two miles.

No injuries or damage have been reported with this quake.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 2.5 to 3.0 are generally the smallest ones felt by humans. Damage is more likely with quakes 4.0 and ab

Jacksonville, AR

#75164 Jul 28, 2014
Oklahoma, United States has had:(M1.5 or greater)

2 earthquakes today
17 earthquakes in the past 7 days
94 earthquakes in the past month
871 earthquakes in the past year

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