As much as state government has shrunk due to lay offs, furloughs, and freezing payrolls, Louisiana should be the richest, Republican state in the nation. Jindalites considered state workers as feeding off the government tit! Corporate welfare is considered big business for those feeding off corporate tits. Deep cuts to education and healthcare should have left enough in the coffers for legislators and ALEC members to throw a big bash for those sucking the corporate tit! To all of you bloodsucking ALEC members, Democrat and Republicans, choose your battles carefully! Your money did not buy the last presidency. Mind your own business, serve and represent the people who gave you the privilege to serve them, and stay out of your neighboring states battles! Be reminded, Jesus may want you all to know, like him, you are servants of the people, because it is the taxpayers and voters who elect you, and yes, they are the ones who pay your salaries!