Bible study rules for public schools ...

Bible study rules for public schools proposed

There are 172895 comments on the The Courier-Journal story from Feb 10, 2010, titled Bible study rules for public schools proposed. In it, The Courier-Journal reports that:

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The state would create rules for teaching about the Bible in public high schools under a bill filed Monday by three Democratic senators.

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#117249 Nov 16, 2013
The difference between our two scientists is at once subtle and vital. Neither scientist knows how the arch was constructed, but one fills the void of ignorance with a hypothesis that explains everything and sabotages the process of discovery. The other scientist does not substitute an unfalsifiable explanation for his ignorance, but accepts his inability to answer the question for the time being. The fact is, good scientists must often deal with their inability to answer a question. They are not satisfied by it and should continue to innovate and discover in order to someday answer the question -- but they do accept their ignorance for the time being. Poor scientists are those who must fill all voids of ignorance with whatever concepts are available, however inappropriate. IDC, as an explanation that cannot be tested by natural science, is an example of an inappropriate non-natural answer to a perfectly natural, scientific problem

Since: Sep 13

United States of America

#117250 Nov 16, 2013
I'm guessing Curious would consider Burt Humburg to be one of those nuts from Hershey, PA. too

London, KY

#117251 Nov 17, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>So the truth is dumb in your world? My statement that you called dumb is counterintuitive. Now is that why you call it dumb? Or are you just still to proud to admit fault? What is dumb about what I said?
You inferred drinking doesn't cause brain damage.

That inSinuation was not only dumb, but extremely false.

Why can't you just admit that? Too proud to admit you made a false inSinuation?

London, KY

#117252 Nov 17, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>When someone claims something cannot happen, it is way more absolute than the claim I made.
Hell, my statement even left a hole to insert your god. "can account" does not even claim it happened.
You fundamentalists could use some lessons on how to use language.
Ahem...pot..kettle..hypocrite much?

London, KY

#117253 Nov 17, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>I have no alternative to what is not known. You settle for inserting a myth into that gap, I am honest enough to admit I do not know. Only one of these answers is honest.
Only one is honest based upon a platform of viewing things from the scientific perspectives.

I personally, like many others no doubt, don't read science books, for the more philosophical type aspects of life.

For example, I enjoyed this reading myself today, as I do enjoy some "good soul food" mixed in with some Science as well.

(And yes, you may consider it as PROOF, Science and philosophical readings CAN and often DO, abide harmoniously in many, with out issue).
Create in me a clean heart, O God.—Psalm 51:10

Not long ago, someone asked me a very tough question:“What is the longest you have gone without sinning? A week, a day, an hour?” How can we answer a question like that? If we’re truthful, we might say,“I can’t live a day without sinning.” Or if we look back over the past week, we might see that we haven’t confessed to God even one sin. But we would be fooling ourselves if we said we hadn’t sinned in our thoughts or actions for a week.

God knows our hearts and whether we’re sensitive to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. If we really know ourselves, we take 1 John 1:8 to heart,“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” We certainly don’t want verse 10 to be true of us,“If we say that we have not sinned,... His word is not in us.”

A more encouraging question to ask might be:“What is God’s response to our admission of sin and need for forgiveness?” The answer:“If we confess ..., He is faithful and just to forgive us”(v.9). Jesus has taken our sin problem upon Himself by dying in our place and rising again. That’s why He can create in us “a clean heart”(Ps. 51:10). My young friend Jaydon is right when he says,“Jesus is the hero over our sins.”—Anne Cetas

No one can say they don’t need
Forgiveness for their sin,
For all must come to Christ by faith
To have new life within.—Branon

Christ’s forgiveness is the door to a new beginning.

London, KY

#117254 Nov 17, 2013
stuck in a lodi wrote:
Let's assume Intelligent Design created everything...
There's your mistake- it's NEVER a good thing to assume anything in that type of manner.

Which renders anything after that first line- as just being as hypothetical as anything else, as well.

London, KY

#117255 Nov 17, 2013
stuck in a lodi wrote:
I know, as well as everyone on this thread, that when you refer to Intelligent Design, you are saying "god did it" meaning Judeo-Christian God.
Why would you assume that?

London, KY

#117256 Nov 17, 2013
stuck in a lodi wrote:
I know, as well as everyone on this thread, that when you refer to Intelligent Design, you are saying "god did it" meaning Judeo-Christian God.
especially since that's actually quite UNtrue.

Is intelligent design the same as creationism?

No. The theory of intelligent design is simply an effort to empirically detect whether the "apparent design" in nature acknowledged by virtually all biologists is genuine design (the product of an intelligent cause) or is simply the product of an undirected process such as natural selection acting on random variations. Creationism typically starts with a religious text and tries to see how the findings of science can be reconciled to it. Intelligent design starts with the empirical evidence of nature and seeks to ascertain what inferences can be drawn from that evidence. Unlike creationism, the scientific theory of intelligent design does not claim that modern biology can identify whether the intelligent cause detected through science is supernatural.( )

London, KY

#117257 Nov 17, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>3 And God said,“Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.
"let there be light" is the equivalent of abracadabra.
Kind of acknowledges the basis of the Big Bang theory in it's own abstract way though now, doesn't it Duquette.

London, KY

#117258 Nov 17, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text> It is inserting a god of religion into a gap of knowledge.
It inserting a creator of some sort, into a gap of UNKNOWN.

Exactly, how much time evolved in the process of the Big Bang theory Duquette?

Just say .."you don't know" (everything) and be truly honest for a change.
Yes and Amen

Versailles, KY

#117259 Nov 17, 2013
Khatru wrote:
<quoted text>
Your god gave me a way out from what?
From being tortured by him?
Because of YOUR sins you do not believe in!

You ever...
I know you think none of this is wrong, or a sin, but to God...
It is!
He knows it's hard for you to stop under your current position!
He gave you a choice... choose WISELY!
Yes and Amen

Versailles, KY

#117260 Nov 17, 2013
Khatru wrote:
<quoted text>
If you love your god then you love an abortionist.
Yes I do!
Even the human ones....
But please feel free to bring these things up when you
reach judgment!

London, KY

#117261 Nov 17, 2013
stuck in a lodi wrote:
<quoted text>
Same as You Don't Know either.....Your Belief is based on Faith, not facts....
To assert that the universe (or even just certain objects or animals) are intelligently designed, is not only to assert an understanding of what intelligent design looks like and entails, but is to claim an understanding of what non-design and/or unintelligent design looks like, and also to be able to tell the difference between them using what will undoubtedly be arbitrary criteria. Therefore, ID is not a legitimate scientific theory, but the exact opposite: a purely speculative hypothesis whose breathtaking ambiguity serves not to advance understanding, but to stifle it by suggesting the unknowable and the untestable as an explanation for natural phenomena.
In other words "god did it'
When ID researchers find irreducible complexity in biology, they conclude that such structures were designed.

They "don't really know" either.
Yes and Amen

Versailles, KY

#117262 Nov 17, 2013
Khatru wrote:
<quoted text>
Ah, so you're no different from the Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Taoists, etc.
All claiming that their god(s) is/are real and all unable to provide any convincing evidence.
Seek Him... If you dare!
Just as those that believe there is no God...
There is only One God, and Satan cares not what brings you to Hell...
Just that you get there!
Good day :-)

Grovetown, GA

#117263 Nov 17, 2013
NAH wrote:
<quoted text>
I do not want my tax dollars propagating religion, I say this as a God fearing person. Christianity today, the koran tomorrow, no thanks. Let good parents do their job it will give their children an advantage like no other.
This, Teach your kids about God at home and take them to the church that teaches the way that you believe. Don't expect people that you don't know to teach your kids the right way.Parents it is your job.

London, KY

#117264 Nov 17, 2013
stuck in a lodi wrote:
Thankfully, this principle also applies to scientific theories, and hopefully in due time the American public will realize that Intelligent Design is so insufferably weak that it should no longer be allowed to live.
That award should go to Derwin's theory...of animals and likewise that lack in human intelligence, and Frueds and others like him, for theories on sociopaths.

London, KY

#117265 Nov 17, 2013
Rose_NoHo wrote:
<quoted text>
It would free people. The battle for the right to marry someone of another race was a battle against "god", just like the battle for gay marriage is. Belief in god holds people back. It has impeded science. Think of how many people have been killed because people believed god wanted them to kill. 9/11 is an example.
Funny thing is, many people are already "free"..even many that believe.

Bin Laden et al were sociopaths.

Never trust all people.

London, KY

#117266 Nov 17, 2013
Khatru wrote:
<quoted text>
I very much doubt they can do that.
Of course that means they've lost.
Or it could mean some people wouldn't even bother wasting time contemplating such -for finding it to be totally illogical to start with.

Cadiz, KY

#117267 Nov 17, 2013
If you are going to have Bible study in the public schools, who is going to decide which Bible to study?

There are, after all, several different Bibles.

To most Protestants, it is the King James version. However, Roman Catholics have their own version, which has parts that the King James does not. They also object to their children having to study the King James. Protestants object to their children studying the King James or other Protestant versions. The Eastern Orthodox have their own Bible, in at least two versions. Then there is the Ethiopian Bible, which has several books that none of the European Bibles have. I think the Copts and the Armenians also have distinct Bibles.

And, of course, Jews object to the New Testament, period.

“Breaking the spell ”

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of the puppet master

#117268 Nov 17, 2013
curious wrote:
<quoted text>
You disappoint me Mikey, as you and Lodi have always claimed you are posting from your jobsites,all the while you are stuffing your face with coffee and donuts at the local Starbucks in Mt. Dora.
That must be the place where Witchetty works full time.
I was there once and the old crone tried to stick me with a bill for an empty cup of coffe and the whole from a donut.
When I was there ,next to my booth was a bedraggled guy drinking his lunch out of a brown paper bag , Had a pet 3 eyed alligator with him. Any idea who that guy might be? He stole my wallett
Obviously you argue for the sake of argument, as we can see here.
I still do write occasionally at work, but I try to keep it to a minimum. I never once claimed my workplace is the only place I write. But I see you inserted what you wished into the gap of knowledge you have.
Oh, and I go to the local bakery/coffee shop, not starbucks. Support the small businessman.
I just sat down to a nice four shot soy latte and some tomato pie.
No blessing required to cast the demons out of my food.

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