Is the Barling Police Department supp...

Is the Barling Police Department supported by the community?

Created by TRUTH on Mar 27, 2010

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resident of barling

Fort Smith, AR

#1 Apr 6, 2010
Barling Police Chief Powell along with several officers are too busy partying and cheating on their spouses to do a good job for the community!

Next time you run into Chief Powell ask about his affair with Kyla King Payton of the Arkansas State Police.

People in the Barling need to WAKE UP!

Waterloo, Canada

#2 Apr 6, 2010
Resident of barling, you sound hurt. Do you have a crush on
A man with a badge? Or do you have actual proof to support
What you wrote above?
your hiney hole

Waterloo, Canada

#3 Apr 8, 2010
Despite my name I take what was posted to heart. Last I checked
The Barling PD were doing a great job of protecting their citizens.
You may not like the chief, so what does he do a good job? Do his
Men answer the calls? I support the Barling PD, good job guys.
Be safe when 10-8.
resident of barling

Fort Smith, AR

#4 Apr 9, 2010
ahhh, I am a dude and married. My wife and I are acquaintance of the Powell's. Chief Powell is having an affair on his wife. Morally that is wrong. Hell the police are suppose to represent the community and what message does that send to our youth and residents. If you cheat and party this is the communtiy for you.

But hell citizens of Barling have nothing to fear unless your a dope head or at the casino. My wife and I say Chief Powell and another officer at the Cherokee Casino in Roland. YES on the 6th of April during the day in the city vehicles. Why are we paying them to sit at a slot machine instead of working in our city. Hell why are we paying for gas in police vehicles to go to Roland and gamble.

The Barling officers do not care if your lawn mower is stolen, your neighbors dogs bark, your house is vandalized, or your kid is almost run over by a spending car down H Street. Read the damn paper and watch the news. Chief Powell and his officers are in other communities doing drug busts. Read the articles in SWTimes all Chief Powell's comments are for a drug bust in other communities. Why do we pay to have extra officers in Barling when they spend all the time to do drug busts outside the city? Hell why are we paying them let the counties pay them. Lay some of the Barling officers off and save the residence of Barling some bucks.

And if criminals want a place to break the law come to Barling. I bet Chief Powell and his officers will not be here. They will be in Crawford or Sebastian County doing a drug bust or playing at the casino.

READ the paper and watch the news.
your a dude

Waterloo, Canada

#5 Apr 9, 2010
So you know the chief and his wife and you think its morally wrong to knock back some strange.
Who sets the morale code? What your church? A place you go to seek guidance from somerhing
You can even prove exsist? Really. You saw the chief as the casino, was he working? Maybe he was
Making a contact with a criminal? Does he work in other communities? You mean he gets drugs off
The street in central city and that doesn't help Barling? Really. Drugs grown in Greenwood, Central
Fort Smith are used in Barling. it looks like the bad guys are afraid to grow or make their
Drugs in Barling because of the tough cops. You complain about a dog barking, who cares its a dog.
Don't bother the police with a barking dog, get your balls off the mantle and go next door and ask your
Neighbor about the dog. It's apparent that you are so weak minded that you need someone to do your stuff
For you. You go to church because your to feeble minded to make your own way, you need the police to talk
To your neighbor, you want someone to tell the chief its not right to see other women. Why don't you go
And do any of these things?
Weak, very weak

United States

#6 Apr 9, 2010
I think someone has had their feelings hurt... I'd say maybe it's someone who's been fired or "resigned" but they don't sound like they know much about the Barling Police Department and the way it's run.

Some officers at BPD are also members of the drug task force.. That makes their job to CATCH DRUG DEALERS! Not only do they work for the task force, they also do criminal investigations in Barling.

As far as being at the casino during office hours, Do you have any idea how many drug dealers and users are at the casino at any given time? Has it occurred to you that they may have been WORKING? They don't wear a uniform, so how would you know? Did you ask them? Doubt it.

Check the news, just this week they arrested a drug dealer in the middle of Barling.. But yet, they're only working outside of the city. I would think you would be happy to see any drug dealer in your area put in jail. How many times a week or DAY even are you in Fort Smith or the surrounding area?

They don't care about your stolen lawn mower? Is this the same stolen lawn mower that was recovered by Officer Bingham?
They have officers at the school everyday when it let's out to protect the children and control drivers, Do you have a reccomendation for a better way to handle this?

What they do in their private lives is no ones business so long as it's not affecting their jobs. Off duty, drinking beer, hanging out with their friends, and yes, even going to bars, is not against the law and just because they are police officers doesn't mean they're not entitled to enjoy their time off anymore than a banker, mechanic, or anyone else! I think you need to learn the facts before you start slinging mud. Whatever or WHOEVER Chief Powell is doing is not your business. That's between him, his wife, and whoever else may be involved. Why don't you spend more time with YOUR wife, instead of worry about other people's marraiges?

And based on the responses you are getting, you are one of the few that feels like the Chief and his officers aren't doing their jobs. If you have such a problem with it, contact city council. But slinging mud online is stupid, childish, and accomplishes nothing.
Really supporter

Russellville, AR

#7 Apr 10, 2010
Really, you said it best.
Seems like the Resident is a little hurt and wants to be a police officer but cant!
The way you try and sling mud, and back stab you should apply at Chaffee, you'll fit in just perfect with cynthis, clint, and hammer.

Greenwood, AR

#8 Apr 10, 2010
I have worked with both officers and know how truly lucky you are to have them protecting your city. I have worked narcotics before and can tell you every person you bust has a casino card in their wallet. We have conducted surveillance at the casino many times in the past. I can tell you stolen property also goes hand and hand with narcotics. These people do not work, they steal to get their next fix. So resident of barling, you are lost and do not have a clue. I surely hope you have proof to back up accusations you make as if any officers personal life is any of your business. I guess you messing around on your wife would cause you to turn the wrench wrong when your changing the oil at work. I figure that's about the extent of what you do. I would be willing to bet the statistics are much better since your current Chief took over as the number one man. Ask any officer about the two you seem to single out, Powell and Miner, and they will tell you that they are outstanding officers and can retire one day knowing that they made a difference.
Step Up

Waterloo, Canada

#9 Apr 11, 2010
Mr. Complainer if you think the PD is up to snuff, or you vould do their job, step up.
They are currently looking for reserve officers. If your interested in how police work
happens other than what you see on TV, sign up, pass the tests, and ride the road.
Until then please don't second guess how the police do their job. I don't know plumbing
And I don't try and tell my plumber how to best do his job.

Waterloo, Canada

#10 Apr 13, 2010
Guess he's done whining. Seems like you are all talk no action. No responce to the
Invite to come and join the force? Hmm
resident of barling

Fort Smith, AR

#11 Apr 14, 2010
Never would I work for a loser or his followers.

Waterloo, Canada

#12 Apr 14, 2010
resident of barling

Fort Smith, AR

#13 Apr 15, 2010
resident of barling

Waterloo, Canada

#14 Apr 15, 2010
I apologize for trying to cause problems between chief powell and his wife, men and the community.
Please forgive me, I am a retard who has nothing else todo.
resident of barling

Fort Smith, AR

#15 Apr 15, 2010
Sad when someone has to use my name. I will not apologize for my comments. Chief Powell should do his job instead of playing slots in a city vehicle in the middle of the day in another state. Our tax dollars hard at work. Ah Right
Barfing resident

United States

#16 Apr 15, 2010
It's sad that you r whining about the PD instead of offering solutions!
resident is stupid

Greenwood, AR

#17 Apr 16, 2010
Chief Powell does his job. He has a good group of guys that bust their tales and put people in jail. You are an ignorant, ill informed idiot. Have you ever worn a badge? Why don't you tell us what you do so we can judge your job performance.

Fort Smith, AR

#18 Apr 16, 2010
Many of you fellows are using a red herring when addressing the concerns of a "resident within the city". For those not familiar with the term it simply means; something that draws attention away from the central issue. Why not address the issue and find a solution, instead of a verbal attack against someone who has a difference of opinion. Reading this blog, it appears many of the responders are officers in Barling or friends of Chief Powell.
trouble maker

Waterloo, Canada

#19 Apr 16, 2010
I'm not a resident or friend of anyone involved, I just like
Stirring the pot and getting people worked up!
former BPD

Fort Smith, AR

#20 May 5, 2010
I worked at the BPD. I found out the going ons with the chief and the idiot Minor and was canned. Other cops at BPD heads up learn to much and you will be unemployed like me.

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