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#1 Dec 5, 2009
This doesn't surprise me at all. I worked for Walmart for 3 and a half yrs and they really do this type of stuff. Everyone thinks walmart is a god sent, and maybe it is for cheap prices but the public has no idea how they treat their employees all they care about is the customers & the money that comes in, they could care less about the employees. They treat them like crap & will do anything to get rid of them if the employee doesn't kiss their butt. They have done me dirty their accusing me of something I never did and now Im going thru a big legal thing with them. So again this doesn't surprise me at all. If you ever wanna go work for walmart DON'T DO IT its not worth losing time with your family & the stress it will cause you.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#2 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 7:18PM

Jerry said...
I'm not suprised about Wal-Mart settling this matter. I worked for them for 8 years and I was a victim of their break and work schedule practices and I feel for the employees that work for the company. The hourly "associates" are treated horribly and deserve better wages and benefits and employee rights. One day this company will eventually collapse on itself and as their greed will be their own doing.
I now work for a grocery store chain that competes with Wal-Mart and yes it has a union and that makes a big difference.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#3 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 9:12PM

wizzle said...
Tough business practices are one thing, but the absolutely brutal
corporate culture at WalMart is something else. This organization
has caused the demise of several American based manufacturers. In
some cases the businesses were forced to off shore their production
to (guess where). Other organizations had to declare bankruptcy.
Some simply had to close up shop.

Some of that is attributable to the manufacturer's decision to enter
into agreements with WalMart. While it is understandably hard to
pass up distributing your product via the country's largest retailer,
it seems that a business' marketing people should take into acount the
effect of a long-term arrangement with WalMart before signing on the
bottom line.

I believe if I was a principal in a business that produced general
consumer goods, WalMart would be unattractive over the long haul.
If they screw there employees (and there is little doubt that they
do), they will most certainly screw me - and ultimately the consumer.

Folks, be careful about where you shop, what you buy, and where it came from. As Ben Franklin said "The bargain of price is long forgotten, but the bargain of quality remains."
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#4 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 10:07PM

Bonnie said...
i feel so bad for all who works for that chinamart store. the workers are the ones that is making the big bucks for that store, the ppl i know that works at the chinamart i call walmart i feel so bad for them and the way they are treated. i would not work for walmart if i was starving todeath. all they sell is junk from china. they need a union bad and walmark might treat their help better, i find better deals and better cothes at the malls. plus i get better food and better prices at krogers.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#5 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 10:20PM

WalMartSucks said...
WalMart keeps part time employees just to keep them on the welfare rolls. They know what income level qualifies a person to get welfare benefits, so they keep their workers at that level.

They dump millions onto Medicaid, Food Stamps, Welfare.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#6 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 10:25PM

WalMartSucks said...
Perhaps these uneducated, slow employees, are slow and have bad
attitudes, because they know they are always going to be, just part
time employees, with NO chance of advancement..or anykind of

Wal Mart and many, many other companies, most American companies,
will only work you part time, so they can avoid benefits. And so they
can dump their employees on Medicaid.

They know the amount of income that will qualify a person for
welfare benefits. So they intentionaly keep their workers on the
Welfare rolls.

1000 part time vs. 500 full time employess with a living wage and
benefits. They always go the part time route.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#7 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 10:56PM

Jacque said...
Darn, I missed it by 2 years!...LOL...This sure went on before 1995 though, because in 1993 when I worked for this retailer they were doing the same thing. In high school (I was 16-17 years of age) they would have me working until midnight or later on school nights. Wow, talk about failing to obey work rules, what happened to child labor laws? I guess they didn't count back then either.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#8 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 5:50PM

JohnQpublic said...
Walmart is a scab operation from start ro finish. They underpay their employees, don't work them enough hours for them to qualify for insurance, the insurance they do offer is overpriced and crappy and they constantly change their hours so they can't supplement their income with an additional job. They have it down pat! All so you can save a few bucks - at what human cost - is it worth it to you? I do not and will not shop for an organization that treats their employees so terribly, it's shameful and I refuse to be a part of it. Look for sales each week at other stores, they ARE NOT the lowest priced if you know how to shop around - try it!
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#9 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 5:07PM

Lynnie said...
I worked at Wal-Mart and was paid well. Almost $18. per hour. Problem was to get all of our work done we felt we had to work off the clock. We were told to get 40 hours worth of work done but our hours were cut to 32 or 34 hours. Or we were given 50 hours worth of work in a 40 hour week. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what we had to do. Sad though because the WM stores I worked at in Florida would never treat us that poorly. I finally quit since I knew the abuse would only get worse. Miss my fellow associates and pray for them to have more strength than I did.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#10 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 5:18PM

Edward said...
If the Walmart employees had a union they would not be pushed around by Walmart.There is strength in numbers and the union is the only way for employees to get a fair shake.United we stand divided we fall.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#11 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 1:32PM

RAH said...
WALMART the CHinese chain in the USA did what? Ican't believe it!!
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#12 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 1:28PM

chris said...
i was just out sick with flu and came back ,only to be fired ,while on fmla ,with doctors documentation ,after 18 yrs with them ,,,,hiring kids right out of high shool......ill see em in court....
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#13 Dec 5, 2009
12-05-2009 @ 11:23AM

Greg said...




Google........Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#14 Dec 5, 2009
12-05-2009 @ 7:53AM

tiix said...
Walmart got off lite...40 million isn't hardly the 2008 bonuses given to the exeutive staff and board...wow....way to go Walmart for screwing your employees.....LOL
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#15 Dec 5, 2009
12-05-2009 @ 9:11AM

bob said...
my wife is part of that class action suit. she got fired for working off the clock after she was told she was to finish her work before leaving but to make sure her time card didnt reach over 37.5 hrs. and this went on for years and not just with her.. others at that store too.
walmart sucks and now i dont have a problem ripping them off every chance i get.. and i do it with a smile on my face.
i feel badfor the people that have to work for that company.. i really do.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#16 Dec 5, 2009
12-05-2009 @ 9:46AM

David said...
Their employees need to keep strict check-ups on their profit sharing also. After my wife passed away they cheated her out of 10k of her profit sharing. Fourteen years of hard work, dedictaion , and that was her just reward. So hard to fight these big corporations that think they are above the law.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#17 Dec 5, 2009
12-05-2009 @ 10:13AM

P.Kidd said...
I work for wal-mart and i agree that Sam Walton is turning over in his grave.I work in s a small town so the store is not as big as most even though it is a supercenter. The memo from headquarters is absolutley no overtime. You would think that be that they settled on a lawsuit that they would down play the overtime issue. In Arkansas, if you work over 40 hours a week, you get overtime at time and a half and they cannot make you take the time off and they cannot refuse to pay. Ask my former employer about that . I am a pharmacist technician and because i am licensed, the former company thought they did not have to pay overtime. I turned them into the Ark labor broadand they did the investagation and all former employees and current employees received back pay . if wal-martis doing the same thing, i would not be afraid to turn them in. People just want what is fair and what is rightfully theirs at least in the area that i live.
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#18 Dec 5, 2009
12-05-2009 @ 11:10AM

steve said...
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#19 Dec 5, 2009
12-05-2009 @ 5:32PM

H BORGNA said...
95% of walmarts goods are made in china for slave wages, then sold to walmart to be sold to americans. by slaves who make minimum wages., while walmart wallows in huge profits. what a country,i,m moving overseas to hell with this corruption
Wal Mart Employee Blog


#20 Dec 5, 2009
12-04-2009 @ 2:50PM

David Clark said...
I cannot believe people continue to shop here. Everytime one of theese stores comes to a town, it wipes out nearly half of the businesses around it, then people wonder why we have high unemployment, abandonded main streets full of crime and underpaid workers getting mis-treated. If America has become a nation of cheap, plastic and must have it now, then no wonder why were failing. Support a small family owned business and save America

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