Get on the dixie ride to Martinsville...

Get on the dixie ride to Martinsville Virginia topix

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to jimmy

Axton, VA

#1 Oct 23, 2013
Jimmy N

Bellefonte, PA

#2 Oct 23, 2013
Brilliant! Amazing! Fantastic! Even better than the last one. At first, I thought you were just a gossip, but now I see that you do satire as well. That's just wonderful! A gossiping satirist. I'm so touched that I was mentioned by name in your post, too. I'm probably going to print it out and have it framed, and then hang it over my workspace so I can admire it every few moments, or when I start to feel blue.
"Jimmy crack corn" - classic.
You are awesome, and you rock, sir.:thumbsup:
to jimmy crack corn

Axton, VA

#3 Oct 23, 2013
Jimmy the nutron aka jimmy crack corn. I dont know what a satisrt even mean so had to look that up and still dontt understand what Jimmy crack corn saying about me. He must me smart like alberta einstein or maybe in relationship with bud beers and young girls and his mind on some other level further than mine. I have feeling that Jimmy Neutron crack more than corn he prob cracking that pipe to. I know he jealouos of my blog and afaraid I might reveal things on him. Jimmy N is a loner in his man cave wishing he cuould go out beat a woman over head with club and drag her back to his man cave he is premintive man who thinks man come from a big bang or some water hole of frogs that became another aninmal slowly becoming what we see as man kind today. Jimmy N from martinsveille topix is a likely a dead beat dad I bet or some laze siting on his couch with beer gut hanging out and jeely do nut all over his t shirt. Any low life take up for beeer boozers womanizers is a cartoon stuck in some side show trying fool himself that he is real. Jimmy crack corn and I dont care. He just some man think he smart and full of himself but say Johnny so bad and he really just jealouos of Johnny. Jimmy N tell me why you say I am a gossiping satirist what ever that mean. I look up word still make no sense to me. You must be high on all them jelly do nuts done got you sugar rush and having meltdown of insulin making that pacreasus kick out of gear spking that sugar to point your brain just fall sleep. Do like me work out beef up jog be a winner not a beer drinker loser low life who cant keep a woman cause he too high on jelly do nuts to even make his man hood work.
to to jimmy crack corn

Bellefonte, PA

#4 Oct 23, 2013
This just gets better and better. Not only are you a gossip satirist, but you are also apparently clairvoyant, because somehow you are able to see though your computer screen and see me for exactly what I am! How did you know that:

1) I'm cracking that pipe
2) I'm a loner in a man cave
3) I wish I could go out and beat a woman over the head with a club
4) I'm a primitive man who believes that frogs became another animal
5) I'm a deadbeat dad
6) I'm sitting on my couch with my beer gut hanging out at this very moment
7) I eat jelly donuts all the time

It's really kind of spooky - like you're sitting here next to me on my couch, exposing me for what I really am. I am suitably fearful for the things you might reveal about me.

How do you do it?
to jimmy crack corn

Axton, VA

#5 Oct 23, 2013
I benches over 400 and curls 175 easy and run on tread mill and other machiches while Jimmy cracks corn. He like his beer nothing like corn mash is it Jimmy Neutron. Come over to gmy 24 and look for me you will know me cause I be the one look like he live in the gym. Maybe if uyou get your head out of bud ice and that crap you might be half the man I am. You mess with johnny you better know you got to face me brother. Donít bring no jelly do nuts either cuz I just east chicken breastes and healthy foods not after some sweet tooth fairy like you is. Dontt come back on here taking ip for that no low life randy who drinks like a fish and messes with 18 year olds and lives at mags all weekend drinking so much taxi has to give him a ride. I see him man all time when I come from lifting weights at jim he aint crap to me just like jimmy crack corn is nothing but a febble fetish flat foot two timing rubber mouth fool. You want to taste the cheese find the mouse boy and you can bet he aint here so if you barking up this tree be best you bring your moma to hold your hand.
to jimmy crack corn

Axton, VA

#6 Oct 23, 2013
talk like norma; people i dont know what clairvoyat men. you trying show off use fancy words like you a school techer when all you is is a butter ball turkey with dressing sopping all down your face when its not thankgiving day yet. you cant pass hoollweene can you with tahat fixed mask you wearing. my bad big boy you are sitting in your reclinner with a lap top in collinsville you want the street address too where you is cuz i know big boy. now crack that corn jimmy
to to jimmy crack corn

Bellefonte, PA

#7 Oct 23, 2013
That is so good for you, that you maintain your health like that. I was just reading that if you sit for 11 hours a day, you increase the chance that you will die in the next three years by 40%. I'm looking at getting a standing desk at my work, since I sit too much at the moment. Have you thought about opening up a health club business of your own? In a town like Martinsville, it could be a big money maker if you are smart about it.

Collinsville, huh?

LOVE the blog, my brother. Absolutely. And I feel touched and honored that you have made me apart of it. I feel like I will live on forever now through the power of the internet blog. Immortality is mine, thanks to you.
to jimmy crack corn

Axton, VA

#8 Oct 24, 2013
Whoa there brother dont get ur pannies in a wod you know with a little training I can makes you just well almost as good as me. You have to first though put down the jelly do nuts and that 2 % milk aint all that either just mis up you some whey protein with some water milk no good for grown people. Milk for babies brother not grown people. Do you see a cow drinking from the moma cow when its older nope sure donít. do you see puppies drinking momma milk. Nope You dont. Madder of fact milk for grown people is cancerous if dont believe me read on it. get u some to fu some baked chicken breasts lean steaks and eggs cottage cheese and go light on carbs or cycle the carbs to lean out. Nutting wrong with jelly do nuts maybe once month or less but man that sugar is poison and cancerous if you dont believe me read about how sugar is poison. Like I said come to gym 24 walk inside and look for strongesty man there with arms 23 inches and my buddies following me in training I have body guarded for stars and clubs in my life I have credentials brother if you need them. I dont charge to train cause I love this stuff.
to jimmy crack corn

Axton, VA

#9 Oct 24, 2013

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