wendy abner and rick hubbs

wendy abner and rick hubbs

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Eubank, KY

#1 Jul 9, 2010
theese people are the most crooked ,heartless, thieveing,pill taking dope smokeing,moonshine selling people i know, and i do know cause i lived there. now shes so scared of me shes packing a tazer in her illegal junked out car,and living with him drawing hud,foodstamps, unemployment and evrything else she can while smoking meth,suboxones,xanex,and evrything else she can around her kids. ive seen it, and hes saying i owe him money for pills his sister supposedly sold me, now i cant wait to hear all this in court.and joe and lloyd and ford know all about your lying,yellow belly asses,talking trash about them and sucking ass to thier face, i hear you need new perfume,that u rick are so jealous i love ford that u r lying to him,that u told ford i call the law on him when its you pus%ys,tell your mom u do nothing but thats a lie you need drugtested.wont my p.o."s name but im now off dear.and id go to court with anyone and tell all this,i cant wait to see you in court. you tried to sell my tables to ford and well they told me,you told jo and lloyd bs that they told me,you said walleye talked about me like a dog and you lied.told rus and john lies and they come and told me.and kayla. lol. really do u think they like you better for real,they think your pathetic. we know you stole my money rick and said it was dave and shawna,really you.and you know ive got cancer so what kind of trashy ass people are you. and wendy i hear that this is why you'll never be a messer and never have been,aint like daddy are you trashy worst momma on earth, well just wont you to know your gonna see me real soon,both you in criminal/civil court ,you thieveing trash.and believe me im just getting started on making sure i tell on the wrong,sceming lies your both pulling.i dont owe you anything except that people know so u cant do theese things to no one else.boo! wendy pack somethig bigger then a tazer and rick i hear u said if she cant whoop me then u will her,honey u go ahead cuz she was scared to death and speechless in messers the other night,

Manchester, KY

#2 Jul 9, 2010
tell'em melisa. truth hurts sometimes!
learn to be 21 l

Winchester, KY

#3 Jul 9, 2010
be sure u no what ur really talking about and if u was really sick with cancer what r u doing or even thinking when u r there for the same high that every one else is there for. be 21 about it and learn to trust in yourself befor u start acting like ur so innocent . are u thinkin about ur meth making days . get real////////wendy and rick took u in didnt they. do u really have cancer/////thas a big battle ur trying to conquer /////take it from somebody who really nos/ i will say a special prayer for u all!!!!!!!!!!

Mount Vernon, KY

#4 Jul 10, 2010
yes honey i do have cANCER. I HAVE 3 TUMORS IN MY HEAD. 1 IN MY THYROID AND MAYBE LUNGS NOW SO F-U FOR EVEN BRINGING THAT UP,I DEAL WITH IT MY WAY AND ID ADVISE YOU TO SHUT UP ABOUT IT CUZ IT COMES BACK ON U 10 TIMES WORSE AND BELIEVE ME HONEY IT REALLY HURTS BAD!ok now thta ive explained to the ignorrant one lets get to them.i know all this is true dear because they did move me in only to take my money,mamaws funeral stuff,and most of all my kids ps2 games.that makes them trash and i am mad at them but what i said was true.wendy does stay on xanex,suboxone ,and rick on beer,and suboxone, and they both burn the meth up like crazy,now this is true i swear to god with evrything in me,thay of course would deny it cuz thier trashy no good parens honestly.im of probation now so i can tell on them and i would go to court against them with someone,and i have got them in court myself. now wendy owes ricks buddy lots of money for her dope and rick dont know but he will because i have all the faith in the world that my god will take care of them for what thier doing to me and me so sick,what a bitc" ,i was gonna leave my kids that stuff for that way thayed have something of mine that meant something to me when i do die.now you can talk out your as" with the ratting trash but i am just gonna sit and watch her squirm in court.now i am sick and by no means dying tomorrow but i will soon.i went thru this tumor in the head in august and 3 months later its back so i will refuse treatment this time and im not scared one bit,gods gave me peace with this and i know he could heal me but i dont live right for him so i dont ask,im completely too honest i guess but u can bet that when i say something its true and evry single word ive said about them is true 100 percent.i dont lie about doing it and then again you know im not the coward evryone in dogtowns laughing at 4 carrying her tazer.now i will whoop her thtas a promise,all she is is mouth in front of people and then i go around them people and she stays away, we all have bets that shell have to get poor rick to help her (and someone here aint gonna let it cause he dont like him anyways)or shell be laying being packed off,i promise mace and knucks hurt worse but my fist on her lying ratting yellow belly as" will feel priceless, so u take up 4 her but i can tell u someone else she done this way is going to court to tell they did her thta way too.and rick i know you was the thief in my purse when i was robbed,im just waiting to scratch ur payback out for you.u just got mad cuz i wouldnt give you some because wendy,i shouldve now. but i really respected you rick, ive never had someone take up for me and try to keep me out of heartache , and i love you for that ,,u were my bi bro i dont have,except you lat the evil dirty earring,stinky,way fatter then me but say i gotyour clothes,nasty housekeeper,sorry mom ,run over me and didnt protect me there did you.so miss stupid whos afraid to put name on here(21)your a coward like em too,u must have your nose up thier as"!poor you if so!hold on to ur stuff cuz they steal evrywhere ,evrystore too

United States

#5 Jul 11, 2010
well knox county i agred to meet theese to togeter and get this over once and for all and me all alone and they still couldnt show up to tell me to my face that all ive said is a lie cuz they know its the truth,listen you two i know your pissed over alll theese peple finding out but i am too and if your going to try and tell the truth then tell the whole truth you cowards.im not even going to say again what u do and me, cuz im trired of you lying out or trying to, but people aint stupid and they see things and know things your doing that you dont even realize so you too,just get sober, get a life,stop stealing from people and stores ,and well act like your adults who are atleast a little decent about one thing or two in your life.how you can sleep at night is beyond me and what a embarrasment you must be to your kids im sure.your doing theese things to yourselves,no one but you two!remember that and i will pray for you,espeacially you rick cuz i know your the one who has to clean up after her messes,i wish u luck and hope her nothing except for misery shes gave to people, she made me laugh when u said she told u she jumped me in the store,lol,or when she thought i was actually scared of her,lol,hillarious wendy that really is,people must think youve lost your mind. i know in dogtown your a big joke,you keep us all rolling over here!

United States

#6 Dec 29, 2010
melissa it a funny thing to me. that she in jail now. for making meth. and her boyfriend lloyd smith were taking the gas to make the meth before i meet her,and now look who in jail. hahahaha........

Corbin, KY

#7 Feb 9, 2011
well wendy im not in jail because the state gave my case to the feds who dropped my charges because i am not guily.i told you dumb as*!you are just embarrased that ive told evryone how you really are,if your embarrased about being a thief then you shouldnt be one.you stole from me and my kids and i am suing you for my stuff back and when you are ordered to give it back in money instead then youll regret it, you are a low life, to take and keep my dads dead mothers funeral stuff as good as he was to you makes you a true piece of trash. you know i was in jail with meagan and i told her that i love rick and he will always have a friend in me because of the help he gave me.i feel sorry for him and the girls because of your sorriness when you wont even move off the couch and lay down the xan"s to get them ready for shool and he has to do it, plus make his own food and do laundry and fight his way thru that mess you live in. thats uncalled for and pure nastiness.you really need to woman up wendy for once in your life and give my dad his moms funeral flowers back you low life ,then you can face me in court and let the judge decide if you can keep my stuff and tables just because i told evryone you were on meth and evryone i promise it is the truth even though you cant look at her weight and tell, she really is smokeing it!lol!and lloyd never brought me nothing except for him!oh and id clean house if i were you cause i am tellig welfare ,hud, and the foodstamp office on your as*? cant wait to see you out wendy,i waited on you and rick forever that day?lol? bye bye now dear! looks like its gonna be a real firey night, really blazeing!you know what i mean!
want 2 know

Macon, GA

#8 Nov 3, 2011
melisa were r u
sounds like fools

United States

#9 Nov 7, 2011
she must be now talking to wendys so called mother and are trying to cause wendy trouble when u need to be worried about u health and soul u need to stop talking with peg cause u sound just like her stay out of her life and her house is clean and so are her kids !!and yes she is a messer!!!enjoy ur self and ur kids stop spending ur last days in sorrow and drama!!!god is are judge not u !!

Since: Jul 14

Dallas, TX

#10 Jul 29, 2014
People so call my mom and Dad a drug head. You were the drug head. My mom and dad gave you a home and you took advantage of that. Talk to peg all you want. Our family is doing great. And for your information I'm not embarrassed.

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