Nelson County EMS Abulance blocking a...
Been Watching

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#227 Jan 27, 2009
Field Houglin will not put up shit. He does not own the alleyway. He knows he doesn't. It is a public alley and all have the right to travel through it. I dare Field Houglin to put up cross ties and see what happens after that.

EMS BOYS ARE BREAKING THE LAW. And using fear tactics like people are gonna die due to response time from Bardstown is a pile of shit too.

BAN the EMS from Bloomfield if they can not obey our laws.

Elizabethtown, KY

#229 Jan 27, 2009
Temper, temper- "i dare Field Houglin to put up cross ties"- sounds like a threat to me!
Been Watching

United States

#230 Jan 28, 2009
Watch he won't put anything up
old school

Bloomington, IN

#231 Jan 28, 2009
old school wrote:
oh my how wrong you are. you see, you know nothing about the internet or how isp or how they can be changed. furthermore, you think you can manipulate people into telling who they are on here. you also have used many screen names. if you are such a outgoing, outspoken, and outward person, then give your real name, mister missy.
believe me, you would be in for a real surprise if you knew me and I do not have a clue who started this topic or who all those posts are. i will, however, be reading them now because of your arrogance. you must be a sad, lonely, person to have nothing better than to comment on something you know not a thing about. i have lived here also for many many years and am a professional person. i agree with the post saying that no one is above the law. do you agree with that old school, or do you think we should break and bend those laws for someone depending on who or what they do? well, how long have you lived in bloomfield kentucky? how long in Nelson county? how long in Kentucky. so get off this post, because you are pitiful. go read the other ones that may interest you like doctors furniture, or snowball fights, or who is kissing who that belongs to you. you need help!!!!!BIG YELLOW TEETHED MOMMA
Oh my, if I knew you were a "professional" then I would have agreed with you.

I know that just because your ISP has "Louisville" that you do not live there. Like I don't live in Ind.

I thought you didn't know who I was.
How is you know I had yellow teeth. You must have ESP or something.

My orginial comment was to "Been Watching" if you don't change your name then why did you reply using a differnt name.

I have lived in Bloomfield all my 52 years.

I have only used one screen name and will only use one screen name.

I would like to thank you for thinking of me and for your response. I really enjoy our conversations.

Talk to you soon old buddy.

Old School.
Pale Horse

United States

#232 Jan 28, 2009
I have watched this situation lately in town and have found that although the abulance parks there it is not for very long periods of time until it gets beyond 8:00PM and then they are there for a while. I have traveled through this alley way numerous times since this post first started. I guess I always go through at the right time because it is never blocked.

Still doesn't make it right they can block a public alley and yes it is a public alley. But with that said it isn't that big a deal to me. If they are blocking it when I go through I will ask them to move for a minute so I can pass. I am sure they will be glad to get off their lazy butts and do something for a change. If they don't then hell will follow. So be nice if anyone ever asks you politely to move.
clean the ALLey

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#233 Jan 28, 2009
if this is a PUBLIC alley way as all of u claim then explain to me y no one fron the CITY or the County bothered to scrap the snow or salt the alley. Just another way to show u all its PRIVATE.

United States

#234 Jan 28, 2009
maybe because the big orange truck will not move because they might get oooooooooh cold. so let them clean it themselves. the city did not clean any alley ways public or not. and the county sure does not come over and clean our little roads, do they. in fact, have not seen them clean any today, dummy because of the ice and fallen trees. you are so stupid. you know nothing go back to chaplin and stir the stink there for awhile.
Been Watching

Louisville, KY

#235 Jan 30, 2009
Been Watching

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#236 Jan 30, 2009
I see know one wants to talk about this anymore they are tired of be rebuted with the facts.

The EMS AMBULANCE BOYS are breaking the law by blocking the public alley way.

It is as simple as that and all you EMS loving thugs can't stand to be wrong.

How does it feel to be wrong and be called out on it?

Times will change soon very soon!!!

United States

#237 Jan 30, 2009
i guess them ambulance boys can not walk on ice and therefore are staying in the apartment. i am sure they ain't out working the roads. hm let's see what could they do? clean the alley. well, looks like they lost the battle and everyone gave up on them. looks like also it was the same bunch doing the same talking and now their poor puters are down so they cannot complain. way to go PUBLIC ALLEY

United States

#238 Jan 30, 2009
this post has been going on for way too long...funny thing is the ambulance is still parking there...which means that all your bashing and comments are going unnoticed by the right people who have the ability to find a solution. Get off your arse and actually do something rather than blow hot air.
done it

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#239 Jan 31, 2009
yep you right. you and me could settle it and solve it. meet you in the alley, the public alley that is. you wont know me. i might be in a tree, he he he. i cannot walk on ice and snow, but clean them alleys for ho ho ho. so lets finish the topic and move on to the rest, cause they ambulance boys are not the best. we know that they work when they really have too, but moving that truck is too hard to do, so let's tell the law and see if they care, or if they even confront them big bears. later

United States

#240 Jan 31, 2009
I think we all know that the law is aware of the ambulance parking there. And even though I am not an EMT I am sure they don't work when they feel like it. Maybe we should walk a mile in their shoes. I would like to know how many people really travel the alley.
Been Watching

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#241 Jan 31, 2009
The Ambulance is still parking there only they are over far enough for traffic to get through.

You see they were told they have to have enough room for traffic to pass or they will be forced to move. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

It is over

I told you I would win.

Now shut up.

This is finished!!!

Louisville, KY

#242 Jan 31, 2009
My last post is to you "Been Watching", if you have a medical emergency you have no right to call 911 and request an Ambulance. You are obviously against the Ambulance service.
Been Watching

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#243 Jan 31, 2009
I am just saying the ambulance had to move or move over enough to let all the public pass through the public alley way.

That has been completed now. So this situation is over and hass been reolved like the law says.

The topic ends now

Goodbye forever
har ha

United States

#244 Jan 31, 2009
they moved because they were told to do so and you know what they are tickled probably, because now they can just fall out of the truck into the door. they dont even get cold no more. why didn't they move their truck to start with. they just wanted to see who was boss. well the public alley wins again just like 49 years ago. i remember then when the same thing happened. you cannot block the alley geez and you will never know who has an emergency or not. so this ends the topic now!!!!! Alley wins PUblic wins!!!!!!
An Educated Observer

Richmond, KY

#245 Feb 2, 2009's really pathetic how much people care about an alley way that is used maybe by 10 people. In a town of less than 1000. How childish.
you think so

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#246 Feb 3, 2009
well, you know nothing. it is used constantly. check with the local businesses why don't you. and as far as childish, you are just as childish for commenting on topix because all topix is --is a way they make money off idiots like us. so there feel better now. i sure do
bloomfield resident

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#247 Mar 3, 2009
Concerned wrote:
Maybe some one can tell me why the Nelson County Ambulance is allowed to block the alley way between the Bloomfield Methodist Church and the apartment building they reside in.
Why are they above the law? Anyone else would have gotten a ticket and been forced to move a long time ago.
I am getting tired of having to constanly turn around when I go through that way. I am sure others are too. The other day I pulled in there from Main Street to find it blocked and had to back out into traffic and almost caused an accident due to blind spots from other vehicles being parked along the side of the road.
Now I am thankful that they have a place to provide quick service to Bloomfield residents in need but if we continue to let them break the law that is insulting to the rest of the residents in Bloomfield.
There are many other spots that they can legally park, but refuse to do so. Pretty pathetic the City Council and City Police,allow this to happen!!!

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