Texan wrote:
Thought so, Know Notheeng, and Heavy Fed spewing bullshit in La Porte. Couldn't get Damn invbasion to come with you? Too bad, with The Three Stooges together on here La Porte could have had some real laughs. Oh well I guess they'll just have to get by with The Dumb Duo.
Hey, dumb fk. Do you ever wake up and even try not to be a idiotic piece of crap? You know nothing about this situation or the legal case, and it is likely you know nothing of any type of case, except the mental case going on in your own mind. Of course, the fact all you can do is come here and exercise your constitutional right to be an idiot pretty much reveals your state of idiocy regarding this case. You are suck, I mean such, a fkng a## hole.