james helmes arrest details

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#67 Jun 14, 2013
Cant stop laughing! She thinks this married man is going to leave his MUCH younger, WAY prettier wife & MOTHER of his kids for her -I bet you anything. So vain -n- selfish. What a ego! Isnt she still married to James? lol lol lol lol. Sadly, the kids in this soap opera are the ones to pity.

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#68 Jun 14, 2013
They all sound like a bunch of dirtbags. Don't we have more important things going on in the world then the sexcapades of a bunch of sleazoids?

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#69 Jun 20, 2013
this is hilarious. I dated officer jimmy too. he was seeing quite a few other women but hes not a dirtbag. hes a sweetheart and pleased me -SPECIALLY IN BED. Purr Purr PURRRRRRR oh and have you seen his brother? just as HOT

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#70 Jun 24, 2013
Actually, he is a thief.
claire aillet wrote:
<quoted text>
actually, you stupid dumb ass, the police haven't been to their house in 6 months. and the last time they were there, they were called out because of the neighbors stupid dog. and there were only two jetskis at the house which were supposed to to go a guy who wrote james a bad check so he was keeping it until he paid up on it...if i am not mistaken. so shut the hell up you idiot. you sound really stupid when you don't know what you are talking about. and by the way, james HIMSELF is getting everyone there things. just because they weren't delivered on time doesn't mean that they are stolen. what kind of an idiot are you?

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#71 Jul 6, 2013
tata wrote:
hi everyone there is a $1000. reward for information leading to the arrest and confiction and/or judgement against polly bourke helmes for cyber stalking, harrassment, threat to minors, threat to personal property, slander, breaking the rules and regulationof the internet web sites that she has used to post copy and past information about the helmes family. dana, james, ronnie helmes and some of their friends too.much much more charges to follow as they unfold. please contact dana or james at dana_helmes@yahoo.com, or you can send me back a comment and i will get intouch ith them. thanks tata. REMEMBER IT'S A $1000. so please contact us. i will get the info for the police dept. and the attony if you rather contact them. watch for the post soon.
Hey how'd that work out for ya ? did even one single person collect that money ?$1000 is alot of money !! "breaking the rules and regulationsof the internet" hahahahahahahahaha !! FAIL

Baton Rouge, LA

#72 Aug 2, 2013
hahahahahahahaha!! check out dana's facebook page !! hilarious! she's posting all of her precious pictures of her married boyfriend with her at bars and parades and weddings and more bars and trips to disney....ahahahahahaha!! and saying, "...when you lie about me and on me so you can stay in a lie it really pisses me off." LOL LOL LOL. he's living a lie because he loves his wife? He chose his wife and kids over her and her Jay's kids. Even after all that money she spent on him. oh karma...thank you!!

and don't forget...her services are available for parties and weddings and any corporate event!!! lol lol lol
oh no

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#73 Aug 4, 2013
Well the fruit does not fall far from the tree and dana's kids will be criminal pieces of crap just like dad.
about time

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#76 Aug 14, 2013
He is in Harrison County Adult Detention Center. Felony Bad check; Grand Larceny; Home repair fraud; and on hold for Louisiana for Grand Larceny Personal Property of another. His next court date is August 19, 2013. Go to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center website to see his current picture.
te Truth

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#77 Aug 14, 2013
How pathetic and desperate. Have ya'll seen all the crazy crap Dana is posting? What a psycho! First she puts up pictures for everybody to see of her and her married "boyfriend." He dumps her and then she posts crazy stuff about his poor mother living in a cardboard box and his wife -all the while her friends are goading her on to do it. Then she posts pictures of her squatty burned up self in a bikini no less. LOL!!! Yuck! PLEASE cover yourself up!!! You are way too old, wrinkled and covered in cellulite to do that! LOL! It's like a wreck that I can't stop watching though. That is one desperate broad!! LOL! Somebody should let Jay's family know. LOL!

Baton Rouge, LA

#79 Aug 14, 2013
What kind of mother posts pictures of her children on the internet with one of her married boyfriends? She did. Using her public Facebook- outing of a married boyfriend because he tried to dump her and stay with his wife. She wants the world to see that they really were together and she has pictures to prove it. The level of selfishness and immaturity for this "woman" in her mid 40's is of no surprise to me. I told everyone what she and James were years ago and now her own actions have proved it. Those poor precious little kids.

Baton Rouge, LA

#80 Aug 14, 2013
Mhelmes wrote:
Actually, he is a thief.
<quoted text>
well yea. just ask the state of Mississippi.
Nikki Kilcrease

Ashburn, VA

#81 Aug 14, 2013

Baton Rouge, LA

#82 Sep 4, 2013
How trashy can one old broad be? Yuck. Have yall seen her body in the bathing suit pics she posted of herself?? Aaack! Fat, orange and wrinkled are not good looks for swim suit pictures. lmao! What a whack job. I bet she's one of those fat chicks that calls herself curvy. Is she on drugs?
Oh my

Baton Rouge, LA

#83 Nov 10, 2013
Crazy !!!! But I think happy endings are great. And I haven't seen Jimmy this happy in YEARS!!! Good for him!!! He is so blessed to have such a beautiful family and to have finally gotten all that trash & crap outta his life!!!

Baton Rouge, LA

#84 Nov 17, 2013
I'm glad he's doing well now! I still find myself reminiscing about hanging out with him. Mmmm, we'd meet at that trashy bar that someone turned into a junk store (funky purple & gold building) on Florida. The hidden park on Florida. Oooooo Sound Advice. Yea baby, you feel sooooo good! The gymnasium. The man had talent when it comes to getting me off. Purring again
Sweet Melissa

Houston, TX

#85 Nov 17, 2013
Why am I getting dragged into this?? First off I would NEVER bone another womans husband, much less consider it a prize. I leave that for the skanks & whores of the world. Second, does that ring of fire refer to your affair or your crotch? Burn baby burn, disco inferno! Lol! That's your new name...Disco Inferno crotch!! Dana Disco!!! Lmao!
What happens

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#86 Dec 4, 2013
The Narcissistic Relationship

*Nothing is their fault
*It's their way or the highway
*They are always the victim
*They will make up stories about you
*They are never there for you
*They are blind to your love, emotions, accomplishments, needs and your pain
*They lie, cheat, steal and/or have addictions
*They are impulsive and bored easy
*They play pretend and if you don't follow the script they throw temper tantrums or give the silent treatment
*They manipulate, control, and abuse you
*YOU will begin to look like death and feel 100 years old.
Oh no

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#87 Dec 9, 2013
Lol! Haven't you spent the last year squealing about how you were the last one? The best one? The only one?? All of those years you wasted on him were your choice. You weren't conned or tricked sweetheart! You chose him, for years...over and over. Then, when you find out he's out looking for someone else yet again, instead of directing your anger and pain at him and him alone, you have the balls to attack his wives and other affairs as the stupid ones? The ugly ones? The fat ones? And even post pics of women that you truly know nothing about? And make fun of the way they look? How shallow are you?? Since 2010, you've publicly posted pictures of him on your social media. You have consistently posted something about his "stupid" wife or other affairs for months now instead of telling the truth about him. Blaming everyone while taking no responsibility for your own choices. He conned you? For all those years right? No. It's you who doesn't know the truth. If you could only hear the words that have come out of his own mouth about you...your heart would truly break. I've personally said nothing about your children or friends. I've prayed for them. I am not responsible for other peoples opinions of you or them. Neither are you. Move on sugar, it's time. Keep the good memories but let it go.
well said

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#88 Dec 13, 2013
The TRUTH is like a lion. You do not have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.-Saint Augustine

Or better yet...

Lie? Me? Never. The truth is far too much fun.-Captain Hook

I just love posting and reading posts on this public forum. America has the greatest Constitution and Bill of Rights ever written. I also love the internet and social media. So much juicy gossip that people put "out there" into the public just for their 15 minutes of fame. LOL!

Having said that, the nut job/scorned woman still says she loved him and would've done anything for him. Aw. Except maybe tell him the first time he flirted with or made a pass at her... to go home to his wife and kids or to go get a divorce. Now that would have been real love and respect. True?

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#89 Feb 27, 2014
Hey here is a thought why don't you all just leave it alone!?! Seriously y'all wanna talk crap but yet stalk the lady and anything she does or posts so why don't y'all just get a life!! Seems like y'all are the pathetic ones!

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