Bible study rules for public schools ...

Bible study rules for public schools proposed

There are 163782 comments on the The Courier-Journal story from Feb 10, 2010, titled Bible study rules for public schools proposed. In it, The Courier-Journal reports that:

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The state would create rules for teaching about the Bible in public high schools under a bill filed Monday by three Democratic senators.

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Yes and Amen

Georgetown, KY

#109403 Aug 1, 2013
ChromiuMan wrote:
<quoted text>
You are out of your mind.
Prove it!
Yes and Amen

Georgetown, KY

#109404 Aug 1, 2013
curious wrote:
<quoted text>
There were no chickens or any other form of life until God created them.
That is where Science and Atheism collide with those of us,whom because of our personal experiences. have comre to believe and trust in God.
To those who truly believe there is no magic involved,no delusions,we do not hear voices,
Our faith and trust in God and Jesus Christ is not anchored in fear of death or heavenly rewards.
It is based on the personal relationship wee have established with our LORD.
Christ said that if we allowed him and the father , they would abide in us. We took him at his word and he has proven himself to be true.
That is something that can not be explained,it has to be experienced.
To those who do not beliueve,it is nonsense. To those of us who have experienced it,it is the basis and foundation of our faith.
That faith will not be shaken by the opinions of unbelievers.
Greater is he that is in us,than he who is in the world...
The Preaching of the Cross is foolishness to those
that Parish!
Praise His Name :-)
Yes and Amen

Georgetown, KY

#109405 Aug 1, 2013
Quantummist wrote:
<quoted text>
That's just idiotic.......
That is your belief!
SisterProvenPiou s

London, KY

#109406 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>I have seen many studies on who is in prison and claims religion. Obviously most prisoners cannot be atheist because not that many atheists are in America.
The main point stands, religion is not a magic bullet to morality, nor is atheism.
Okay, but that link was STILL lacking in enough data to be considered as a balanced and clearly defined data presentation of FACT lol.

London, KY

#109407 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>First, how can you speak for all of what that feeling, feels like?
Second, I have felt this emotion towards what I believed. I was once very religious. The feeling I had did affect my body and mind. But does this feeling mean a god is real or does it just mean my belief was real? I think the latter is so. The mind is a powerful thing and belief can power ones thoughts and feelings.
If I could convince myself that a tree was a higher power, the thought of said tree could evoke emotions that are of that in which we are speaking.
The fact you cannot understand this is how the brain works only makes me believe all the more that you guys are in an ignorant delusion.
To answer your question of who I am, I say a person who understands the brain due to study.
There might be a less demeaning way to present this concept, but I doubt you would be any less offended no matter how it was presented.
I realize alot of this stuff you speak of on emotion, belief etc. I also realize the difference in people applying LOGIC and Reason, rather than Continually relying on the reactionary results of emotion and/or belief, And I comprehend your tree concept, and cannot disagree with that lol.

How many years-let me see your paperwork proving your claims, after that, I have a scroll with a few questions, like "hm maybe we've read some of the same books and studied on Some of (no doubt, not all of course) the same subjects?" for further evidentiary proof of the same, if you wouldn't mind, please, and...bless your heart :-).

London, KY

#109408 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>So you cannot show evidence of your charge? I see.
Diversion in order to stay in delusion is the theme all believers here use consistently.
They don't call it CHRISTmas for nothing...and Don't touch the wiseman's head lol.

London, KY

#109409 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>Again, just what are atheists cherry picking?
Well, for one example-No CHRISTmas for Some of them!

Only the secular season of the abunDUNCe of nothing but materialistic commercialISM!

(no wonder so many with right hearts and good intentions get so grouchy at that time of year!)

London, KY

#109410 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>I think the bible asks to much. Specifically, belief in something that is not shown, god.
I guess I just never read it that way...figuring my own expectations of mere humanity initially as a young adult, were pretty lofty, and often times unrealistic. Reading the Bible (as well as a few other Much more secular books and works of varying sources) helped me to see that, and realize it's often times enough, just to keep a handle on our OWN foibles and shortcomings, let alone run around with dark age pitchforks and torches, consumed by negativity, oozing the poison of the same.
And I Still think it beats the heck out of using the book just to condemn and damn others, especially when that stuff is emitting from nothing BUT abject hypocrisy when ignorance is NO excuse!

London, KY

#109411 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>Do I claim a world can be perfect? Absolutely not, in fact I just argued with you that Utopia cannot exist in any world. All I asked of you is to write in English, and stop with the baby talk, gibberish. It does not make for simplicity.
I can agree on that, that type of stuff does look absolutely pathetic, is absolutely pathetic and reeks to the high heavens of nothing BUT the vile, deplorable aspects of the utmost lower levels of IGNORANCE.

London, KY

#109412 Aug 1, 2013
Quantummist wrote:
<quoted text>
I had that feeling before also, but I blamed the schrooms....
It's not the same thing then-you'll have to apply that into the "altered state due to outside interference" category.

You been watching some old cowboy and indian movies, where the cowboy kid was raised by indians for awhile-goes back out into the whiteman's world a few years, returns back to the reservation for a visit and partakes of one of them there tribal traditions of zonking out to peyoteland and calling it a "spiritual experience", or something?

Mm nope, not the same thing.

London, KY

#109413 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>So you are also against evolution in schools? Then my last sentence was not out of place after all.
No wonder you see religion as harmless, as you are one of those trying to harm education. Harming education is harming others in my opinion.
I argue with the root of problems, and in this case it is religion. Don't like it? To bad, I don't like your guys fight against evolution teaching in schools. I don't like your fight against homosexual equality. I don't like a whole lot of things you guys do in the name of your faith.
You see, you and I have a different view of what is civilized. I see civilized as allowing for more equality, not less. I see civilized as teaching what science finds. Evolution is what science has found.
I see treating homosexuals as evil is animalistic.
I think you're confusing Science, with sociology, and you may have some priority deficiencies, DUDE.

Schools are for academic LEARNING first. I have NO problem with biology, physics, chemistry etc. being taught. That is how it should, and what should be taught in secular Science classroom-as Science classroom are NOT meant to be implemented as out of control barroom brawling/gambling/salacious outlet type atmospheres either.

I see "civilized" as minding ones manners, treating ALL others with humane respect, including the many different beliefs of the same, and that includes NOT trying to hatefully demean, twist and distort the dignity of ANYone not bothering anyone else...not just SOME.

AND let me say while I am at-on your "equality" remark; I do NOT believe in extreme socialism either, Especially some sort of warped entitleMENTAL, warpedly self-exaulted czarish, commietic type socialism--personally finding that it quickly DEGRADES whole societies to dysfunctional and apathetic levels.
If a whole "equalized" class takes a math test in a more MERIT based environment, each individuals efforts (or LACK thereof) are awarded accordingly, fairly and justly, based upon the grade they've rightfully EARNED.
Cheaters are disqualified automatically-Shame on Them--because they would NOT have actually earned such based upon their own merits to start with. Anyway...

Let's say you have studied long and hard and put the actual work into preparing for such a test, all on your own...and maybe there's a few others in your classroom that have as well, but only a couple/few more. The rest vary--some have applied SOME effort, some have done almost nothing that required any real effort at all.
The test is distributed, and the grades range from let's say a 98 percent, to a 40 percent, median being around an 80...and the test giver decides just because they don't like the range of the grades, they're going to just go ahead and shave off a few points of the higher scoring test takers, and give it to the slackers.

So let's just say for further example (since you have claimed to study for years)...

You scored a 98...I'll be the test giver....and I'm taking 18 points OFF your grade and giving it to a couple of the 40 percenter slcakertics that put absolutely NO effort into earning ANY of it.

Now think about that a minute or two..and then tell me...

How well do YOU like how that makes YOU feel?

London, KY

#109414 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>Yes, I agree it is usually in the eye of the reader and not a single thing to do with a holy ghost. Thanks for making my point.
Your point varies slightly from Mine.

MY point was, the reading is in the eye of the beholder AND I also believe THAT anyone's frame of mind while reading ALSO has a lot to do with how we interpret things...and SOME no doubt, DO read with "holier" minds than others, while others read from "holier than thou" attitudes lol.

Will you PLEASE learn to stick with speaking for ONLY yourself, and NOT twisting OTHERS opinions to suit just your own- for trees sake?

London, KY

#109415 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>And just who is judging upon a label? I see a lot of Christians here doing just that.
In fact the whole point of the list posted was to defend atheism, not indict religion. In case you have been missing the latest round of arguments, Curious has been on a mission to indict atheism as bad.
Personal preferences and opinions-easily duhmed down by the lump and labelduhmness,collectively label it all DUH same probably resulting from the toxic plague of ignorance, and stubborness of merely mortal humans.
NOT infallible robots.

London, KY

#109416 Aug 1, 2013
Mike Duquette wrote:
<quoted text>You mean like citing a study on a bunch of old people with medical problems? I agree.
I have found no stats that show believers are criminals or bad people any more so than atheists or vice versa. That is the point.

Maybe you can have two of your points back for finally getting a clue lol.

London, KY

#109417 Aug 1, 2013
Quantummist wrote:
<quoted text>
Yup... But I knew it was the schrooms afterward... and during...
So wouldn't it ruffle your peacock feathers, you KNOWING the difference then?

Kind of like some pack of IDIOTS standing there accusing you of being zoned out, when you're NOT..and you weren't, you knowing you hadn't been, because you know BETTER?

Duhmmy hypocrites...need to grow up and tend to their own faults and imperfections before they even THINK about picking at ANYONE else's-that's for sure!!

London, KY

#109418 Aug 1, 2013
curious wrote:
<quoted text>
Naaah,Those are the symptoms experienced by an Atheist when they consume the contents of their stills...
Yiagio can tell you about that.
He has confessed to ingesting bad liquor while watching movies with his friends.
And yes,,,,Birds evolved from dinosaurs;
It's fashionable today to claim that birds evolved from dinosaurs, although again, there is little agreement on which dinosaur lineage was ancestral to birds. The claim persists in spite of the fact that birds and dinosaurs differ markedly. Legs must become wings and scales must become feathers. Dinosaurs had solid bones, yet bird bones are hollow. Reptilian dinosaurs were likely cold blooded while birds are warm blooded with an extremely high metabolism. Dinosaurs had lungs similar to mammals, while the bird's breathing scheme is totally different. At least dinosaur eggs were similar to birds eggs
Any birdbrain can attest to that inane opinion
Necessity is the mother of invention and there are those who need to invent the unbelievable in order to justify the ludicrous
"Necessity is the mother of invention and there are those who need to invent the unbelievable in order to justify the ludicrous"

And THOSE types, are the ones that are seriously OFF in the heads, no matter the race, creed or whatever!!!

London, KY

#109419 Aug 1, 2013
Yes and Amen wrote:
<quoted text>Magic???
You mean like the Magic of and explosion creating order???
How many houses have you seen built WITH Dynamite?(0)
You mean the Magic of Information in DNA to construct the
irreducible complexities of bacterial flagellum?
You mean the Magic of Life coming from Non-Life?
Do you mean the Magic of a Demonic force causing Millions
of people believing Lucy was your ancestor???
There are MORE lies in your Books, than mine!
Besides... If I was delusional... Don't wake me up,
because My end has a Hope... yours never had!
Still Praying for ya!
Why education curriculums need to UPDATE themselves periodically to stay current.

New discoveries all the time that render parts of oldertheories as antiquated and dark age...especially in the field of evolution!

London, KY

#109420 Aug 1, 2013
Yes and Amen wrote:
<quoted text>In/on... does it matter? NO!
The waters covered the earth... Fossils were created when
sludge covered the dead!
Christians are Trustworthy...
Trying to stop you guys from KILLING Babies is just one thing!
56,000,000 Babies to date... 1,000's a month die
because your god is sex!
YaA, you're falling "pray" to lump and labelDUHm collective stereotyping. That "labelduhm label" of "Christian" does NOT mean perfect with out fault for en masse stamping! Nor should it give license to those who claim it, to use it as some sort of leverage in partaking of NON-ethical behaviors either!!

London, KY

#109421 Aug 1, 2013
Yiago wrote:
<quoted text>
Sure. I'm being hyperbolic, to some degree. Of course some people include religious elements in their Christmas celebrations. But I don't, and virtually all of the commercial Christmas stuff leaves it out.
My point is that the holiday is owned by everyone in Western culture. It is not limited to Christians and doesn't have anything to do with Christ for all practical purposes.
That's how these things evolve. We still call Thursday by a name that honors a god nobody believes in anymore.
Yeah, it gets pretty disgusting watching some of the druids on their quests of stomp, pillage and plunder in the stores at Christmas time.

But I for one, still enjoy seeing a nice, NON gaudy manger scene along with the SOME rest of the oh so commercialized, over hyped, over priced displays of materialism.:-).

London, KY

#109422 Aug 1, 2013
Yiago wrote:
<quoted text>
According to Genesis, god doesn't really create the things that make light until after he makes light. And of course the order is different depending on if you're going with creation myth 1 or creation myth 2, both of which are in Genesis.
The Bible is no more scientifically accurate than a first grader's drawings of giant robots fighting sharks.
Well that's just kind of logical..when you think about the order of evolutionary advancement.

(Science and humankind has come a pretty good ways in Some areas, in 2000 years hasn't it!)

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