What happened to the Mullendore Murde...

Hubbard, TX

#101 Mar 3, 2009
Just a bit of information on George Wayman , since they were posting that he had died. If you come to Fairfax most days you can find him in the drug store sitting around the table with other locals. Always has a story or two to tell about something.
Carolyn Phillips

Dalhart, TX

#102 Mar 3, 2009
That is great news. I am sure he has a life time of stories to tell. I really believe he wanted a conviction in that Mullendore murder case. I think he tried to investigate the crime scene the best he could with all of the mistakes that were made, especially bagging the hand that got cleaned up. Wish that evidence, along with the bone fragment, had not been lost forever.
George and & Rudy Briggs both mentioned Chub running the bath water, etc. and how unbelievable Chub's story sounded. Chub's testimony, word for word, is what makes me doubt him so much. It is so inconsistent, it just sounded fake! Remember those are Chub's words, under oath!
I hope mystery fan checks this site. The search for truth and justice is still alive!
mystery fan

Chouteau, OK

#103 Mar 6, 2009
Carolyn, i talked to investigative girl about talking to Chubb again and she says he isn't talking anymore unless there is money in it for him. He needs to pay for his dialysis. I asked her if the evidence in the case had been held in Osage County and she never did say, but if it was, that explains why it disappeared. Evidence is as dispensable as trash over there. Their evidence room is a JOKE. Chain of command and security mean absolutely nothing to law enforcement in Osage County. What I want to know is, why were all of the sheriff's deputies at a party at George Wayman's place the night EC was killed with the exception of one - and he was sitting on the road waiting for EC to show up to serve him with divorce papers, then was seen wearing a large diamond ring with the Crossbell insignia on it just a few days later. I keep hoping someone will come up with something concrete to look into. Windwalker, give me some more info on ARkansas City. Belfordwest, next time you see Mr.Wayman, ask him what he knows about Billy Mitchell and see what he says. You all keep up the good work. Something will come out of this.
Carolyn Phillips

Dalhart, TX

#104 Mar 6, 2009
I was told over a year ago that I could come to Oklahoma, travel to Knasas to talk to Chub, in a public place, for one hudred dollars. It also had to be with the person who set up the meeting & I could not take notes. I ask another newspaper reporter, in fact two, one in Texas, one in Oklahoma who has been involved with this case for a very long time, both advised me not too. The money was because Chub needed it for medical reasons etc. I declined because I did not want him to think I was there as a fan and I knew he certainly was not going to make a confession to me! I really did want to ask him some questions, it would be interesting to hear the story from him. I still think about it,I would doubt very much if that offer were still valid after the things I have posted on this site.
Carolyn Phillips

Dalhart, TX

#105 Mar 7, 2009
Mystery Fan, I cannot for the life of me fiqure out any other explanation other than Chub shooting E.C. Think about it, if mafia did it , they would have killed Chub too. If corrupt law enforcement did it, same scenario. What would be the point of having Chub run around free and worring about when he was going to talk? Just does not make any common sense does it? Why it cannot be solved is perplexing.

Tulsa, OK

#106 Mar 9, 2009
there is a mob the little dixie mob with ties with all other mobs. they are the ones who killed buford pusser, tennessee. e.c played cards with known people from tennessee, florida, kansas city.

there is no doubt the e. c. mullendore jr. murder was a mob hit.

the case was mishandled beyond belief.
i was told by someone who worked the case in osage county ( it was worked in tulsa, osage and washington county because of the ranch) the case
was so messed up and they could not prove chub anderson did it. if they tried him and lost, he would get away. in my opinion he got away with it anyway.

when my brother was found dead in 1985, this man said the only case he had ever seen messed up like my brother's was e.c. mullendore jr.'s case.
ironic, my brother investigated the e.c. mullendore jr. and the roger wheeler case on his own time.
Carolyn Phillips

Dalhart, TX

#107 Mar 9, 2009
Sjt, I just read what I could find on the Little Dixie Mafia on the website-Dixie Mafia-Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.
Unbelievable and they were very active especially during those years. Why do you suppose they let Chub live? I just find it hard to let him off the hook.
I always thought how awful it was that EC put his family in jeopardy by allowing those dangerous, unscrupulous, people on that ranch. Crazy! They had a cash cow in EC,therefore I thought they probably wanted him alive so they could bleed him for more money. After his death the family would benefit, not the dare I say, mafia. That is what I could not understand & was my reasoning for thinking Chub did it out of anger that fateful night. I had come to the conclusion that anyone who knew EC thought afterward ,better him than them, & no one cared anymore. It is a travisty of justice that people get away with murder! I am deeply sorry about your brother.

Since: Mar 09

Duncan, OK

#108 Mar 10, 2009
I have read these blogs, and I am shocked by the twist and turns that so many of you have run with! Maybe we do not push to have it solved publicly because privately it already has been! If you do more accurate research you will see that the "Mullendore Murder Book" is filed under fiction because the author could not confirm many of his allegations! If he had shared that, the book wouldn't have made him money. I may be divorcing E.C., But he is still the father of my children. His father, E.C. jr, stepped in to run something but was never given full reigns to have the ability to be successful so he tried to make the best out of what he had to work with. I'm sure you know gene didn't make that very easy at times. Kathleen runs the operation now and is doing a remarkable job. Clint, Eric, and E.C. have their own successes in life that shouldn't have to mimic their father. Their whole lives have been posted in blogs since long before the internet! I have had several inappropriate comments and questions asked to my small children that shouldn't have ever been asked to me! I have a moral obligation to protect my private life for the safety of my babies. When Chub came home, private security was placed on several of us and our small children, how fair is that? And for what? Morbid curiousity? The mullendores are private people because we do not have a choice! We can not even put headstones on our loved ones because people want to make a buck by vandalizing the sacred ground. I understand the level of curiousity, but please keep in mind the innocent people who are attacked by the speculations unfairly. Thank you.
And as for nosie nelly, I think your out of line by drawing my children into anything public.
Ty Flanary

Ada, OK

#109 Mar 11, 2009
I live on the ranch..... And it makes you wonder who killed him....... I think it was his dad he was a cold-hearted man...... An it is a neat place to come to and see..... TY 13 March 11,2009
mystery fan

Chouteau, OK

#110 Mar 12, 2009
Ty Flanary: Are you any kin to Kenneth Flanary, or Orville Flanary? K.J.Flanary was my uncle.

Sainte Genevieve, MO

#111 Mar 21, 2009
I'm so glad that all of you who haven't met Chub knows everything about him and his life. You all need to grow up and get a life. Trust me, there is a lot more to this story then any of you will ever know.

Hubbard, TX

#112 Mar 21, 2009
Well then tell us the rest of the story !!!!!
Carolyn Phillips

Dalhart, TX

#113 Mar 22, 2009
How do you get into that inter circle Elsa, to find out such priviled information? Wouldn't the truth revealed to all, be the one thing Chub would want to clear up? The true ending to a story that did not die with the death of EC Mullendore? Unsolved murders will always draw the attention of law enforcement & people from the outside, the public.
That truth would put an end to this particular forum & all the speculation that goes with it.
Carolyn Phillips

Dalhart, TX

#114 Mar 22, 2009
Correction on my spelling, post #113, first sentence,I meant privileged information. To know the answer to that question is important because it seems to imply that Chub does have a story that he is willing to share with certain people.
mystery fan

Chouteau, OK

#115 Mar 23, 2009
Elsa, we KNOW beyond a doubt that there is more to this story, a whole LOT MORE. And it goes a lot deeper than just Chub. He could shed a lot of light on other issues that need to be brought out into the open, too. It concerns more than just EC Mullendore. The Mullendore family, in this very blog, has indicated that the "mystery" has been solved to their satisfaction. But there are other things,including murder,that have occurred in Osage County since EC was killed, and they are tied together by a common thread. Knowing who else was involved might help open up some leads into those other injustices that need to be cleared up. Little Dixie Mafia? Hmmm. I think Osage County mafia, starting with the district attorney. What do you think? Do the names Cyndi Kinney and Joanie Goodwin ring any bells with anyone? What about Danny and Paula Martin? Maybe we should let EC rest in peace and start opening up some of these other "mysteries" that really do need to be solved.

Sainte Genevieve, MO

#116 Mar 23, 2009
Thanks, mystery fan, for the extra info. None of those names ring a bell. But maybe if the people on this blog and everyone else would bark up those trees, they would stop falsly accussing Chub.

Bartlesville, OK

#117 Mar 27, 2009
I wanted to weigh in on the postings here to clear up some things regarding Bill Kurtis and Cold Case Files.
My name is Michelle and I am a producer for Bill Kurtis. I photographed and interviewed Chubb Anderson when we was brought in the summer of 2006. Our crew was in town when he was sentenced in July 2006.
We sat down and interviewed him before he was sent to Lansing prison in Kansas. While he was there we corresponded in writing with him. I run into him in Caney, KS on occasion.
I get asked quite frequently why have we not produced an episode of Cold Case Files on the Mullendore case.
First, in late 2006 A&E network cancelled Cold Case Files. The shows you see on A&E are re-runs. They told us that the show was "no longer relevant" but they seem to re-run the show all the time.
Second, after we had put in the production work to interview Chubb and dig into the probate files and other records, A&E pulled the plug on the show and felt that the case did not have enough national significance.
Unfortunately as much as we would have liked to finish the show, without a production budget and sponsor it is not possible to do so. I wanted to make sure that folks know that we would have loved to have produced the show but with the network canceling the show we had no choice but to cease production.
Hope this clears up any misunderstandings. I have fielded some pretty hostile questions since moving to Bartlesville about this issue.
Carolyn Phillips

Dalhart, TX

#118 Mar 28, 2009
Michelle, Thank you for sharing that information on this forum. I know many people like Chubb and will always believe in him. That being said, this case holds a fasination for so many people.
The magnitude of the crime back in 1970 was truly sensational for many reasons, one being because of who was murdered. Add to that the list of persons with shady back grounds, fake insurance agents, money leanders,criminals , creditors & even Chubb. A real who done it!
The interest of the public is what makes the story stay alive & requires an ending. Just as the shows, American Justice & Cold Case Files are in reruns today. They still peak the interest of a large audience.
I do think this case is not as wide in range as some. I would contend the states involved may be Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Flordia, New York & Canada.
Michelle you have been in a unique position to talk to Chubb. I wonder if you think this case will be solved in his lifetime? You may or may not want to speculate on that question. I would not want to put you in an uncomfortable position.

Bartlesville, OK

#119 Apr 2, 2009
To be honest I am not sure if this will be solved or brought to some form of closure during Chubb's lifetime. So long as Sheriff Waymon is alive (I have interviewed him as well) I don't think Chubb will tell everything that he does know or confirm other theories about the night in question.

I really hope that someday we will be able to do a documentary on the case, I have invested a great deal of time researching the case and would like to see it thru to broadcast someday. Without a network sponsor/contract however it is next to impossible. The cost for one hour of network documentary tv is about $225,000 on the conservative side.

I look here occasionally to see what folks are talking about and thinking about the case.

mystery fan

Chouteau, OK

#120 Apr 3, 2009
I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. Based on reports I have heard from someone else who investigated the Mullendore case quite extensively (and was threatened into dropping the investigation someone in Osage County), Michelle is right - Chubb probably won't talk as long as George Waymon is alive. I don't want to read more into your statement than may be there, Michelle, but that confirms what I have heard for many years, that Chubb is still alive because he WON'T talk. I keep saying there is more to this case than what we see on the surface. There are some in Osage County (and other places) that have a lot to lose if Chubb starts talking now, especially Chubb. People who have reasons to hide things have ways of keeping those things hidden. Why has the family not exposed what they know about the case (see Post #108 from Mrs. Mullendore)if it has been solved to their satisfaction? Could it be because they can't? I understand the privacy issue as far as they are concerned, and I believe they have the right to that privacy, but because there seems to be a "shroud" around the case, there has to be more to it than is being told. There are too many loose ends and a hush-hush attitude about the case that leads people like us to speculate and wonder what REALLY happened. We will probably never know because someone can't afford for the facts to be known.

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