Why is south east Ky so poor and depr...

London, KY

#22 Sep 5, 2010
motivateORstfu wrote:
Exactly what I was talking about in your last two posts. Blame the wealthy; blame religion; blame, blame, blame.
But, aside from moving away, what are you planning on doing about it?
The poor Idolize the rich Im not saying that a rich man is evil,Not at all some are very nice people but very rarely so,Poor people will bow down to them in shame, Let me tell you something Be your self, express your true feelings, a True story my family was very poor and I had a relative it was a young man he was very handsome tall dark I seen pictures and I asked him how did you keep the girls off you? He told me a story about his youth and a romantic love he was involved in, It was a young lady up the road a ways and he told me this,Him and her was so in love he was crazy about her and she was crazy about him, but one day he went to visit her and she was crying and said to him my father says I fact see you anymore He was in shock and said No how can that be , she just said go away please I just cant see you anymore and that was the end he said he was very hurt and that was the end of the relationship that same man lived his whole life in very unhappy relationships was married several times became a father and to this day still lives alone he goes to church and lives alone still a poor man a nice man, i thought about why this young ladys father would forbid his daughter not to see the young man anymore and I believe it was because he came from a poor family by the standards of her father, I wander what happen to the girl did she ever find someone she loved as much? Did her father distroy her life? maybe not but one thing was for sure the young lady had to forget a heart felt romance and change to suite her fathers wishes, all women think of is can this man take care of me does he have any money Girls are often warned not to marry men from poor familys,even if they like them,still dont do it , it will bring shame to the good name if the young lady is seen with such a person,I say love who you want no matter how rich or poor, often times people in there youth make this mistake and then later in life regret it romance was made for the heart not a bank account, How many women married men they did not care for because of money and family name sake? Im here to teach.

London, KY

#23 Sep 5, 2010
The Specialist wrote:
<quoted text>
They keep electing the same crooks in office for twenty five years at a time for one thing. Religion is also part of the problem.
This is true they vote for the people that abuse them People need to be true to there heart felt feelings, its fear that makes them do this and the feeling they cant win and they say you cant do anything with them rich people might as well vote for them of they will cause trouble for you.String Pulling they get better jobs and rich people seek to protect there wealth if a poor man finds a loop hole to get through a rich man will try to hang him in that same loop if the rich man thinks it will threat with wealth and rule...Poor people should only buy from other poor people and stop giving the rich there small amount of money we all know that the most wealthy people hord up and over charge for all services.Dont give a rich man a damn thing not even your friendship the poor has to learn to support other poor people and develop a soceity all to its self and refuse the goods of the rich. if the poor would really do this it would help them out greatly, shop at yard sales, buy used cars, buy used clothing, invest in other poor people business and dont shop with the rich,
They will try and make laws to force you to give them your money like automobile inshurance and high medical cost and Medical profeshionals, and realeaste houseing, dont be ashamed as long as you have your needs met never mind the glitter and glamor make your own club and say Pizz off rich man,And when the rich man takes away bread and water storm the castel and cut off his head and mount it on a pole and that should balance the budget.

London, KY

#24 Sep 5, 2010
The Individuals wrote:
People who would have otherwise been innovative, with potential for great things choose instead to use their time and resources to work harder at getting out of work than to get up in the morning and succeed at a making a living. The lion's share choose to do drugs and alcohol, then blame everything and everyone for their poor living conditions. Did you also check the ratio of drug addicts in our poor areas as opposed to the addicts in the more prosperous places in your queary?
I find a flaw in your sayings, No I see people wanting to do things, Us say this someone thinks of a new envention a new way of doing something, and starts doing work and the rich sees him at work making a little progress, You know what they do make a law against come up with some way to stop the mans progress, say Ohh no you cant do that its causeing the ants to get nervous and the huckel berrys to shake you will have to Pay a tax and get a permit from Mr Rich before you can proceed and you know what happens they have to go to school and pay student loans and take a break for two years and get a deploma from Rich College, I believe that rich men sit around tabels watching for inovations in the world to hender and take control of that is the real reason poor people are poor and you know it is its the way of greed and need, The greed of the rich Need to stop the free workers from working by creating laws to hender there hands and minds Its the rich man that is lazy not the poor the poor works harder then the rich...always have.

United States

#25 Sep 5, 2010
MomofTeen wrote:
<quoted text>
Move to where exactly? My mother in law recently took my daughter to Florida for a small vacation before school started. Her dad had just finally found employment after being unemployed for almost a year. He uses his on car to drive people around to and from dr's appointment's, errands, etc. True, there has never been any decent paying jobs here in Barbourville, but to tell people to "pack up and leave" Barbourville isn't the answer either. Jobs are hard to find anywhere in the US, not just here.
Yes, NOW jobs are hard to find, but what about 3 or 5 or 10 yrs ago, when you could get a good job outside of this area. Why didn't people leave then? Sitting around here hoping for things to change is a hugh mistake at the very least, but I think people just like to use it as an excuse not to work. I left this town when I was 18, worked hard, invested my money and now I'm retired at 42. I knew at a very early age this town had nothing going for it and once the coal dried up it would only get worse. Now that time has come and yet people are still sitting around waiting.

United States

#26 Sep 5, 2010
Let me just say these hillbillys are not stupid!!! They no how to get there check, there foodstamps, and all the money they want!!! They have got it made come in at the first of the month and get all there money off there card and here I am working my but off, they are some smart mfrs!!!!!

Leechburg, PA

#27 Sep 5, 2010
Betterdaysahead wrote:
<quoted text>...Im here to teach.
But! Once again, you can only tell a story about the poor being screwed over by the wealthy. In fact, you do not know the full story, perhaps the young man broke the father's rules. Perhaps the father found out something about the young man's family (other than income level: e.g. drugs, or bums).

You say you don't think the rich and religious are evil, but yet you continue to play the blame game.

I am all for hearing what you have to say next, as there is a problem in our neighborhood. This discussion does in fact need to be had. The thing is, nothing will ever be accomplished when you play the blame game and fail to offer a solution.

So, without telling us how someone screwed someone else over, or without telling us to move off from here and seek our fortune elsewhere, let us entertain your grand idea as to how to motivate change within the hearts of people.

Pointing out a problem is easy, you will find. Finding the solution is more problematic.

United States

#28 Sep 6, 2010
until you get jobs in knox co. people will continue to draw checks,steal,sell drugs, or whatever it takes to survive.under jm halls term we are losing more jobs every year when its part of his responsibilty to bring companies in to stimulate the economy.infinity just closed theire doors and give the employees theire last paycheck.
ask patsy

Lexington, KY

#29 Sep 7, 2010
ask patsy she knows

Glasgow, KY

#30 Mar 30, 2013
i would say change is the major issue. people don't want to change. they know what they have to do but just aren't going to do it. so they keep themselves stuck.
believer of the truth

Dyer, TN

#31 Mar 30, 2013
no money wrote:
FKN politics screwing us, religious leaders robbing us, and doctors drugging us.
EXACTLY, and the POWERS that be, that are around here can buy you or sell you for next to nothing... they want to keep you making a corn bread living so they can control you, because the more money you make the more power and independence you will have... they like to keep the masses humbled and in confusion because a good paying job will give you hope... hence all the drug dealing, thievery and mental issues... they intended it to be this way around here...
believer of the truth

Dyer, TN

#32 Mar 30, 2013
MomofTeen wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know about religion being part of the problem, but after this last election (May I believe) I was convinced we'd see some new faces in the court houses after all the bitching and moaning going on around here and on the streets. Not surprisingly, though, they're still there, every last one of them....
NEW boss same as the OLD boss!!! the NAMES were changed to protect the GUILTY...
believer of the truth

Dyer, TN

#33 Mar 30, 2013
citygirl wrote:
The poor people settle for anything that is free. Free money--free checks. Education is the problem. If the poor would get an education, they would be able to get a job and break the cycle. Think about this: A person--any person-- must assume responsibility!
WHEN you get the EXPENSIVE EDJUUCASSION, then where do you find the good paying job... 7.25 an hour is not much of an incentive to do so...
billy bob

Richland, MI

#34 Mar 30, 2013
Betterdaysahead wrote:
http://realestate.yahoo.com/pr omo/10-great-cities-for-raisin g-families.html Look at these other citys in the united states and then take a look at seky citys what are these people doing that we are not doing to make life better one would think with all the coal in seky that there would be at least one city in seky that was not below poverty line...the best jobs that comes here is police jobs and doctors and lawyers to feed on the backs of the poor , who is keeping seky so Poor? with billions in coal all around us?
Old Mitch plays a big part. The people who have most of the coal rights in ky are oil men. Some times they let the p-ons work a little for them but all the big money leaves ky. If you keep voteing the same you will get the same. Old Mitch will be on TV telling his same old lies this year and people there will eat it up AS ALWAYS

Mount Vernon, KY

#35 Mar 30, 2013
I never got the chance to ask Jerry Garland about this, but I bet he would say that Waffle King would've had a chance had he had enough good people to work it.

Liquor Barn in Corbin started their interveiws for employees and about 1/3 of them didn't show up. Another 1/3 was 15-20 minutes late and they were dismissed as well.

Ask any employer, or employee for that matter, and they'll tell you that there are fewer and fewer people who are willing and able to take carew of themselves.

You can talk about politics and chuirches all you want, and there can be some valid critisim, but overall it's the people themselves that have to want to do better for things to change.

Glasgow, KY

#36 Mar 31, 2013
Regret has a point. It's the culture for people to live this way. It may be by design but now they need a jolt to get out of it. It's a dead end situation.
Hay Maker

Corbin, KY

#37 Mar 31, 2013
Most all kids around here these days are being raised to live off the goverment.The kids also are just turned loose to do what they want.The parents are afraid to make them do the dishes or mow the lawn because they dont want the kids mad at them.When i was a kid i watched whatever my parents watched on tv,now the parents watch whatever the kids watch because the kids are in control.There not taught to respect anyone or thereselves.There not taught to work.So there you go,thats the biggest problem.

Glasgow, KY

#38 Mar 31, 2013
So there are no family values anymore. If people don't know how to act then how are they going to change?

London, KY

#39 Mar 31, 2013
knox county is and has always been controlled by about six families,they constantly get thier family members elected to the political jobs be it leagal or not.thier is no middle class here the good jobs only go to the families of these six families,then they have to wait on someone to retire to get a decent job,you see these kids 18-25 on the 1st of the month breaking thier neck to get into wal-mart to cash that "huge mental"check that momma got them years before.they dont want to work.minimum wage 30 hours a week they can make more by out smarting our goverment and getting the ssi.which would you do ???EDUCATION is the key,inbreading and lack of parents that give a crapp about thier kids is huge.raise the min wage to 10 dollars an hour and make it manditory that if you are under 30 and can breathe and form a sentance you have to work at something.if you have ever worked,a decent education then you cant get disability not here in ky,you must be uneducated and come from a long line of check getters.lol oh yeah you have to be young and have an IQ just high enough to out smart our goverment officals.like 58 to 68.the state doctors and psychs get laughed at all the time because thier so easily out smarted by these young kids with no education.wake up america.social workers.mental health pros.you really suck at evaluating these kids.HA,HA,HA,.so much for your college dollars huh. asses.

Mount Vernon, KY

#40 Mar 31, 2013
Its all the lazy drug heads who do not want to work.All just want to collect ssi and foodstamps.So they can lay in bed all day and high all night.

“Not afraid to stand alone.”

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Flat Lick Ky.

#41 Mar 31, 2013
The greed of crooked politicians and their church house pals.

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