Residents loudly complain about noise...

Residents loudly complain about noise ordinance -

There are 163 comments on the Newsday story from Sep 12, 2007, titled Residents loudly complain about noise ordinance -. In it, Newsday reports that:

Islip officials said they will consider revising the town's vague noise ordinance after angry residents lambasted the council for bringing a "frivolous" noise complaint to court.

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John in Brentwood

Medford, NY

#162 Jul 4, 2011
Sorry Principal does not put a For Sale Sign on their house because of lousy neighbors. You also can't try to do the same to get back at them. Unfortunately you cannot do anything illegal for retribution...however if you get enough fed up neighbors to sign petitions, and document any illegal activities or code violations. You may be able to run this SOB outta town with fines and legal harrassment thru town officials. You have just as much right to peaceful quality of life as this idiot does to make noise. I have similar problems here, and it's going well after talking to the local political powers. It does seem that foreigners think that they may do whatever they please when they come to America.
Seeking Quiet

Holtsville, NY

#163 Jul 14, 2011
Wishing4Peace4myKids wrote:
oh yeah, Im not from levittown, im from further east on the "north"shore. What a joke. I too want my money back.
You want your children to have quiet- I want my neighbors kids to BE quiet!
It is now 11 pm on a Thursday night - it's 65 degrees and these two kids- aged about @3 and 8- are yelping and hooting for the last two hours!Come on- it's not so hot they need to cool down- I could understand that...maybe... but it's a beautiful cool night. THEY ARE WEARING WETSUITS and mom and dad are no where in sight. I believe they "do their thing" inside and tell the kids to make noise so they can hear them. Might be child abuse, or neglect, actually.
I would love to enjoy this lovely night , too. Peacefully. But I can't. Nor can I leave a window open-ever- especially on Sunday mornings...or else I am wakened by hooting and splashing by 8:30 am.
There ought to be a LAW!

Huntington Station, NY

#164 Aug 22, 2011
what is this new thing with parties in the front of the house.what happened to a backyard respect i have to play tv louder than normal,use a fan when i have central air and even earplugs still can hear thumping music.they have no consideration for anyone around them.the laws suck and the cops never come when called.horrible way to live.

West Islip, NY

#165 Apr 28, 2012
Mr Noisy wrote:
ur all a bunch of freaking a-holes who have nothin beter to do than complain all the freaking time!!!!! im a proud redneck from the south an id drive my 84 silverado with STRAIGHT PIPED SMOKE STACKS BELLOWIN right through your freakin wall go in your bedroom and do your wife, and blasting hick town by Jason Aldean out the cab of my truck the whole time im bangin her all night long!!!!!!!
you would finish in a minute and fall asleep loser

West Islip, NY

#166 Apr 28, 2012
It is so true about these Latin people that just arrived here in the USA. They have no respect for anyone and do what they please. There is a house maybe 200 feet from my house and they must have converted this house into 4 or 5 illegal apartments. But what they do all year round is have huge parties and extremely loud music. I have called the police a number of times and they never show up. I pay taxes just like everyone else to keep these police officers with a salary and they can't do their job and help the people that fund their paychecks. But they are sitting on the exit ramps profiling and pulling people over to make their quota. Back to the loud Latin scum. I am Latin and I respect my neighbors. These Latin trash give a bad name to all Latin people that are here doing the right thing.

Old Bridge, NJ

#167 May 20, 2012
Must suck to be you and miserable. Lol.
LegalUSCitizen wrote:
WTF??? I live on a block where there is a house full of unruley, unrespectful BLACKS who throw very loud parties, damage peoples properties and have no respect for anyone who has been living there for years...the last time we complained they didnt stop the loud thumping window shaking music until almost 2AM!!!!!! I believe the code enforcement did come by but what good will that do if charges arent filed? Something tells me they are planning another party!!

Old Bridge, NJ

#168 May 20, 2012
It's too bad the world doesn't revolve around fat grinches who sit around watching football and eating pizza all day. The world would be such a better place if nobody lived and if they all just sat around and quietly stuffed their face while watching baseball
john wrote:
what is this new thing with parties in the front of the house.what happened to a backyard respect i have to play tv louder than normal,use a fan when i have central air and even earplugs still can hear thumping music.they have no consideration for anyone around them.the laws suck and the cops never come when called.horrible way to live.

Since: Jan 12

Idamay, WV

#169 May 23, 2012
Noise a problem?
Get a used stereo or boombox, a real loud one.
Get all the ACDC music you can find.
Saturday and Sunday, 6 am, aim the speakers at the neighbor and let it rip. Max volume, till noon.
Let them see what an inconsiderate jerk is.

United States

#170 May 24, 2012
why wrote:
typical, build a home next to an airport, business ect. then complain, it's the new American way..grow up !
You are an idiot. He doesn't deserve quiet at night because he has neighbors? Who said anything about an airport? If the disrespectful shit would stopping oozing out of the city and staining long island there wouldn't be a problem. City life and suburban life are different and people should act accordingly. SCPD- highest paid cops in the country while you poor saps have a growing gand and crime problem.You can bet the SCPD officers don't live near any noisy neighbors. Do yourself a favor and get off the Island. I did and haven't heard bass pumping at ....well, ever. I live around humans that were parented. Oh yeah-it is etc. not ect. Use words you know, like parole and incest, loser.

Hartsdale, NY

#171 Jul 21, 2012
Want to talk about loud music then move to Copiague. I moved to south Copiague to escape the large influx of Hispanics into my neighborhood and with my luck they are following. I guess in their countries it's fine to play that awful music they listen to till 3 in the morning. If its not one family it's another. I've asked politely, call the cops but nothing. So I move and they follow. Whole story over and over again. As I'm typing this they are blasting that awful music. It's not the blacks, it's not the whites but it's the Hispanics. They are rude, crude and have no respect. Call me a racist I don't give a rats ass but these people are the worst offenders.

Glasgow, KY

#172 Jul 22, 2012
LI is too freakin crowded and too full of inconsiderate dirtbags. For what you pay to live there, the streets should be paved with gold....but all they're paved with is trash.

I moved far away. Problem solved!

Rocky Point, NY

#173 Aug 7, 2013
Middian wrote:
I am a noisy neighbor. I like to play my music, movies and video games late at night. I have a very inconsiderate neighbor on the other side of a paneling-wall, who's kid constantly bangs on my wall to shut me up. I used to turn my volume down when he would bang, but then he caught on to this new power, and decided to bang on the wall if he heard ANYTHING. Now, his mother has taken the habit of calling the police on me, instead of just relocating him to a different room in her apartment. Of course, the police don't ticket me or anything, because they understand my suffering...
I work nights. I refuse to live my night-time life in perfect silence for the sake of ignorant crybabies, who get up at 5 or 6AM to go start their backhoe, or pull out the hammer and nails and deprive me of much-needed sleep at 9 or 10AM. They have the arrogance to tell me that I should be up already. That I'm lazy. That I should go live in the woods. That they are well within the laws, and I am the problem. That I should get a responsible job (when I make more than they do).-If I didn't work at night to keep their phone+internet running, how would they deal with a heart-attack at midnight with no dial tone? I need sleep in order perform my job well, too. These daytime-dwellers feel righteous, starting their boats at 11AM.
To hell with night-time consideration. Screw you! I just bought a nice BIG SUBWOOFER!! HA! HA! HA!
PS. The Suffolk County 7th Precinct does not have a decibel meter (I asked when they came). Good luck on getting me to pay any fines!
I get off at 1:30AM. I'll be testing the new sound system tonight with Saving Private Ryan. All are welcome :-)
Karma is something you bring upon yourself through ignorance. The world is not meant to adapt to you but you to the world. Your future is obviously a painful one.

Rocky Point, NY

#174 Aug 7, 2013
John in Brentwood wrote:
It does seem that foreigners think that they may do whatever they please when they come to America.
And you're excluded from these foreigners how?

Massapequa, NY

#175 Jul 5, 2014
I live south shore Nassau County. My next door neighbor blasts music all day on the weekends. I have mentioned this to him more then once but he just got worse, music got louder. Any suggestions? Police?.....Town of Oyster Bay?

Since: Jul 14

Ronkonkoma, NY

#176 Jul 5, 2014
It's the weekend, not only is it the weekend it's the 4th of July weekend stop complaining and find a better hobby.
Sick of the Noise

Massapequa Park, NY

#177 Jan 2, 2015
I have a neighbor across the street who builds cars and revs them up at 6 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I tried to speak to him politely...he is an asshole. I called the town on several occasions, who tells me to call the police; and the police have told me to call the town. If anyone has any suggestions, I sure would appreciate it.
resident alert

Commack, NY

#178 Jan 23, 2015
how about the people living around roberto clemente park while the dumping was going on. noise, choking dust . complaints from park rangers and residents to all islip town board members anthony senft liason and oversees operations for parks department, steve flotteron, john cocharane, trish bergin weichbrodt reporter for channel 12 news, islip town dec eric hoffmiester not one of these fore mentioned looked into any of these complaints . why??? did they allow 1800 truckloads of construction debri which turned out to be toxic into a town park. do the math 1800x30tons per truck on average equals 54,000 tons. i would like to alert all hauppauge and smithtown residents to join together in stopping the just approved cleanup plan which will dump the majority of the parks waste at the blydenburgh landfill. what insanity to think whats no good at the roberto clemente park is ok to dump on hauppauge and smithtown surround.

Sayville, NY

#179 Apr 28, 2015
We have a pre school which is loud and starts at 6am in the morning.Cars park near our house and idle there cars and slam there doors.And traffic is horrible in the morning and afternoon.

Worcester, MA

#180 Jun 15, 2015
Sharon in Lindenhurst wrote:
<quoted text>
The problem is the hispicnics next to him are just as noisy. I'm not sure about the house on the other side of him (ethnicity). The neighbors next to me who abut his property (rear back yards) are also probably complaining but I have to talk them about it. I am seriously thinking of doing all the things you say but I'm not going to get support from the latinos surrounding him. Also, this is the God's honest truth, the hispic neighbor next to him just got a rooster which is now waking me up at 0600 every morning. Can someone here tell me are farm animals allowed in Suffolk county residential neighborhoods or HOW DO YOU KILL A ROOSTER ????
Sharon I FEEL YOUR PAIN 'Sufolk Police are over paid and useless . Hurting the rooster is not a answer but on my cosins ranch a sharp axe worked well Barbeque anyone. The world has changed for the worse I moved out of Lindenroach thank God. In the time I lived there on the water no less all kinds of crazy taxes etc .......... MY STREET WAS VERY NARROW there where times I could not get by all the illegally parked cars to get home from work. Getting people to move their cars at these loud parties was almost impossible on almost every occasion it started a fight from these alcoholic drunks more than likely illegal persons of color or not. Then after a 14 hour shift I have to hear salsa all night I STARTED DRIVING A VERY BIG DIESEL SUV with a home made BIG ASS PUSH PLATE TRUST ME NOT MY SANIST MOMENT BUT THE CARS ENDED UP MOVING OR BE MOVED Some poor soul bought my propertys pre sandy for alot of money not knowing all the night time shows that awaited him I left.I now basically live in white landia houses cost to much for most of the human garbage making up America today to buy.and with Lawyers and Doctors in my new hood we will and due get prompt action from police as neighborhood is full of them too CRAZY TO GET PEACE YOU GOTTA MOVE sad I know! White flight continues

Lynbrook, NY

#181 Jun 16, 2015
Someone needs to do something about our noisy hispanic neighbors in the vicinity of eureka avenue near F street!---house behind 525 eureka avenue is hard to locate on a grid map and it is down a ravine!! house is black and white...back yard borders on 2 homes on eureka! the imbecile jerks who live there, show no consideration whatsoever! LOUD BLARING MUSIC...EVEN AT 3 AM ON CHRISTMAS MORNING---OUT DOORS IN THE BACK YARD IS HORRIBLE!..cops were called by 6 residents this past saturday june 13, 2015-..finally it was shut down!! it is rude inconsiderate imbeciles like this who are ruining it for everyone else! our windows were throbbing from the noise!! we had to shut our windows on a cool night...because of this!!! NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! having an outdoor bash?? keep it quiet!!! turn it down!!! you are not in the bronx or brooklyn..or queens!! not in my neighborhood!!!!! enough is enough!!!!!!!!!.we will ALL be calling the cops..our legilators and everyone else in authority till this stops!!!!!

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