Big Drug Bust in Carlisle county

Big Drug Bust in Carlisle county

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La Center, KY

#1 Jun 1, 2012
You hear on the news or in the papers everyday about drug bust all over this aera, McCracken, Grave, Hickman, 102 busted in Fulton two weeks ago, Paducah, Mayfield all thru out
Ky and in Tenn and southern IL but never here in carlisle county. You can travel miles away from here and say you are from Carlisle and they think you are into drugs. Seems like we have the reputation for housing drug dealers. Anyone have any ideas on why nothing has not been done to clean up this county? How come our law enforcement does not make the news on drug bust here? Seems like everyone knows where to go to get oxycodone and lortab in this county.

Wickliffe, KY

#2 Jun 1, 2012
McCracken, Graves and Fulton are all bigger than us. According to the 2010 Census there are 65,565 people in McCracken County. Carlisle on the other hand has a total population of 5,104. So if McCracken and Carlisle both contained 2% drug dealers then there would be 1,311 drug dealers in McCracken and Carlisle would only have 102. This is just an example I know for sure we do not even have near that ammount in this county. Therefore the bigger the place, the more criminals there are, giving police more people to bust and the news more people to put on tv.
And plus a drug bust doesn't just happen everyday. The people who do get caught around here usually get a misdemeaner charge and might go to jail for a few days or get probation or drug court. Now if somebody got busted with poundage of dope, cocaine or heroin you might see people on the news from around here. Shit just don't happen around here like that. Here and there people get busted with a hardcore drug but only limited amount. Why would they waste their precious time putting someone on the news when they have a gram or 2 of dope when there are people in Paducah and Mayfield slanging crack and heroin all over the streets. Plus these people are killing theirselves, they aren't endangering or selling to our community. They just choose to be junkies. And you'd see that if you read the news paper. People get "possession charges" just not "trafficking" or "manufacturing charges." 90% of the people who get a drug charge around here is for marijuana, which (shouldn't be a crime in the first place, but) doesn't deserve to be on the news with everything else out there. Pills are the only drug in this county that people should worry about.
Everything you asked comes back to how small this county is. Since we are a rural county we do not need many law enforcement officers. We can not afford them, which is why we have volunteers. And since there aren't many officers, it makes it harder for them to clean up our community.
You may not see it but we live in a pretty fair community. If you think we're bad go to clinton with some money and see how easy it is to find a crack rock. Look up the difference in crime between Hickman and Carlisle and you'll find that the drug, rape, burglary, murder crimes are all higher in Hickman County. Paducah has high crime rates too. We are actually a small but mostly clean county. The majority of drugs here came from a surrounding county.
Keep Thinking That

Paducah, KY

#4 Jun 3, 2012
Pills are not the only drug people in Carlisle should worry about. There are several other types of drugs there as well Meth,Pot are there I just hope they can stop it before it becomes a problem with the teenagers,for the most part we have some really good kids in this county and would hate to see this take over like it has in so many other counties.

United States

#5 Jun 4, 2012
Marijuana isn't a drug.
what it is

Gilbertsville, KY

#6 Jun 5, 2012
Ummmmm yes stupid it is a drug

Boynton Beach, FL

#7 Jun 6, 2012
Actually, it isn't. I have a bachelor's degree in medical science. The proper definition of "drug" is a substance that has physiological effects when ingested. Alcohol is by definition a drug, because it alters your perception of reality and limits your mobility. Marijuana does not. Marijuana just stimulates your nerve endings enough to release endorphins, which causes a temporary sense of euphoria. NOT a drug.
traffic control

Calvert City, KY

#8 Jun 10, 2012
Heard there was a guy named goofy from Arlington that got arrested in paducah for meth. Guess the other county cops are gonna help out now

Wickliffe, KY

#9 Jun 11, 2012
I will keep thinking that. I smoke pot and I know the majority of the drug dealers in Carlisle. Do you know any of them personally? Didn't think so. Weed and pills is what is being sold in this county. I know people that do pills and smoke dope and everything else. I personally stay away from everything but pot. The meth and cocaine that certain people may own in this county is being sold out of county TRUST ME. Your not going to convince me unless you prove me otherwise. I smoke typically everyday of my life and spend a lot of time with these so-called "drug dealers". If your worried about your kids buying "hardcore drugs" such as meth, cocaine, crack, ect. then you should be worried about them getting it out of county.

Wickliffe, KY

#10 Jun 12, 2012
I know everyone wants to be a concerned citizen and protective parent but I think it’s about time people loosen up on marijuana. No your children shouldn’t use it and you should be worried about your community and the drugs that are in it. But we should be worried about the real drugs. The ones that make your hair and teeth fall out. The ones that poison our society with the hundreds of chemicals they contain. Not the one that “ordinary people” use recreationally to relax and enjoy life. Regardless of if you label weed a drug or a plant, it’s really a natural substance fulfilling it’s duty as God’s gift to us. It grows just like anything else. Wait just a second, am I saying that even though marijuana is a drug we should ignore the fact and legalize it? Yep, that is exactly what I’m saying. But why? Hmm. The same reason citizens ignore the fact that Coffee, Pepsi, Alcohol, Nicotine, and Prescription Medications are all drugs. And these are even more dangerous to our bodies than marijuana is. How? Easy, chemicals. Cigarettes are a good, legal way to relax… Oh yeah, except for the fact that you get addicted to the nicotine and repeatedly put hundreds of chemicals in your body every day. Not marijuana, it’s natural and non-addictive. What about the beloved alcohol? Alcohol comes from rotten fruit, it is addictive, and it impairs you a thousand times more than marijuana. Alcohol makes your vision blurry, takes away your ability to drive and makes you do things you will regret later. Not marijuana. So if this “plant” is so good then why is it ILLEGAL? Great question, I was getting to that. But first, we must travel back in time to discuss a forgotten history story…
Welcome, we are now in the 1930’s. This is a time when cannabis is legal. For those of you who do not know, cannabis is the legit name for the plant that grows marijuana. Marijuana is not the plant itself, but a fruit that is produced by the plant. The cannabis plant is also responsible for producing hemp, a material that is used to create rope, flags, sandals and many other products. And since we are in the 1930’s hemp is still legal and is a billion-dollar cash crop industry. Cannabis has been legal for the 162 years since our great America has been founded. Hemp is grown by farmers worldwide and marijuana is used recreationally by anyone who wishes to do so. So let’s say it’s early in the year 1933. Do any of you smart Carlisle County non-smoking citizens know what that year is? Are there any drinkers in the audience tonight? That’s right, 1933 the last year of the alcohol prohibition.(Yep your lovely alcohol was once outlawed by the American government itself.) Ok, but we’re talking about marijuana prohibition not alcohol. What does that have to do with marijuana being legalized? Well junior, a lot actually. A few months passed in the year of 1933 and the prohibition of alcohol is over. However there are many people out there who are still highly against the sell and consumption of alcohol.(Does that sound familiar today… haters .) The Federal Bureau of Narcotics (later changed their name to Drug Enforcement Administration) wanted to be the organization to once again illegalize the alcohol industry. So how does the alcohol industry respond to that? Easy, they fight back. So the alcohol industry wants to point their fingers at the hemp industry in an attempt to save their own butts. But they can’t do that by their selves can they? Nope. So the liquor industry looks for allies to bring the hemp industry down. So they look to the hemp industry’s biggest rival, the lumber industry. The hemp industry was an easier more affordable way to make paper as well as other products. So since the majority of paper was made by hemp, the lumber industry (who now makes paper since weed is illegal) was falling apart. So the lumber and alcohol industries team up in hopes to destroy the hemp industry. So what do they do? They get the media involved, of course.

Wickliffe, KY

#11 Jun 12, 2012
The alcohol industry funded the entire cost of the movie,“Reefer Madness.” This movie is about a man who used marijuana, goes crazy, and murders his entire family. You must be joking right? How does marijuana make you kill people? Marijuana doesn’t put you in another state of mind like some serious drugs do. You have complete control over your body and reactions. The only thing it does is relaxes you a little bit. You are completely aware of what you are doing. The funny part is the 1936 American citizen actually believed it. Not only believed it, but feared it completely. Now-a-days people with any sense at all KNOW that marijuana does not make you do things like this. But can you blame a citizen of the 1930’s for being scared? Because this wasn’t the only attempt to scare the public. After Reefer Madness was released more movies, headlines and lies were released. Headlines such as “Marijuana: The Assassin of Youth”,“Marijuana: The Devil’s Weed with Roots in Hell”,“Marijuana makes fiends of boys in 30 days”, and last, my personal favorite,“If the Hideous Monster Frankenstein came Face to Face with the Monster Marijuana, he would Drop Dead of Fright,” began to appear to the public everywhere. And yes those are REAL headlines seen in newspapers during the 1930’s. No wonder the public was so scared of this plant. They knew no better. Do you recall me mentioning the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and how they plotted to destroy the alcohol industry? Well after the Alcohol and Lumber industries caused a huge commotion in the media, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) actually decides to get involved. Clever, that’s exactly what the alcohol industry wanted. The FBN’s director, Harry J. Anslinger, was one of the first on the case and testified in Congress in favor of Marijuana Prohibition. During his testimony in congress he made the wrongful statements,“Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind,” and also,“Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes.” Wow, American Congress seriously just let this man stand up and give some kind of screwed up testimony like this? Oh, wait this is 1937. This is a time when black people and Native Americans don’t have equal rights, a time when we were still developing as a country, a time when people thought jazz was “Satanic Music”. Do you really think in that time period, without knowing the effects, that we were in the position to pass a law that would drastically affect our society financially, politically and physically? I don’t. Congress was in favor of Harry Anslinger and Cannabis would soon be illegal to grow for hemp products (what the lumber industry wanted) as well as for recreational uses (what the alcohol industry wanted). So why do so many people today think that marijuana is bad still?? I’ll answer that question with another question. Who was the first person who told you marijuana was bad? You got it! Your mom. I hate to break your wee-little heart and say your mommy was wrong but she was. So why did my mom just intentionally tell me marijuana is bad when it is not? Because since the media blew up the idea of marijuana being bad, the citizens passed it down through generations to their kids. And their kids told their kids and so on. So what I’m getting at is when you were a child and your mom told you not to smoke weed it was because her parents told her not to smoke weed. Just because of a few movies. Cause and effect.
been wondering same thing

Jackson, MO

#12 Jun 12, 2012
this forum is about why carlisle county is not busting their drug dealers and drug users. I have wondered the same thing. I know they are there and i been thinking where are the cops in that town? Are they doing their duty as enforcement? Im thinking an investigation needs to be done to see why its safe to go there? Small town dont make no difference.
as a matter of fact that means you know everyone and should be on top of it quicker than large towns. Something not adding up.
there are other crimes 2

Wickliffe, KY

#13 Jun 14, 2012
Small towns DO make a difference. I see where Factz is coming from. Obviously, the larger the town, the more crime there will be. Drugs aren't the only crime in this county. There are people who fight, steal, and various other things. Read the court report in the local newspapers! People DO get arrested EVERY week. And you WILL see people with drugs in there. The problem is not that the police aren't doing their jobs. The problem is that no matter how many drug dealers they arrest there will still be some out there. So should these officers stop arresting people for burglary, cold checks, assault, drinking and driving and other crimes just to focus on people selling drugs? I don't think so! One thing I know for sure though, if you read the court report you would see there are far less drug crimes compared to other crimes in this county.

Wickliffe, KY

#14 Jun 14, 2012
^^^ "No matter how many drug dealers they arrest there will still be some out there" Agreed! That's why "The War On Drugs" is a complete failure. Much like the "Alcohol Prohibition" was in the past. Our government has spent billions of dollars on keeping marijuana illegal and it hasn't paid off yet. The U.S. has over 2.3 million people in prison while China, with 4 times the population has only 1.6 million. That’s right, with only 5% of the world’s population the United incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners. 31% of prisoners are behind bars for non-violent drug crimes. With nearly 2 million drug arrests last year, The Department of Justice reported there were more drug arrests than any other category of offences. But here's the BAD PART... 47.4% of all the drug arrests last year were for marijuana alone!!! That means nearly 900,000 people were imprisoned for marijuana!!! So basically a million non-violent offenders sat in jail alongside murderers, rapists and burglars because our fellow citizens are too dumb/brainwashed to realise that this 'plant' isn't the "drug" they think it is.

Wickliffe, KY

#15 Jun 14, 2012
Legalize Now!!! Why??

1. 80% of marijuana sold in the United States comes from the deadly Mexican Drug Cartel who has taken hundreds of lives in Mexico and America.
2. Marijuana Prohibition costs $45 billion dollars a year!
3. The Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) organization argues that The War on Drugs, "is causing far more harm than good."
4. Hemp (a billion dollar cash crop that comes from the cannabis plant) would be a major industry in America if marijuana wasn't illegalized.
5. Marijuana HAS medical use!
6. Marijuana legalization would generate thousands of jobs in America.
7. Marijuana would be sold in stores and not by drug dealers who may be involved in more serious crimes.
9. A legal marijuana market would lowwer teenage use of marijuana since they will be carded at the store.
10. Marijuana is safer than BOTH tobacco and alcohol!
11. Marijuana is non-addictive.
12. Legalization would allow more prison space for more serious offenders.
13. People would stop using "Synthetic Marijuana" which contains hundreds of chemicals and is sold legally at gas stations although it HAS and WILL kill people!
14. No one has EVER died from marijuana use! Unlike tobacco and alcohol.
15. It's a free country and our American citizens should have the right to recreationally use a plant that was given to us by God!

Wickliffe, KY

#16 Jun 14, 2012
Marijuana use... The Truth

Regarless of what you think, your ordinary marijuana user isn't a "junkie". Not the guy with his hair and teeth falling out in the trailer park. Not the woman who is as thick as a twig with sunk in jaws counting change at the gas station. In fact you would be suprised if you knew everyone who smoked it. I'm talking about your prom queen, your high school jock, your college instructor, your college peers, your boss, your grandparents, your parents, your grown children, maybe even your pastor (can honestly say I have smoked with a preacher before!!), your everday average joe. That's who the pot smokers are. The government is wasting BILLIONS of dollars to have these people arrested when it's doing no good. Regardless of harsh laws millions of Americans use marijuana everyday. They will never stop the use of marijuana. Or even slow it down for that matter. In fact, if you look it up, the rates of marijuana use grow tremendously every year. 65% of Americans believe that marijuana WILL be legal in the next 10 years. The prolbem is the politicians are affraid to say they believe in the legalization of marijuana. Why? Because they think if they announce they are in favor of marijuana legalization, they won't be ellected as a government official. I'm going to top this post off with a list of famous and influencial people who are or were marijuana users.

1. George Washington - Our 1st President
2. William Shakespear - Very famous writer
3. Barack Obama - Our current president
4. Bill Clinton - former president
5. Bill Murray - Famous actor (was arrested for it)
6. Kareem Abdul-Jabar - basketball player
7. John F Kennedy - very influential president
8. Steve Jobs - co-creator of the Apple computer
9. John Wayne - VERY FAMOUS ACTOR!
10. Mike Tyson - GREAT boxer
11. Salvador Dali - Artist known for "Surrealism" style.
12. Stephen King - Great horror author and dirrector.
13. Bob Dylan - Rock musician
14. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Former California govenor.
15. Michael Phelts - Swimmer, has won 16 Olympic medals.

As you can see the names I listed above are far from your "junkie". That's because drug users and marijuana users are two different things. Some other presidents who smoked marijuana regularly are... Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), James Madison (1751-1836), James Monroe (1758-1831), Franklin Pierce (1804-1869), Zachary Taylor (1784-1850), George Washington (1732-1799).

"Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica." - Abraham Lincoln

Wickliffe, KY

#17 Jun 14, 2012
Oh and 1 more thing. If marijuana causes you to lose brain cells do you honestly think I would know all this stuff? I am 48 years old and have been smoking since college! I would also say that I am a very healthy middle-ages man. I want someone to challenge me and attempt to find an error in anything I have said. I respect everyones opinion and I hope that you respect mine. Love 2 All!

Wickliffe, KY

#18 Jun 14, 2012
cry baby

United States

#19 Jun 14, 2012
I'm sure chuck and ernie are working on a big drug bust. Yall wait and see....
whats up with that

Wingo, KY

#20 Jun 15, 2012
So, what exactly do you think the law should do about the drug use problem? Maybe go all Wyatt Earp on their ass?? Personally I think that's a great solution, but I'm also pro public capital punishment. Drug dealers and users are like cockroaches, for everyone you get rid of there's ten to take its place. The only way to deal with them effectively is complete extermination. Sad thing is we have laws against that to. What most people don't understand is you can't just go out and arrest people without sufficient evidence. It takes time to build a strong enough case to put someone in jail for any period of time and sadly in most cases they go right back to dealing or using as soon as they get out of jail.
keep the peace

Wickliffe, KY

#21 Jun 18, 2012
^whats up with that^ how could you even say or think that? Capital punishment is one thing. Lining drug users up and brutaly murdering them is another story. Sure they do drugs and it needs to stop but you can't just kill people because you agree with their ways. Death penalty is for the man that raped and killed your 12 year old daughter, not the man who grew up with an abusive family and doesn't know anything except for a drug lifestyle. There are other solutions. You can walk around thinking your shit don't stink because you may be a wealthy man with no idea what it's like for these people but really your not worth a penny more than the homeless heroin addict down the street hustling money for his next "fix". Because when it's all said and done this body is a mere shell, money has no value, and (hopefully) our sins have been cleared. Truth is nobody is perfect and everybody sins. We're all equally sinful in God's eyes and that's how it should be seen in American society.
There are alternatives to handling our drug situation. I hope and pray everyone does not listen to this man. To think that you must have a lot of hate in your heart. Really, we will never "end" our drug problem. It's not possible. Even if you did attempt to kill all users and dealers. Millions of innocent people would get killed in the process because to kill "ALL OF THEM" you would have to base your evidence on "word of mouth" and not "physical evidence". Why? Because at any given time not every single drug dealer will have their drugs (physical evidence) on them at the time of the arrest. So your saying you believe they should kill every single person accused of using/selling drugs, murdering innocent people in the process, cause huge chaos, and cost our government/taxpayers millions of dollars. Is it really worth it?
You want to help our drug problem? Why don't you try to talk to a user about using drugs and maybe impact his life? Show that you care, most users do drugs because they had no one that cared for them or they where rejected in some sort or fashion. I actually feel sorry for these guys. Most of them aren't bad people deep down, they just have their own personal problems... But don't we all? If it's bas enough you could try to talk one of them into checking into rehab. It could save their life, and also it would be one less junkie off the street. Try thinking with "love" and not "hate" people. Haven't you realised... "drugs" aren't are problem, "hate" is our problem. Hate is in the murderers, the rapists, it was in Bin Laden and it's one of the main reasons people get on drugs. Hate is Satans way of communication and getting us to do what he pleases. If you live a life of hate, you are nothing but the devil's little puppet.

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