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OK Health Care Freedom Amendment, State Question 756

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 11, 2010

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Sherwood, AR

#62839 Mar 5, 2014
After my first shot, I had this tremendous urge to start handling serpents...

Sherwood, AR

#62840 Mar 5, 2014
They have the worst HEALTHCARE laws in the country. This is the place where you doctor can LIE to you if he thinks that telling you the truth about your health or your pregnancy might cause you to choose an abortion, without having to pay for the malpractice. If you die, your man might be able to sue, but only then.

Sherwood, AR

#62841 Mar 5, 2014
Is this a joke?- Or is it that Oklahoma is just that stupidly gullible they would allow a quack like this to "practice"?

Sherwood, AR

#62842 Mar 5, 2014
It's the old con, if you still feel pain then you aren't a true Christian and don't believe in God so you're going to hell. It's a miracle, the pain went away. It's a variant on the Emperor's New Clothes.

Sherwood, AR

#62843 Mar 5, 2014
It's called the "Jesus Shot" because in Oklahoma people just wouldn't line up for the "Satan Shot".... Quack, quack, quack, quack!

Sherwood, AR

#62844 Mar 5, 2014
Why am I not surprised. After all, it's Oklahoma.

Sherwood, AR

#62845 Mar 5, 2014
This is really no surprise- if you're a Christian sheep and live in a fantasy world, then "Jesus Juice" makes perfect sense. However, wait until the faithful find out it's really Krokodil.

Edmond, OK

#62846 Mar 5, 2014
Lisa wrote:
Oklahoma’s ‘Dr. Mike’ allowed to continue injecting miraculous ‘Jesus shot’ for $300 a pop
A man known as “Dr. Mike” in Edmond, Oklahoma is being questioned by the community about the ingredients of what he calls a “Jesus shot.”
The full name of “Dr. Mike” is John Michael Lonergan, and in 2005 he had his license to practice medicine revoked in Ohio after he was convicted of eight felony counts of tax evasion, mail fraud and health care fraud. After he was released from prison,“Dr. Mike” moved to Oklahoma, which granted him a license to practice medicine on a provisional, supervised basis.
According to News 9,“Dr. Mike” has been injecting local residents with something he calls the “Jesus shot,” which allegedly cures all pain for life. At his clinic, he has been charging people $300 per “miracle injection.”
Last month, one Oklahoma resident curious about “Dr. Mike” posted about him in a forum devoted to “outing people who falsely claim military service.”
“Nobody knows anything about this guy,” she wrote,“but he claims that he is a Former Special Forces Doctor and him and another Special Forces Doctor developed a serum for the military called Jesus Juice and it has been used in the military for years and it cures any ailment.”
“This ‘Dr. Mike’ is traveling around my town charging people $200 for this miracle shot that he developed for the military,” she continued.“Some of the oilfield companies are actually paying this guy to come to their work and explain this shot to the workers and letting this man charge their employees $300 to inject them with this [expletive].”
According to this resident, the only information about the contents of “Jesus juice” that “Dr. Mike” provided to those he injected was an assurance that they “could still pass a drug test” afterwards.
News 9 contacted the office of “Dr. Mike” and asked,“Why is it called the ‘Jesus shot’?”
A receptionist responded that she doesn’t “know why ‘Dr. Mike’ calls it that,” and that News 9 “would have to sit down for a consultation with him [because] I do not know what the formula is.”
The Oklahoma Medical Board terminated its supervisory agreement with “Dr. Mike” in March of last year, News 9 reports, but the terms of that agreement allowed him to continue to practice medicine, unsupervised, for another 12 months.
Why would anyone in their right mind trust a person like Dr. Mike? Why would Oklahoma license this man?
Dr Jones

Sherwood, AR

#62847 Mar 5, 2014

A heroin substitute that has recently become an epidemic in Russia. Its popularity is thought to be due to the price; up to ten times cheaper than heroin itself and possible to concoct at home. The recipe is readily available on the internet and is cooked up in the kitchens of users before being injected into the arm, groin etc. The high lasts for a much shorter time than most of its opiate cousins; about two hours maximum. This means the user spends most of their day cooking and hardly ever sleeps as a new hit is needed so often. The injection sites become green and scaly, giving the drug its nickname of "crocodile" (or "krokodil" in Russian). Ingredients include over the counter codeine, paint-thinner and match heads. It is the impurities from these that cause the awful side effects which include severe and fast acting gangrene, haemorrhaging, rupture of arteries (often in the heart itself) and widespread necrosis or rotting of the flesh. It is considered to be one of the most addictive and dangerous opiates out there, killing most of its users within one year. Unlike heroin, krokodil causes withdrawal symptoms so severe that a user going cold turkey must be given powerful tranquillisers to prevent them passing out from the pain. This makes coming off the drug so unappealing that addicts will often watch their skin rot away from the bones rather than face sobriety.

Sherwood, AR

#62848 Mar 5, 2014
Oklahoma lawyer arrested for duping inmate into trading sex for ‘representation’

An Oklahoma City attorney was arrested and accused of coercing a local county prisoner into performing sexual acts after tricking her into thinking he was representing her.

KOCO-TV reported on Wednesday that 69-year-old Frank Kirk was arrested following a sting operation involving the unidentified woman. He was reportedly caught smuggling a sex toy, a cell phone and a lubricant into Oklahoma County jail to bring to the woman.

Kirk had allegedly been contacted to serve as the woman’s lawyer three months ago, but never filled out the proper paperwork to become her attorney of record. However, instead of informing her of that, he allegedly told her she could repay him with the sex acts instead of with money.

The woman did not learn about Kirk’s alleged deception until she was contacted on Monday by the county public defender’s office to tell her it had reached a plea agreement for her drug charges.

The Oklahoman reported that Kirk allegedly told the woman to expose herself, touch him inappropriately and masturbate in front of him over the course of six different visits during the three-month period.

Kirk is accused of five counts of offering to engage in acts of lewdness and possessing a cellphone in a penal institution.
Packing heat

Sherwood, AR

#62849 Mar 5, 2014
Isn't that what constitutes legal marriage in Oklahoma?

Cushing, OK

#62850 Mar 5, 2014
Lisa wrote:
Voters unseat Texas GOP judge who violently beat teenage daughter in viral video

A Texas family court judge lost his seat in TuesdayÂ’s primary election nearly three years after his daughter posted video of him beating her with a belt.

Aransas County Attorney Richard Bianchi narrowly defeated Judge William Adams in the Republican primary election, according to unofficial vote counts.

The 53-year-old Adams had not faced an opponent since he was elected in the 2002 GOP primary.

His daughter posted a video in 2011 that she had secretly recorded seven years earlier, when she was 16 years old, that showed her father whipping her with a belt as he berated and threatened her over illegally downloaded computer files.

He was suspended from the bench in 2012 after state officials ruled that the videotaped beating showed actions that were not becoming of a judge.

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct also ruled that his actions had cast doubt on his ability to be impartial, particularly in family law cases, but said he was still a good judge.

Lawyers told investigators they thought Adams was fair, even if they did not always like his courtroom demeanor.

Cases that involved allegations of physical violence against children were transferred to another court since Adams was suspended.
About time.

Rowlett, TX

#62865 Mar 6, 2014
DoesntMatter wrote:
The White House confirmed Wednesday that it will allow people to keep insurance plans that don't comply with the Affordable Care Act until at least 2017, after President Obama has left office.

When nearly 4.7 million individual policies were cancelled last fall,
at around the same time the administration rolled out the infamously glitchy Healthcare.gov website. Taken together, the cancellations and the website's failure to enroll people in new health insurance plans, the Democratic party has been dealing with what is now going on a six-month long PR nightmare.
Did something happen last fall. That's too long ago for the
American voter to care. No one I know experienced any problem
when using with the website and enrollment is an accomplished

There's no PR nightmare except among the hate-wing.

Rowlett, TX

#62866 Mar 6, 2014
Packing Heat wrote:
"""There is no right to say Merry Christmas.
But you may say it all you want and fart in public too."""

I do both all the time.
And there you have it. That's why it's so easy to
spot/smell a true Okie. Crowds generally give them space.
And now it's clear why Okie prefer windy places like

Edmond, OK

#62870 Mar 6, 2014
WarForOil wrote:
<quoted text>
And there you have it. That's why it's so easy to
spot/smell a true Okie. Crowds generally give them space.
And now it's clear why Okie prefer windy places like
The PH comment you posted to is listed as The United States. No proof this PH [An Idiot] is from Oklahoma. It could be from Texas.

Coming to your Fair State Soon. I like your people but I don't see that you all are any better than anyone else.

Have a Great Day!

Quitman, AR

#62871 Mar 6, 2014
Directions to find Texas from the Great North West Arkansas:

Travel due South till you smell it, Than due West till you step in it.

Greenbrier, AR

#62872 Mar 6, 2014
Return of El Nino Could Bring Rain, Heat, Misery

The infamous El Niño weather pattern, which can trigger droughts and flooding in some regions, could make a comeback this year.

Government forecasters issued an alert Thursday saying there’s a 50 percent chance that warming El Niño conditions will develop during the summer or autumn — potentially bringing rain to drought-stricken California and the South, as well as fewer hurricanes along the East Coast and higher temperatures across the globe.

The last El Niño watch was in 2012, although it fizzled out unexpectedly, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

But when the weather phenomenon struck in 1997-98, it was blamed for all sorts of calamities, from devastating floods in South America to droughts in Southeast Asia.

The El Niño cycle can take up to seven years to develop as weak trade winds allow warmer water from the Pacific to move east as part of a climate event that usually sticks around nine months to a year.

The unusual weather may also exacerbate rising global temperatures and wreak havoc on food supplies, experts say.

“This could be a substantial event and I think we’re due,” Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, told The Associated Press.“And I think it could have major consequences.”

He warned that if this next El Niño proves to be a strong one, global temperatures could hit record high territory in 2015.

Since: Mar 14

Location hidden

#62878 Mar 7, 2014
CitizenTopix wrote:
The Oklahoma Health Care Freedom Amendment is on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the state of Oklahoma as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.
The measure is in response to potential federal health care provisions, and would allow residents to get out of any health care mandates. As a result, the proposal, if enacted, would categorize a law that would require residents, employers or health care providers to participate in any health care system unconstitutional.
How will you vote on November 2nd?
So What

Newalla, OK

#62879 Mar 7, 2014
Maddy wrote:
The first amendment to the US constuition( and last time I looked this is the USA) guarantees freedom of religion so why does this state need to pass a law that the law of the land guarantees
Oklahoma (a welfare state) wants to prove they are more godly than all the other states by adopting stupid laws that will only be shot down by federal courts, so they can waste tax payers money grandstanding in the supreme court.

Oklahoman complains about Washington spending to much money while holding their hands out for more welfare help, then sticking it in their pockets that are full of holes.

Until Oklahoma doesn't add to the deficit by taking more than they put in, they should stop acting like they aren't part of the problem.

Cushing, OK

#62880 Mar 7, 2014
So What wrote:
<quoted text>Oklahoma (a welfare state) wants to prove they are more godly than all the other states by adopting stupid laws that will only be shot down by federal courts, so they can waste tax payers money grandstanding in the supreme court.

Oklahoman complains about Washington spending to much money while holding their hands out for more welfare help, then sticking it in their pockets that are full of holes.

Until Oklahoma doesn't add to the deficit by taking more than they put in, they should stop acting like they aren't part of the problem.
Couldn't agree more. Democrats pretending to be republicans.

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