Unsolved Murders ???
just anouther vote

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#21 Oct 28, 2008
carefull i commented on my baxley and it was band by sheriff deroach . yes somthing needs to be done for these victoms im still sorry for them. and miss them dearly

Baxley, GA

#22 Oct 28, 2008
just anouther vote wrote:
carefull i commented on my baxley and it was band by sheriff deroach . yes somthing needs to be done for these victoms im still sorry for them. and miss them dearly
hmm... was it rubber band? or rock band? or what kind of band? ohhh wait.... perhaps you meant BANNED?!?!

and by the way, you look so childish constantly referring to Sheriff Deloach as deroach. What if people were constantly calling Carter "farter" or "sharter" or something ignorant like that? you just keep making yourself look stupid.

Aiken, SC

#23 Oct 28, 2008
Farter or Sharter. Now that is funny. I am hurting here. I need to catch my breath. LOL
Hometown Blues

Savannah, GA

#24 Jan 2, 2009
I simply asked a question and wouldn't you know it led to more bashing . Can't you even start a forum without someone using it as a way to drag each other through the mud ? Now with that said , does anyone have any useful info about Debbie and her friends and the determination of this case and please , if you can't say anything worthwhile then just don't say anything at all .
Hometown Blues

Savannah, GA

#25 Jan 2, 2009
fish tails wrote:
I don't think it was an accident either. I think it had something to do with all that dope they were doing at the lake.
Were you there and know for a fact that there was all this drug abuse going on and even if it is true does that constitute muder ? By the way it is not a lake it is a small pond about waist deep at its deepest point and the water is almost crystal clear.

Eddyville, KY

#26 Jan 6, 2009
I understand the case is CLOSED by the GBI....
until some sort of civil suit is filed there will be nothing else about it.....
Case Closed due to "accidental drowning" go figure.....to my understanding it was not anything to do with the Sheriff dept in appling county that closed it... the GBI did.

Since: Jan 09

Blackshear, GA

#27 Jan 16, 2009
yes i knew debbie very well also!AND YES IT WAS SHOVELED UNDER SOMEONES rug riye here in appling county i use to have the at most respect for appling county law enforcement but i cant say that know!yes debbie had some problems but i think that so many people including law enforcement was too opionated of her!there r people rite here in appling county who has her same problem including people from all walks of life i dont care how any one chops ut IT WAS IGNORED!!!!!!!! to the person or persons including law enforcment how do u sleep at nite!!noone deserves to die that way but my thing is whywas it ignored????just remember your maker is coming back i call him jesus christ he sees all things so one day there will b a judgement in this .im srry 4 all families to the ones responsibleand of those that DIDNOT DO THEIR JOB MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU AND YOURS!..MAYBE NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Since: Apr 09

Philippi, WV

#28 Apr 28, 2009
People need to start coming forward with more information about Rhonda. If all that cover up stuff is true(which it more then likely is) somewhere there knows and needs to open their mouth. Even if you didn't have anything to do with it, you still will pay the price like the ones who did have something to do. Justice will find you, and Rhonda's killer/s, will be brought to justice

Pooler, GA

#29 Apr 29, 2009
wow the GBI really knows their stuff..ha..bet this wouldn't have happened and not of been solved if it had taken place in a bigger town..small town GBI i'm afraid..what a waste of our tax prayers money..bet if someone up on that social register that every town has (small or not) this would have actually been truly solved..no matter some ones choice of life style they deserve to be protected by all law enforcement..remember we all at some point in life made bad decisions does that exclude us from the oath they take to serve the people!!not an oath to serve and protect the upper class..but ALL..

Baxley, GA

#30 May 28, 2009
this is a comment on the Rhonda Sue Coleman case I did not even know her but I do know there were some involvement with the cops and they covered the shit up and I hate it for them because on judgement day the sobs will get what is coming to them she was a very beautiful girl and Rhonda I love you even though I don't know you because I have a teenage daughter now and My heart goes out to you May God Bless your soul and find redemption for you and your family
did you know

Savannah, GA

#31 May 28, 2009
Withholding evidence in a murder case or in any case is a punishable offence by jail time.
By reading several of your blogs, it seems to me that some of you know something that would help solve this case. You keep saying that it was not accidental, it was murder. If so, bring what you know forward. If not, place yourself in the same room with the ones that you say have sweep this case under the rug cause that is exactly what you are doing by withholding evidence.
Proof is what gets things done, not opinions, not hearsay, not he said, she said - PROOF.
Now if you know something, bring it forward and justice will be served. If you are basing your blogs on opinions or hearsay, then you have nothing at all.
If I was in position to do so, I would supenoa each one of your IP addresses from the host of this site, put you under oath in front of the Grand Jury and find out what you know which is probably nothing at all. Believe, that could done!!!!
You can't bring yourself to accept the results that have been handed down to date. So you point fingers at whoever you can. So you have a simple choice to make, accept it or come forward.
Me and you

Atlanta, GA

#32 Jun 24, 2009
Hey we need more good officers to work on the cold case files like Rhonda Coleman

Milton, FL

#33 Sep 18, 2009
this town is bad the cops here suck
born resident

Memphis, TN

#34 Jan 24, 2010
Yes in agreement it is apparent that our sorry ass cops rather worry about who is smokin rather than actually doin something useful and crack down on the murders and or spend little less time harrassing locals living their lives as they do day today. I think we need as citizens to take charge and run the scum out of their position as cops and actually put someone who cares in there. YES OUR COPS ARE HEARTLESS SCUM
ol hazlehurst guy

Athens, GA

#35 Jan 26, 2010
Rhonda s cousin wrote:
I would love to know who the someone is and if that person was ever questioned by the police? I can't believe that this has gone on for this long and no one in that small town will speak up for her. Please someone out there, let her family have peace and help bring her murder to justice!
I hear her family does not want to know these things!
Friend of Rhonda

Atlanta, GA

#36 Jan 28, 2010
The Truth wrote:
There are MANY things that are going to start crawling out from under the rocks when/if a new sheriff is elected soon.
Rumor has it, a man named (Removed Intentionally) said he'd run for sheriff and the first thing he'd do if he gets elected is make SURE that ALL of the "covered up" and "Hush-Hush'd" wrong-doings in Hazlehurst were brought to the surface, STARTING with the murder of a beautiful young girl back in 1990.
I knew that beautiful young girl and I KNOW there had to be a cover-up!!! I am from Hazlehurst and even all of these years later pray for truth in her death.

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#37 Jan 31, 2010
The family has requested that Rhonda not be discussed on these forums. They asked very nicely on the Hazlehurst forum last year and all agreed to allow this beautiful young lady to rest in peace.

This speculation does nothing but open old wounds for the family. I think we can all agree that they have suffered enough.

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#38 Jan 31, 2010
The post in question is here...

baxley georgia

Blackshear, GA

#39 Feb 7, 2010
Hometown Blues wrote:
<quoted text>Were you there and know for a fact that there was all this drug abuse going on and even if it is true does that constitute muder ? By the way it is not a lake it is a small pond about waist deep at its deepest point and the water is almost crystal clear.
GREAT WE CAN FINALLY AGREE ON SOMETHING...LOL i knew debbie for MANY years, yes there could have beeen drugs involved???? i do not know for a fact, but knowing debbie... yes there was drugs:(... i always will love debbie, there is not a day that goes by that i don't think of her..........I LOVE & MISS YOU DEBBIE,,,,,,,,,,

Andrews, TX

#40 Jun 10, 2012
the man was my daddy and is bad waht happen to all three of them i miss my daddy so much it is every hard not knowing how he died

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