I used to vacation south of Beacon on Route 9D across the street from George's Restaurant (actually a bar and grill).

The friends I spent the most time with were Ron Luke, Bob Bishera, Karen Tieder, George Habib, Bunny Habib (they were cousins), and Jimmy Pappas and his sister Ellen (Jimmy died in his late teens or early 20's, and Ellen passed away a number of years ago -- both much too young and full of life to leave us).

Mrs. Pappas still lives in the apartment across the parking lot from George's Restaurant where they lived when I vacationed there in the late 1950's.

I've heard that George Habib is a music teacher in a school system nearby (maybe Wappinger Falls or that general area). I haven't had any luck finding him via the Internet.

I've also heard that Bob Bishera (to whom I'm forever grateful for lending me his old bike to ride during the summer) still lives across 9D from George's. The last I knew was that he was a Corrections Officer in some institution.

Ron Luke lives out west somewhere in Washington. But I don't know whatever happened to Karen Tieder and Bunny Habib.

They were great friends and we had wonderful times together!!