Dearborn Heights used to be a nice pl...

Dearborn Heights used to be a nice place...

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GottaGetOuttaHer e

Livonia, MI

#1 Oct 17, 2008
Now herion and trash from Inkster have moved in. We all knew it was coming..

<--- I'm not from Farmington?

Since: Aug 08


#2 Oct 21, 2008
I was born and raised in Dearborn Heights. I lived close to the Pelham and Southfield area. It use to be so nice there, but that was my thought while I was a kid. I have been moved away since the late 80's and come back from time to time to visit family and old childhood friends. I can't believe how much the neighborhood has changed. It isn't some place I would want to raise kids.

Livonia, MI

#3 Oct 22, 2008
As soon as district 7 became school of choice, all the parents who wanted better for their children decided to send their retarded, gangbangin, loser, drug dealin, drug usin, pill poppin, pant saggin, shoe untied, flunkies to our schools is when the city hit bottom. Dearborn Heights will never recover from the trash that has invaded. R.I.P. Dearborn Heights!

Since: Aug 08


#4 Oct 22, 2008
I'm a PROUD graduate from Annapolis High (1986)and it was a great school. I always thought my kids would go there too. I agree with you 100%. Sad to see such a great place go to the scum of the earth. I don't miss it now , but I do miss what use to be. I'm glad I'm outta there!!!
one that knows

United States

#5 Nov 14, 2008
I too am a proud graduate from Annapolis High (the first graduating class of 1970) I grew up in the same area a dunnodoya but closer to Van Born.
I have not lived there for over 35 years but it is still home to me. I have dreams still of years gone by, of friends like Karen and Sheila, Marilyn and others. I want to come home at times and live the life of a young person so please don't destory my memories of that great place and school. I live in a place now that is faceing the same problems you are and it's not new here. My husband is a teacher here and he works daily with all those low lifes as you call them and my oldest grandchild is one of those baggy pants wearing kids but I just say let him trip and get hurt going down the stairs then maybe he will learn. I had great teachers like Mr. Quiggly, well age has caught up with me and my mind has gone completely blank. But the fact remains that to me Dearborn Heights, Michigan will always be home to me. If there are any people from 1970 HI and my name is Judy Henderson, Kibler, Brandon
Depressed N Dbn Hts

Dearborn, MI

#6 Jan 10, 2009
I graduated from Annapolis too (1988) and I still live in the south end of the Heights...yes the city is going down hill. In fact, last month my house got broken into ! Too many drug addicts !! Wish I could sell my house and get the F outta dodge !
always be home


#7 Mar 12, 2009
I grew up on Edgewood between powers and vanborn. I miss it sometimes and think about what a nice place it use to be. I guess since I was a child living there I see it differently as an adult. Not a place I would want to raise kids anymore. It is a shame that such a nice area has went down hill so fast. I remember O.W Best and Mr. Porchia ( god I hated that man ) lol , but I see now he was doing a good job keeping the kids in check. When I come home to visit family I'll drive Annapolis like in the " old days " and the houses still look the same , but not many people left I knew. Hope it gets cleaned up around there for the future generations. Good luck to you all.
Born and raised

Jenison, MI

#8 Jun 3, 2009
Well, I can see all the comments are coming from the south end of DBH. AS long as I can remember the South end has been the white trash area and still is and always will be (to close to Taylor). That is why all your comments are ignorant, it comes from white trash. If you have not lived in DBH since the 80's you cannot comment. And to the comment about district 7, you have to be one prejudice loser to make that comment. I bet you belive everyone is losing thier jobs to the Latino's and racism nolonger exisits because we have a black president. Of course I graduated from Crestwood so, I have a more liberal education. This allows me to see past untied shoes and baggy pants.
FYI check out , to see how DBH district 7 High Schools out ranked Framington High Schools on MEAP testing!

Rockford, MI

#9 Jun 19, 2009
i live over on mayfair and Colgate, and South end of DH is turning ghetto, Over On pelham there was a robbery over at family dollar and a drive by last year on Kingston and Annapolis, theres kids who think theyre tough that hang out at Polk School, theres fights at annapolis, violence all over the neighborhood.
Linda Navalta

North Port, FL

#10 Jun 19, 2009
Wow, Ive only been gone about 10 years but I always really like Dearborn Heights..I did notice that things seem a little rougher when I was in town last year, but things change I don't think it just kids wearing baggy pants and boom boxes..They need help at the local schools from parents, and more money for the teachers and smaller classes I'm sure would help alot..I always helped at school when my son was in, and I work, I do believe we all have to chip in and help the schoosl as much as possible..
On the way out

Eastpointe, MI

#11 Aug 11, 2009
I totally agree that DH is going downhill fast!! We moved in 9 years ago. Very quiet area...majority of neighbors are elderly. Some have passed and whoever inherits the house either puts it up for sale or rents it. Now we have an extreme amount of undesirables living here. There are so many teenagers running around at night and all hours of the day it is hard to keep track who is who.....The housing market hasn't helped. People that can't sell thier houses are renting them for dirt people that normally could never afford to live in these areas...well they are here..this sucks. We already hate living on this side of the state but now we have to feel unsafe in our own home...and listen to the shouting and foul venom coming from these mouths. You can tell who belongs here and who doesn't. As soon as we can get out of this unsafe area we are gone!!
On the way out

Eastpointe, MI

#12 Aug 11, 2009
FYI I live near Ford and Telegraph, my husband and I are both professionals and college educated. I can look past the baggy pants and boom boxes, what I can not ignore is the foul language that is targeted toward my family when we are taking our evening walk or the disrespectful kids who won't budge or share the sidewalk as my son rides his bike, btw, which has training wheels. Unfortunately where we live a lot of these kids conglomerate and hang out, they unknowingly carry on thier foul mouth conversations which we can hear clear as a bell...parents that think you have little angels....ha ha ha I am so tempted to record these punks and follow them home and let mom and dad see what they have been up too!! Your jaws would drop...and btw these are the kids NOT wearing the baggy pants...these are the kids with the plaid shorts and short sleeve polo's on!!

United States

#13 Aug 11, 2009
I just moved from Ohio to S. Dearborn Heights 2 years ago and I actually have nothing bad to say about it. We live on Campbell...Right down from the high school and we have never had any problems...I'm sorry to read all these negative makes me second guess our choice.

Dearborn, MI

#14 Aug 19, 2009
GottaGetOuttaHere wrote:
Now herion and trash from Inkster have moved in. We all knew it was coming..
<--- I'm not from Farmington?
The owner of 4925 Mayfair must be on crack Painted all of his cement glow in the dark blue house looks like a circus. Thinks it is funny to trash the area and force his crap on everyone else.
not saying

Rochester, MI

#15 Aug 24, 2009
i was a school of choice student who started going to O.W. in 2005. when i first started going there it seemed like a pretty good area but as the years went by it really went down hill. it's pretty sad that i live in Detroit and won't go out to the suburbs to see my friends because of how shady it is now. you guys may not know this but alot of the teenagers around there walk around with guns now to try and be "hood". i could give you a list of names of seventeen year old kids who carry guns or sell drugs out there. i don't do drugs, but i know if i ever needed any i could get them easier out there than here in the city. im not gonna lie, im not perfect. i have a foul mouth like the rest of them, and i will walk up to taco bell at three in the morning if im hungry. but i NEVER try and mess with anyone, especially little kids out riding there bikes. that's just pathetic.
I agree

Harrisville, MI

#16 Sep 20, 2009
I moved away back in 2003. I have family that still lives there and when I visit, I see the changes. My family even says it see's the changes. They blame it on school of choice as well. In regards to young kids that don't move when there walking towards you...they would do that only once to me, even in today's society! If parents were parents like in my days (the 80's and early 90's), I would be allowed to smack neighborhood kids that were disrespectful. I would never think about swearing in front of ANY adults.

New Orleans, LA

#17 Oct 15, 2009
If anyone has been going to or watch city councel meetings the last 3-4 years you would be hearing me say the same things about this city. It used to be a great and clean place to live but now it is getting as bad as Detriot.
Ray from dbn hgts

New Orleans, LA

#18 Oct 15, 2009
If anyone has been going to or watch city councel meetings the last 3-4 years you would be hearing me say the same things about this city. It used to be a great and clean place to live, but now it is getting as bad as Detriot.

Since: Dec 09

Thompsonville, MI

#19 Feb 20, 2010
Oh my gosh! I have a daughter, her husband and their young children who live in the south end near Pelham and Van Born. They are a good family but now I fear for their safety. I grew up on Gertrude about a block from Kmart back in the 60's. We thought it was a bit dangerous back then but after reading all that's written here, geesh, it sounds much worse now. When I see my daughter and her family I've noticed all the nice, really big houses that have gone up in her area. I was surprised but thought possibly that meant the area was more desirable than it used to be. I'm confused at why anyone with enough money to build such large homes would chose that area?! I went to Harvey H. Lowrey High school and have a lot of nice memories but also I remember a lot of rough kids that went there. I suppose no one need worry about school of choice kids moving in. If the kids I knew back in school raised kids to be just like they were, that's enough for trouble to brew. Of course, there were lot's of nice kids too. I don't want to say everyone was bad and the same goes for now. There might be a lot of bad going on in that area but there are still good families who live there. I moved to northern Michigan when my children were young. I just didn't want to bring them up in such a crowded area.
I thank God we now live in the country with fresh, clean air and very little crime. We all have to live somewhere and everyone in D.H. can't just pull up and move so I feel bad for those, including my daughter and her family, who have no choice but to deal with whatever is happening there. She and her husband just don't have the money to move though I know they would if they could. God bless and help us all!

United States

#20 Sep 12, 2010
Im looking to buy a house in the area of outer drive and southfield. I have been reading some of the comments. I see the lowes, restuarants, new like strip malls. Im wondering if its even worth it.


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