Death Of 16-Year-Old Girl Seventh At ...

Death Of 16-Year-Old Girl Seventh At Beaver Dam High

There are 38 comments on the and WTMJ-TV story from Sep 16, 2008, titled Death Of 16-Year-Old Girl Seventh At Beaver Dam High. In it, and WTMJ-TV reports that:

A traffic crash has taken another young life in Dodge County. BEAVER DAM - A traffic crash has taken another young life in Dodge County.

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what a world

Beaver Dam, WI

#22 May 14, 2009
I have kids in the Beaver Dam school and I call my son and daughters cell phone every time I hear the ambulance going out, I can't imagine her parents pain but for the friends of Dom I think you should take a step back and think befor you shoot your' mouths off, He took this girls life and DOESNT have remourse, we hear different stories everyday and for some reason I had a bad feeling with the attitude this Dom has that he will end up killing another person in a car wreck..God bless the parents whom lost such a wonderful daughter, The truth will be heard and Dom will have to answer to the man upstairs..

Beaver Dam, WI

#23 Oct 2, 2009
how can you all sit back and say that he has no remourse?? do you talk to him every day? and even if he told you all how he really felt you wouldnt with dominick every day...i no more than anybody how bad he feels. and yes marie if it makes you feel better sometimes he does cry himself to sleep. none of you know what hes going through rite now because none of you take the time to listen to HIM. and dominick does talk to me about it alot actually and i know it kills him inside to know what happend. you all can say he has no guilt, but thats cuz you all dont know him, and dont care enough to find out the truth

Milwaukee, WI

#24 Oct 10, 2009
He didn't "murder" her, it was an accident. They were probably both getting a thrill from the high speeds. Teenagers are not experienced enough in life and feel they are invincible. This ended a life tragically. I do not feel he should be charged in her murder, I think what this will do to him for the rest of his life will probably be worse than a prison term. If I were the girl's parent, I may feel the same way, but over a period of years I would have realized I was wrong, especially if this young boy were to commit suicide as he couldn't deal with what had happened. It gets me how all these people have all these opinions on what should happen. God is the ultimate judge, not you!
Dylan Turner wrote:
I knew Kristian for a few years and she didnt deserve to die. i hope that Dom gets the full punishment for what he did. As for Kristian may she rest in peace. i will have her name writin all over my 2002 gmc sierra. Dom it doest surprise me that you did this, however i dont want you to die, I hope you live and get reminded ever minute of the day about what you did.
let us heal

Waukesha, WI

#25 Oct 12, 2009
This tragic accident has affected so many lives far beyond the families involved. How many kids now as adults look at the things we did in our youth that were lucky to have survived by the grace of Gods loving hands. No one knows the torment and pain that Dom has faced he will carry these scars forever. All the death threats and being called a murderer will not change what has happened. Whatever happened to compassion? Will the loss of another child balance the scales and bring peace to both families griving? I know the loss of losing a child, as the grief is unbearable beyond belief. No one will ever understand why God allowed this to happen; we also have to try to help Dom understand the loss while trying to figure it out ourselves. There not a day goes by we don’t think of Krissy, it has effect our family deeply. My heart breaks for the family and I wish I could take their pain away. Doms is suffering with losing a best friend they were very close.
Dominick is still recovering from the accident. He still has a very rough road with his spinal fractures n hoping we can do the natural approach to healing instead of surgery.

Nashville, TN

#26 Oct 21, 2009
Speeding is not "an accident", its a choice. If the person posting as Dom is really Dom, then he's a liar. A car cannot go "airborne" if you're not speeding and acting recklessly...the car went airborne. The hood of a car cannot just "fly up" unless its been tampered with, because all cars made for the past forty years all have safety latches on the hoods. This prevent the hood from flying up even if you pull the hood release on the interior of the car. A car is not a child's toy, its a 2000 pound hunk of metal that will kill.

Beaver Dam, WI

#28 Oct 26, 2009
you all are frickin rediculas none of you know dom and nobody has the right to say what happend. none of u jerks know. so stop talking you wouldnt take the time out to ask him the truth if he was standing right in front of you. all yall are doing is assuming stuff you DONT know the truth and you never will because none of you care enough to ask

Beaver Dam, WI

#29 Oct 29, 2009
I heard that Dom has finally been charged with this...Good for Dodge county DA to finally do it..I will say this much, I have seen Dom around with his friends and NEVER seen him act like he had a care in the world. He will meet his maker someday, if not by the justice system then by GOD....Shame on you for acting like a idiot driver and killing this girl. My prayers go out to her family...

Waupun, WI

#30 Nov 13, 2009
shybaby ur retartd wtf do you expect him to do sit like a goddamn hermet for the rest of his life just because he had an accident, damn hes gotta get himself past this he cant sit and cry and cry for the rest of his life over it,hes 17 he shouldnt have to how do you expect him to act everyday of his life?! IDIOTS!!! if someone you knew was in the situation you all would get it. hes gotta try and live his life somehow and he cant stay stuck on this forever...think logically bout this now

United States

#31 Nov 14, 2009
amanda your retarted krissy was 16 years olddid you stop to think she wanted to die? dont you think she wated to live till 17 be able to drive ? graduate? o yeah thats right she cant cause of some dickhole that didnt know how to drive... yeah you have alot to say dont you? and you really call yourself krissys best friend? if she wouldve lived do you really think she wouldve forgave him or you even for being an ignorant biotch? no sheprobaly wouldve gotten better and beaten your ass.. dom deserves some of his child hood taken away because krissy didnt hae the choice he ook it from her

Beaver Dam, WI

#32 Dec 15, 2009
dam people are stupid if this was in madison or milwaukee this would be thrown out. just because his hood flew up doesnt mean he killed her..... and so ok if your hood ever flies up and you crash and dont mean it then its ur fault yea makes alot of sense. i think we have to put this behind us. yea he shouldnt get his license back for awhile but grow up accidents happen

United States

#33 Dec 15, 2009
idk wrote:
dam people are stupid if this was in madison or milwaukee this would be thrown out. just because his hood flew up doesnt mean he killed her..... and so ok if your hood ever flies up and you crash and dont mean it then its ur fault yea makes alot of sense. i think we have to put this behind us. yea he shouldnt get his license back for awhile but grow up accidents happen
u have no clue as to what u r talking about. he did kill her, it was no accident..........

Since: Oct 08

Nashotah, WI

#34 Feb 16, 2010
IDK you have no clue do you?????? It's more than just the hood you idiot.....OVER think thats normal???? It doesn't matter what town it is. I grew up in Milwaukee and YES he would of been charged there too. AND NOW HE GETS ARRESTED AGAIN!!!!!! 2/14/10. Oh wait......let me guys are going to say he is not gulity???

United States

#35 Jun 15, 2010
heres something u dont court he pleaded GUILTY to doing drugs 30 minutes before the crash, he pleaded GUILTY to knowing the car was not road worthy the hood was tied down cause the battery was 2 big 4 the car and didnt fit not to mention that the hood has flown up before,the hood did fly up and he buried the needle for speed,and was busted AGAIN for 2nd time bail jumping drugs again and being out without a parent.He has lied 2 all of u...........and it all will be made public......
brandon polley

United States

#36 Jul 5, 2012
i feel he should rot in prison for what he did he had a choice to drive responsible or drive like a morone knowing his car was junk. i knew her very personaly and she will be forever missed and never ever forgoten by me. She always has a place in my heart. brandon polley. i miss u so much
brandon polley

United States

#37 Jul 5, 2012
brandon polley wrote:
i feel he should rot in prison for what he did he had a choice to drive responsible or drive like a morone knowing his car was junk. i knew her very personaly and she will be forever missed and never ever forgoten by me. She always has a place in my heart. brandon polley. i miss u so much
also one more thing being in the law enforcment field for two years now this goes out to the judge and DA from a friends and officers perpective u must have ur head up each others a$$3$ two years and 5 on supervision. I really wana know who paid u guys off an inocent girl was killed and thats what u think her life was worth. Ur a discrase to the judishil system and law enforcement all around shes what inspired and driven me to be a cop to this day all i have to say is u ata be ashamed of ur selfs how can u sleep at night knowing he killed an innocent girl that had so much potential. And amanda hienz i garentee its only a matter of time before me and u cross paths when im pulling u and ur pot smoking friends over and putting some nice jewlery on u and hint its not earings. Also u were never her best friend just a bad influence. Im done venting now. Also my deepest remorse goes out to her family mary baade gerald baade and her great grandma mary im so srry for the trajity that has struck and im sinncerly sorry about that time in the tenth grade i hope u can find it in ur heart to forgive me. Sinncerly brandon polley
brandon polley

United States

#38 Jul 5, 2012
we lost enough wrote:
You are wrong to say that about dom. For anyone who does not know what happen let me tell you... The hood flew up on the car causing dom to not being able to see the road. He tried with all his heart to help her. And no one will every know how much he tried to save her. He was very close to her and would of never done anything to hurt her in any way. dom is the one who will have to carry this accident for the rest of his life and no one can punish him the way he is going to punish himself. Self punishment is the hardest.he has
as a very hard road ahead of himself and is fighting for his own life. My heart breaks for both parents and wish i could make their pain go away. So instead of juding him and calling him these names, sit back and think, this could of happened to anyone at anytime. The media and the newspapers do not know the true story and need to leave these two familys alone to morn the losses.
um last time i checked their isnt signs saying exceed 100 miles or more no were in this country. Trust me i know im a police officer now. Bad CHOICE #1 Oh also under the influence of marijuana bad CHOICE#2 also drug parifanilya in glove box bad CHOICE #3 also its the drivers responsibility to make sure all passengers including them selfs be strapped in or for u idiots its called a seat belt u know click it or ticket. Bad CHOICE #4 im srry everyone but three strikes u out he should rot in prison and i hope this eats him away every day till he dies and his drug dealing brother to stuwat cotton all dom and stuwat did was deal drugs. And their parents knew too thats the messed up part and i can raise my head up and happliy sign my name after this post. Sinncerly officer brandon polley with milwaukee police department.
brandon polley

United States

#39 Jul 5, 2012
amanda wrote:
well i happen to know that he did not call his girlfriend that day, because i was trying to get a hold of him for at least an hour. he did not call me at all, i found out from a call from his step-dad. i know you all have a great reason to dislike dominick, but what i do know is that kristan was my best friend, and no matter how bad everybody wants to deny it kristan and dominick were really close too.and no matter what anybody says i know in my heart that this was just a complete accident, i know saying that will never bring her back, but why all the hate? dominick may not be the smartest person ever but i do know one thing, he would have never did anything like that purposly, and everybody that knew kristan should know that she would not want all of us to be fighting over this...and im not saying in any way that her family has to forgive him, just leave him alone... his life is hard enough the way it is knowing that he did this to one of his best friends, and if anyboddy would take the time out to actually listen to him, they would understand. and as for her family and me.. i have no clue why you all hate me, i dont know if its because you think he called me first, or because i wasnt there that day, but you have to understand where im coming from. her family knows that she was my best, and only friend, what did i ever do???? you all know i was never anything but there for her and if i could turn back time and change it from her to me i would in a heartbeat, but i cant and i dont know what else to do. i know your hurting for losing a daughter, but im hurting too because i lost my best friend
how was this an accident it was homicide plain and simple black and white what dont u idiot teens get he new and was completly aware his hunk of junk was deffinaty not road worthy let alone street legal. The way i see it is you do the crime do the time. Plain and simple no arguing the fact hes guilty as hell and needs to learn his leason and for the parent that posted dom should help teens learn from his mistake. Are u serious u are off your rocker, you have gone off the reservation, i wouldnt let this kid any were near my child are you nutz did i forget to mention dominick keiser and his bother stuwat cotton are known drug dealers right out of their parents house too with thier knowledge and encouraged them wow not to mention their other crack head brother beaver dam is better off with dominick keiser and his whole family behind bars for the remainder of their lives. I feel her family and i are the only ones sticking up for her behafe but what if it was the other way around you would want her to get the max penalty huh. May god rest her soul she was truly an amazing angel let alone a gift from god. Sinncerly brandon polley.
brandon polley

United States

#40 Jul 5, 2012
For her parents/family or any aqantences who wish to reply to my posts or who agree with me on this situation or wish to defend their homicidal inmature drug dealing friend please feel free to do so and drop me an email at [email protected] please keep in mind id tip toe on what kind of things u say you wouldnt whant to say anything to incriminate yourself or especaily your homicidal drug dealing friend. Sinncerly officer brandon polley with milwaukee police department.

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