A Gang In Barbourville

Hopkinsville, KY

#22 Sep 15, 2008
accountant hick

Somerset, KY

#23 Sep 15, 2008
who cares if some boys have a label for their group of friends? alot of kids do that and it dont mean there up to no good... besides i no some of those boys and there good kids. that compton one did get into a pickle but kids screw up. i was probly one of the biggest screwups in bville as a kid now im livin the high life. dont let my bad grammer fool you im an accountant who doesnt care much for english. but really this gap btween kids and adults will never be bridged if yall dont stop judgin them and trying to make em perfect thats a bunch of bull. society sucks a big one and its only ruining this upcoming generation cause we want them to be these utopian robotic kids instead of normal ones. for all you out there judging a group of friends do yall not have any friends or do you make em stay bout a hunderd miles away from ya at all times so people wont think your doin drug deals or spray paintin buildings and crap. yall are sittin on your lazy asses like i am so unless ya own a private gig with people who work for ya while ya sit home like i do then your a lazy waste of flesh whos got nothing better to do than gossip about KIDS! holy shit this towns gone to the dawgs!!!

Mayfield, KY

#24 Sep 15, 2008
amen to accountant nick i agree 110% with u how can these kids ever get along with life and grow up and become responsible adults if all the adults in there own hometown are going to bash on them .that gives them no sense of direction they just think everyone is agianst um so they see no use in trying to be anything more then what they are branded to be so everyone give these kids a break and let them express themselves how the feel free to live .. laugh .. and learn isnt that what life is really all about ty

Hopkinsville, KY

#25 Sep 15, 2008
nobody is picking on the BABIES

Mayfield, KY

#26 Sep 15, 2008
god grow up already july why not put your real name on here stop trying to make fun of mine cause it is my actuall name ..

United States

#27 Sep 15, 2008
I don't even care that people look at us differently, or anything of the sort. I just care about being branded as a "gang" when we're not.

We aren't social outcasts or anything, I'm pretty sure most anyone who has read any of this has talked to at least one of us.

Anyways, if you have any serious questions and not "what do you want baby?" or "whine some more, blah blah"
I will answer them.

unioncollege, I'd be more than happy to meet up with you and answer your questions. I'm sure caleb would come as well.

Hopkinsville, KY

#28 Sep 15, 2008
lolololololololo lol

Lexington, KY

#29 Sep 15, 2008
im the best person in the world

London, KY

#30 Sep 15, 2008
a gang in b'ville? lol now who would take that seriously...especially these names..606 and Compton ?? LOL please this is not L.A. These kids will grow out of this soon and look back someday and realize they were just being typical, young minded teenagers. Any adult who takes this seriously enought to write about it and call it a "Barbourville underground happening" is the one with the problem. There is no underground to b'ville. what u see is what u get.

United States

#31 Sep 15, 2008
Those guys are violent and not kids, they are all over 18. They go to shows at one way and hit 14 year old kids to intentionally hurt them.
stained underwear

Hopkinsville, KY

#32 Sep 15, 2008
yes its funny a gangbang in knox county haha
Fo Real

London, KY

#33 Sep 15, 2008
Last I heard the most dangerous gang in B'ville is the GTG's! LOL

United States

#34 Sep 15, 2008
haggard wrote:
Those guys are violent and not kids, they are all over 18. They go to shows at one way and hit 14 year old kids to intentionally hurt them.
All I hear are opinions. I, for one, do go to shows. Yes I've hit people, but nothing intentionally to hurt anyone. If you're really going to complain about getting hit at a show then you have no clue what the scene is about.

Also to the person who wrote that said we were being "typical", you're completely and utterly wrong. This isn't a gang as I've stated before, it's a group of friend who so happen to have a name for themselves. Thanks guys, for the hate.
Thanks for proving to me and anyone who reads this that this town is in fact close minded and ignorant to their youth's needs.

And again, if anyone has an actual question about us, I will answer it.

Madisonville, KY

#36 Sep 15, 2008
So, do you call people in a band who get the same tattoo a gang? I know several bands with the same tattoo. Would you call a bible study group a gang if they all throw dueces in a photo? Do you call the NWO softball team a gang? They band together just as brothers would. Ive meet Nick on several occasions and he is really nice and polite. I have several mutual friends with Compton and they all say hes an awesome person to be around. Who around here doesnt have a nickname? I can name 10 people around this town that answer to nicknames such as one of our city policemen. "Stump" who has also answered to that name. nicknames have nothing to do with this. I know Eric Smith and several other people that are being accused of being in a group that is less than popular and all of these guys are good guys who just like me and anyone else reading this is human. In my opinion a group of friends are being trashed just because of the way they show friendship.
jock itch

Hopkinsville, KY

#39 Sep 15, 2008
heard there is a Gang coming from lexington to see how tough these Gangsters are they all are going to get in a circle and bump into one another and rap one another to death lmao

Hopkinsville, KY

#40 Sep 15, 2008
hahahaha that was so funny where is this going to happen at will it be called HO Down on the court square
metal mark

Louisville, KY

#41 Sep 15, 2008
come no now, i know the guys you mentioned up above, and they are the nicest dudes. just cuz they have the same tattoo, or stick closer than brothers, doesnt mean they are gang status. get that out of here. dont judge them, just because they are different. im in 606 DxC, im no gang member, im no criminal. dont judge us cuz we are different.

Hopkinsville, KY

#42 Sep 15, 2008
if your old enough to gangbang you should go fight in Iraq

London, KY

#43 Sep 15, 2008
..tyler durden.... um yea we're all retarded and haven't seen fight club

United States

#44 Sep 15, 2008
A gang? ROFL....If you don't know these boys than don't judge. I personally am family with a couple of these boys and love them to death. Not to mention most of the others are friends of mine. If you want to know something you ask....don't spread rumors like the other low-life closed minded people here. It's uncalled for. If you want the info...go to the source!

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