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Ron J

United States

#1 Jun 4, 2011
Just a warning for those in the Greensboro, Eden, Martinsville area. There are a group of swindlers out there trying to push this pyramid scheme on a lot of people in this area. They say they are associated with major celebrities and try to lure you in with false promises of earning a great income. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!!! You will be throwing your hard earned money away. Unless you want to loose your friends, family, business, or job stay away!
FHTM is the fastest growing bunch of losers in America and are and losing all of their humility, friends, family and reputations.
Below is a complaint against one of these shameless reps currently working the area.
April 19, 2011
To: Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc.
Attn: Compliance
880 Corporate Dr, Suite 300
Lexington, Kentucky 40503
From: ComNet Web Solutions
Attn: William D Norton
PO Box 169
Huddleston, Virginia 24104
Letter to FHTM Corporate Compliance RE: Kevin Jones
This is a formal complaint about the actions of Kevin Jones, his representation of the FHTM business opportunity and the deceptive tactics he used to lure prospects in to giving up their personal information and money.
1. He had prospects fill out paper work offline;
a. Using non FHTM compliant applications.
b. Without having them sign the application.
c. Without giving a copy of the FHTM Policy and Procedures.
d. Without giving a copy of the FHTM Privacy Policy.
e. Without giving a copy of the completed application.
f. Without giving a copy of what they were ordering.
g. Without confirming who they were signing up under.
h. Without them knowing who would have access to their information or how it would be used.
2. He would take the prospects credit card information;
a. Without them understanding what they were purchasing.
b. Without them knowing what the total charges would be.
c. Without them knowing what or who would have access to their information or how it would be used.
d. Without having them sign an agreement authorizing payment.
e. He would sign up other people using someone else’s credit card.
f. I also believe he ran a credit check on me and two of my business partners using the information from the application.
3. He made Income claims about the income potential and stated the incomes earned by his up line;
a. He said Susan Frank was earning $40,000 a week.
b. He said Todd Rowland was earning $250,000 a month.
c. He said he was going to make $15,000 in his first month.
d. He made broad claims of unlimited income.
e. He failed to disclose the facts of what the average FHTM reps were actually earning.
4. He would make promises to get prospects to sign up;
a. He promised to put enough reps in their down line to make them regional the same day they signed up.
b. He promised to pay me $12,500 if I would get 11 new reps in by the last day of February 2011, which I did and he didn’t pay as promised.
d. He made claims that Michael Jordon and a host of other celebrities were in FHTM and that they were coming to present the FHTM business at a local restaurant, of course they never showed up.
e. He ran an ad for a Job fair on Craig’s list when prospective job seekers showed up to a FHTM meeting they were furious.
5. My total cash out of pocket as result of Kevin Jones and FHTM;
a.$1,736.64 billed to my Check Card by FHTM through Kevin Jones actions.
b.Infinite lost credibility with those I got involved in FHTM based on the promises made by Kevin Jones.
You have been warned. If you are in doubt, Check with the NC Department of Justice as there is currently an investigation underway against these guys.

United States

#2 Jun 6, 2011
May not be a scam, but I wouldn't make the sacrifices needed to be successful. Loss of friends and family. I was hounded so bad by my hairdresser of over 10 years about joining Fortune that I finally had to find another one. I know of several others that stopped going to him as well. I hope he is making more with Fortune than he was from all of the lost business. These people are like zombies!!!

Columbus, OH

#3 Jun 7, 2011
You will find this interesting.....

Attorney General Roy Cooper joins nationwide crackdown on business opportunity rip offs and FHTM was listed on their site as one of the top 4 rip offs in North Carolina.

I also found this...

In North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper's office launched an investigation into Fortune in mid-2010. Consumers said they paid money to the company but were able to make money only by recruiting others, not by selling goods or services, according to a news release. A total of 25 consumers have now complained about Fortune in the state.

Officials in the Texas attorney general's office declined to comment but have sent two civil subpoenas to Fortune, asking for information that dates back to 2006 because of "possible violations of the Texas Deceptive Practices Act."

Consumer awerness

San Jose, CA

#4 Nov 15, 2011
Another State another settlement!

Kentucky-based Network Marketing Company to Refund $1.3 Million to Texas Customers

Texas Attorney General resolves investigation of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc.’s deceptive trade practices

HOUSTON – A Lexington, Kentucky-based direct sales firm has agreed to repay up to $1.3 million to its Texas customers. The agreement resolves the Texas Attorney General’s investigation into potential Deceptive Trade Practices Act violations by Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc.– including allegations that the firm operated an illegal pyramid scheme.

Qualified customers may obtain additional information about the settlement and submit a refund claim to the company by downloading a claim form from the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at . Claims must be submitted to Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing no later than Nov. 28, 2011.

In a typical illegal pyramid scheme, a purchaser or investor pays a fee for the opportunity to receive profits in the future. Those payments are primarily derived by inducing others to join the operation and pay a fee – rather than from the sale of an actual product or service. Fortune Hi-Tech’s customers complained that the defendant falsely represented the earnings they would achieve if they became one of the defendant’s independent representatives.

Today’s settlement agreement prohibits Fortune Hi-Tech from engaging in deceptive trade practices in the future and requires the defendant to refund up to $299 to each qualified Texas customer, up to a total of $1.3 million.

United States

#5 Jan 14, 2012
I was in a relationship with someone whose been in the business for about 7 months.they have already made regional. He kept trying to get me in the business which I wanted no part of. He has now a "business partner" who is bringing in lots of people.she is constantly texting,calling all hours of the night. Once they get a taste of money.nothing else matters. So just a heads up to anybody that is with someone they love that's thinking about getting in this business,they will not be the same person they used to be! They will throw away friends and family if you are not in it with them.

Holiday, FL

#6 Apr 1, 2012
I was hounded cor months to join. They claimed to be debt free and a DSA member in good standings. After doing my research, I found oht otherwise. Get the facts at

Since: Sep 12

San Jose, CA

#7 Sep 2, 2012
FHTM graduates from Pyramid Fraud to attempted murder!

It is so incomprehensible to understand how a company (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) that claims its mere existence is to help as many as possible, with help of the church, can also be so obnoxiously arrogant to believe they can manipulate the justice system to a point where they can push someone to death. After exposing the truth about Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) the whistleblower was sued in an attempt to shut him up and stifle his rights to freedom of speech.

“If the fate of your business model rests at the hands of one individual,(not me) to the extent that you have to spend millions of dollars to try and shut him up then the system is just fatally flawed. Fix the PROBLEM not the SYMPTOM. This is all just a side effect of what you have created. I don’t see the worst of the worst companies out there that act like this or have to put up with this nonsense. What’s the common denominator? Stop acting like 3rd graders and run a business for once”, says Rob Jenkins.

Not only are they arrogant enough to think they have to the right to destroy Mr. Isaacs financially, but they continue, to this day, the harassment and intentional lies.

The ex- FHTM general counsel, Judy Hammerschmidt, who was not even licensed to practice law in Kentucky, during her tenure with FHTM, has displayed a great deal of malice and wrongful intent. She has since been reprimanded by the Kentucky Bar Association. No evidence existed or exists to back any of their claims. If FHTM had a case with legal merit they would have never agreed to a settlement and dismissal in June 2011. They didn’t win anything as they have rumored through the ranks of their cult-like followers.

FHTM continues to purposefully engage in behavior that is extreme and outrageous which is intended to cause severe mental anguish and they should be penalized for the intentional infliction of emotional distress. The FHTM attorneys, who are milking their cash-cow client, have outright said that they will not be satisfied until Mr. Isaacs is homeless, without family, living on welfare in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere. Their intention is not to get at the truth but instead to bankrupt Mr. Isaacs.

One year ago, in June 2011 a settlement agreement was negotiated, which was intended to eliminate the proceeding, unbelievable financial and emotional stress and put the issues to rest forever. The agreement was entered into under false pretenses and with great malice as during the last year they have done everything possible to continue the manipulation of the judicial system in an effort to stall or delay its finalization.

Mr. Isaacs took a sabbatical since the settlement in June 2011. He has given no further media interviews, no television appearances, no AG complaints and no internet blogging. It doesn’t matter if he discusses FHTM or not.

Their continued malicious prosecution and harassment resulted in Mr. Isaacs stress level hitting the roof in August 2011 causing a major life threatening heart attack. He underwent two major surgeries inside of a month to save his life. Doctor’s orders were to eliminate anything stressful in my life including the FHTM litigation and work. He was forced into retirement and has been going broke as a direct result of the litigation by FHTM in their attempt to kill him literally. It is like they smelled the blood and won’t let up till Mr. Isaacs is gone from the face of the earth permanently.

Who in their sane mind would ever think that such a supposedly respectable company, run by the “King of MLM”– Paul Orberson, would spend all of their resources on attempted murder? Their intentions are clear - don’t rest until Mr. Isaacs is dead and gone.
Successful FHTM Guy

Los Angeles, CA

#8 Sep 3, 2012
Personally, I am working hard to make it to regional in 6 months. I also find FTHM produces the most comfortable and form fitting dildoes I've ever used! Have you tried them? They are the best when you need to simulate coitus. I have one in my rear right now!

My grandmother was in the hospital and I got her to sign up right before she died. I pulled out all the stops, but she finally relented. You losers complaining just aren't trying hard enough!
Successful FHTM Gal

San Jose, CA

#9 Oct 29, 2012
Your comments "Successful Guy" are hilarious. They are almost as funny as the Latinos who recruit friends from the immigration line just before they are about to be deported back to Mexico. None of these people have valid US SS#'s but they become FHTM reps anyway. Then they are forced to buy a bunch of crap they really dont need on a stolen credit card so FHTM appears to be expanding and booming.

The reality is they are dying. Multiple lawsuits and AG investigations. Hell, they couldnt even afford to pay the 1.5 million dollar fine from the Texas AG last year. They asked for payment terms.

Charles Ponzi would be proud of Paul Orberson. They are like 2 peas in a pod.]

This are fascinating links:
Dont get me started

Borger, TX

#10 Nov 24, 2012
I signed up with FHTM recently, I went into this knowing I will get out of it what I put into it. I understand the negativity surrounding the company but at the same time, have had no problems with other reps or the company. I believe it is an awesome opportunity for people to earn extra money or even to replace their income from their previous job. I have met and know several reps who have been very successful with FHTM, it is very real! There will always be someone to find some bad in something good. And I really dont know what to think of what all I have read online about FHTM, because we all should know that you can't believe everything you read online unless you can find it to be 100 percent legit. I don't doubt there have been people that have made promises of cash bonuses or other things that they had no intention of fulfilling just to add to their downline. But, I also know that not everyone is like that.There are so many opportunities for people to join this business and misrepresent the company and purpose of the opportunity, which ultimately reflects on FHTM. I know the company has been around for many years and that does not happen by accident. I'm going to keep moving forward with this opportunity despite all of the allegations. After all, most people are blind to their own ignorance. This is my opportunity, not anyone else's, so go ahead and keep on judging while I'm still earning money.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, now you have heard mine.

San Jose, CA

#11 Jan 26, 2013
It appears as if the famous whistle-blower, Joseph Isaacs, is getting ready to release his memoir this summer. A compelling story that everyone should read. Excerpts are available through his website
Bye Bye FHTM

San Jose, CA

#13 Feb 17, 2013
As of this past Friday evening, Paul has abandoned FHTM and took off for Zija. This leaves hundreds of thousands with no home. Once again, he only cares for himself as he threw all of the distributors under the bus. So many including those from Canada are very pissed off.

URGENT SCARY NEWS Listen why the whole CANADIAN TEAM IS NO LONGER FOLLOWING PAUL ORBERSON Call NOW! 15595461339 pin: 119731# Ref 58#

New York, NY

#15 Feb 25, 2013
Will Orberson & Mills get to scam millions more at another MLM or will the FTC charge them criminally next?
skapegoat follower

New York, NY

#16 May 29, 2013
Paul Orberson & Tom Mills have officially been banned by the FTC from participating in another MLM while being prosecuted as a pyramid scheme. All of their assets are being transferred to the receive this week. See the full agreement at
How does it feel to be as broke as all of your victims, Paul?

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