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Lakeshore Aparments Manager Alexis Michael

There are 34 comments on the story from Oct 11, 2007, titled Lakeshore Aparments Manager Alexis Michael. In it, reports that:

June 12, 2007

City of Oconomowoc - A state official has determined that the owner of a downtown bed-and-breakfast failed to pay some of her employees and has asked the District Attorney's Office to intervene.

The state gave Michael until May 11 to pay the minors and ordered that the bed-and-breakfast not employ any minors in violation of the state's labor laws.

The letter warned that if the payments were not sent by the May 11 deadline, the matter would be sent to the Waukesha Count District Attorney's Office for litigation.

As of Friday afternoon, a case based on the system was not found on the state's automated Circuit Court system. Information or comments from District Attorney Brad Schimel were not available before deadline.

Laesch warned that the state would request the maximum penalties associated with the late payment of wages, including fines of up to $1,000 per incident associated with child labor violations.

To date none of the minors have received payment and no charges, penalties or fines have been filed by the state.

A recent article published by The Oconomowoc Focus newspaper on October 2, 2007 reports Alexis Michael is currently facing 11 felony charges for identity theft and credit card fraud in Beaver Dam and Jefferson, WI. That article can be found online here:

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Since: May 07


#1 Oct 11, 2007
Article in the Oconomowoc Enterprise, 5/17 pg 2: "Lake Manor owner guilty of criminal damage to property"
Alexis Michael, owner of Lake Manor B&B , was found guilty of criminal damage to property in the Lake Country Municipal Court earlier this month.
A four-hour trial was held May 4, 2007 it was the longest trial the court has ever had, court officials said.
Alexis Michael will have to pay $220 of restitution to Margaret Haubert and a $329.50 fine to the court. Court officials said she has until July 4 to pay restitutin and the fine.
On May 24, 2006, police were dispatched to 317 N. Lake Rd. for a reprot of criminal damage to property. Haubert, the complainant and tenant at the time, told police that around midnight she heard someone storm up her steps and start throwing her belongings over the rail of the 10-15 foot porch, according to police records. A metal stand and easel valued at $800 was found on the ground in pieces.
Haubert told police Michael said, "the painters are coming to do the porch!" and Michael then ran away.

Wisconsin CCAP:
CREM LLC vs. Margaret Haubert et al
Small Claims, Eviction $14,313.07

CREM LLC is also owned by Alexis Michael. I wonder if Margaret was ever properly and/or legally served notice of the eviction hearing. She had already moved out. She had only lived there for a few months.

Sussex, WI

#2 Oct 13, 2007
On June 5, 2007 the temporary restraining order filed by Alexis Michael against Kelly Wright was dismissed by the Jefferson county court commissioner after the petitioner failed to appear.

On June 6, 2007 Alexis Michael sent another request to the Jefferson County Court requesting a trial by jury for the restraining order, she failed to show up for the day before. It seems attorney Alexis Michael is using the court system to harrass this woman and/or trying to shut her up and prevent her from seeking justice.

The same thing happened with a previous TRO Alexis filed against the same woman in a Waukesha county court on 12/8/06, just three days after the woman and 30 other parents went before the Oconomowoc Common Council with complaints against Alexis Michael for failure to pay wages.

Alexis Michael assaulted Kelly Wright at Lakeshore Apartments in Beaver Dam, hitting her in the face. The Beaver Dam police were called by Alexis Michael, who stated she had a restraing order injunction against Kelly. That information was false.

Apparently, this apartment complex Kelly was visiting, was managed by Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC, owned by Alexis Michael, and the property owned by Alexis' husband; Frederick Decker.

Later that night:

City of Oconomowoc- Police are seeking charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing against a 32-year-old female attorney after an incident May 24. Police arrived and spoke with the woman resident who called police. Apparently, the lawyer filed a temporary restraining order with the Jefferson County Courthouse then decided to personally serve the restraining order - to the woman she was seeking protection from.

Oconomowoc Police had cautioned the attorney that she could be charged with trespassing if the woman called police. She was also advised to go through proper procedure for serving official legal documents.

According to the police report, the attorney allegedly went to the woman's home around 10:30 pm and said she was going to "do away with her" and that "she would see the end of her someday." Several times the attorney was ordered to leave the property but did not.

The complainant said she was acting irrationally and yelling profanities.

The Kelly had previously filed a complaint against attorney Alexis Michael for failing to pay minors employed at the Lake Manor Bed and Breakfast. A Waukesha court ordered the attorney to pay all minors who had been employed at the Bed and Breakfast by May 11, 2007. The attorney has not complied with those court orders.


The complainant, along with 30 other parents and former employees went to the Oconomowoc Common Council Meeting and made allegations against Alexis Michael, into the record. The Police Chief assured they would incvestigate. The mayor said the case must be brought to a higher authority.
More Cases Filed

Terre Haute, IN

#3 Oct 31, 2007
There are two more cases filed with Waukesha:

Hector De La Mora et al vs. Alexis L. Michael
Waukesha County Case Number 2007SC005942
Small Claims

First Bank Financial Centre vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC et al
Waukesha County Case Number 2007CV003132
Money Judgment

Plaintiff First Bank Financial Centre
Defendant Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC
Defendant Decker, Frederick J
Defendant Decker, Jane Doe
Defendant Michael, Alexis
Defendant Joseph Luterbach Construction Co. Inc.
Defendant Veolia Environmental Services
Defendant U.S. Bank National Association

Aren't the above Defendants--besides Michaels and Fred--the ones who put leins on Lake Manor aka Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC?

Could it be that First Bank in Oconomowoc is foreclosing on Lake Manor? According to Waukesha Tax records, First Bank holds the mortage....The original mortage was $1,040,000.00.

Lake Manor is currently behind about $16,000.00 in Taxes as well. I thought the IRS would have caught up with them first....

Terre Haute, IN

#4 Nov 5, 2007
Well isn't that some s*i@!!! This woman just never stops. I can't believe someone finally got her on videotape, but I'm soooo glad they did. I also can't believe they released her on bail again after two bail jumping charges. The county sees it as a way for them to make more money I guess. She always preys on the weak and less fortunate thinking she can get away with anything. I wonder how many other people she's screwed over that couldn't afford to go after her or didn't have the knowledge to have her prosecuted. So are all of those evictions bogus then? If she had a homeless guy sign them he isn't a representative of the company so I would think all of those evictions could be dropped??? I can't wait until this woman sits behind bars for a very, very long time. This is the craziest, most unbelievable woman I have ever come in contact with in my entire life.
About time

Terre Haute, IN

#5 Nov 5, 2007
I have been at this women for more than a year now....At least ONE county is willing to listen...shame on the would not have escallated to this point if the law makers in the first town (Oconomowoc)had preformed their job and their duty to their citizens...but then again...politics played their game...

To all of the officers, Politicians and reporters, who pointed their finger at me (us) and stood behind Michaels!!!.....Now who has egg on their faces....There are enough people who have become Michaels victims and have witnessed how you handled Michaels stand up and say NO to re-election....Make theses words!!!

I am so discusted in our (lack) of the Justice system and the political agenda, especially in Oconomowoc.

Michaels has several sentencing hearings comming up...

I will post all after this message....

It would be great if many of her victims showed for each sentencing hearing....Make your voice heard...or at least your presence known...for the folks who have warned you...have tried to bring her down before it happened to the rest of you....

People like...Kelly Wright, Dan and Kathleen Fulwiler, the Grays, Danielle, Tom, Margret, Liz, Jennifer and her Mom, the 31 children from Lake Manor who will remain nameless for now, Not to mention all of the contractors who stood up and filed cases to bring attention to Michaels injustice towards others.

Folks, the original, tried to bring her down...but due to the injustice of the Police Departments and Town Hall, were not able to break through...Now it has come into your backyard...and the original are sorry that it escallated to this point....

Please, any of her victims, show up for all the sentencing hearings and stand up to either voice or make your presence known....

Next Hearing for all

Terre Haute, IN

#6 Nov 5, 2007
State of Wisconsin vs. Alexis L Michael

Waukesha County Case Number 2007CM002148

1 943.14 Criminal Trespass to Dwelling Misd. A
2 947.01 Disorderly Conduct Misd. B

11-16-2007 09:00 am Room C219, Courthouse - 515 W. Moreland Blvd. Hearing Court Ramirez, Ralph

This was the incident when Micheals served Wright the night of 5/23/07 for the TRO papers personally....

A letter was received from the Victim Witness Specialist. She states in her Letter Dated Oct. 29, 2007:

The defendant is scheduled to enter a plea in this matter on November 16, 2007 at 9:00am before the Honorable Ralph M. Ramirex in Branch 3, Room C219. There is a possibility that the defendant may also be sentenced at this time. At the time of sentencing you can express your feelings about the crime and punishment for the offender.....

Please folks, plan to may not be able to make your VOICE be heard..but by silent protest...we will be able to show the court the injustice she has made to all of our make her sentence heavier...other counties will then see this and, by hopes, act accordingly....

Take a stand...put her away for good!!!!
Thirty One Children

Terre Haute, IN

#7 Nov 5, 2007
Also recieved a letter from the DA in Waukesha County....There were only 15 cases filed on behalf of the 31 children originally ROBBED at Lake Manor!!!

The Letter states:

"If you wish to be a part of a civil class action lawsuit for wages to be filed against Alexis Michael, which would include your particular wage claim, you will need to remit to this office $25 via either a certified bank check, money order, or cash payable to the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office to cover the cost of filing the civil action."

What is Wrong with this Picture??? The children have to PAY to get their duly earned wages??? Haven't the children payed enought??? Now, besides Michaels, they are being robbed of even more money!!!

Most people would just say, "fine, I'll pay the $25" just to get a judgement!!!

What the hell is a judgement when you can not collect on the judgement????(ask any contractor who has filed a claim)

Now the County wants to impose another "financial injustice upon MINORS" to receive NOTHING in the end????

Where is the GUARANTEE!!! This is not Justice...This is INJUSTICE!!!!

The payment of $25 will probably be paid....for the HOPE of justice and the HOPE of our childrens innocence upon justice being served....but...MARK MY WORDS ...on future posts..... No payment will ever be PAID!!!

That is what I have witnessed through the past year with Alexis Michales, with all the court battles, with all the court injustices, with all the courts misreprepesentation of all the States Statutes....

This is what I have seen, through this past year, with battling this women (AM) through the justice system...that is why she has continued to get away with her (Michael and Deckers) unlawfulness.

I have been with this "women" since the start....I have seen mine and other hopes soared only to be brought back down in the end...only due to the injustice of our political and law enforcement.

People....Law enforcement...Politician.... News reporters.... Supreme court representives(I know you read this blog)....HELP!!!!!!

Enough is Enough!!!!! Do not let her do this to another individual....

Help the ones who have been victimized!!!!


Change the laws by testimony of this blog!!!


Terre Haute, IN

#8 Nov 5, 2007
Wright was granted court ordered sanction monies in Jefferson County against Michaels for the false TRO Michaels placed against Wright...

When Michaels did not pay the "COURT ORDERD" sanction monies by the deadline, Wright made a motion to the court for contempt and motion to show cause....

The Jefferson County Judge stated, "I am hesitant to place anyone in jail for nonpayment"

WHAT!!!....this was a court ordered sanction judgement....

Just because a "citizen" instead of a municipality, county or state, was granted a judgement, the court would not enforce!!!

When a person has a traffic ticket that they do not pay...there is a warrent for arrest issued...because it concerns a Government pocketbook.... the individual is arrested and held/jailed until they pay the "court ordered" "judgment/sanction" because the traffic ticket was court ordered...

Shouldn't the same rules apply to a citizen..since the govenment is there to service the citizens????....

If Wright's sanctions against Michaels would have been issued by a "govenment official" instead of a citizen for the govenment, thoes sanction monies would have been enforced and paid.....

How unjust is our system....only for the government and not for the people.....

I have lost total faith and support for our law enforcement and the judical system....through this whole process....
Court Cases

Oconomowoc, WI

#9 Nov 6, 2007
2007SC002090 Wisconsin Law Enforcement, LLC vs. Isaac Dornfeld 2007SC002089 Wisconsin Law Enforcement, LLC vs. Timothy Sankey 2007SC002088 Wisconsin Law Enforcement, LLC vs. Robert Klauer
2007SC002087 Wisconsin Law Enforcement, LLC vs. Jeff Checots 2007SC002086 Wisconsin Law Enforcement, LLC vs. Steve Danner 2007SC001668 Wisconsin Law Enforcement, LLC vs. Walter Groebli
2007SC001667 Wisconsin Law Enforcement, LLC vs. Cody Justman 2007SC001619 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Karen Kuehl 2007SC001618 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Linda Gadzinski
2007SC001617 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Adamm Schmied 2007SC001616 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Dustin Rhadons 2007SC001615 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Tabetha Neisius
2007SC001614 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Michael Sickles 2007SC001333 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Brent Patterson 2007SC001277 Daniel G. Lambrecht & Michael S. Huebner vs. Alexis Michael & Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC
2007SC001183 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Joan E. Maas 2007SC001182 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Heather Mullin & Jason C. Schadi 2007SC001136 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Justin Roberts & Jennifer Roberts 2007SC001135 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Cindy Schmidt 2007SC001009 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Jeremy Demas & Heather Demas
2007SC001008 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Jeff Gray & Kiara Gray 2007SC001007 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Heather Buske & Anthony Lewis
2007SC001006 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Brent Patterson 2007SC001005 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Don Brack & Danielle Favreau
2007SC001004 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Jeff Gray & Kiera Gray 2007SC000966 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Heather Buske & Anthony Lewis
2007SC000965 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Don Brack & Danielle Favreau 2007SC000964 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Brent Patterson
2007SC000963 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Jeremy Demos & Heather Demos 2007SC000655 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Jeff Gray & Kiara Gray 2007SC000654 Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC vs. Jeff Gray & Kiara Gray 2007TR005292 Waukesha County of vs. Alexis L Michael 2007SC005942 Hector De La Mora et al vs. Alexis L. Michael 2007SC001993 Aquacare Services Inc vs. Lake Manor Bed & Breakfast et al 2007SC001277 Daniel G. Lambrecht & Michael S. Huebner vs. Alexis Michael & Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC
Court Cases

Oconomowoc, WI

#10 Nov 6, 2007
2007SC001137 Alexis L. Michael vs. Bruce R. Rohde & Snyder & Ek S.C. 2007CV014048 Anchorbank FSB vs. Appreciating Assets LLC et al 2007CV014047 Anchorbank FSB vs. Neighborhood Investing LLC et al 2007CV014046 Anchorbank FSB vs. Neighborhood Growth LLC et al 2007CV014045 Anchorbank FSB vs. Financial Growth LLC et al 2007CV013120 Anchorbank FSB vs. Alexis L Michael 2007CV003132 First Bank Financial Centre vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC et al 2007CV001328 Sterling Mainz & Sons Plumbing Inc vs. Alexis Michael et al
2007CV001327 William Laird vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC et al 2007CV000408 Associated Bank NA vs. Frederick J. Decker et al
2007CV000332 ALEXIS L MICHAEL vs. KELLY WRIGHT 2007CV000067 Dan Fulwiler et al vs. Alexis L. Michael 2007CM002148 State of Wisconsin vs. Alexis L Michael 2007CM000405 State of Wisconsin vs. Alexis L Michael 2007CF000393 State of Wisconsin vs. Alexis L. Michael 2007CF000387 State of Wisconsin vs. Alexis L Michael
2007CF000336 State of Wisconsin vs. Alexis L. Michael 2006SC047012 Timber Wolf Services LLC vs. Alexis L Michael 2006CV003107 Alexis L Michael vs. Kelly Wright 2006CV000851 Joe Luterbach Construction Co. Inc. vs. Alexis L Michael et al
2006CM003269 State of Wisconsin vs. Alexis L Michael 2005TR027906 Milwaukee County of vs. Alexis L Michael 2005TR011138 Milwaukee County of vs. Alexis L Michael 2005SC043285 Debbie Zambroske vs. Alexis L Michael 2007SC004782 Onion Inc vs. Quaint Home Life LLC 2006CV002503 Cremer Engineering Company Inc. vs. Quaint Home Life LLC
2007CV012012 Quiet Springs Living Trust - We Energies vs. Appreciating Assets LLC 2005SC042061 Quiet Springs Living Trust - Quiet Springs Living Trust vs. Luis De Jesus 2007CV003132 First Bank Financial Centre vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC et al 2007CV001327 William Laird vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC 2007CL000265 Sherwin-Williams Company vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC 2007CL000217 Dan Fulwiler vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living LLC 2006CV000851 Joe Luterbach Construction Co. Inc. vs. Alexis L Michael 2006CL000164 Veolia Environmental Services vs. Oconomowoc Historical Living
2006UC000445 Dept. of Workforce Development vs. COLONIAL SERVICES INC 2007SC003614 Batzner Pest Management Inc. vs. Crem LLC 2007SC004782 Onion Inc vs. Quaint Home Life LLC 2007SC001993 Aquacare Services Inc vs. Lake Manor Bed & Breakfast 2006CV000011 CREM LLC vs. STEVE KOVACS 2006UC000445
Dept. of Workforce Development vs. COLONIAL SERVICES INC 14260 W GREENFIELD, BROOKFIELD, WI 53005
Court Cases

Oconomowoc, WI

#11 Nov 6, 2007
Majority of the above court cases have been just in the last year. Plus, there are likely to be more under different aliases and business names that we haven't found... yet. We are not lawmakers, attorneys or detectives with resources. We are local mom's and small business owners who have banded together to stop Fred Decker and Alexis Michael and their scams from creating more victims. We hope for justice to prevail and and serious consequences for these evil-doers. They are lawless criminals without a conscience.
Court Cases

Oconomowoc, WI

#12 Nov 6, 2007
Seems she is always a defendant... never the attorney.

Since: May 07


#13 Nov 8, 2007
Join in the new poll and make your views heard!
Wisc Dept of Justice

Terre Haute, IN

#14 Nov 8, 2007
Received a letter from the State of Wisc. Dept. of states:

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has been made aware of an internet blog that has been running with the Oconomowoc focus. There have been some allegations that Juvenile employee's of the Lake Manor Bed & Breakfast may have had their names used for unauthorized purposes. As such, the Wisconsin Department of Justice is suggesting that you conduct a credit check of your son or daughter to determine if there has been any unauthorized use of their name or other identifying personal information.....

There were originally 31 children who were robbed at Lake Manor. Michaels has all 31 childrens information ie. SS#, DOB ect. Only about 15 actually filed a claim for wages. Those 15 are the only ones the Dept. of Justice has sent this letter to.

If any of the parents of the other 16 children who did not file a wage claim read this blog, you are urged to run a credit check on your child.

Remember, Michaels knows who the 15 children are who think she would go after the 15 who filed....or the 16 who "didn't fight/file".

Quite frankly, I'm more concerned about the 16 children who didn't file....
Citizen of Beaver Dam

West Bend, WI

#15 Nov 13, 2007
Our local paper finally did write an article on this crazy lady!

Oconomowoc, WI

#16 Nov 14, 2007
Thank goodness! The more people who know, the less people that can be victimized by this nut.

Terre Haute, IN

#17 Nov 17, 2007
Folks of Beaver Dam: please look at the original blog: currently about 1300 entries with 70 pages of injustices these two, AM/FD have bestowed upon innocent victims....

Google topix Alexis Michael under: Ocon, nashotah, Ocon lake, asshippin, watertown, hartland topix regarding AM/FD to get pertant info....

Google their names to access info for your case against these criminals...

Do your homework...look up other sites/ blogs

Oconomowoc, WI

#18 Nov 19, 2007
Lakecrest Landlord Bound Over
11/17/07 - An Oconomowoc landlord, with properties in Beaver Dam and Watertown, was bound over for trial this week in Dodge Court on felony burglary and bail jumping charges. Alexis L. Michael, owner of the Lakecrest Apartments and Wisconsin Law Enforcement LLC (property management compaany) is accused of breaking into the apartment of a former employee and stealing $5 in change and a leather case. Authorities say the 37-year-old Michael's then took the man to Milwaukee, left him stranded, and returned to Beaver Dam where she emptied out his apartment and changed the locks. Arraignment is set for December 20. Michael's also has a preliminary hearing scheduled for December 6 on charges of Misappropriation of ID to Obtain Money. Felony counts were filed in Jefferson and Dodge Counties after she allegedly charged around $10,000 on Waupun woman's account last summer at Menard's in Beaver Dam and Johnson Creek. Michaels also has half dozen civil cases pending in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. And, in yet another case, Michael's is charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct for trying to serve a temporary restraining order, herself.

Oconomowoc, WI

#19 Nov 19, 2007
1) A number of adults and minors spoke regarding issues involving Alexis Michael, owner of Lake Manor Bed and Breakfast at 317 N. Lake Road. A handout was given to Council members. They are looking for the City to pull any permits issued, shut down the business and investigate various complaints. Those being:1) Employees not receiving paychecks, 2) Minors being left in charge, 3) Alcohol, 4) Firearms, 5) Sexual Misconduct, 6) Identity theft concerns, 7) CUP conditions, 8) Employees accused of theft, 9) Threats/Assault and 10) Working conditions. Because of the nature of some of the allegations involving minors and an on-going investigation, names of individuals are being withheld.
2) Fred Decker, 317 N. Lake Road works at Lake Manor and disagrees with the allegations. In order for employees to receive paychecks, two forms of ID are required. Two forms have not been provided and uniforms have not been returned for final paychecks. If they comply, they will be paid.
3) Mayor Sullivan stated that some of these matters are civil matters and should be addressed through the court or appropriate state agency that handles these types of disputes. The City Police Department is investigating some of these allegations and the Common Council does not have the authority to judicate these matters. The City has an obligation to allow a business to operate within the conditions of the permit issued and if they are in violation of the conditions, then Council has the authority to review it.

The teens have complied over a year ago, they HAVE NOT been paid. Nothing has been done.

Oconomowoc, WI

#20 Nov 19, 2007
Fed Decker said he worked at Lake Manor Bed and Breakfast. He did not admit to being the husband of Alexis Michael and co-owner of the property.

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