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#43 Oct 12, 2008

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#44 Oct 13, 2008
This ‘Subject’ as I noticed on the headliner is for families of inmates who are residing in the prison in Beaumont, so maybe those of you angry at ‘mother nature’ could go to the correct topic and somebody would actually pay attention to what you were writing. I promise I won’t enter comments that I have no knowledge of and will not waste your space!!!

Prison as defined for some of you who might need the extra help is:
1. A correctional institution where persons are confined while on trial or for punishment.
2. A prisonlike situation; a place of seeming confinement.
Now many of the inmates don’t have ‘victims’ wrong choices have allowed them to see where there mistakes have led them, violence, rape, murder is not to be a part of this, just like in our own world today, but we have laws and support in order for most of us to feel safe, there is no laws in there and “Thunder dome” which is known inside Beaumont is the allowing of inmates to kill each other, is this something Miss DIXIE you would condone as well. I am here for answers and possible direction form other families worried about there loved ones, not for a biased, and most obvious to all bored individual to share comments I would say no one wants to read.


Bridge City, TX

#45 Oct 13, 2008
No "Miss" here....

1. What "game" were you referring to?

2.Just because the felons didnt murder or rape someone doesnt mean there arent victims! Please eloborate on what these model citizens did to land them in PRISON.

3. Are these felons in state custody or in the fed? This info is needed so I can address the "thunder dome" statement.
Connie Linguist

Lincoln, NE

#46 Oct 13, 2008
Jail is where people go when they have done misdemeanors needing to be reprimanded or have their hand slapped.

Prison is where they go after having normally a VERY large bond set (which normally comes after a felony, btw) while awaiting a criminal trial.

I'm merely saying that for those of you bashing the guards and such in our local prison should think about the fact that your loved ones IN there are what are forcing the need for THOSE individuals to risk their lives daily dealing with some of those inmates with NOTHING to lose.

You should be thankful there are people out there risking THEIR lives to protect your loved ones.

If I were in a guard's role and two inmates went after one another, I highly doubt I'd want to risk MY life to protect others who can't seem to care enough to protect their own families, or themselves for that matter.

Grand Forks, ND

#47 Oct 13, 2008
GUARDS….very loose term to use in that type of facility. Here is where a female guard was transporting drugs into the prison and having sex with the inmates, here is where an actual study was found that over 50% of the drugs were actually being smuggled in from the fearless guards who …what is it you said there to protect our loved ones, ahhhhh I am so thankful for these GUARDS that allow for inmates to have the opportunity to face each other and kill the other one while in segregated custody, again very thankful that we have them.

MISS DIXIE I have chosen to ignore your ignorance………


Bridge City, TX

#48 Oct 13, 2008
Again, no "MISS" here! You chose to ignore the facts and certain things that you dont want to deal which includes the truth. Before you post again look up the word ignorance, because when I speak its not based on ignorance! I can tell you for 100% fact that you are the one that is VERY,VERY ignorant! What you are speaking of absolutely DOES NOT happen! You are going off of what a convicted felon is telling you to get sympathy from you and anyone who will listen to this garbage! It amazes me how stupid and simple minded some people can be when they get a convict in their lives! Does bad things go on in prison? Sure, and if ya dont like it try changing your life so you never have to go! Are there bad employees in prison, hell yes, and they will and have been dealt with! Where do you get the statistics you spew? From an inmate who will stop at nothing to get over on someone? Also, ALOT of what is smuggled into the prison comes from the outside, but not the guards, from family visitation! Again, you have to be the most ignorant,blind,closed minded person I have ever seen post on this sight! You need to get in tune with reality and realize youre dealing with a convicted felon who has all day in seg to conjure up this bullshit!

Let me challenge your knowledge---you get me names,dates,occurences,and locations and I will personally see to it that this IS investigated, I PROMISE!!! NO BS! I will get this info in the hands of the wardens and asst. wardens of each institution!

Bridge City, TX

#49 Oct 13, 2008
Also, if your loved one is in seg and you chose this person and he is not blood related I would suggest you find another soulmate! You have to really do something horrible(rape,murder,assault guards or other inmates,sell contraband,etc..) to get yourself put in seg!

United States

#50 Oct 13, 2008
Looks like Carolina needs a little backup from the ignorant MISS DIXIE, I like that Carolina. I believe truly that you may not be aware of some peoples reality, living in white suburbia may cloud you with what some people may have to live in on a daily basis. Those inmates are our brother, fathers, son and husbands and we live with that daily. Without be condescending to you and lashing out to a world you are completely blind to maybe I can educate you on the way of the streets. Many people make bad choices, no body is perfect MISS DIXIE and we still love them and only want them to be safe and return to us not more dysfunctional than they arrived there. I personally know from small research that I will share with you because you are quite irritated about this that what Carolina is saying is true, you might see that if you opened your eyes…


At approximately 2:38 p.m., on November 28, 2007, two staff members and an inmate were assaulted in the Special Housing Unit, in the High Security Facility, at FCC Beaumont by two other inmates. The injured staff and the inmate were transported to a hospital. The inmate was pronounced dead at approximately 4:15 p.m., as a result of his injuries. One staff member was treated and released and the other remains hospitalized. The names of the staff members are not being released at this time. No other staff or inmates were injured and at no time was the community in jeopardy. The FBI was notified and an investigation into the incident has begun.

Drugs in USP Beaumont
According to official sources, 33.1% of the prisoner population is in USP Beaumont for drug offenses. Addiction and use of drugs is common among inmates as is evidenced by the demand for drugs inside prisons. In a 2001 report by the Office of the Inspector General, USP Beaumont was reported to have the highest percentage of positive drug tests and drug misconduct rate in the entire BOP. Reportedly, 7.84% of the approximately 1,300 prisoners in the prison tested positive for drug use and the overall drug misconduct rate was 23.25%- a rate that includes such behaviors as staff and visitors bringing drugs into prison. Compare this with the BOP national rate for positive drug tests at 1.94% and 3.04% for high security prisons.
To have access to drugs in high security prisons such as USP Beaumont, the complicity of prison employees is vital and there is no shortage of prison guards to facilitate that access. In 2003 a report entitled "The Federal Bureau of Prisons' Drug Interdiction Activities," published by the US Office of the Inspector General, outlines the role of the prison staff in making drugs accessible to prisoners.
Since 2003, at least five guards have been indicted for either conspiracy to possess and/or possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute solely in the Beaumont prisons. The supervision of staff involvement in drug smuggling by the BOP is considered completely inadequate, which has contributed to the amount of drugs available inside prisons.
In 2000, a prison guard attempted to smuggle "109 grams of crack cocaine, 73 grams of black tar heroin, and 25 grams of white heroin" into USP Beaumont.
Here are just a few articles you can see why we would wonder about this, I know that both Carolina and my family are in Beaumont Prison in regular population now, but we are here to help and support each other we defiantly don’t need to here your ignorance about our lives we are looking for answers and have questions ourselves. Neither of us have heard any of this from our inmates it is what we have read, Beaumont is known for its degrading and corrupt activity with inmates and guards alike this is reality and we may come from all types of backgrounds but it is what it is….

Grand Forks, ND

#51 Oct 14, 2008
Way to back a girl up CeCe, I think you said it very calm and composed. Here it is Dixie, because of our recent communication you seem to have closer ties to the inside than either Cecilia or I might have recognized from your earlier posts, but after you wrote your last comment I am ASSUMING here so don’t get all extreme, that you yourself may be a GUARD. Knowing this, or assuming to know this I think I am safe to say that Cecilia and I both agree to recognize your hatred and disgust for people that you have to deal with on a daily basis, things that you must see, heard and experienced. You have come off to us as biased and partial in your seeing just the side that your mind deals with daily, well flip it over and we are on the other side, not the part inside but the part unknown, the part we cannot even fathom to take as there reality.
Have you loved someone who has made a mistake, do you have family that may not always choose the most obvious path in life that will lead them to success. These are our families and you are right we are or I should say I am ignorant to the way of life they live, but you too are ignorant to the way there life was, the way our lives are. I believe strongly that you fight against the odds and push your way out of the streets, Cecilia and I have both did it, and know it is possible, the blame game is not in my vocabulary they did wrong, we just want them safe….it’s a fair fight to survive out in the streets it is not always that way in there.
I appreciate your offer to find solutions to our claims that in itself is very commendable but we only have research on our side of past wrongs of present conditions and of the dangers that they all, you all must encounter daily.
Your comments are angry, your words are irate and we are here just to see how and where we can go to validate our concerns, this site was recommended to us for families to interact that are going through the same things, why are you here???? This is a valid question, not sarcasm as most of my posts were full off…lol


Bridge City, TX

#52 Oct 14, 2008
Actually, being this is an open forum I was answering your question concerning Beaumont and the surrounding area as well as addressing the "wrong doings" of the institutions.I can say I have no hatred for anyone and no anger at all. Cecilia, Im in no way ignorant on this topic, I can promise you that! Your stats show an inmate dying due to another inmate assualting him in 2007, your other stat shows drugs in the fed and it dates to 2001...Bring some current info, as being as "ignorant" as I am I sure can! Again, I will tell you prison(state or fed) is a HORRIBLE place, no doubt about it, absolutely HORRIBLE!!! Bad things happen in prison so Im sure you can dig articles up all day from every county,state, and country! So truly Cecilia your argument doesnt hold water, you should two instances that I said in my above posts absolutely happen, so thanks for validating my point concerning the prison... And dont use the crutch of some people not being aware because they live in "white suburbia!" That is a weakass lame excuse! Until you understand that everyone can make a choice and realize that if you make a bad choice you have circumstances that follow you will continue to be in this boat blaming everybody else for the bed YOU made! It amazes me how people blame everything on the color of their skin or the neighborhood they live in, how weak! Its 2008, get over it and learn to take RESPOSIBILITY!!!!!

Carolina, again, give me any information you have on these occurences and I promise I will look into them. If someone is being wronged then something needs to be done and if you have information youre withholding then you arent helping your loved one and youre putting EVERYONE in jeopardy! No, Im not a CO...
Connie Linguist

Lincoln, NE

#53 Oct 14, 2008
I find it rather difficult to NOT notice that TWO of the injured in the original press release by Miss Cecilia were STAFF!!!!

I don't see anyone commenting on the fact that it's likely that ANOTHER prisoner did this to those two individuals.

I'm fed up with my tax dollars taking care of those that can't seem to take care of themselves. Considering I'm in one of the highest tax brackets out there (and I'm a single mom working my ass off to get ahead and provide for my children) it irritates the hell out of me that your 'brothers, fathers, etc.' are living off of MY flippin' dime because of THEIR mistake.

Why do ME and MY children, who are law abiding citizens have to suffer financially because of THEIR mistakes.

Since: Sep 08

United States

#54 Oct 14, 2008
["Jan"]Thank you to everyone that help and supported me during the hurricane and after effects. MY fiancee is doing much better, well as good as can be expected in Beautmont Prison. I received a letter from the prison from the letter I wrote them at the time and they tried to surgar coat everything. Saying they gave them 4 bottles of water and all they had to do was ask for more if they wanted it. And ask for housekeeping to do the laundry of their bedding. I'll be so happy Dec. 19th when he gets out of that hole![/Hello Jan, I live in the Austin area also. My husband is at the Gist Unit and I was wondering if maybe you would like to carpool to Beaumont to go see the guys. If so just let me know on here or you can e-mail me at We can set a date and go. Thanks in Advance for the response.
youngster yahoo

New Orleans, LA

#55 Oct 21, 2008
just letting u know that my fiance is in beaumont federal and he is doing fine but ready to get out of that place.

Escalon, CA

#56 Oct 21, 2008
Why dont you write something positive not negative. You guys talk about inmates like if there nobody they are humans that commited a mistake in their lives, and it can happen to anyone. Or anymore family member then will see ho will talk like that. I pray for my brother he is in that worst prison Beaumont. I just got to be thankful that nothing happened to him...


#57 Oct 21, 2008
ME-ME, Thank You for your offer but Kansas finally came and got my fiance about three weeks ago. Thank You to everyone that suports and has loved ones in prison. I hope you the best in life. It always amazes me how people can judge others. All I have to say is something Jesus said,"Ye without sin cast the first stone"! And no my fiance didn't commit murder,robbery,rape or any other server crime. He was a stupid teenager years ago that made a stupid choice while drunk with some buddies of staling a truck with keys left in it. Did his time and payed the price. But since that made him a felonist because of the $amount he had it on his record. Which years later down the road let a guy store a 22gauge rifle in his clostet. And in the time of moving the landlady went in thinking they were done found it and called the police to remove it. And that's how he got back. And has done 4years there. And he has seen more bloodshed in there than he's seen in his life! Yes I know everone had very hard time during the hurricane, but these guys were left there and couldn't get out of the state when orderd evacuation took place. And no they didn't have food unless they were lucky enough to have some left in their lockers they bought from the comensary from the money their loved ones sent them! I'm a tax payer too. I'd rather suport him than someone out here that lives off of wellfare and don't want to work. He worked at the factory doing 13 hour days five days a week. Said atleast he felt safer there. Anyway like I said Thank You to all that suported me.And may God Bless you and your families.

Grand Forks, ND

#58 Oct 22, 2008
So much hate from people who live strictly in the box, well sorry to say some have fallen out of the box, damn some have stomped on your box but no matter there faults no matter there reason for being in one of the most dangerous and degrading prisons there families love and care for them unconditionally. We are not asking for your opinions on the Hurricane or the politically correct lives you may live we are here talking to others in our situation.
Without ignorance we have to all agree that reform is not part of prison and these individuals you demean and degrade in your comments are on there way out, and all though prison is not suppose to be the Ritz Carlton, it should be a place that will not make them advance to a Master’s Degree in Criminal Activity and many of our men our coming out worse and bitter and that is not the purpose, maybe yours, but not humanities.
To all who suffer right along with me for our loved ones, GOD BLESS and I will keep you in my prayers.


Bridge City, TX

#59 Oct 22, 2008
Carolina wrote:
So much hate from people who live strictly in the box, well sorry to say some have fallen out of the box, damn some have stomped on your box but no matter there faults no matter there reason for being in one of the most dangerous and degrading prisons there families love and care for them unconditionally. We are not asking for your opinions on the Hurricane or the politically correct lives you may live we are here talking to others in our situation.
Without ignorance we have to all agree that reform is not part of prison and these individuals you demean and degrade in your comments are on there way out, and all though prison is not suppose to be the Ritz Carlton, it should be a place that will not make them advance to a Master’s Degree in Criminal Activity and many of our men our coming out worse and bitter and that is not the purpose, maybe yours, but not humanities.
To all who suffer right along with me for our loved ones, GOD BLESS and I will keep you in my prayers.
What box are you speaking of??? Also, though you may not be asking for our opinions you should expect anything less being youve posted on a PUBLIC FORUM! When you blow smoke and only give one view point of a situation or story that you have no first hand knowledge you should expect a rebutle! Some of the things youve said are accurate and some are absloutely false and totally overexagerated. I just wish that if you were going to point the finger while doing so you would take into account that your loved one made certain decisions and those decisions had consequences. Again, prison is a bad place, no doubt, but while youre in there you make more decisions that will affect you once youre released. If people come out being better criminals than when they went in then that was their decision, but on the flip side Ive seen NUMEROUS inmates get released either with a DEGREE or a craft/skill they can use in the free world.... Its all up to the person!!!! I just wish people who have kin in the institutions would stop laying the blame on everyone except where the blame should be layed, and put the responsibility on the individual!!!!!

Once again, give me the info you have and I will get it seen about!!!

Denver, CO

#60 Oct 23, 2008
PLEASE HELP! I'm needing information on Royce Glenn Smith.

He is from Hemphill, and he ran for sheriff in Hemphill 6 years ago and lost, but was hired as the Chief Deputy.

He claims to have worked in Beaumont. Does anyone know where he worked and why he may have left?

Any information or stories about him will be greatly appreciated.

Please send info to:

Thank you and again, any information on this fella is greatly appreciated.

Grand Forks, ND

#61 Oct 28, 2008
Obviously the box that you live in where in a perfect world nobody makes mistakes, this is your box, this is your ignorance showing through. Life is what we make it, not one time did I make excuses on here for there behavior and actions, but that does not simplify our unconditional love for them. I have come on here, as I have stated many times before, for answers, direction and maybe a little insight from others whose family is going through the same situation with possibly more experience than I.
I see both sides, but the reality is Beaumont Prison is one of the most corrupt, dangerous and violent places and this is my concern, this is all of our concerns. Nothing I sad was false it was all researched very carefully and even you have access to the same information, weather completely legit, that we may not know. You as a insider, or onlooker or whatever you are on here claiming to be is totally irrelevant to us and your comments are looked upon as harsh, insecure and guilty….

You can take that smoke I just blew and inhale…..

Bridge City, TX

#62 Oct 28, 2008
I agree with you, everything you said was smoke and nothing else! Again, I challenge you to prove what you say! You run your mouth with your opinion none of which are factual. Also, please look up the meaning of the word "ignorant" because Im not sure you know what it means! Also, what am I insecure and guilty of? Im so sick of reading this crap of "they made a mistake", no THEY MADE A CHOICE!!!! You are so delusional you refuse to see reality. Its ok to stand by your loved one but its also ok to admit they made a choice, and if hes in seg then he made quite a few bad choices to end up there!

Have you ever stepped foot in the Beaumont prison besides visitation? How do you have any idea what you spew is the truth?

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