Ever since medicare and medicaid was started millions of providers have cheated the system and created mansions, businesses and wealth for themselves and their families.
This enterprise is not any different from the drug business. It cannot be done alone, except for a rare psychologist who over bills with no office staff cheating the system for few thousand dollars.May be ten to twenty thousand dollars an year cheating if they are good. This type of cheating is harmless.
The enterprise of health care cheating has at least twenty plus people per episode who are involved.Just like the drug business everybody knows their part, their limitations, and works quite hard. The money cheated per year per occurance would be at least a million per year.
As long as the public believes that these got wealthy through hard-work and they are not caught, they will be praised to be the success stories of America. It has been that way since day one of medicaid and medicare introduction. Millions of rich today got wealthy from cheating since it was open to the grab.
Has happened since day one of any free money programs( where you get more if you can grab more without being too obvious) this kind of cheating will continue. Also, in many cases the doctors don't even lose their licenses. Millions hidden in India or other foreign country,a few years jail or probation, and a chance to start again or leave the country for the millions stashed in the home country.
Isn't this what American Medical association had in mind when they restricted the number of medical seats and residencies in this country, a chance for their country to be looted?
Disclaimer: native born health care professionals do commit fraud , seems lesser since they may not have a good enough safe haven country to go to enjoy the millions they stole.