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Memphis, TN

#72900 Jul 9, 2014
KY boy raped by pastor church had hired because God ‘forgave’ past sex crimes: police

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 15:06 EDT

Officials at a Kentucky church said this week that they knew their pastor was a registered violent sex offender when they hired him, and now he’s facing more charges for repeatedly raping a 14-year-old member of the congregation.

The Gallatin Police Department said in a statement this week that 46-year-old Pastor Roy Neal Yoakem had been arrested Monday on charges of aggravated statutory rape, sexual battery by an authority figure, statutory rape by an authority figure and fugitive from justice, The Tennessean reported.

Yoakem is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy once inside New Gospel Outreach Church in Scottsville, Kentucky, and once at his home in Gallatin, Tennessee.

The pastor had been required to register as a violent sex offender after being found guilty in 2005 of abusing an 8-year-old boy in Kentucky.

“If (a convicted sex offender) has a secondary address or if they spend a certain amount of time a month in the state, they have to register here,” a statement from Gallatin Police Department spokesperson Bill Storment explained. So, his primary residence is in Kentucky, but the Gallatin residence is considered his secondary address.”

New Gospel Outreach Church Interim Pastor Stephen Bratcher told WZTV that he was “shocked” to hear of the allegations, even though church leaders knew Yoakem was a registered sex offender when they hired him.

Bratcher asserted that the church had determined that the previous allegations of sexual assault were false.

“Kentucky State Police was contacted, Kentucky Attorney General’s Office was contacted,” Bratcher said.“You know, about the legality, and they — the troopers over at the Bolling Green post — said that they contacted the sex offenders branch, and they said there’s nothing illegal about it.”

He added that he was “not in a position to judge anyone.”

“We’re firm believers in the Bible so if God’s forgiven you, then we’re in no position to treat you otherwise,” Bratcher explained to WBKO last month.

Storment said that the Gallatin Police Department was investigating the possibility that more children were victimized.

“We are not aware of any additional victims at this time, but because of his position of authority in a church certainly if someone becomes aware or suspicious that their child might be a victim, then we need to talk to them,” Storment noted.

Yoakem was extradited to Sumner County Jail where he was being held on $250,000 bond.

Memphis, TN

#72901 Jul 9, 2014
From deepest, darkest 'Murka come the savages....

''god forgave him''. Religions, scheesh...

Memphis, TN

#72902 Jul 9, 2014
religion = stupid=republicans

Memphis, TN

#72903 Jul 9, 2014
How The Humanitarian Crisis At The Border Is Turning Into A Disaster For The GOP

Right now, the conservative media is drooling over the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. It’s not immigration! It’s invasion! It’s all Obama’s fault all these kids are bringing their filthy disease to our country! Etc. Etc. It’s the perfect story to rile up the base ahead of the midterms and the demagoging is about to ramp up to a fever pitch now that President Obama has asked for $4 billion from Congress to deal with it:

WASHINGTON — President Obama is requesting almost $4 billion in emergency funding from Congress to confront an immigration crisis from a wave of unaccompanied children surging across the southern border of the United States, White House officials said Tuesday.

The financial request, which is almost twice the amount officials had previously signaled might be necessary, would boost spending on border patrol agents, immigration judges, aerial surveillance, and new detention facilities. Nearly half of the money would be used to improve care for the children while they are moved through the deportation process.

The GOP already wants to use this issue to hammer Obama. The chances of them giving him the money to fix it is pretty much zero. They’ll find all kinds of excuses and make all kinds of demands but it won’t matter what the president offers, they’ll still say “Hell no you can’t!” And then they’ll try to blame him for it.

The problem with this short sighted strategy is that the right wing media will have exactly zero control over their base. Already, the visual of a mob of angry white people in Texas California screaming “USA! USA! USA!” at a busload of Latino children and the people supporting them is deeply imprinted on the mind of Latino voters. Hell, one of these rabid bigots “patriots” actually spit in the face of a popular Mexican musician with 798,000 followers on Twitter:

Yeah, THAT’S going to work wonders on the Latino vote. And essentially calling a bunch of kids disease ridden vermin? Why ever would Latinos think that right wingers are racist pigs?

As long as Obama makes every effort to deal fairly with these children, preferably by reuniting them with their families here or, at the very least, not sending them back into harm’s way in the countries they are fleeing, he’s going to come out looking like the reasonable one. Meanwhile, the GOP, wallowing in the intense racism of its base, will continue to look like what it is: The party of angry white bigots.

Keep appealing to the hate of your base GOP, you’re doing great!

Memphis, TN

#72904 Jul 9, 2014
Keep appealing to the hate of your base GOP, you’re doing great!

Memphis, TN

#72905 Jul 9, 2014
Rethugs are insane.


#72908 Jul 10, 2014
Arab-mesulmane in France won the pot with an average of 21,03 / 20
watch the video.
Packing Heat

Claremore, OK

#72909 Jul 10, 2014
SPRING, Texas (AP)— Another Liberal father from Texas [like the ones that post on Topix] opened fire at a suburban Houston home Wednesday, killing four of his children as well as two adults who were with them, and critically wounding his 15-year-old daughter, authorities said.

The teenager was able to call 911 and later warned deputies that her father planned to go to her grandparents' home to kill them, said Deputy Thomas Gilliland of the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The suspected gunman eventually surrendered after a three-hour standoff with deputies who had cornered him in a nearby cul-de-sac.

The sheriff's department said precinct deputy constables were called to the house in the northern Houston suburb of Spring about 6 p.m. Wednesday and found two adults and three children dead. Another child later died at a hospital.

Killed were two boys, ages 4 and 14; two girls, ages 7 and 9; a 39-year-old man; and a 33-year-old woman, said Gilliland. The gunman and his wife are estranged, and she was out of state, Gilliland said. Two of the dead children were adopted, he said.
Packing Heat

Claremore, OK

#72910 Jul 10, 2014
A message for all you LIBTARDS and PROGRESSIVES...

Why don't you try to concentrate on your existing president, Barrack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) his flaws, his agenda, his law-breaking, the nature of his executive actions, etc. instead of constantly whining and crying about past presidents?

Don't you think that would be more productive and better for the country and save you some crying tissues?

Jonesboro, AR

#72913 Jul 10, 2014
Repugs are such insanity types.

Wonder who reads Packy Lizards rants?

Wonder why these repugs are such racists?

Is insanity a okie trait?

yes, to all
Doc Jones

Jonesboro, AR

#72914 Jul 10, 2014
100 Faith Leaders Urge Obama Not To Allow Exemption From LGBT Bias Rule

On Tuesday, President Obama received a letter from 100 religious clergy, theologians and faith leaders urging him not to allow religious exemptions in a forthcoming executive order that would prohibit federal contractors from using hiring policies that discriminate against those in the LGBT community.

In June, Obama had announced his intention to protect LGBT Americans who work for federal contractors with an executive order. When religious organizations heard this, some began to put pressure on the administration to excuse faith groups with government contracts from the order. Those organizations felt that because some faiths do not yet fully embrace LGBT equality, they should have the option to opt out while still being able to use federal funds. However, the 100 religious signers behind Tuesday’s letter countered this position and insisted that the government maintain a high standard of ethics and inclusiveness – especially since taxpayer money is involved.

The letter stated:

“As faith and civic leaders dedicated to affirming the sacred dignity and equal worth of every person, we are grateful for your upcoming executive order ending discrimination against LGBT people in hiring by federal contractors.We urge you not to include a religious exemption in the executive order. In keeping with the principle that our government must adhere to the highest standards of ethics and fairness in its own operations, we believe that public dollars should not be used to sanction discrimination.”

“Furthermore, if selective exemptions to the executive order were permitted, the people who would suffer most would be the people who always suffer most when discrimination is allowed: the individuals and communities that are already marginalized.”[source]

A few of the letter’s signers were Very Rev. Gary Hall, Dean of the Washington National Cathedral, Bishop Melvin Talbert of the United Methodist Church, and Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary in New York City – all prominent Christian voices and clergy. Also among the signers were four members of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships along with five members of a presidential taskforce to reform the office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

One of the signers, Bishop Gene Robinson – the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church – said in a press release:

“It is not right for any person or any corporation to use their religious beliefs, no matter how sincerely held, to trample the rights and beliefs of others. Nothing could be more contrary to the Golden Rule, articulated in every world religion.”[source]

The Tuesday letter to the president is a direct counterpoint to the several letters from faith leaders that favor the religious exemption. On June 25th, 140 conservative religious leaders requested that President Obama allow the exemption to help groups who “simply desire to utilize staffing practices consistent with their deep religious convictions.” Just a few days later, another group of 14 Christian leaders sent a letter to the president about allowing faith groups to ignore his executive order.

Despite the efforts of these conservative religious leaders, progressive people of faith are firm in their opposition to a religious exemption. Last week, Faithful America – a Christian online advocacy group – posted an online petition blasting the exemption. The petitioned gained over 30,000 signatures by people of faith.

This support for equality, in addition to the letter sent to the president on Tuesday, reflects the increasingly pro-LGBT attitude of the general public. According to a June poll by the First Amendment Center, the majority of Americans are not conflicted between recognizing same-sex marriages and “religious freedom.”

Jonesboro, AR

#72915 Jul 10, 2014
The letter stated:

“As faith and civic leaders dedicated to affirming the sacred dignity and equal worth of every person, we are grateful for your upcoming executive order ending discrimination against LGBT people in hiring by federal contractors.We urge you not to include a religious exemption in the executive order. In keeping with the principle that our government must adhere to the highest standards of ethics and fairness in its own operations, we believe that public dollars should not be used to sanction discrimination.”

This dos not apply to Oklahoma.

Okies are to insane and stupid to understand this

Packing heat will explain this to the ignorant.

Jonesboro, AR

#72916 Jul 10, 2014
Do Conservatives Even Believe All The Lies They Tell Anymore?

Talk to a conservative for a few minutes and you will hear them lie about something. I wish I could say that they don’t know that they’re lying but it’s getting harder and harder for me to give them the benefit of the doubt. Here’s a good example:

right wing propaganda

“Equal at the starting line?” Would this be why conservatives are so against food stamps, Medicaid, desegregated schools and affirmative action? Because everyone knows that if you’re born into crushing poverty, you clearly have the same chance of succeeding as a rich kid. Or even a middle class kid. Sounds legit!

The reality is that conservatives, who are overwhelmingly white, hate hate HATE the idea of a level playing field. Anything that might create such a thing is anathema. Also, anything that suggests that the playing field isn’t already level is an outrage. This is why they get so berserk when liberals bring up White Privilege. The very idea that conservatives have any kind of advantage over minorities undermines their deeply held belief that they are the superior race person.

This deep seated fear of a level playing field is why the right wing is currently freaking out so badly. The closer the country gets to being a minority majority (meaning that white people will make up less than 50% of the total population), the closer white people get to losing the many unearned perks they get just for being white. It’ll take more than that to end White Privilege but it will signal an inevitable end.

The problem is, for conservatives, is that it’s really hard to admit, even to themselves, that they are quite happy with the status quo of minorities getting the shaft. Well, some of them have trouble admitting that. Others pretty much revel in that inequality. They tend to fly Confederate flags and pine for the “good ol’ days.” But don’t call them racist. They hate that.

The solution for the rest is to lie through their teeth. Or at least sink so deeply into cognitive dissonance that they can claim to want everyone to be equal at the starting line while doing everything humanly possible to make sure that never happens. Who do they think they’re kidding? More and more, the answer seems to be: No one. Not even themselves.

Jonesboro, AR

#72917 Jul 10, 2014
right wing propaganda

“Equal at the starting line?” Would this be why conservatives are so against food stamps, Medicaid, desegregated schools and affirmative action? Because everyone knows that if you’re born into crushing poverty, you clearly have the same chance of succeeding as a rich kid. Or even a middle class kid. Sounds legit!

We are sitting at the starting line.

My GTO is equal to your Model T.

How equal at the finish line?

Will the rabbit beat the turtle?

I know that 100% of the time that I will win. Preordained.

Jesus wanted me to win!!!!

If you ain't got money, than f"ckoff.

By an insane Okie.

United States

#72918 Jul 10, 2014
National conservative election integrity organization True The Vote has asked a federal judge to issue a restraining order against the Mississippi Republican Party, alleging that the state GOP may be engaged in the destruction of evidence of alleged voter fraud from the June 24 GOP primary runoff.

“Defendant county commissioners have continued to violate federal law by preventing access to election records. Now, we think we know why,” True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht said in a statement.“If the affidavits we now have regarding the destruction of election documents and other similarly stunning findings are true, then no Mississippian, no American, can trust the results of this election.”

In a release True The Vote sent to press Wednesday evening, Engelbrecht’s organization said it possessed dozens of signed affidavits “containing stunning evidence of election subversion,” including the “destruction of voters’ absentee ballot applications and mandatory envelopes” and “illegal alteration of poll books.” The release also says the affidavits will walk through how supporters of Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) have helped destroy evidence related to “cross-over and double voting” and “absentee ballots marked ‘accepted’ but unopened,” among other forms of alleged voter fraud.

“Based on all we have seen—and all we have not been allowed to see—we now believe that unless the Court steps in, illegal voting will go unchallenged, voters’ rights will be diluted, voters’ trust will be violated—and an unlawful and inaccurate election may be certified by the State of Mississippi,” Engelbrecht said.

True The Vote’s motion was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi in Jackson. The organization published the motion online. Breitbart News has reached out to True The Vote for more information on the contents of the affidavits.


Mississippi GOP chairman Joe Nosef responded to the allegations by attacking True The Vote's reputation in an emailed statement to Breitbart News.

“My initial reaction is I thought it was a headline from The Onion,” Nosef said in an email.“Now I see how this group has earned their awful reputation.”


Thad Cochran is a establishment republican like John McCain and McCain supported him both need to be retired and put out to pasture preferably far away from animals and small children.

United States

#72919 Jul 10, 2014
Sen. Thad Cochran's campaign manager, Kirk Sims, has been replaced by his state director Brad Davis, according to a GOP source close to the campaign.

The source, who has first-hand knowledge of the information from speaking to campaign officials, also said the campaign has retained the legal firm Butler Snow for unknown reasons.

Sims, a former chief of staff to Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, leaves his campaign manager post having won a bitter primary fight against odds but also amid allegations of vote-buying and other improprieties that have engulfed the election's outcome in acrimony.

Noel Fritsch, a spokesman for Cochran's primary challenger Chris McDaniel, who is reviewing ballots for irregularities and has vowed to challenge the election results in court, said the personnel change showed “Cochran's campaign is in a state of wild disarray.”

“Sen. Cochran should return to Mississippi and take control of his campaign by addressing the allegations of criminal misconduct surrounding his campaign’s strategy of pushing Democrats to the polls on June 24,” Fritsch added.

Cochran’s campaign spokesman Jordan Russell has not responded to an emailed request for comment on the matter, and a voicemail left for Davis on Wednesday was not returned. The Clarion-Ledger reported that Sims would stay on the campaign as an adviser.

While it’s unclear if Sims resigned, was scheduled to leave already, or was fired, he was named in late June by a Democrat and self-proclaimed pastor the Rev. Stevie Fielder in Meridian, MS, as being part of the Cochran campaign’s alleged effort to pay black Democrats cash to vote for Cochran in the runoff.

Fielder, who was paid by freelance journalist Charles Johnson for text messages he exchanged with a contact identified in Fielder's phone as Cochran campaign staffer Saleem Baird, alleges that Cochran’s team gave him envelopes of cash to distribute $15 payments to each black voter who would vote for Cochran. Fielder said Baird, Sims, and a woman named “Amanda” discussed the alleged vote-buying scheme with him.

Cochran’s campaign has denied the allegations, and several community leaders, including the pastor of his church, cast doubt on his credibility.

Meanwhile, Amanda Shook—another Cochran campaign staffers—has been tied up in another issue with regard to how the Cochran campaign disbursed $53,000 to her in cash as reimbursments for paying campaign workers. FEC regulations do not allow reimbursements to campaign staffers for that purpose, and campaign officials admitted they “screwed up” and would be amending the reports.

Roll Call reported last year that when Cochran was looking for a campaign manager for this cycle, Mississippi political establishment figures lined up to endorse Sims for the job. Roll Call’s Kyle Trygstad reported that Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS)—Sims’ father-in-law—and former Gov. Haley Barbour and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott each personally called Cochran to encourage him to hire Sims.

“I welcome Kirk Sims to my campaign team, and appreciate his willingness to serve as campaign manager,” Cochran said in a statement then.“Kirk has demonstrated a commitment to the interests and the values of the citizens of Mississippi. His background and experience are consistent with my principles. He will be instrumental in the effort to engage and unite the people of our state in a discussion about Mississippi’s bright future.”

Johnson first reported Sims' replacement as campaign manager.


Thad Cochran should resign it's clear he has a corrupt campaign organization and it's rotten from the head down.

Edmond, OK

#72920 Jul 10, 2014
20 Reasons Obama’s Line About Not Being ‘Interested in Photo-Ops’ is Knee-Slapper of the Century
2,156 Shares By Justen Charters 10 hours ago
Today in a national address, President Obama decided to respond to calls from Republicans and even some fellow Democrats urging him to visit the southwestern border in Texas. Obama said:
“This isn’t theater… This is a problem. I’m not interested in photo-ops. I’m interested in solving a problem.”
Unfortunately for Obama, his remark has more comedic value than any element of truth. So here are 20 reasons his “not interested in photo-ops” comment is the knee-slapper of the century.
1. This photo-op of Senator Obama dancing with Ellen DeGeneres.

2. That time he went to George Clooney’s mansion for a $40,000 a plate dinner fundraiser. Say cheese!

3. This classy selfie he took at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

4. This candid shot with Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney and her trademark “not impressed face.”

5. When Obama posed with Jay-Z acting out a dance move from the rapper’s hit song “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.”

6. Shaking the hand of former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

7. Hanging out with Lebron James at the White House and being given a customized Obama jersey.

8. His photo-op in Afghanistan looking through a pair of military grade binoculars.

9. Posing behind a famous painting by Rembrandt on his visit to the Netherlands.

10. When he honored Rosa Parks on Twitter by posting a picture of himself on the bus Rosa sat on.

11. Giving Jimmy Kimmel props after the White House Correspondents Dinner.

12. Slow-jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon.

13. When he kicked a soccer ball to a robot in Japan.

14. The selfie he took in the presidential limo with Joe Biden.

15. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at a pub in Washington.

16. Playing ping pong with England’s Prime Minister David Cameron.

17. Posing with the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in 2009.

18. Acting out the Heisman pose after giving the Air Force football team the Commander-in-Chief trophy.

19. With children from Newtown prior to the memorial service being held for the victims of the tragedy.

20. And of course, hitting the links.

Not only does President Obama do “photo-ops,” but he uses them to distract Americans from issues he doesn’t want them to mobilize on – from the VA scandal to the Taliban 5 trade.
And not only does he do them a lot, he even makes absurd comments about photo-ops to distract us from “phony scandals” and issues of his own creation – like the border crisis.

Edmond, OK

#72921 Jul 10, 2014
Jonsey wrote:
Repugs are such insanity types.
Wonder who reads Packy Lizards rants?
Wonder why these repugs are such racists?
Is insanity a okie trait?
yes, to all
I am guessing you do since you seem to disagree and keep trying to discorrect what he post.

All I am reading from you and your many posting names is name calling with nothing of importance to say.

Edmond, OK

#72922 Jul 10, 2014
WarForOil wrote:
<quoted text>
You're so right. Every school should be able to provide as much junk food
as the little tikes can hold. Each kid needs to be 'well rounded'.
If the kids want chicken nuggets every day they should have them.
Thanks for bring this important issue to light.
Look for that Pulitzer soon.
I am sure you have no idea what all schools serve but along with proper eating habits at school it needs to be done at home along with getting the kids away from TVS and Electronic games. You know getting more activities like exercise in their rountine.

Jonesboro, AR

#72923 Jul 10, 2014
Since conservatives are too stupid to recognize their own stupidity and we have to share a country with them, best to let them know they are stupid.

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