Weekend shooting leaves mother dead

Weekend shooting leaves mother dead

There are 176 comments on the WLOX story from Aug 25, 2008, titled Weekend shooting leaves mother dead. In it, WLOX reports that:

Friends and relatives of a 31-year-old woman who was shot to death over the weekend in the Baton Rouge area say she had tried to extract herself from an abusive relationship with her ex-fiance. Mia Reid was ...

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Memphis, TN

#21 Aug 27, 2008
I meet Mia when she was 17 and she could still pass for 17 :-). Mia was so beautiful, but not just on the outside, she was as equally beautiful on the inside (which is often rare). Mia was always such a sweet heart and a joy to be around. To her daughter, mom, brother's, sister's, family members and friends..May God keep his arms around each and everyone of you and give you peace. Mia, you will forever be missed. We love you Mia...Jennifer, Nicole & Brittany
Carls Niece Bonaire GA

West Monroe, LA

#22 Aug 27, 2008
I don't know where to began.I'm still wrecking my brain every night trying to make sense of this rudely unjusticed situation.All I know is that Mia you will always be in my heart.What a sweet spirit you were.When my uncle Carl would have church and even at the Cathedral,you would always give me the nicest compliments."Nakia your hair is so pretty"!Lol..You always had a positive vibe everytime I was around you;whether it was church or a family event.I love you,and I love our family.Bren stay encouraged.With Love,Your Fam..

Decatur, GA

#23 Aug 27, 2008
Mia was a very special person and just full of joy and hapiness.She never deserved to be beat on and definetly didn't deserve to loose her life. I KNOW Mia is in a better place. My heart goes out to the Reid family keep ya head up. And Mia I Love You baby girl! R.I.P

Since: Aug 08

Pompano Beach, FL

#24 Aug 27, 2008
My name is Earl Jordan and I’m the Founder, President and CEO of the Partners In The Struggle Organization in Nashville, Tn. Our organization speaks out against the murders and gun-violence in Nashville, the state of Tennessee and nationally. We’re also a support mechanism for murdered loved ones families as well. I just receive a phone call @tonight (7:00am-Nashville time ) from my nephew’s girlfriend who were good friends with Mia Reid and she told me that she was murdered last Saturday. She said,“ Uncle Earl, I want to do something, but I don’t know what “. I told her that we’ll conduct an event, to unite against the senseless murder, gun and domestic-violence, that is destroying our race as and the life of Mia in Atlanta. For her daughter, to have to live in this world without her mother and to maybe have witnessed her death just makes me angrier. But, I know GOD is still good and Mia is in a place where she’s with GOD now. Now, as an African American humans, we must unite and support Mia’s family in everyway. We’ll let GOD deal with the person who took Mia’s life, but our main focus is supporting the family and making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else….I know that Mia homegoing celebration is this Saturday and we’re going to strive to conduct the event in the ATL on Saturday, September 6, 2008. Keep you ears open for the location and time for this much needed event we’re doing to honor Mia’s life and to unite against the murders, gun and domestic violence of our loved ones…

Have a bless night and lift one up for Mia Reid’s family.

William - A Great Friend

Powder Springs, GA

#25 Aug 27, 2008
I lost a great friend, someone I considered to be a sister to me.
She was a major inspiration to my life both personally & professionally. Although she motivated me to become a better person in the physical, I know she will be here spiritually to motivate me on higher levels. I'm appreciative to everyone that helped me to understand everything, because she truly meant a lot to me and conversations that we had, I feel that only me & her could have had. I'm trying to deal with the fact that I will not be able to have another conversation with her when I was just speaking to her not too long ago. I also remember the day she was leaving the company before I did, and she showed me her wedding ring and she was extremely happy and I was proud of her for making a major life move. Then I remember speaking with her on the phone and she asked me how I was doing and I told her I was preparing for my move out west and how I wanted her to come visit me. She was saying she would and then I asked her how she was doing. She told me that she was adapting to life living with her fiance and she was saying how it was a challenge living with someone else, especially of the opposite sex, etc., but never did I ever know that she may have been in danger of some sort. It's a bittersweet time because It's hard to finally accomplish a major professional lifelong goal and to loose someone close who was a motivating force in that movement. I will forever be appreciative for our lunches and talks regarding spiritual growth and achieving phenomenal goals in life. She truly lived and believed as if anything was possible in life and what she and I both believed is now evident in my life and I know she's smiling. She would always advise me to strive for excellence and focus on reaching a platform to service & help others. She helped me reserve my "Young Obama" demeanor, despite my environment. I want her mother to know that she was not only a genuine person to me in my life, but she was also a genuine person to the rest of the world. For everyone that knew her, take with you what you loved about her and instill it into your own life. For everyone that used to work with her and I, please be kind to one another and understand how an impact of 1 person can change another person's life. Reaffirm that daily throughout the work day. Please say a prayer for all those that she affected in her life. She will be well missed & I will make sure that she is remembered.
"The Lord frustrates the plans of the nations and thwarts all their schemes. But the Lord's plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken. Psalm 33:10-11."
sooooooo hurt

Newnan, GA

#26 Aug 27, 2008
I started at AT&T with Mia. I am so distraught over her un-timely homegoing. We never realize how other people lives are affected by our presence. I'm sure Mia did not know how much she meant to everyone around her. I can truly say that she was one of the sweetest and caring persons I have ever met. She often spoke of her family and her faith in God. My prayers are with her entire family!!!!
May the soul of her attacker burn in HELL after his physical being suffers here on Earth!!!
I've never wished bad luck or harm to anyone...God, PLEASE forgive me if I am wrong.
Gil from Dayton

United States

#27 Aug 28, 2008
Brenda, I am so very hurt. Kevin just called and told me. I'm crying right now remembering how sweet Mia was as a child and the day you trusted me to have THE TALK with her and K. My son Laquan was murdered on mother's day this year and then to here this. 2008 has taken so much from my soul. God bless you and kevin will let you know how to get in touch with me or you can E me at [email protected]


Since: Aug 08

Louisville, KY

#28 Aug 28, 2008
My heart and prayers go out to both families involved in this tragedy..I am a friend of the Reed family as in Fredrick Reed..I love friend like family, and anyone who knows him, knows this is totally out of character for him so that alone sends up a red flag..He was a father, a brother, a son and a friend..To sit here and read some of the things being said on this site, to me its bias and unfair..I am in NO WAY defending freds behavior and at this point Im not sure what fred was going thru to trigger such a raw and irrational emotion that left 3 children without a father and 1 without a mother..It is literally a tragedy..In turn I also would like for everyone to keep in mind that this involves 2 families and 4 children...LIVES have been ruined not just A life..With regards to Mia's family I am genuinely sorry for your loss and once again my heart and prayers go out to you..
Dee Clark

United States

#29 Aug 28, 2008
You have stirred some raw emotions that I usually do not feel. Number 1, why would you use the alias "tko" to enter your comments? Secondly, you are right families have been hurt, children are hurting and Mia is gone forever. We as humans make choices, some good some bad. Fred made a very bad choice -but it was his choice.
And lastly you stated you were a friend not understanding why this happen. Most of Freds childhood and current friends were not surprised- he has a history of abuse dating back to high school


Since: Aug 08

Louisville, KY

#30 Aug 28, 2008
Dee Clark wrote:
You have stirred some raw emotions that I usually do not feel. Number 1, why would you use the alias "tko" to enter your comments? Secondly, you are right families have been hurt, children are hurting and Mia is gone forever. We as humans make choices, some good some bad. Fred made a very bad choice -but it was his choice.
And lastly you stated you were a friend not understanding why this happen. Most of Freds childhood and current friends were not surprised- he has a history of abuse dating back to high school
tko just happen to be my initials..secondly..a history of abuse meaning fighting Im I correct? Not a killing spree..last but not least fred has had kids with women and this hasn't transpired hence my statement in wondering what happened?
Carls Niece BonaireGA

Acworth, GA

#31 Aug 28, 2008
I'm going to have to agree with Dee.I'm Mia's family,but not only am I affected;Mia's immediate family,and people that she knew are affected as well.What i'm tired of hearing is that "What made him flip!"I can tell you one thing;God didn't tell that man to do what he did;God was no where in that picture!So yes there are 2 families affected,kids affected,but for people to sit up here and say that something made him snap,and that it wasn't him,that is just crazy!That doesn't give anyone the right to take someone's life point blank period!So the point you are trying to make is totally void;not making sense at all hun! Mia is gone!Get in your head hun that whatever raw emotions he had,it's not justifying period!What he did hun it was Fred who did it;not this other person that you are claiming him to be!He did it,and he's going to pay from a spiritual side,and also from a law side!
A Good Friend is 4ever

Atlanta, GA

#32 Aug 28, 2008
It's hard to understand why something like this happened to such a wonderful person. But sometimes god doesn't expect us to understand, but to learn, appriciate and love her at the most unexpected times. Everyone that knew Mia has suffered a great loss, but her family is the ones who need and deserve the most support. To Mia's mom and sister, I know you have heard so many times I'm sorry, but I want to thank you. For bringing such a beautiful, inspirational, genuine person into all of our lives. I want to tell her daughter that nothing prepares us for what the world puts in front of us. You are the one person your mom always spoke about with a light in her eye and a huge smile on her face. I apologize because you didn't deserve this and there are so many people in the world who are here for you now and always because of the exceptional person your mom is. She told me all the time, Tiffany is you think it, believe it, it can be done, it will happen. We gone make it happen for you Mia!

Atlanta, GA

#33 Aug 28, 2008
It's hard not to post these things about Fred. See the difference between Mia & Fred is that Fred was ready to die, Mia wasnt. Fred didnt give a dam about his kids or family because if he did, we wouldnt be on topix right now, Mia would be alive, and my niece would still have her mother. Hell last i heard, fred dumb ass was on life support. Fred has a 50/50 chance of living, Mia 0%. Fred may one day be able to talk to his kids & family. WE can only now try to remember mia's voice. Love always & foreva Tee

Decatur, GA

#34 Aug 28, 2008
I met Mia in training class at work in 2006. She was a beautiful person from the start. Her laugh, her bright smile that lit up a gloomy day and her good morning will be missed. Her Spirit was beautiful. There are not many women who I can say are as genuine and real as Mia was. She was called FRIEND. May God bless and comfort her little angel whom she talked about with pride, and her family whom she loved dearly. Mia, you are loved and missed to no end. I know you are among God's many angels.
William - A Great Friend

Powder Springs, GA

#35 Aug 29, 2008
Mia would not want anyone to argue the fact of what happened, she would want to be remembered for who she was and what she stood for. Nothing is going to bring her back and that's something that I'm coping with myself. I will never have another conversation with her again in the physical. Ever! I will never be able to treat her to lunch and talk about the positives in life and laugh at the negatives. In terms of what her fiance did, there's no excuse. He will have to answer to God both here on earth as well as when he passes. I'm no saint either, but I know not to go out and kill my girlfriend because she's leaving me. God was no where in that equation of him choosing to do what he did. You're right! I hope God has mercy on his soul. I promise I do. Mia was not ready to die! She was so full of life and eager to have a good time and make sure those around her were happy. She prided her life on making sure others around her were happy. I want to give props to her mother for raising such a compassionate daughter. One thing about her was that she was REAL. I just think back about our conversations and I wish that I had've known she was in danger. I just keep replaying our conversations back in my head. It's just overwhelming and wish a million times there was something I could've done because I don't play with that. I'm no stranger to knowing about domestic violence due to my extended family, but I never would've believed that I would be sitting here typing a blog about a close friend of mine who died from it. It just makes me hold the women in my life that much closer and get in their business anytime I feel like it. I'm just distraught, but I know some things aren't for any of us to question. I know that FAITH that it will get easier and GOD'S MERCY is stronger than any pain put on this planet. If you believe in him, and pray, it will get better. He promised. Once again a prayer goes out to everyone affected. I'm trying to remember her for the individual she was while working through my anger for what happened. I'm just trying to focus on remembering the good times, the jovial individual who used to joke with me while sitting next to her at work. Like I said before, I will make sure that she is remembered through how I live my life and in how I treat others.
Former Co-Worker

Alpharetta, GA

#36 Aug 29, 2008
I had the pleasure of working with Mia a couple of years ago. We became close friends and hung out on several occasions outside of work. She was truly a beautiful person inside and out! I will forever cherish the memories I have of Mia, and will not let her death go in vain! I will spread the word about domestic violence and abuse to every women I know in an attempt to stop this from happening again. R.I.P. Mia, you will be greatly missed!

Colonial Heights, VA

#37 Aug 29, 2008
Mia you will be missed but never ever forgotten!!! My prayers goes out to Mia's family & friends who suffers during this tragedy.

Fairburn, GA

#39 Aug 31, 2008
My post is a little different, I was not a close personal friend of Mia's, but her death has shaken me to my core as if I'd known her for years. When my friend Angie who worked with Mia told me about her death, she wasn't sure I would remember her because we had only met once at a function at Angies house. I remembered her. I described her to a T, she was very pretty and more importantly she came in with such a pleasant smile,and greeted everyone and joined right in at the parties festivities. Clearly she had a spirit that didn't meet strangers. When I think about her death I can certainly see the void it has left with so many people, but then I think about Heaven's gain. She's was an earthly angel that has ascended to her next journey. My prayers of peace and healing are with her dear family and friends that are left to suffer her loss, for God knows Mia is not suffering and her spirit is very much alive. To the family and friends of the perpetrator, just a word of advice...this family is in pain and their trying to cope with this tragedy. To post anything, but condolence at this time...would be nothing short of insensitive. You have to understand the anger and pain of this family, even through your own devastation.
Brother and Sister-In-Law


#40 Aug 31, 2008
Mia, you will always be in our hearts!!! We miss you & love you soooooooooooo much :-(

Baton Rouge, LA

#41 Aug 31, 2008
Mia's death was a tragedy. No one can really say what prompted Fred to commit such an act. Their are two families involved that are hurting. Pointing the blame isn't going to change what has happened. My condolences go out to the Reid family.

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